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Dr Popcorn Apparel [Margin Reports]

by Mr Four Fingers on February 25, 2013

Dr Popcorn Apparel

There are certain styles of illustration that set my pulse racing and ignite my dark imagination. The guys at Doctor Popcorn Apparel are doing just that. Andy and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Courtney, the guys behind DPA, at the recent Margin Trade Show. The driving force behind their brand is their t-shirt illustrations which are dark not only in colour but in theme. The majority of the illustrations are a combination of drawing, digital with a dash of vintage photography.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_2 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_1 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_5 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_7

DPA currently sell their -shirts as ‘On Demand’ meaning they are DTG. I can tell you know that they are great looking t-shirts. They are in the process of testing some of their designs out as screen-prints which have their own attractive qualities so we are keen to see how that works out.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_8 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_6

DPA had great product presentation with a good looking catalogue and nice hangar tags making the whole presentation feel quite professional. It also helps that chatting to these guys was as easy as liking their t-shirts. There is no ‘biggin up’ by DPA, their ethos is honest and gritty.

Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_4Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_9Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_10 Doctor_Popcorn_Apparel_11

All their t-shirts are available from their online store at Dr Popcorn Apparel for £25 a pop (on sale). They have designs for both men and women with some great looking packaging. Another curious thing about DPA is that all their designs have actual names like James, Harold and Elizabeth. Be sure to check them out.


Octowar! laFraise T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on February 16, 2013

la fraise

Well if you are reading this then chances are you are a regular follower of HYA then you may have aleady heard of the French t-shirt company called laFraise (Strawberry). Now that I know that the company is called Strawberry it makes me wonder why they decided on that name. They kindly offered us a t-shirt for a review and hey presto here it is.

HYA_La_Fraise_6 HYA_La_Fraise_5 [click to continue…]


A Year of T-shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on January 27, 2013

A year of t-shirts

Well it has been almost a year since I joined Hide Your Arms and I figured, hell, why not recap on the t-shirts that have entered my wonky wardrobe since I  joined. These are a combination of reviews and tees I have bought for myself (what’s the world coming to). It has been great to meet new folk and learn about them and their brand journey, seeing what works and what needs work.

Best wishes for 2013 and I hope to do many more. My thanks goes out to you!

In no specific order (there are a few missing):


Colus Hunter t-shirtcolus t-shirt

One of the coolest designers I have had the pleasure of meeting (well via the web). I always get comments when I wear one of his designs. You can read a review of Colus here.

1st Tee – Hunter $26

2nd Tee – Amour Propre $26


Danse Macabre

Danse Macabre t-shirt

This is one of the weirdest t-shirts in my collection and also one of my favourites. The guys at my work did not notice the design until I showed it to them properly. Now every time I wear this Tee they can’t look at me. Indirectly via a mirror maybe. Danse Macabre have since closed their doors and started a new brand called Wood & Nails. There is a review of this t-shirt if you are interested even though you can’t buy it.


[click to continue…]


Twin Serpents – T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on January 14, 2013

TWIN SERPENTS Iridescent messenger

Not too long ago clothing brand Twin Serpents posted an image on their Facebook page of some Black Mamba’s asking what makes snakes so scary. Before you answer let it be known that a black mamba has a reputation for being aggressive. Oh and they are highly venomous and the fastest snakes in the world.

Those who left a comment had their names entered into a random raffle and hey presto I got myself an awesome t-shirt. What made it even better for me was that a couple of weeks previously I let the guys at Twin Serpents know about a small post I created for them on Skull Appreciation Society about this very t-shirt.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

[click to continue…]


Mr Four Fingers T-Shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on December 10, 2012

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

I’m so used to reviewing and photographing other peoples t-shirts with a pretty quick turnaround but it takes us ages to do our own Mr Four Fingers t-shirts! HYA has reviewed Digisin before and it’s Digisin that  Mr Four Fingers has partnered up with to print our range of t-shirts.

