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Bones Clothing – Review

by DeeHYA on September 16, 2015


So I had big plans for this blog, I was going to slip on my acid wash jeans, do my make up properly and do it justice but sadly between kids going back to school, me starting Uni, my son having an op and me hardly seeing my husband it just hasn’t happened! Also it’s near impossible to take good pics myself because the detail on these tees are on the back. A quirk I do actually quite like.

Firstly you can access this companies gear via their FB page

You can also view their designs on their site :, I really love some of them, the raw graffiti style has a unique spin and their is a mix of colours!

I do particularly like the ‘Doom Bones’ design which has a pretty cool Halloween feel. The mix of the orange and purple perfect for spooky times.


I was sent two tees to test drive, they have a ‘One Size’ approach which can sometimes be good if you want to wear it baggy however though this suited me as female UK size 12, the tee was pretty tight and restrictive on my husband who is normally a large and this tee was a large. The print quality is excellent, the tees themselves are a bit stiff but after a few washes I think they will soften and be super comfy. They are a nice thickness and do not feel cheap!


The tee above features the banana on the front and the massive gorilla on the front! Mine has ‘BONES’ text on the front and the creepy pink hand on the back. I preferred mine to Nick’s. I think it will look cool when tucked into my high waisted jeans.

12041479_10153534699550519_584685250_o 12011628_10153534699425519_591809024_o

This guy is just starting out and it would be cool to see some more of his designs. I think they would also look cool on stickers and beanies and stuff!

Drop his page a like!

Dee x


tactical dilemma has been far

by DeeHYA on August 21, 2015

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have to watch to find

by DeeHYA on August 21, 2015

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Hey! It’s been a while since I did a Threadless blog, I’m hoping to get back into it, and what better excuse than a Memorial Day sale there are some really epic staple Threadless reprintes in the sale, some of the cream of the crop!

There were lots of changes to the the Threadless site a while back and I’m trying to find my way round the site again, it does seem a lot less personal and there isn’t as much personality as there used to be. There used to be efforts to made to put an interesting background relevant to the tee and now it’s just all grey and standardised. Nevertheless, the tees are still epic so here are some of my top pics from Threadless today!

Sushi by Benjamin Ang is one of my top favourite tee designs from Threadless, I have no idea how I have managed to not purchase it after adoring it for so long! I’m over the moon too that they had decided to print it onto a purple tank! It makes it even better! They have this in a range of sizes and types (men, women, kids) for $14 so grab a nommy related tee bargain! :)


Tees like this are why I am devastated I haven’t been on Threadless for so long, I loved Big Hero 6 so much, by far one of the best kid’s movies that has been out in a long while. One of the highlights of the trailer is when Baymax is stroking Mochi, Baymax has a low battery and sounds drunk! So funny. There is a tee that covers this! I really LOVE Hairy Baby by Samantha Germaine Sim.


If I have blogged this tee once, I have blogged it a thousand times. When my mental filing cabinet things of Threadless, I instantly thing of Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering! Absolute classic, conversation starter, eye catcher. Every think a person could want in a tee. Poor availability for women, but fully in stock for men, tee bargain for $14! There are a selection of Big Hero 6 tees so it’s well worth dropping by for a rummage.


Sticking with the space theme, Threadless designers always seem to still manage to come up with brand new super funky space related designs. I know my husband would love Planet System by Bernhard Trunkle (epic name!).  I love tees where they are mostly black with a massive pop of colour right on the chest!


If you fancy something a bit more serious there is plenty of choice too, I normally lean more towards the cute end of the Threadless scale. Astronomical by Wayne Struwig and Andrew G Hobbs, has much more a ‘normal’ or ‘high street’ feel!


Back to space again because I was totally taken with all the gorgeous colours on the navy tee. You Are My Universe by ilovedoodle is a super romantic twist on the solar system by depicting them as pretty awesome balloons. I think this tee has quite a feminine feel to it so it might have been cool to see it on a more girly colour! I’d absolutely wear this though, and I’d go for the black scoop neck in girly fit! :)


Lastly but not leastly and mostly because it’s a mere $7.95, full availability for men and only 2xl for women, I proper love the monotone print on the blue tee with this design of a pretty angry Cruella DeVille, Puppy Love by Paul Tippett could be a great last minute bargain fling into Threadless basket!


