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AEditions – Kickstarter Project

by Umang on September 22, 2014


A former classmate of mine, John Freeborn recently launched a Kickstarter project for a t-shirt club called AEditions. John has always had a knack for developing unique t-shirts, some of which I bought from him in college and still have in my collection. John has gathered a consortium of artists to assist in making this Kickstarter project different from your average t-shirt club.

Here is an excerpt from their campaign:

When I was young and discovered skateboarding I started to really  look at logos and graphics in a different way. I didn’t know it at the  time, but since then I’ve spent a lot of time designing graphics. In  college, I started a skateboard company and helped friends with a  clothing brand. I did some of the designs myself but many came from the  minds and hands of my friends. I had my favorite tees from big name  companies, but to be honest the shirts that I loved the most were  designed by my friends and I.

I want to rekindle that love with this Kickstarter projectÆ is a t-shirt club where every shirt is designed by an  awesome artist or designer and is only available to club members in  limited numbers. I’ve got a great roster of artists signed on to do the  designs. For the first year I’ve already confirmed Rich Jacobs, Hershel  Baltrotsky, Jim Houser, Ben Horton, Andrew Jeffrey Wright and Dallas  Clayton.

Check out the artists that he has lined up at Æ and hopefully you like what you see.





Project NY – Summer 2014

by Umang on August 1, 2014

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Project New York show (July 20-22, 2014) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. As expected the show was professionally organized and there was a good handful of professional tshirt labels flashing their wares. The show attracts buyers and press, so if you are serious about getting your label on the rack of a fine establishment, check out the organizer’s website.

The following labels are in no particular order:

1. Brand: MNKR

Home: Los Angeles, CA

IMG_20140720_125228MNKR is producing a large array of bold graphic tshirts spanning various themes.

Monetary Damage: $28-30


2. Brand: PalmerCash

Home: Idaho (not kidding, no offence Idaho)


PalmerCash’s line covers all kinds of genres, such as NASA, cities, states, beer and other random things.

Monetary Damage: $28


3. Brand: Choke Shirt Company

Home: Seattle, WA

IMG_20140720_125944Choke Shirt Company’s graphics span various themes so chances are, you will find something that’s for you.

Monetary Damage: $26


4. Brand: Solid Threads

Home: Hoboken, NJ



You know those tshirt labels that sell all kinds “fun” graphics on a tshirt? The ones that print their stuff on Hanes Beefy Tees with a low price point? Well this is one of those labels but to my pleasant surprise, they are printing them on good quality tshirts which probably attributes to the cost.

Monetary Damage: $23.95


5. Brand: Bakline

Home: Brooklyn, NY



For the love of all things Rugby. Bakline, strives to create solid designs with one theme in mind.

Monetary Damage: $23-32


6. Brand: Infinite Society

Home: New York, NY



One of the few Urban themed brands at the show, Infinite Society stood out among the other labels. All of their shirts are printed on either black or white tshirts which is usually a hard sale. Keep an eye out for their upcoming designs which are line art drawings of things, New York.

Monetary Damage: $25


7. Brand: Father Panik Industries

Home: Brooklyn, NY



If you are tired of “Brooklyn Industries” and want a fresh “Brooklyn” or NYC themed look, give Father Panik Industries a glance.

Monetary Damage: $32-34


8. Brand: Sharp Shirter

Home: Washington DC



Sharp Shirter really like their animals in a fantasy setting. If your looking for artsy and odd give their site a look.

Monetary Damage: $24


9. Brand: Vardagen

Home: St. Fishers, IN (yup Indiana)



Vardagen isn’t shy to produce various graphic themes to fill your closet.

Monetary Damage: $26-34


10. Brand: Quarter Water

Home: New York, NY



Quarter Water albeit not really my style, stood out among the other labels at the show. They are taking New York City urban and giving it an MIA (rapper) flavor. Is there such a thing as Bodega Chic?