There is another review on HYA of Digisins special edition packaging and there are  detail shots of hem tags if you are into that sorta thing but for now we are sharing our designs with some background info on the illustrations. [click to continue…]

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Snob Mob Has Some New Tees

by Mr Four Fingers on December 4, 2012

Snob Mob

The ever industrious Rob over at Snob Mob sent us over some of his new tees for review and generally people only do this when they are confident of their product and in this case it’s pretty much bang on.

The first thing I noticed is how damn good the colours are and by that I mean pucnhy as hell! The grey t-shirt is a design called Check Mate by Matt Glasby, who is  pretty much a resident artist (second year running out of two). What I really like about the design, apart from the cool illustration, is the colour combinations, man do they pop. I’m also a sucker for bright colours on heather grey (or as Rob say: “fucking boring grey” to “fucking ridiculous neons”). Snob Mob have decided to print this design with plastisol ink so it’s relatively  thick with  a textured feel. I’m sure this will soften up a little after a few washes. If you are thinking that the texture might put you off  then don’t let it as plastisol ensures bright colours that don’t fade and increases longevity of the design.

The second design is called Miyok Madness, a new  guest artist to the Snob Mob crew. Miyok actually means ‘bad medicine’. Miyok is a  street artist that bombards the walls of New York with these disruptive pills (also a form of promotion for his skate brand Miyok Madness). The design has been printed with discharge ink so it’s pretty soft to the touch.

The first t-shirt I received from Snob Mob was Skull Muck which was printed on a white t-shirt and as I mentioned before it was a little loose on me. These t-shirts are still Gildans, though one thing I have noticed is that the grey and the black are a better fit , this may be something to so with the dye shrinking the fabric a little. Whatever it is I like it.

Included with the t-shirts was also a nice note on a small flyer with an illustration by Mr Penfold. This design also happens to be a t-shirt on sale for £15.

Some people may look at the £25 price tag and hmm and haww but just have take a look at the talent that Rob is infusing his brand with by bringing some great designs to the public. Snob Mob also has free UK delivery which is pretty damn good and £4 on international delivery.

On Friday night when we were taking these photos in the freezing cold a friend of mine from work randomly walked past us. His first thoughts upon seeing us at a distance was ” who are are these crazy people wearing t-shirts in this cold weather, they must be skateboarders”.

Not bad then for a brand like Snob Mob to have that effect at a distance!

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HYA Visit More T Vicar HQ

by Mr Four Fingers on November 12, 2012

More T Vicar

We had the pleasure if visiting More T Vicar  HQ vicar recently in High Wycobe, whereupon I was flooded with t-shirts and could not help but fall in love with their resident Jack Russell, Oscar.

More T Vicar

I was joined on this blustery day with my mate and busines partner Craig (normally the hairy faced bugger in HYA t-shirt review photosgraphs)  as this was not only a visit for HYA but also for Mr Four Fingers as we are looking at working  More T Vicar soon. I have never visitid a t-shirt HQ before so one thing I was not prepapred for, as stupid as it may sound, was actually seeing the amount of t-shirt that there are kicking about. Literally stacks of them.

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T Vicar recently enlisted the services of Damien AKA Damo to me as I have actually had the pleasure of working with the man. I worked with Damo  a few years ago and it was around this time that I started focusing more on illustration with a particular interest in t-shirt designs. He also introduced me to Guitar Hero. I know from experience that anything Damien works on will be good as he has boundless passion and a curious nature that is quite infectious. Before Damo arrived, as we were very early, we had the chance to chat with the lovely Heather, a More T partner and known as ‘The Voice’ . We had a chance to chat more about the More T Vicar history (established in 2003) over some coffee and delicious homemade blueberry cake.

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

More T  Vicar is a t-shirt brand/store that can do it all. They prints t-shirts, either at their screen printers or with their massive Direct to Garment Kornit printer (more of this when I see it in a few weeks), they stock t-shirts, photograph them in a light tent,  packagage and post. Even the websites are designed and maintained by them. More T Vicar are multi-tiered and are more than capable of assisting you at any level. So if you just want your brands t-shirts stocked, packaged and sold, then BAM, job done.  But it’s always good to know that if you want the whole shebang then More T Vicar can provide.