Hope people enjoy having a rummage in the Threadless Memorial sale! I’ve had a nice little wander this morning :)






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Feminist Apparel – Blog and Review

by DeeHYA on March 2, 2015

Last year I decided to treat myself to a tee from amazing website Feminist Apparel whose designs are designed to raise awareness and create a stir about a range of feminist issues.

Some of the designs are designed with an element of shock value to get the message across. Last year there were some pretty viral videos of little girls dropping the f-bomb in the name of feminism reeling off some quite scary statistics about equal pay, domestic violence and sexual violence.

I particularly like this ‘Feminist as Fuck’ tee!


As a survivor of sexual violence I find the poor conviction rate of rapists and the way in which victims are treated by the police, men and at times other women absolutely shocking. There should be a huge amount of education men and boys that a ‘No’ means no! I chose this ‘Don’t (get) Rape(d)’ tanks for myself, it’s eye-catching and gets the message over without being over complicated.


I generally prefer a tank as I normally wear a long sleeved tee underneath to cover my bulky arms. The quality of this is spot on, and the print was good but to be honest I think with this design on the grey it might look quite cool if it faded a little.

I love that Feminist Apparel use an element of humour to get across their message, I think this is an important point of making their tees individual and memorable. I did a bit of a snarf when I saw this ‘Baby Got Books’ one :)


The tees are $29.95 but I have to say I still get discount codes regularly, infact if you sign up to their newsletter now you can get 15% off. Shipping to the UK was ok too, it was about $12 which I think is reasonable.

Any feminist issue that you have encountered or have beef with you will be able to find a tee to convey this. It’s not just all for the ladies either, there are guys and kids t-shirts too!


confusion in the marketplace

by DeeHYA on August 21, 2014

Bank of America Corp. And American Express Co. Each climbed more than 2 percent after the Commerce Department report bolstered expectations that the economy is recovering. Wando’s win over Dutch Fork set up a rematch with South Florence, the team that jumped all over the Warriors’ mistakes in an 8 0 first round blowout. This day would be longer than most. Win the first game and Wando would have to return 20 minutes later to face South Florence again in a decisive District..

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4 wide web

I love getting the opportunity to review fab small companies and it’s even better when it’s for an awesome local company! The lady who runs it is genuinely lovely and even makes an awesome charity tee too.

Firstly the tees centre around the company name ‘Brave & the Bold’! All the tees feature this memorable and catchy slogan and I like that this all flows within the brand. It makes the line noticeable, I also quite like sometimes wearing tees similar to my partner but not quite the same and I think this is a cute way round it.

As with lots of companies there are a few less girly fit tees than man fit ones. Although I don’t feel that’s an issue so much anymore, on the high street there are a lot more loose fit tees for girls, probably because we wear so many leggings now. I know I feel better when I have my bottom covered up. The girly fit tees I got to test out were ladies ‘Brave Logo T-shirt‘ and ‘Fearless T-shirt‘. I liked them both, they were extremely comfortable, and both washed extremely well. I’d say they are a standard fit, I’m a bit chested UK12 and a Medium was fine for me. I personal favourite was the ‘Fearless’ on, I particularly liked the grey tee and I think it just felt a bit more sporty. The print looks extremely light on the bottom image but I think it is mostly because it was such a bright day when I shot in them!



The gentlemen’s t-shirts that my husband shot in were ‘Brave Wings T-shirt‘ and the ‘Arrows T-shirt‘. My husband normally wears a large because he’s got a bit of a belly and I think these were also a standard fit. The feel of them were thick, but not too thick, and just super soft. I’ve only washed the red ‘Wings‘ one but the print is perfect and it actually feels even softer after a wash. I can already tell that the Wings one is going to be one of husband’s new favourite tees!


The charity tee is called the ‘Ross‘ t-shirt, this tee is in memory of a strong, brave, young man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the far too young age of 32. 20% of the sales from this t-shirt go to Cancer Research UK. I’m sure pretty much most of those reading this blog will have been affected by cancer at some point so this is the chance to get lovely tee and support an excellent cause. I think this khaki colour really works well to set the ‘Ross‘ see apart from all the rest.


