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Liquid Screen Design Hands On Review

by AndyRocksBluu on April 22, 2013

Hey everyone, today I will be doing a hands on review with Liquid Screen Designs and their upcoming Kick Starer project. Usually when I do my reviews I like to break them down into different categories but that approach wouldn’t  be fair.  Instead, I will explain what LSD is doing and give my 2 cents on the project and what I thought overall.

The Idea:

Liquid Screen Design has figured out a way to make t-shirts change color when ever they come in contact with different temperatures.  Here’s an example:


Here is a blue Liquid Screen Design T-shirt


Here’s me putting a hot iron on a Liquid Screen Design t-shirt


And Ta-da! The t-shirt is now white in the area I applied the hot iron. Pretty amazing right!


And here’s a better view.

My Two Cents:

I personally think this is a pretty cool idea. I think this will be a home run if they were able to figure out a cost effective way to make these shirts and sell them as blanks. I know I would pick up a few to print my Bluu Dreams designs for the summer time. Who knows, this idea can just be a stepping stone into other clothing materials but as it stands now its a pretty cool idea.

Overall: 4.0-5.0

The shirt that I received from LSD was a anvil 100% cotton t-shirt. For those who don’t know Anvil makes pretty decent blanks but not as soft American Apparel (but we have been told the process will work on an AA tee too). As far as the idea I think its great and I’m curious to see how far the good people at Liquid Screen Designs are able to take this idea. I think there could be a really big market in selling the shirts to wholesaler companies. If you like what you see and you want to support Liquid Screen Design Kick Starter program just go here and back this project.  I know I will!

Liquid Design Website:






GodMode Clothing Hands On Review

by AndyRocksBluu on February 7, 2013

Hey Everyone! Today I’m very excited to be bringing you the hands on review for GodMode Clothing. For the people that might not be familiar with GodMode it’s a T-shirt brand that revolves around video games and people that play them. I know what you’re thinking to yourself “Isn’t there already plenty of brands doing this theme?” Yes and no. There are brands based around video games but they don’t quite knock it out the park the way GodMode does. (DiveIn for the full review)



Design: 3.0 -5.0

Unfortunately I can only judge my hands on review on the shirts that I have in my presence. I personally think the Nintendo Godmode logo t-shirt is ok but its definitely not one of the stand out pieces in their collection. From what I’ve seen on there website everything looks top notch.


Price: $30.00 – $35.00 (High End)

I’m not even going to beat around the bush when it comes to this category. Is $30-$35 a little pricey for a t-shirt? Yes, yes it is. However, the packaging and the attention to small detail GodMode provides make the price well worth it. In my package it came with a GodMode full color video game box, t-shirt, pin, and godmode flier. Need I say more?


Quality: 4.5 – 4.5

GodMode prints all their graphic tees on American apparel. For the people that don’t know American Apparel is known for their buttery soft comfortable tees.



Presentation 5.0 – 5.0

Godmode threw the hammer down when it came to the presentation category. I cant event think of anything they could have done better. If you don’t believe me, check out this video on the un-packaging of their epic product.

Overall: 4.5 -5.0 (Outstanding) 

There is only one word that describes Godmode and its “Epic”. Everything that they put together was nothing less than outstanding in my book. I love how they took the video game theme and made it into their own. If you are a t-shirt fanatic just like I am, then you need to add Godmode to your list of brands to wear. I promise you will not be let down.

PS save an extra 15% off with the coupon code “hideyourarms” at checkout.




Effing Gear Hands on Review

by AndyRocksBluu on January 21, 2013

DSC_0564 copy

Hey everyone, its AndyRocksBluu again and I have a new review with the good people of Effing Gear. I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this clothing line I thought to myself “Is that a middle finger and a bird as a logo? Nope I think I’ll pass”. However, after getting my package and really dissecting what Effing Gear brings to the table, I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Dive In below and check out my Effing Review.

DSC_0559 copy

Design: 3.0-5.0

The two tees I received were pretty cool. One design was a logo tee and the other was an Eff Sandy relief tee.  Both designs are simple and clean designs that had textures to the image to give it an old tattered feel.