Monetary Damage: $60-65 (not really Bodega prices)


It was certainly interesting to meet all these tee makers and chat about their labels, face to face. Most were enthusiastic about their product and full of stories about the trials and tribulations of getting a tshirt brand off the ground. Marketing was the key topic with the chatty vendors. After being in the biz, it was easy to extract the newbies from the veterans. The veterans were less enthused to share their stories vs. the newbies who displayed excitement.

I had inquired if the vendors had participated in Project New York before and most replied that this was there first endeavor. Some vendors had participated in the Magic Las Vegas show and stated that the Magic Las Vegas (same organizers) show was five times the size of this event. If you have the funding and want to be a vendor, you may want to try Las Vegas first.

The overall graphic themes were diverse but it appears that owls, moustaches and dinosaur themes of the past have been replaced with NASA, elephants and bold font t-shirts as they were plentiful. If you are thinking about starting a t-shirt line, you may want to avoid these themes and think about the next big thing.



RaGuyz – King K Black [REVIEW]

by Umang on November 17, 2013

king k black 1

I received my RaGuyz – “King K Black” tshirt from my beloved Brooklyn, NY.  The nondescript USPS envelope arrived with nothing but the t-shirt which is very unlike most indie t-shirt companies. Most companies provide some sort of additions like stickers, a branded hang tag or even a note from their makers. What is surprising is that RaGuyz claim to be an engineer and an architect that transplanted themselves from Europe to NYC. I would have hoped for a little more branding from the combo but maybe this is their “shtick” to provide you with their product and no frills?

The shirt itself is an American Apparel 50/50 shirt which is 50% cotton and 50% polyester which tends to give the t shirt a silk soft feel. They did care when it came to the quality of the shirt that they chose.

king k black 2

The t shirt’s silkscreen quality is decent considering that it is difficult to achieve a consistent x-ray quality with the process of silk screening. Not to mention the multiple passes of white ink it would take to project a quality print on a black t shirt.

king k black 3

The detail in the graphics does come through as you can see from the photo above.

king k black 4

The only branding that RaGuyz place on the t shirt is at the back of the t-shirt. The t shirt tag is the original American Apparel’s tag and there is no real indication that this is their unique t-shirt apart from this tiny logo (3/4″x3/4″).

In summary, the t shirt is good and they did take some care in what they sent me but there is still work to do for RaGuyz to really brand their products. At the price point that they are charging for a one color print, I expect more or maybe I am just spoiled by all the other indie t shirts that I have reviewed or purchased?

RaGuyz – King K Black – Monetary Damage  $29 USD


Cakestar – The Eights [REVIEW]

by Umang on October 6, 2013


cakestar-4Chris from Cakestar sent me their “The Eights” t-shirt for a review. The t-shirt arrived in a nondescript  manila envelop with no indication of the Cakestar brand.  To my pleasant surprise the t-shirt inside was neatly packaged with their business card and stickers. They have their own custom, sewn on label, a detail which is usually skipped due to the cost and production intricacies. The one detail that caught my attention was the “light bulb” shaped safety pin which attaches their custom hang tag to their label. I will have a to do a search on that product. I am a little confused as to why the Empire State Building adorns a California based t-shirt company’s t-shirt but then again, what’s not to like about the iconic building?


The t-shirt itself feels solid at 7.1 ounces of combed cotton. To break this down in layman terms, imagine a “Hanes Beefy-T” but super soft. The trend for indie t-shirt brands tend t0 be around the 5 ounces or less so this was another surprise. If you like heavier cotton indie t-shirts, than this is the brand for you.  This t-shirt is sure to have a longer shelf life through multiple washes.


Please excuse the “gray” looking washed out picture above. Make no mistake that the t-shirt is black. The print quality of their water based screen printing is impeccable. There is no sign of offsetting through multiple passes of screen printing process. This is tough to achieve on a dark shirt with two colors (dark gray and turquoise) and fine detailing. According to Cakestar’s website, they use a “discharging” method for their dark colored shirts. The water based ink leaves a soft feel, unlike “Plasticol” based inks.