Finally, because I really love the summery colours, and it brings about the illusion of an early summer, I really love the Limited Edition Bahama T-shirt! It’s basically a beach in a t-shirt, I think this would look super cute just with some denim shorts!


I love companies like this with original ideas and not scared to try out ideas like the Bahama tee! Highly recommend dropping this company a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’! Give them a chance! WEAR BRAVE! :D (even have a rummage in their sale!)

Website :

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :



Way past due is my review of the awesome Alkemie Apparel! Christmas, childcare and over working myself to actual semi death got in the way.

I was drawn to Alkemie on Twitter, on paper they are everything that I like in tees! Dark, tattoo inspired tees, vest, bags and also jewellery.

I opted for this super cute Cousteau vest! I really like anything with tentacles and the  blue print against the black really pops. I’ve worn this three times and I have to admit, it’s super comfortable and washes like a dream. The quality is excellent and the print is amazing.  For a few more pennies you can get the Cousteau handbag which is actually one of the most awesome bags I’ve seen in a long while and it’s well and truly on my ever growing Birthday list (yes! I know we have just had Christmas). They have an awesome selection of bags which look a pretty good size for Mums too!


They also do some pretty cool dark guys shirts. They have a few designs but I think this Sugar Skull one is my favourite one I also like the added touch of the print on the back. I could see my hubby in this and a lot of the other tees. They are macho without being offensive!


They also do a cute selection of necklaces some of which co-ordinate with the tees. I opted for the cute bird one, I think I will put the pendant on a choker though for added gothyness! They have a mixture of cute ones, gothy ones, slogan ones. I really like them, totally unusual and would be an awesome gift for someone who you aren’t sure of their size.


I highly recommend dropping by the site to have a look at their wares! They also have a sale on so you can try their wares at a reduced price!

Website :

Twitter :

Facebook :


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She Felt Geeky

by DeeHYA on October 4, 2013


And now for something completely different! This is a fab etsy shop run by a lady I know loosely via the North East burlesque scene. T-shirts are not what the shop is about and it’s aimed pretty much entirely at the gal side of the population.

She Felt Geeky mostly specialises in super cute geek, comic, gaming, movie fabric panties amongst other things include pasties (nipple tassels) and some cute random one off pieces.

I don’t own any pieces personally but it means a lot for me to support local companies and from the reviews from friends I’ve heard the quality is absolutely first rate.

One selection of pieces that stand out for me when you land in the Etsy store are the Harry Potter, Hogwarts House panties. Here are the amazing Hufflepuff and Slytherin ones. How over the moon would any lady Harry Potter fan be with these! They’d be an excellent stocking filler for Christmas, and they look like they’d be super soft to the touch!



Amongst other geek factions you can grab Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Tattoo Print, Halloween Print, Super Cute Floral ones to name but a view! Store owner Miss Buttons also posted an image of this fabric a few days ago so you can totally get your hands some some spooky panties if that’s your bag!

She is super talented and approachable so if you had any requests or ideas I’m sure she would be extremely accommodating! I have to add her pasties are absolutely delightful but I’d better not put boobies on HYA!

I think of of my favourite pieces which is also extremely seasonal are these super cute Halloween panties! Snap them up people, support handmade and UK businesses! :)


Etsy :

Facebook :

Instagram :


Our official transition area, a giant fenced in lawn in Riverside Park that now held about 2,000 bikes in neat (but very crowded) rows, was bustling. Beyonce was blaring through a loudspeaker and a race announcer was counting down the minutes until start time. Luckily the rain seemed to be letting up, and before long it had stopped completely.

wholesale nfl jerseys Every year on the eve of the meet and greet with the media that marks the imminent Six Nations’ Championship, the captains and coaches gather at a hotel in Chelsea. An instant after Wales’s head honcho, Warren Gatland, arrived from Cardiff last Tuesday night, he had a glass of red wine in his hand, courtesy of England’s new man, Eddie Jones, who has been around the block more than enough times to master the etiquette of the bar. Whether Gatland finishes the Six Nations a step or two behind Jones remains to be seen; for Jones, even though he revels in a “been there, done that” worldly wisdom that makes him look like rugby’s Ronnie Wood, the Championship represents a gloriously fresh challenge.. wholesale nfl jerseys

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We wanted to help tell these special narratives through the new jersey.”The primary kit will accompany Sporting Kansas City’s dark indigo secondary jersey, introduced last year, and revised this season with the new Ivy Investments logo, throughout the 2017 season.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Kansas City mom humiliated, shamed after forced to pee in cup on United flight, she saysKansas City mom humiliated, shamed after forced to pee in cup on United flight, she saysUpdated: Wednesday, May 10 2017 3:05 PM EDT2017 05 10 19:05:35 GMTA Kansas City mom says she was humiliated and shamed on a United flight with her family. She had to go to the bathroom, and flight attendants handed her a plastic cup. Then, they shamed her and told her they would report her.A Kansas City mom says she was humiliated and shamed on a United flight with her family.