Price: Average/High

If you’re going to get an Effing Gear t-shirt it’s going to run about 26 bucks. For some people this might be a little high but in my opinion it’s about average. While I was looking over their logo tee I found plenty of added details ranging from hem tags, hang tags, and leather bracelets.

DSC_0568 copy

DSC_0572 copy

Quality: 4.0-5.0

This is where Effing Gear really shines. Their clothes are soooooo comfortable it’s not even funny. Once I put on my Eff t-shirt it didn’t come off until the end of the day. I definitely give them two thumbs up in the quality department.

Presentation: 4.0-5.0

I wasn’t sold on the concept but the presentation really won me over. Each shirt comes with an Effing hang tag and leather bracelet. I really wish I received a little note that the leather string was a bracelet because I almost threw it in the garbage. Luckily for me I found out what it was when I visited the website. (the bracelet is a nice touch.) PS the tag line in the washing instructions “put some Effing clothes on” is the icing on the cake.

DSC_0574 copy

DSC_0567 copy copy


If you like what you see and you don’t mind wearing clothes with a hand flipping the bird, then Effing gear might be for you. You can check out the site here.





Bluu Dreams Black Friday Sale

by AndyRocksBluu on November 24, 2012

Save up to 60% off on Bluu Dreams black Friday sale. Sale ends on Monday.


Yanagida Hands On Review

by AndyRocksBluu on November 10, 2012

Hey everyone it’s AndyRocksBluu and I’m very excited to bring you a hands on review on a new clothing brand based out of California called Yanagida. Yanagida better known as YGDA was started as a custom label/trim company and decided to branch out to making their own brand. YGDA have worked with Diamond, Rocksmith, Dope Couture, and tons of other brands helping with their branding, trim and accessories. In case you were wondering YGDA stands for killer whale and has the tag line “top of the food chain”. If you like what you hear so far then Dive into my full review.

Design 3.5 out of 5.0

I like the two designs that Yanagida brings to the table. Both T-shirts are simple and clean graphics. However as much as I like these designs there really is nothing special about it. My favorite T-shirt out of the two happens to be the YGDA logo tee.

Price $32- $38 (High End)

I know the price tag might turn some people away but YGDA definitely goes through hoops to prove that their product is worth the price. YGDA did an amazing job of adding eye-catching details to their products. However you can get a full explanation in the presentation category.

P.S. when I got my package it came with a handful of buttons and YGDA logo key chains. Trust me….You want the key chains.

Quality 4.5 out of 5.0

I’m proud to say that YGDA did a fantastic job in the Quality Category. Both t-shirt’s felt buttery soft and fit me like a glove. Another thing I’m happy to see on these t-shirt’s are woven neck tags. In my personal opinion, I always feel that woven neck tags make a brand look more established.

Presentation 4.5 out of 5.0

YGDA hands down blew me away when it came to the category of Presentation. Each t-shirt came with three hem tags that explained what YGDA stood for and the date the company was started: this added another level of branding to the t-shirts. The good people at YGDA also added cool hangtags and limited YGDA coins that you can collect and trade in for rare limited YGDA pieces!! I personally thought that was a nice touch. This small attention to detail really separates them from the dozens of clothing lines out there.

Overall 4.0 out of 5.0 – Great

Yanagida is a solid brand with a very bright future. I can’t wait to see what they release! You check them out on

You can also get free shipping with the discount code “ghostface” at checkout.

You can also follow me, AndyRocksBluu on Instagram for updates on all my latest reviews here



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Branded Baron Release 2 New Tees

by AndyRocksBluu on October 24, 2012

Joe at Branded Baron dropped two new stunningly fresh graphic tees for the fall season. The first t-shirt on the left is entitled “Hawk” and the other t-shirt is called “Gamer 2.0″. In my personal opinion I think both concepts are really well done but the “Hawk” t-shirt happens to be my favorite of the two. Each T-shirt is selling at 24.99 at


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