More T Vicar

More T Vicar

You can easily tell that they have a massive love for the t-shirt sector and like Damien says ” there is a t-shirt for everyone”. This is best illustrated in the More T Vicar online t-shirt store as they stock various designs like simple type/slogan tees, popular culture characters like the immensely popular Chunk Clothing designs and Ren & Stimpy to various other artists like Akumu Ink. More T Vicar are  developing more relationships artists and illustrators and soon their online store with show a whole gamut of t-shirt designs.

Damien with an Akumu Ink t-shirts, an artist whom I was initially introduced to on Skull-a-Day.

Since buying their Kornit printer, which is basically a fancy pants direct to Garment printer form the future, More T have launched a partner website called Major Tee. This online store is focused on made-to-order Direct to Garment printed designs, where the public gets a chance to submit ideas (useful information via this link). If you are selected then for each t-shirt printed you get £1. Now this may not sund like a lot but we are talking about standard slogan and type tees for instance. If you are interested in selling illustrations as a part of your brand or under your artist name then More T will negotaite a better price.

More T Vicar are extremely friendly and are always up for a chat over some homemade cake (tried and tested), over the phone or via the tinternet so if you have any questions then please ask as they are as keen to hear from you.

We will definitely be seeing and hearing a lot more from More T Vicar and I look forward to working with them. Below are some useful links worth checking out

More T Vicar Online Store

More T Vicar on Facebook

Major Tee


Digisin Special Edition Packaging

by Mr Four Fingers on October 30, 2012


We featured Digisin in a review awhile ago and now I have the pleasure of showing how they are successfully growing into a pretty wicked brand. We at Mr Four Fingers recently teamed up with Digisin by having some of our illustrations added to his online store. There will be another post showing the collection soon.


The packing you see here is a part of their ‘special edition’ selection and I can’t help but feel that this was also chosen in response to some recent postage issues Digisin had. By that I mean the customers box looked like it was delivered by Ace Ventura (I nicked that from a FB comment). So as you can see there is a polite sicker notice informing the person delivering that packaging to treat with respect. I love this ‘paint tin’ packaging and is officially the coolest I have received from any brand.


When we first reviewed Digisin they were using Softstyle Gildans and have sinced moved up to the Gildan premium t-shirts, which is pretty decent and a far better fit than the standard Gildan. It also happens to be a great surface for Direct to Garment printing (which is what they do). As you can see we we have two images printed onto darker fabrics, so what I can tell you is that when you initially get the t-shirt the design will feel a little stiff, like plastisol ink but after a wash it loosens up nicely.



Chaos Rules – £16.99

Mr Four Fingers t-shirt

Visions – £16.99

Mr Four Fingers t-shirt

Digisin has also upped their game by getting nice hem tags and inside collar tags and the pack also includes a neat little swing tag sticker and old school movie cards that you can collect. Since I first found Digisin I have seen a marked increase in product development, new artists to his collective and an overall improvement.

The future is bright.



Yonil – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 22, 2012

Yonil Review

Not so long ago Andy posted about Yonil and his massive 40% discount and upon seeing some of his designs I definitely had to check them out. As it happens Yonil is one seriously talented person and the discount made the purchase a no brainer. These are designs I would buy regardless of the discount. I actually first saw one of his designs without the name sinking in with one of his designs for Design By Humans called We Did This To Ourselves, one of the most interesting design placements on a  t-shirt I have seen. It was only after reading another post on Yonil by Andy that I found out that this design was actually a winner in a competition in DBH that saw him win 10K! [click to continue…]


Our Lady of Luchadores at Pale Horse

by Mr Four Fingers on October 20, 2012

The immensely talented Pale Horse has just released this fantastic new design called Our Lady of Luchadores. As per usual the design is detailed, bold with Mexican and religious  references aplenty. I own two of their t-shirts (review) and they are some of the best I have ever owned.