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How Albrecht Dittrich became Jack Barsky is one of the untold stories of the Cold War, an era when the real battles were often fought between the CIA and the KGB. Barsky was a rarity cheap nfl jerseys, a Soviet spy who posed as an American and became enmeshed in American society. For the 10 years he was operational for the KGB, no one in this country knew his real story, not even his family..

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He also provided solid defense, with a

by DeeHYA on September 8, 2013

He hit eight doubles, one triple and three home runs. He also provided solid defense, with a.977 fielding percentage. Dickson registered 82 putouts and 4 assists on the season. I can feel it, and it feels pretty damn awesome, Bryant said. It makes going through the years of losing, and not leaving, makes it all worthwhile. Staying here and taking the good with the bad, and the fans embracing and understanding that, that we ride together, that s a love that you can t break, man..

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starbucks ends ‘bring your own’ cup offer after three months

yeti tumbler sale Today, Maria says she will never forget losing him. “It was heartbreaking,” she told me. “He was my cousin but we were more like brother and sister. For cappuccino, you will need to use the frother. Use skim milk and a cold, metal pitcher that has been kept in the freezer and large enough to allow for the milk to increase in volume up to three times. Pour 3.5 ounces of cold milk in the pitcher. yeti tumbler sale

As many have claimed, they look like pergolas to some extent. The tea served in tea houses vary from green tea to black tea, along with local delicacies and desserts. There are some instances that one comes in the early morning and order a pot of tea, chat and enjoy the warm sunshine at the same time, until the tea house closes in twilight..

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Camryn, who has just turned 17, has nearly 2000 followers on Instagram. For a Halloween party this year she wore a tutu, a laced bodice top and little red devil’s horns. She was photographed with two friends. Let sit for at least 10 minutes. Heat an inch of peanut oil in a large heavy skillet. Drop heaping tablespoons full of corn mixture into the oil and flatten each one a bit with the back of the spoon.

Assembly: Divide the sheet of ladyfinger into 2 (8 by 10 inch) sheets. Divide espresso syrup into 2 portions. Divide the mascarpone cream into 3 portions. Coffee, being a morning staple and a great way to stay alert and active throughout the day, is one of the most consumed beverage world wide. In fact, studies show that on an average more than 400 millions cups of coffee are consumed on a daily basis. We all know that coffee contains caffeine, an additive substance, which if consumed in excess can result in psychological as well as physical disorders.


Tomtangle – Review

by DeeHYA on September 1, 2013


Earlier in the week, I received a lovely parcel from the lovely team at Tomtangle! I requested man fit as they don’t do girly size however I have tried this on tucked into a pair of shorts and it looked cute on me. We got a surprise design too which is always more fun! :) Package also came with some super cute freebie stickers! I love getting little bits and bobs like that with tees!

Tomtangle specialise in outdoor tees, I love all the bike theme feel tees and I like that they aren’t scared to experiment with bit of colour!

I really like the design we got send which is called ‘Wheel T-shirt’ the tee fabric is absolutely gorgeous and soft to the touch and it’s true to size. My husband wore it all day yesterday and said it was super comfortable and a joy to wear.

My favourite designs on the Tomtangle site are ‘Framed’ and ‘Kaleidospoke‘ which is available in two different colours. The blue with yellow print is probably my favourite tee on the site.


Another brucey bonus is that they wash fantastically! I have washed it and dried it and it’s in as perfect condition as it was

 when it dropped through my letterbox!

Prices are £20 which I’d say is about right for tees of this quality. Perfect gift too for anyone you know who is remotely outdoorsy!

