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Frenemy T-Shirts 2013

by Ricardo on April 20, 2013

These t-shirts are very much in your face, the tie dye ones are vibrant, while the white one is clean, to the point, with it’s religious symbolism and message. Frenemy are a very interesting clothing label, I’ve never seen anything like this, head over to their online store to see more of their stuff.


Happen T-shirts and Hoodies

by Ricardo on March 30, 2013

Happen is a clothing brand from San Francisco, California ‘aimed at seeing what initiative can achieve’. Their t-shirts and hoodies are running out, but within the coming months the people over at Happen will be releasing a new collection. Head over to their store to see what’s left and more.


Prømø cøde is QUARTER to activate the 25% øff discøunt. Døn’t miss øut, sale’s øver at the end øf the mønth.


New Urban Boutique are having a sale, go check out some of their stuff, something might catch you eye from brands like Alphabet Pony, Death by Cutie, Dirty Smart, Doccia, Manna and Who Clothing to name a few. Those three t-shirts caught my eye.


DIVINITIES Knighthawk Pullover

by Ricardo on March 29, 2013





Divinities have this really slick hoodie left on their online store, this hoodie came in green and black, the black one sold out. Grab yours before they all go, hoodies are going for $56.


Reckin Crew Spring Collection 2013

by Ricardo on March 29, 2013






These new t-shirts from Reckin Crew are pretty humorous, but at the same time strong in design, also the different coloured t-shirts gives it a well finished product. I really don’t see how they would of made these t-shirts any better, could you? The second shirt is a message to New York rapper Joey Bada$$ for his recent diss tune to Lil B ‘The Based God’, and the the last t-shirt is the famous comedian Bernie Mac, RIP Bernie Mac. Check out there Spring collection over on their online store and more. T-shirts are going for $27 each.


Clouds® Fall/Winter 2013 Collection

by Ricardo on March 25, 2013






Clouds release these wavy t-shirts and hoodies, the Nike inspired ‘Just Do It’ tee is a spring 2013 release, which the text says exactly what you should do, while the rest is winter 2012-2013. Their products might come across as rebellious and explicit but aren’t we all rebellious at some point in our life’s? Yes, I thought so, but people can also be generous, use this promo code 25OFF, to get 25% off any order online.





Haer Brain Schemes T-Shirts

by Ricardo on March 23, 2013

Haer Brain Schemes is a clothing brand designed by artist Trills91 from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Haer Brain Schemeswith started in Orlando but can be found online for international orders. Sharp t-shirt designs, and a clear target audience of folks that were brought up in the 90s. The first two t-shirts are clearly inspired by Dragon Ball Z and really stand out to me (obviously, I am a child of the 90s). Most of the t-shirts have already sold out, but head over to their online store to see more.


Now & Then T-Shirts

by Ricardo on March 18, 2013


Now & Then release these fine t-shirts, with some very eye catching designs, and the tie dye t-shirt is vibrant but yet still simple. You can grab these three t-shirts and more over at


Runner Up releases new t-shirts for their Winter line, they’re a Northern Californian lifestyle brand with a splendid minimalist look to these new garments, definitely one we’ll be keeping an eye on. To check out more of their t-shirts head over to their website.


Runner Up T-Shirts

by Ricardo on October 9, 2012

Post image for Runner Up T-Shirts

Runner Up is a brand based in San Francisco northern California, these well designed t-shirts show simplicity, it’s clean and tidy and I don’t mean not ironed. You can iron them of course (I’m talking about the Relax t-shirt picture). The ‘Relax’ t-shirt print is very much used nowadays by lots of brands, but it fits with the Runner Up attitude. All of the Runner Up t-shirts are designed by Matt Bruce. T-shirts are going for $24 and the baseball t-shirt is going for $28.


Diamond Supply Fall 2012 T-shirts

by Ricardo on September 19, 2012

Most of these new t-shirts from Diamond Supply are camouflaged but don’t be put off by that, it works well with the graphics – giving a hunter-esque feeling. The black ‘Many Diamonds’ t-shirt shows these different types of diamonds aligned, but still showing the Diamond Supply logo in the centre to signify that their is only one Diamond Supply. There three t-shirts are going for $30 a piece, head over to their website to see more.

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The FreedMinds Season 7 Lookbook

by Ricardo on September 12, 2012

Post image for The FreedMinds Season 7 Lookbook

Freedminds dropped their new season of t-shirts recently, it’s their seventh look book now and going strong. In the lookbook it features 6 graphic t-shirts, a tank top, a 40oz pin and their first snapback. Based out of San Francisco, they’re a lifestyle brand with a ruthless attitude – but yet still humble. Anyone placing an order will receive custom brain print bags and stickers too. T-shirts are going for $32 a piece.


Benny Gold Valencia Collection T-Shirts 2012

by Ricardo on August 22, 2012

Post image for Benny Gold Valencia Collection T-Shirts 2012

The Valencia collection is a really cool release from Benny Gold running on a native-American them with lots of warm colours. These t-shirts are irresistible and just made for the Summer, if only Summer lasted more than a week in England.


Rook Brand Nubian T-Shirts

by Ricardo on August 22, 2012

Rook Brand go epic with cosmic designs and in these two shirts ROOK you see anarchy. They do it so well combining anarchy with space, you can really see it coming out of the t-shirt, the cosmic designs have been well used now on t-shirts, be sure to click through to see even more of these types of designs. T-shirts are going for $24.


Fresh Cut and Sew T-shirts from Vapour Clothing

by Ricardo on August 21, 2012

Post image for Fresh Cut and Sew T-shirts from Vapour Clothing

These cut and sew t-shirts made by Vapour show that they can really get out of their comfort zone of prints and try something different. It’s not every day you see cut and sew t-shirts that are also made in the UK, so it’s great to support an industry within the UK. These premium t-shirts are going for £35 a piece and you can pick them up now.


Post image for Upper Playground Tupacabra and B.I.G.Foot T-Shirts SS’12

Upper Playground’s Alex Pardee uses Hip Hop legends Tupac and Biggie thus creating them into unlikely living cryptic creatures unto these two well designed t-shirts. The Tupacabra t-shirt comes in athletic heather gray and light blue and the B.I.G.Foot t-shirt comes in charcoal and white. Price is $26.


freeminds hoodies

Freedminds still have these two hoodies left from their spring collection, Live and Maintain which comes in heather grey and the Fast Life hoodie which comes in black. Two well designed hoodies made from the finest fabrics, Freedminds also have some t-shirts on sale but hurry they are running out.


Imaginary Foundation Study Sublimation T-Shirt

by Ricardo on August 1, 2012

Post image for Imaginary Foundation Study Sublimation T-Shirt

The amount of detail this t-shirt has is astonishing the colours are vibrant, the quality of this t-shirt is up to par, the style very funky and Imaginary foundation? Creative. Imaginary Foundation are a group of people who do “experimental research on new ways of thinking and the power of the imagination.” This Study t-shirt looks like someones mind is in a thought process, who then triggers an idea which he writes down. The colours splatting across the the neck of the t-shirt and the sleeves is out of this world. The price for this t-shirt is $39.00.


Undefeated Olympic T-Shirts

by Ricardo on July 31, 2012

undftd olympic tees

The London Olympics 2012 have now begun and what timing by Undefeated to release these clean tees. By the way whoever saw the opening ceremony to the Summer Olympics Parade of nations, every single nation which was a total of 205 who will be participating, parade for an hour or so, 1. You really love TV, 2. You really love the Olympics or 3. you didn’t know when your nation was coming up so you waited patiently for them to come up. Head over to Undefeated’s store to see more of these t-shirts.


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