Available for $25 .

Pale Horse Our Lady of Luchadores


Dynamic Style Clothing – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on October 8, 2012

Dynamic Style Clothing

With a name like Dynamic-Style Clothing you are setting yourself up for something good and in this case these guys are definitely not letting anyone down. I was first introduced to Dynamic Style clothing after seeing some of their designs printed by Digisin and it just so happens that one of these designs is this very t-shirt, ‘DS X Luca Battles’. Other designs that also caught my eye with the ferocity of a flying fish hook were those of Iain Macarthur who is a blady legend! [click to continue…]


Sacred Stitches – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on September 24, 2012

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

At the same time I approached Sacred Stitches for a  review  they coincidentally had a bank holiday discount code . Get in.

Sacred Stitches is the product of a successful and hard working  duo, namely Anna Wenger and Moses Cordell reigning from coastal Brighton in the UK. By hard working I mean just that as they design, print all clothes & cushions,  model for photographs and yes, the list goes on. All that hard work is backed up by some of the edgiest t-shirt designs around and if you are into skulls then this is the place to be. Their designs have a distinct tattoo feel about them and rightly so as they work closely with tattoo artist James Robinson from Gilded Cage and James Woodford from INTO YOU. [click to continue…]

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Hidden Moves – Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on September 3, 2012

hidden moves

This is more an introduction for those who don’t know (though he has been featured on HYA before) with a whiff of a review of Rhys Owens AKA Hidden Moves. He has to be one of my favourite illustrators not only because he has skulls in the majority his designs but also for the use of textures, ink and line style. I initially saw his illustrations on Eyes on Walls and was pleased to find that he prints his designs on t-shirts. Hell Yes!

I bought myself  Eye of the Tiger and this is one awesome cat. The design is screen printed onto American Apparel so pretty good on all ends. As you may know AA has slimmer fitting t-shirts, so wash with care and avoid tumble drying but as it’s pre-shrunk cotton, there should not be any issues.

I bought this t-shirt a few months ago and I don’t recall the packaging but I can tell you that Hidden Moves has covered the ‘brand’ details by printing an inner care/logo label and has a sweet hem tag (kinda love hem tags)

As fate would have it there is also a sale on at the moment that sees his t-shirts reduced from £24 – £22. Get in.

You can also find various other online stores that sell Hidden Moves products like prints (framed as well), iPhone cases, pillows etc. Check out the links below

Media Devil

Eyes On Walls

Click for Art

Graffiti Lab


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Sacred Stitches Bank Holiday Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on August 25, 2012

sacred stitches

Quick ‘sniper’ post to let you guys know that Sacred Stitches are having a Bank Holiday Monday 25 % sale that ends, you guessed it, the Monday the 27th. So if you are fan of skulls, tattoos and grit then head over and grab a few t-shirts.

There will also be a review of Sacred Stitches coming your way after I nab a t-shirt this weekend!

Check out their online store here and make sure to use the discount code BANK25 at checkout. As it stands now, men and womens t-shirts are £23.99. They also have a range of other products to check out including jewelry and sweaters

Have a good weekend guys.




Printmonkey Review

by Mr Four Fingers on August 22, 2012


Awhile ago I received an e-mail from Andy about checking Printmonkey out at their t-shirt launch in London. Between then and now I have eventually got round to posting this review. I had taken photos at the launch night but somehow they made their way off my computer (considering I have deleted my iTunes library before). [click to continue…]

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Socially Exceptional Summer Discount

by Mr Four Fingers on August 6, 2012

Socially Exceptional

Not long ago HYA reviewed the wonderful Socially Exceptional and their free spirited t-shirt Live Slow Die Whenever. The British summer may not be all sunshine so what better way to add some summer love than by dropping a cracking 20% summer sale as of today. Yes that means T’s are £11.99, pretty damn sweet if you ask me.