Drop by their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Blog for up to date news and and designs! :)


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Mostly cloudy and 50 degrees

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Piled on and around the used Frigidaires and washer dryer combos were small mountains of gently used holiday stuff from the ’50s and ’60s. Back then I was maniacally collecting such things, and I visited Camp three times in the space of a week. I got 17 different boxes of glass Shiny Brites; two still in the package tree toppers (one of them a leering, winking African American Santa, circa 1969), an unopened box of well tarnished silver tinsel, and enough loose tree ornaments to choke a reindeer..

cake decorations supplier Round reception tables are the norm at most wedding receptions, and they typically have some sort of tablecloth or table linens. Tablecloths in a basic, muted shade such as cream or light beige will work best with these centerpiece ideas for a wedding. Depending on the size of the table, six to eight place settings will most likely be present. cake decorations supplier

kitchenware Beginners welcome. Call 780 672 6504. ELKS ROYAL PURPLE PANCAKE BREAKFAST, Elks Hall, 4702 50th Avenue held monthly on the 2nd Sunday of the month. Dec. In LaQuinta Inns Suites on South Jefferson Ave. Public invited. And Decorating tools, it includes technology that allows the application to make updates on its own, as long as the user agrees to it, or opts in. Mostly cloudy and 50 degrees.” The location updates are neighborhood and city specific but will not pin an actual location.Morin says the auto updates make it easier for users to share richer content without much effort. And, while the details may seem personal, your network is only of close friends and family.The update retains strict privacy controls, which Morin says is key to making people comfortable with sharing, especially in the wake of high profile debates over privacy issues at Facebook.On Tuesday, the government announced a proposed settlement with Facebook over “unfair and deceptive” business practices. kitchenware

baking tools In modern offices with concrete floors the latter of these is rarely a major problem. It’s only in older buildings with wooden floors you usually need to worry too much about noise transmission. The symbol above tells you that the floor covering has good sound absorption characteristics, making it suitable for open plan offices. baking tools

fondant tools Some believe the shape represents a shepherd’s staff, others, the letter “J” for Jesus. As for me, I thought the shape was so you could hook the candy over the cocoa mug so it wouldn’t fall in. There are other accounts of the creation of this confection many of them dealing with Christian symbolism but like my belief in Santa Claus, they seem to have roots in charming folklore rather than facts.. fondant tools

bakeware factory It does not matter how deep the water is as long as it covers the trees. After the trees are in the water, they provide a great substrate for algae growth. Small insects and fish will feed on the algae, and the tree’s limbs will also provide cover for the smaller fish. bakeware factory

silicone mould 10th September 2014Fact: Reality Tv star Kim Kardashian West was given a re do for the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, after her daughter North, one, accidentally deleted the first video from mum’s phone. Daytime talk show on Tuesday (09Sep14). The funnywoman poured ice water over the socialite while she was taking a signature selfie silicone mould.


They constantly announced updated playoff scores, debated hypothetical match ups and reminisced about their playing days. A new friend next to us pointed to an old team photo down the bar as a wide smile ran across his face. We may have walked in as strangers, but within five minutes of sitting down, we were laughing and sharing stories with these old friends..

Cheap Jerseys china Not in the way he dressed usually satin running suits, one white, one black, and the occasional black suit, black shirt and silver tie. Not in the way he wore his hair slicked back with a ’50s duck tail. Not in the way he talked Brooklynese with Southern inflection. Cheap Jerseys china

Courtenay’s Sarah Seads managed to win her ninth overall win in the solo female racer category with a time of 5:42:55. Seads also won the random draw for an entry in the BC Bike Race. “It was crazy fun and I am so stoked on winning the BC Bike Race prize,” Seads said..

