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Own the Night – Wisdom Tee

by Ash Jones on June 14, 2013

I have not blogged about anything from Own the Night before as I am not a huge fan of plain logo tee’s (which is what they mainly stock).  However, I love the level of detail on the unisex Wisdom Tee which features a pretty cool looking owl and clock design.  The tee is a front only sublimation print, and whilst sub prints do have a tendency to show up unavoidable small white marks (called misses) as part of the print process, I feel that the level of detail of this design along with the colour of the tee would be forgiving of these marks and they wouldn’t be overly noticeable.


The Tee is currently sold out due to its popularity, but it is returning back into stock next week, so if this is your sort of thing then get one before they sell out again!  The t-shirt is reasonably priced at £21.99.

otnWisdom Tee £21.99



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New designs from Clocks & Collisions

by Ash Jones on June 13, 2013

Independent UK clothing brand Clocks and collisions launched in February 2012 and are showing some very promising designs for 2013 – They don’t have any plain logo designs which is nice to see, because personally I find a lot of new brands stick a logo on a t-shirt and expect it to sell when people have never heard of them.

Their clothing is very reasonably priced starting at £8.99 – They have recently launched some new designs which are bold all over prints.  The current one they have on their website is a pre-order (Although I’m not a big fan of pre-orders, the design is different from the plain designs independent brands often sell.)

They recently posted an interesting design of theirs on Facebook which caught my attention. It will be getting printed if it gets enough interest and it already appears to have a lot of positive comments on Facebook.  I think this brand show a lot of promise and is one to look out for.



Knowledge is power T-shirt £10


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These Folk

by Ash Jones on March 20, 2013

Clothing brand “These Folk” claim to be inspired by various things beginning with the letter ‘F’ – Fashion, folklore, felines and facial hair.

I don’t know why it works, but in my opinion it does.   I love the unique designs, it’s refreshing to see something that’s different to other brands, and also funny.

Still a relatively small independent label, with some items still hand painted, and others using digitalised printing techniques you can be sure that “These Folk” tees will be conversation starters.


I like beards and apparently so do cats…



If you have an awesome beard and are troubled by ladies staring at your impressive facial fluff then this is the tee for you!:



I’m a big mean girls fan, so will be getting myself this movie quote tee soon:


Check out what else “These Folk” have to offer :

Twitter: @Thesefolk       Facebook:  /TheseFolk


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Weird Karl Pilkington all over print t-shirt!

by Ash Jones on March 16, 2013

This is probably one of the weirdest concepts for a t-shirt design I have seen, However the site claims that they are selling fast.  So If you should happen to be a slightly obsessive Karl Pilkington fan you can get yours at the appropriately named ‘Fashion Victim’ for £22 …



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Original tee designs in larger sizes

by Ash Jones on March 15, 2013

I decided to write this post following a question on my twitter (@ashjadejones) asking if I knew of any decent tees in sizes 3XL and larger.   Almost straight away some one replied saying they had the same problem with finding decent tees in bigger sizes, so I thought it might be worth looking into and sharing on Hide Your Arms.

There are a lot of sites selling the standard offensive/comedy slogan printed tees in larger sizes, but as I find them boring and uninspiring I have tried to find a selection of some of the best (in my opinion) that are available in sizes XXXL and larger.

Johnny Cupcakes

I really like the designs on Johnny cupcakes, the shipping Is quite a lot if you’re outside of the US ($15 to UK) – but they do have a UK store in London if you are able to visit in person.  They go up to sizes 3XL. This tee is priced at $40.



Truffle Shuffle

Truffle shuffle have some pretty good designs, with tees going up to 5XL, one of my favourites is ‘Chewbacca drumming’ which is £24.99



La Fraise

La Fraise have been featured on HYA before, and have loads of designs in 3XL sizes and shipping is very reasonable too (€3).



Team Hell

Team hell have a few tattoo themed tees that come in sizes up to 3XL. (£15)



Got Ink apparel

I must admit I was reluctant about including ‘Got Ink’ as I don’t like recommending a company if I have personally had a negative experience, (sent them a few emails a while back and never got a response, which makes me question their customer service.)

However, they have got some pretty awesome t-shirts!  They go up to sizes 3XL and are reasonably priced, this ‘Octo-sailor’ tee is priced at £22.99.



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Front magazine and Sin star t-shirt collaboration

by Ash Jones on March 11, 2013

The funniest, sexiest magazine on earth – Front have teamed up with those creative people at Sin Star clothing to bring about a range of collaborative t-shirts.  The tees are unisex and I think they look pretty cool with their eye-catching all-over prints sporting some of the hottest girls in the UK right now, the designs are bold and can easily be worn by men or women.

This range is limited edition and I have a feeling that they won’t be around for long so as soon as payday comes I will be grabbing myself one of these! My favourite two from the range are ‘Stars and stripes’ and ‘Wet paint’ both priced at £35 they can be purchased from

stars&stripeswet paint



Ash runs Rudi Clothing selling clothing from top indie brands, check out the store now

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TeeTotal – Happy dog tee

by Ash Jones on March 7, 2013

I recently came across the brand TeeTotal and was pleasantly surprised at what they had to offer, unlike a lot of new independent clothing brands TeeTotal didn’t just have their name written across a plain white tee selling for  £30 in a naïve belief that someone would want to pay that to advertise an unknown brand, they actually had quality designs from real artists and designs that were different and wearable.

In particular, I really love the ‘Happy dog tee’ This was designed by artist Libby Watkins who specialises mainly in tonal pencil drawings with just a splash of colour. TeeTotal print in limited runs of 250 and each t-shirt is designed by an individual artist, wearing a t-shirt from teetotal is like wearing a piece of artwork all for under £20. check them out for your self at



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