In summary, Cakestar has not cut any corners and retailing a superior product. For an indie brand, who’s site went live on November 11, 2011 they paid attention to the details before going down the path of trial and error.

Cakestar- The Eights – Monetary Damage  $25 USD


Dirtball Made with Plastic Bottles [REVIEW]

by Umang on August 24, 2013

When Dirtball reached out to HYA with a sample to review, I took interest because of their “ecocentric” brand. Their t-shirts are made in the USA and the fabric is 50% Recycled Cotton and 50% Recycled polyester which is comprised of 6.5 water bottles per t-shirt.

dirtball 1The t-shirt that they sent me was cut like most fashion fit designs which was a pleasant surprise.  I would have imagined that eco-friendly t-shirts wouldn’t have taken “fashion” anything into account and frankly resemble a utilitarian, Toyota Camry.

dirtball 2Dirtball states that they utilize water based inks. Although water based inks have a “green” stigma, I have noticed that they lack the crispness that non-ecofriendly inks provide, especially when used on dark t-shirts like this one.  The silkscreen work on this t-shirt shows multiple passes of ink that did not completely align. Rest assured, not many people would notice this and you could tell your friends that it’s part of the t-shirt’s “organic” nature.

dirtball 4Dirtball implemented a few thoughtful details on this t-shirt like the sewn label on the sleeve. A nice subtle, branding detail which shows they put some thought into their product.

dirtball 3In addition another detail is their eco-mission, silk screened in lieu of a hang tag.

Beyond t-shirts, Dirtball also retails eco-friendly shorts, socks, hoodies, polos and about to launch a “green jean” via a Kickstater campaign.

I would link this t-shirt that they sent me but it is not on their website. Regardless there are plenty of other designs for your choosing.

Dirtball T-shirts – Monetary Damage  $24 USD

Recycle those plastic bottles and perhaps they may be reincarnated as a Dirtball t-shirt that you would be wearing while you recycle the plastic bottle from the beverage that you just consumed. That’s truly a vision of sustainability.


GLYF Find a Cause & Affect it [REVIEW]

by Umang on June 25, 2013

glfy packaging boxAt first sight, GLYF is all about the details. I was happy to receive their box, fully adorned with their printed logo/image to match the header on their website. Most companies put a sticker on their packaging and call it a day. glfy packaging-1When I opened the box, everything was neatly packed as if an obsessive compulsive vacationer wanted to limit their baggage. There were a few surprises that I have never seen, accompany a t-shirt. Especially the scroll with the LOST t-shirt design printed on it, a cookie folded within a kind note and GLYF logo stickers. I am not 100% sure if GLYF had “green” intentions with their packaging but this was certainly accomplished as everything apart from the cookie was packed or made of paper products.glfy lost -1GLYF certainly hooked me up and sent me three fine t shirts for review. The one pictured above is called, “LOST” and the t-shirt manufacturer is “Canvas”. They are super soft 100% combed ring-spun cotton, 4.2 oz, in layman’s terms they are “smooth like butter”.glfy lost -2The print quality is excellent and printed with eco-friendly water based ink according to their site. Unlike the Plastisol ink, this ink works seamlessly with the t-shirt material which is a thoughtful touch, literally.glfy lost -3 tagAnother nice detail was their hang tag. Which was carefully made with a tiny wooden clothesline pin, jute string and a printed tag made with canvas and jute fabrics. I don’t know why they didn’t tear off the “Canvas” tag logo like most indie companies but the hang tag is intricate.glfy all seeing eye -1The next shirt I received was the “All Seeing Eye” t shirt which utilizes the same t shirt and ink process as the LOST t shirt. One interesting thing to note is that GLYF donates 25% of profits from the sale of this design to Electronic Frontier Foundation with the purchase of this t-shirt. glfy all seeing eye -2Once again, no complaints about the seamlessness of the print quality and the t shirt quality working together. glfy breathe-1Last but not least, I received their “Breathe” t shirt. I am going to plagiarize what their site says as a description because I do not know much about women’s t shirt fashion cuts:

An open, scooped back makes this fashion-forward short-sleeve tee anything but ordinary. Features a thin strap across the neck for added comfort and support. Made of our sheer, soft Melange Heather Burnout for a vintage-inspired look and feel. Women’s contemporary fit.