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Cheap Jerseys china Matt Duchene scored twice and Corey Perry and Patrice Bergeron each had a goal for Canada, which got 34 saves from Carey Price. Goalie Jonathan Quick stopped 30 shots, keeping the game from becoming even more of a blowout. General manager Dean Lombardi said in June that his goal was to build a team that could beat Canada. Cheap Jerseys china

cheap jerseys You will make many errors. You will feel embarrassed looking back. Or proud and hope you can replicate what you did before. I provide psychotherapy to people with a wide range of presenting concerns such as depression, anxiety, living with acute and/or chronic illness, adjusting to a new environment cheap jerseys, phase of life changes, identity development, LGBTQ issues, recovery from trauma, learning differences, and/or spiritual crises.A unique part of my practice involves infant parent psychotherapy. This is a collaborative therapeutic approach to help parents strengthen their relationship with their infant while cultivating new parenting skills. I also have a background in art and at times integrate the creative arts and/or play into the therapy with children and teens cheap jerseys.


would be an unprecedented move

by DeeHYA on August 21, 2013

Since then, he has been to a few games every year, always sitting in the stands with Mom while Dad is up in the press box. And as much as I enjoy the job, I a little jealous of them. They don have to work. Takes your life questions, and sets you safely down the right path to a solution, a purpose or no surprise here a party. He’s a 65 year old super right wing conservative who has basically turned into a total asshole intent on ruining our relationship and our planet with his politics. I’m more or less a liberal democrat with very progressive values and I know that people like my dad are going to destroy us all.

Cheap Jerseys from china (AP) Holocaust survivors on Monday celebrated the end of German insurance giant Allianz sponsorship of a Florida pro golf tournament, saying it may boost efforts to collect some $2.5 billion in World War II era policies issued to Jews that they say have gone unpaid.Survivors, their heirs and Jewish groups for seven years have protested the company sponsorship of the PGA senior tour Allianz Championship in Boca Raton, saying it failed to pay off policies of tens of thousands of Holocaust victims and other Jews who died under Nazi rule.They say the company has demanded death certificates, which the Nazis didn issue to concentration camp victims, and copies of policies lost during wartime upheaval.Monday was Holocaust Remembrance Day.David Schaecter, president wholesale jerseys of the Holocaust Survivors Foundation USA, said Allianz has refused to pay off a policy he is sure his parents bought because he couldn provide paperwork. His father was arrested by the Nazis in 1940. He, his mother, two younger sisters and older brother were forced from their Slovakian farm in 1941 and taken to Auschwitz, where his mother and sisters were soon executed and tossed into a mass grave.He and his brother, Jacob, spent nearly two years at Auschwitz and then were sent to Buchenwald, forced at both death camps to clean the railcars that transported other Jews. Cheap Jerseys from china

Cheap Jerseys free shipping It would be an unprecedented move for a coach getting involved during a live play.The NFL fined the New York Jets $100,000 in 2010 when cameras caught strength and conditioning coach Sal Alosi tripping a Miami player on the sideline. Alosi was suspended by the Jets and eventually resigned after the season.Tomlin is hardly in danger of losing his job, and said Tuesday he had not spoken to team owners Dan and Art Rooney II about the situation.”I would imagine if the Rooneys thought that I was capable of that or they thought my intentions were that, I wouldn’t be sitting at this table talking to you guys,” he said.Tomlin makes $5.25 million a season and the fine constitutes less than 2 percent of his annual salary. He can absorb the relatively small financial hit. Cheap Jerseys free shipping

wholesale jerseys And we haven’t even mentioned Sherman having an elbow injury that left him unable to raise his arm throughout Sunday’s fourth quarter. Or fellow Seahawks All Pro safety Earl Thomas having his left shoulder separated from its socket during the win over the Packers. Or the keys to how Seattle or New England can win what many Nevada oddsmakers are currently calling a “pick ‘em” Super Bowl.(The Super Bowl has never kicked off as a “pick ‘em” game that being for recreational purposes only, of course).. wholesale jerseys

cheap nfl jerseys Teammates) really look up to them, Whitt said of Montez and O single day they come in and be the first ones on the field, the first ones in the cage and teaching boys the ropes what they do before the game and everything like that. So they really good leaders, and it just something that a lot of kids look up to. Coach Fraser Dizard echoed a similar sentiment with regard to McMahan.. cheap nfl jerseys

wholesale nfl jerseys from china That is the hardest thing about being an actor and living in LA.”In this job and I’m not complaining there’s lots of moving around and not a lot of spare time to maintain the ties and closeness you have to family and close friends.”I love living in LA, and Dubai and Australia, too. They are amazing places to spend time in and, in the short term, are exactly what I’m after but, in the end, I want to move back to Scotland back to my roots.”Whenever I go home, I always return to LA feeling more like myself, that little bit more bullish. Life in LA can be a bit soft wholesale nfl jerseys from china.


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