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The good amigos at Pipiripau were nice enough to send me a shirt to review. I present to you “Los Sospechos” or “The Suspects”. I love the design, of course I’m a sucker for devilish cartoons. The print is super soft and it’s printed on American Apparel for that modern fashion fit. All in all I really dig this shirt.

It was packaged with stickers and is presented really well. I was unfamiliar with Pipiripau before this but will definitely be keeping an eye on them in the future. Good art, good presentation and a good theme go a long way. Now if I could just decide which other shirts I want to buy. Check them out here and show them some love. P.S. You can view their site in English by clicking on the tab in the top right hand corner.

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Remuse Collective Fall Release

by Jeremiah on September 23, 2011

remuse collective

Remuse Collective is an artist collective that try to dive a bit deeper with their art. Putting thought and ideas behind their designs rather then just throwing together pictures on a shirt. Printed on Anvil 980 or American Apparel for a modern fashion fit. Shirts are $20, I’d suggest picking one up.


Huge sale going on at Mumford Clothing

by Jeremiah on September 16, 2011

mumford clothing sale

Huge sale at Mumford Clothing going on right now. Tees for $7.99 and zip up hoodies for $18.99. If you couple that with the amazing artwork and quality product that Mumford delivers, there isn’t anything that could have started my Friday better. Sizes are limited and will go quick, get on it before they are gone.


New Dopeness from 8-Bit Zombie!!!!!

by Jeremiah on August 30, 2011

beetlejuice t-shirt at 8-bit Zombie

Do you love 80’s movies like Beetlejuice, The Labryrinth, The Never Ending Story, Ghostbusters and The Breakfast Club? Do you also love zombies? Well then you are in luck. 8-Bit Zombie has a new line out and it couldn’t be more amazing. I watched all those movies and more when I was growing up, and now to combine them with my new love of t-shirts is awesome. All the shirts are printed on American Apparel  and feature top quality illustrated art. There are even some tank versions of some of the designs. Prices range from $18 – $20, very reasonable in my opinion. Check them out here.


New Zombie Liquorice today!

by Jeremiah on July 21, 2011

Zombie Liquorice are dropping a new shirt today. They always have great designs, they can be a bit out there but always intriguing. Quality horror based brand seem to be on top of their game. Most of the time they do not last long. Always printed on American Apparel for that fashion style modern cut. I will be picking one up as soon as it is available. Check here to get yours.


WHADAFUNK hands-on t-shirt review

by Jeremiah on July 13, 2011

I got a sample in the mail the other day, which is always the best day of my week. I run to the mail like a little kid when I think there may be a new shirt there. I grabbed the package and tore it open to find the Friends shirt from WHADAFUNK.

You can probably tell from my previous posts that I’m more into heavy illustration and intense art than the style of shirt that you’ll find in the Whadafunk store, but everyone has their own likes and dislikes. The quality of the print is great, I don’t think we’ll be seeing any disappointments on laundry day. The shirt is printed onto a Gildan heavyweight cotton t-shirt, personally I prefer something a bit more slim-fitting (like an American Apparel shirt), but the boxier Gildan shape is the standard shape for a brand like this that has more of a streetwear vibe, so this fits well for their brand and Gildan heavyweights usually keep their shape quite well over time.


LaMuerta is Alive!!!!!!

by Jeremiah on July 7, 2011

To say that I have been awaiting the release of LaMuerta would be an understatement. I’ve been foaming at the mouth. The theme, the art and the artist look incredible. Uberkraaft, Twistedloaf, Johnny Crap, Killer Napkins, and Drawsgood just to name a few. If they deliver every time like they have this time, my guess is they will sell a lot of shirts. I can not speak to quality because I have not seen one yet, but that will soon change and I will let you know.


Any Forty Versus 4

by Jeremiah on July 6, 2011









So Im a little ashamed to be just discovering Any Forty. I checked out their Versus 4 release yesterday and got very excited. Looks like they have teamed up with some of the best t-shirt illustrators/artist out there. I am putting them at the top of my Wish / Soon to Purchase list.


Electric Zombie Sale!!!!!

by Jeremiah on July 4, 2011

Electric Zombie has put up a huge sale. Get them while you can, they don’t reprint things very often. Always good quality printing, great art and now great prices.


$10 Tees at Rockett Clothing

by Jeremiah on July 2, 2011

rockett clothing sale

Score some $10 tees over at Rockett Clothing – they’ve got a good look to them and you can’t beat the price. Rockett Clothing.


Fright Rags $10 Sale!!!!

by Jeremiah on July 2, 2011

Fright Rags Silver Bullet Tee

If you are into horror based shirts, go pick up some of the best from Fright Rags. $10 sale from now until Monday.


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