This t-shirt is printed on “Alternative Apparel” and super soft as well with the same seamless print quality.

In summary, GLYF is thoughtful with their end product. Their details supersede most indie t-shirt companies and the quality was consistent with the three t shirts that they sent me. Price wise, they are reasonable considering all that you get with their products. You can’t go wrong.

LOST T-shirt– Monetary Damage  $22 USD

All Seeing Eye T-shirt – Monetary Damage $22 USD

Breathe T-shirt – Monetary Damage $28 USD


circus packaging -3I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging and details that “The Circus” provided with their t-shirt. I felt as if I just hit the concession’s stand and was ready for the big show. The t-shirt was accompanied by their business cards, dressed to look like show tickets, logo stickers and funky little button/pins. Apart from popcorn grease marks and the smell of food, they took some care into working out the details of their circus theme.circus tshirt-1As soon as unfolded the “California Men” t-shirt, I immediately knew the manufacturer was Alternative Apparel. Being the owner of this particular type of t-shirt, I can tell you that they last for quite some time. My best guess is that I have washed my t shirt at least two dozen times and it’s quality has not diminished.

“The Circus” brand is based out of Pasadena, California hence their “circusified” version of the California State flag for this graphic. There is more information on an initial post which Andy put up.

circus tshirt-3

Apart from the use of a white t-shirt which tends to be a taboo choice for indie t-shirt companies, the printing quality is good and they used three colors which is a sign that they spent some money to produce these t-shirts. I would assume that the printing is plastisol ink which has a good shelf life.

Overall, you cannot go wrong with their t shirt and print quality and the price is right for all the effort and care that went into their production. Now I have a hankering for some popcorn and a show.

California Men T-shirt– Monetary Damage  $20.00 USD

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Pepe Jones Born Out of Failed Ideas

by Umang on December 15, 2012

When Pepe Jones reached out to HYA, I was pretty excited to do a review for them. I see a lot of t-shirts and can become jaded by repetition and lack of thoughtfulness, something that Pepe Jones does not fall into. The irony is that Pepe Jones states,  “Pepe Jones is the new modern/vintage t-shirt brand that was born out of the failed ideas and dreams of the notoriously elusive.” Making a mission statement like that could be a set up for failure. I found the contrary and feel that these guys are on to something interesting and thoughtful. I have written about the lack of creativeness in politically charged t-shirts that flooded the market during this past US Presidential election. Politicians are using social media to get some fresh voters, why not tap into timeless designs like Pepe Jones?  Lincoln & Johnson won their election 148 years ago but this shirt is sure to get some looks from envious hipsters and political buffs. I assume the “failure” of the Lincoln & Johnson win, was that Lincoln was eventually assassinated by John Wilkes Booth 158 days later.

Enough history, lets get back to the actual t-shirt. The t-shirts are super soft and appear to be ring spun cotton. Pepe Jones, sourced some quality t-shirts so don’t worry that you will get a Hanes Beefy-T. The print quality is crisp. I also received a hand written note, sticker and a business card. The funny thing is that Pepe Jone’s image reminded me of one of my teachers from High School, named Mr. Fine, not that it should matter to you.

Get some Pepe Jones folks and to smooth the deal over, they have offered HYA readers a 20% discount. Use the code HideYourPepe20 at check out.

Lincoln – Johnson 1864 Presidential Campaign Shirt – Monetary Damage with the 20% discount $16.00

In 1864 this t-shirt would have cost you $0.91 but you are getting a great deal at $16.00 a pop.


