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Hands-On Review: Do You Remember Tees

by billpyle on July 7, 2013


Do You Remember Tees is a clothing brand that focuses on tees that “transport you back to the center of the action” by featuring logos of past bars, casinos, clubs, and dot-coms. They were nice enough to send me one of their BARd’O tees to review.

Unfortunately, my initial impression when I received my package was not a good one. The shirt was shipped in a plain, vinyl mailer, which isn’t automatically a bad thing. Custom branded packaging is always a nice touch but its not something every brand has to use. My problem with the packaging was that it was basically rolled up into a ball resulting in the shirt being pretty wrinkled. Since its only a t-shirt, its an easy fix to unwrinkle it, but like I said, it doesn’t leave a great first impression.


As for the shirt itself, they have removed the labels so I don’t know what brand it is printed on, but their site says it is a 100% combed cotton tee. It feels pretty comfortable to wear. I’d probably compare it to an American Apparel tee. The design isn’t really my thing though, and the print quality doesn’t seem great either. The print is oddly fuzzy, as if they were working with a low res file or their printer couldn’t reproduce the intended print. It is hard to tell if this was done by design or not, but the images on their site look a lot more crisp than the shirt I received. That also confirms to me that the images on their site are just mock ups and not actual product shots. That is always disappointing to see. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it is deceptive as the mock ups are pretty close to the actual product, but it is also not giving a totally accurate representation as to what a potential customer is actually getting when they make a purchase.


All that said though, the design, as well as their others, does fit in with the theme of the brand pretty well, even if that theme doesn’t exactly appeal to me. The shirt is a bit pricey though at $30. I don’t know anything about the inner workings of their brand, but $30 seems steep for a one color print.

Overall, I’d have to say I wasn’t exactly impressed with this shirt. From the bad packaging, to the fuzzy print, to the expensiveness, there are just too many problems to recommend Do You Remember Tees. Luckily enough though these problems shouldn’t be too hard to fix. So hopefully they will keep than in mind for the future.

You can pick up this shirt and a variety of others on their site at


Hands-on Review: Wake.Live

by billpyle on April 17, 2013


Wake.Live is an independent brand that is focused on solid, ethically made goods. The fine folks behind the brand were kind enough to send me one of their Not Alone tees to review, which is pretty exciting as this is my first review. From a quick look at their site, its obvious they have a real passion for what they do, which is something I always appreciate.

I was impressed with their work before I even opened the package. It is always nice to see brands go the extra mile with custom packaging, even if its as simple as printing their logo on the mailer. Included with the shirt were a handful of stickers and buttons. Extras like that are a nice touch as well, even if I generally never make use of them.


As for the shirt itself, I definitely enjoyed it. The design is executed well, although the concept doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. It feels like its a lot of popular design elements that are combined into one composition. Especially the crown as it almost feels like an afterthought when the designer felt the top was too empty. Nothing inherently wrong with doing that, I just like when designs are a little more cohesive. The print and shirt itself are top notch though. The print is done with soft, water based inks which I vastly prefer to heavy, plastisol prints. They have a custom label printed in the shirt, which I always enjoy even if this particular one is a bit hard to read, so its hard to tell what brand they used, but the description on their site says its a 50/50 poly-cotton tee, which are very comfortable. The shirt also features a custom hem tag at the bottom which features the brand name. Another nice, subtle touch.


Overall I’d say I am definitely impressed with what I’ve seen from Wake.Live. They seem to really care about their product, which shows through their attention to detail in everything from their packaging to their website. I feel safe to say that if you purchased a shirt or two from them, you would be very satisfied.


You can pick up this shirt on their site for $24. They were kind enough to include a 10% off code with the package, so make sure to use the code “Birth” when placing an order.

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Keep Growing by Industry Print Shop

by billpyle on January 13, 2013

This shirt by Industry Print Shop is designed by one of my favorite artists, Michael Sieben. He has a variety of different shirts available in the Industry store. I’ve been a fan of his for years, so its always awesome to see new work of his.

The shirt is a bit pricey though at $28 and there is no mention of the shirt brand that is used.


Skullb by Doe Eyed

by billpyle on January 7, 2013

I really love this design by Doe Eyed Design and Print Shop. Its clever and well executed, as is the majority of their work.

It is only $15 and is printed on American Apparel tees. It also comes in a variety of colors, but in a limited amount of each.



Constanzig by Commonstitch

by billpyle on November 19, 2012

A Seinfeld and Danzig mashup doesn’t seem like an obvious thing to do, but this one by Commonstitch is well done. It mashes up the classic Danzig logo with George Costanza. Still a weird mashup, but its funny and well executed. Its printed on American Apparel and is available in a wide variety of colors. It costs only $15.99.


I have been a big fan of of Derek Eads for a while now. As a fellow artist who also produces pop culture themed pieces, his work is pretty exceptional. I often find myself being jealous and envious of his stuff. I especially enjoy these two Christmas sweater designs. They are just so well done. The first is Bill Murray themed and includes references to his most popular movies such as Ghostbusters and The Life Aquatic. The second is based off of the great Chevy Chase’s Christmas Vacation. Christmas sweaters are usually terrible and embarrassing to wear, but I would proudly wear either of these.

They are both $42 on Society 6 and come in a variety of colors, as well as a plethora of other products like t-shirts and prints. You can also get $5 off anything in Derek Eads shop through Sunday night by using this link:

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Tees from Aesthetic Apparatus

by billpyle on October 30, 2012

Aesthetic Apparatus is an awesome graphic design studio from Minneapolis. I first became aware of them because of their awesome poster work, but they’ve done plenty of other work including shirts and logos, among other things. Their store features a wide variety of different items and I’ve selected my two favorite shirts: USA-OK and Too Small to Fail. I really enjoy the simplicity of the designs, although they could be printed a bit bigger. Their product shots could be better as well. They show off the design well enough, but I can’t help but wish they showed the entire shirt as well as someone modeling it. Both shirts are printed on American Apparel and are $20 a piece.


Tidy Shirts: Skeletor x Misfits

by billpyle on October 19, 2012

I’m not the biggest fan of mash up shirts as I feel it has been done to death to the point where the mash ups don’t make any sense, but I thought this limited edition Skeletor x Misfits design by Tidy Ink was clever. I wish they had actual shots of the printed shirt as I’m pretty picky about bright colored shirts and prints, but seeing as its a pre-order item, its understandable to only have a mock up. Pre-orders will be printed and shipped on October 25th, and it costs £12.50.


The Heads Of State – Cool tees from Philadelphia

by billpyle on October 10, 2012

The Heads of State are, in their own words, “A mom and pop design shop. A garage band agency.” from Philadelphia. Although they are more well known for their poster work, which is incredible, they have been occasionally hired to create t-shirt designs, and have also designed shirts for their own store. As a fellow designer, I am a big fan and incredibly jealous/envious of everything they do. They have a few other shirts in their store as well, but the Liberty Shirt and Infinite Records tees are my favorites. They are both printed on American Apparel and are $25 a piece.


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