1 Is Greater Than 2…Sorry Math

by Andy on August 9, 2016

1 is greater than 2.

If you said that to your math teacher, you would probably be greeted with a curious look and a barrage of questions about how you could possibly say such a thing.

But math is the only place in which 2 is greater than one. In the real world, 1 is far greater.

In sports – the champion is number 1, whereas 2nd place is just first loser. You want to be the best, to get the gold at the Olympics. Nobody goes to the games aiming to finish number 2.

In business – No business wants to be the 2nd best in their industry. Everybody wants to lead the pack and get the bulk share of the industries revenue and gross profit.

In life in general – At some level, everybody has the desire to be the best. Few ever really pursue this desire and even fewer actually achieve it, but everybody wants to be the number 1, and receive the glory that comes with being the best.

The Rio Olympics have finally begun, and we get the to see the best athletes in the world compete against each other for the coveted gold medals, for those number 1 spots.

As your watching these great competitors from all over the world, ask yourself this question: What would you do to be number 1?

Let the games begin.

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Andy: Thanks for the submission.

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