Lifestyle £11.99

Live Slow Die Whenever £11.99

Flagship Black £11.99

Flagship White £11.99



Pale Horse Design – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on July 31, 2012

Pale Horse

I’m not sure what you would imagine seeing from a name called Pale Horse but I can assure you it will be unexpected and oh so marvelously colourful. I recently contacted Chris the super talented tour de force behind Pale Horse Design and asked if it would be cool to do a review. Quick of the mark Chris delivered me two t-shirts to review and hell I can’t be any more excited. [click to continue…]


Snob Mob Review

by Mr Four Fingers on July 23, 2012

Snob Mob logo

Recently HYA was invited to Snob Mobs debut t-shirt launch at Shoreditch Bar Music Hall. So being the diligent reviewer I am, I decided to attended the night with camera in hand to…oh wait forgot my SD card at home. Idiot. Good thing for me there was a photographer at hand, Jerome from Slave 2 the Vibe.

Left to Right: Rob, James and yours truly.

I arrived earlier than everyone else as usual and was greeted warmly by Rob Saville, the mastermind behind Snob Mob. Straight after handshakes I had a cold beer placed in my hand and began to find out more about Snob Mob.

Snob Mob  was born out of Rob’s admiration and respect for talented artists with a particular focus on street culture, snowboarding and mountain biking. Rob explains that the name was derived from  SNOboarding and MOuntainBiking. I thought it was a playful name that poked fun at people who are t-shirt snobs, so more ironic, which is kinda true once you see the range and meet the artists. These are guys having some fun with some pretty wicked illustrations. In Robs own words “just make t-shirts that look sweet”

I had a good chat with James AKA Burlisaurus, one of the resident artists and soon to graduate with an MA in illustration. The guy has got skills and a large watch that borders on being the same size as a small clock. I also had a very brief chat with Matt Glasby and he seems like a sound fella as well. The Snob Mob logo and ‘branded’ t-shirt design were created by Mr Penfold,  a graffiti artist who’s work you have probably seen around the grimy streets of London.

So far Snob Mobs roster of uber talented artists features:

James Burlinson AKA Burlisaurus

Matt Glasby

Mr Penfold

Nick Edwards

After talking the ear off of anyone standing close enough to me and  drinking a few Duvels for the first time (so damn tasty and 8.5%), Rob was kind enough to swing me a free t-shirt to review and liking skulls as I do I chose Skull Muck.

Damn you upturned sleeve!

One of the first things I noticed about the t-shirt, apart from the great design, was the cut of of the t-shirt, that being a little larger and longer than most. This was one of the very first things I chatted to Rob about when I met him. Rob decided that he wanted to use a looser style of t-shirt as he is not keen on closer fitting garments. The large is slightly big on me so my advice is to check out the useful size guide featured on their online shop or you can drop them a line with any queries at

The t-shirt fabric is Gildan Ultra pre-shrunk cotton at 190g/m2s. There are some nice photos of the screen printing process on the Snob Mob blog, created by the great guys over at White Duck.  I can tell you now they are  good, very good. The designs by Burlisaurus in particular have been handled well as they have crazy detail and consist of four colours. Their label is nicely embroidered and I also got some pretty cool branded beer mats and lanyard.

Overall I really like Snob Mob, their branding and ethos is fun but grounded and not slap dash. Having met most of the team I know there is a load more good things to come from these guys. I recently found out that Rob already has some more artists from America lined up for some more t-shirt designs in the Autumn and some other exciting projects.

If you are in London next week Wednesday the 25th of July then be sure to drop by the The Dot in Dalston for a TEE Party. Check their blog for details.

All t-shirt bar one can be bought for £26 from the Snob Mob online store so get involved.



Danse Macabre

by Mr Four Fingers on July 2, 2012

Goat Tee - Danse Macabre

Whilst going through some bookmarked websites I found that Danse Macabre is currently having a clearance sale with all t-shirts being priced at £5. I bought myself Goat Tee and figured I might as well give the guys a quick review. The Danse Macabre (Dance of Death) brand itself is coming to an end but where this one is dying another new project is replacing it called Wood & Nails. This new brand/ collective also features dark symbology but with far less horror. [click to continue…]

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