Hands-on Review: Thunder Boobs from Hell

by Andy on October 20, 2016

Recently the friendly guys over at Thunder Boobs From Hell got in touch to tell me about their brand and also offered a shirt up for review. I happened to have a photoshoot lined up with a model anyway, which was great, as otherwise you’d have probably had awkward selfies of me in a shirt that’s too small for me, or I’d have just hung it up on the washing line.

TBFH are a relatively new brand from Germany, who currently offer three different designs, all black ink printed on white tees. Priced at €30 a piece they’re quite pricey for someone from the UK after the fall of the pound recently, though I supposed that does mean the price point would become more attractive to Americans and people that pay for things in dollars, so it’s somewhat “swings and roundabouts” as we say in Britain.

As you can tell from the above shirt and also the others on their site the designs have a lot to owe to tattoo design, almost with a certain something that I’d associate with a sailor-esque style, though that’s probably just me showing a lack of knowledge when it comes to tattoos. Funnily enough the photoshoot for these post was taken in the basement of a local tattoo shop!

This shirt is one of the milder ones from their collection, but there is one that I wouldn’t necessarily recommend wearing out in public during the day, unless a woman with her legs akimbo is acceptable where you usually hang out. So clearly they don’t mind being a bit controversial, but the brand name gave that away already.

Personally, I don’t wear a lot of white t-shirts, and if I do they tend to be hidden under my sweater, but that’s just personal taste. However, it’s a personal taste that I’m sure other people share, so the critical side of me feels like it would be good if they were to offer some other colours, even if it was just white print on black tees, which would probably appeal to the majority of the people they’re targeting anyway.

Quality-wise, I was happy and couldn’t find anything to complain about. The print feels good and whilst I haven’t given it a wash test I wouldn’t anticipate any problems. I’m not sure who makes the shirts as they are lacking the original tag, but it seems to be a standard fit shirt rather than fitted or a slim-fit. The model is wearing a medium (they do M-XXL with no additional charge for XXL), but we did peg the back of the shirt to tighten it in to her (tiny) frame and give the shots a bit more shape, so it’s not entirely representative of what a medium would look like on her. So if you usually wear a small you’re out of luck at the moment unless you like to wear oversized shirts.

It would be good if there was a size-chart on the site, as I expect that could be putting some people off ordering. I’d quite like to see the T&C page being available in English too, Google Translate did a good job with it, but having it natively in English on the site would get the idea of global shipping being available across to the visitor in a much quicker manner.

Overall, I’m impressed by Thunder Boobs From Hell, given some time and continued expansion of the range I think we could see something really solid here. My little niggles with the site are just that, little, and also things that tend to get forgotten when you’re “in the bubble” of running your own site, and with only a small amount of work will remove some of the hurdles that are between turning visitors into buyers.

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