Fancy Politics

by Umang on October 18, 2012

The California based, Fancy Politics takes politically inspired t-shirts to a “fancy” level. These are not your run of the mill, campaign endorsing t-shirts. They have a sense of non-partisanship and allow folks to have some fun. I couldn’t resist to feature the “Rascal” t-shirt. It’s a little bit of President Clinton fun and tasteful that they left a cigar out of the picture.

Rascal T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $20.00


Pixilatedness at Pixelivery

by Umang on October 16, 2012

pixilatedI stumbled upon Pixelivery by chance and thought it would be a good idea to share their products with some of you folks that reside in the US since we are in the midst of election season. There are a lot of t-shirt companies, capitalizing on US presidential election fever but they tend to be focused on candidate names. You might as well wash your car with those t-shirts come Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (Election Day). A kind reminder to get out and VOTE!

Why not rock your state or the US on a t-shirt? You wouldn’t have to tuck that candidate t-shirt at the back of the drawer when the elections are over and could wear it whenever you wanted to. In the end we are supposed to be United regardless on being painted red, blue or undecided and these shirts share your sense of pride without looking ridiculous.

Pixelivery has all 50 US states and the US in pixilated maps on a t-shirt. Of course, if you live in Colorado or Wyoming, your state will almost look like a rectangle which may not be that much fun. I almost envy those states with amorphic shapes.

Massachusetts T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $20.00

That’s pretty fair for a deflated economy.



Brooklyn Treasury – Made in Brooklyn

by Umang on September 14, 2012

The folks at Brooklyn Treasury reached out to HYA for a post and I was taken by “Brooklyn” part. Brooklyn is home for me and it’s great to see that Brooklyn Treasury is creating something different. The designs are a fresh take on what I would consider a Modern Baroque feel. The graphics remind me of a simplified version of the paintings by Kehinde Wiley who seamlessly integrates urban and Baroque. They are not quite in the Kehinde class as of yet, but this is a good start for a young company that started in 2011.

I found their about page to be a little confusing in terms of connecting their products to their mission. The name Treasury was used, “because we believe art deserves safe keeping in the same way others protect precious items like currency, gold and diamonds”. These are t-shirts in the end and they have mass produced graphics on them. Calling any t-shirt and piece of precious art is a little over the top. I almost wish that there was no mission statement. It takes years of knowing a Brooklynite before they feel comfortable to tell you about themselves. Keep it mysterious, is my recommendation.

Eagle Eye T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $35.00


Skim Milk – “Baby got Back”

by Umang on August 9, 2012

The folks at Skim Milk, formally know as Designerdrugs reached out to us for a post. I couldn’t help myself but to think about Sir Mix-A-Lot’s, 1992 #1 single “Baby’s Got Back”. “I like big butts and I can not lie – You other brothers can’t deny – That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist – And a round thing in your face – You get sprung, wanna pull out your tough….” Okay you get the point.

An excerpt from their site explains that they view t-shirts not purely as a means of fashion, but also as canvases for art. They are passionate about bringing you the most thought-provoking designs that blur the lines of innovation and sarcasm. My guess is that the t-shirt above would be very thought provoking for an “ass-man” like Sir Mix-A-Lot. Imagine trying to pick up the ladies with a voluptuous ass on your chest. Confidence will be key.

Their other t-shirts portray various photographs of famous individuals which one could consider “artsy” or someone on a drunken frenzy with Google Images. The “art” part needs a little work with a lot less irony.

The cost at $35 a pop is a little extreme for a white t-shirt. Perhaps they are paying royalties to the celebrities on their t-shirts?

Excessorize T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $35.00


Meticulous Process – Kings & Foxes

by Umang on July 14, 2012

Kings & Foxes reached out to HYA for a post and I certainly feel that they deserve an “A” for effort. They performed a model shoot with 2000 photographs! Narrowed all those photos to 3 t-shirt designs. They didn’t stop there and just print the photographic image on the t-shirt. They retained a graphic artist to create a rendition of the 3 final photographic images. These guys will probably shame the rest of the industry in terms of the “effort-per-graphic-ratio”, I just made that up but this post intrigued me to conjure a term for this.

Apparently the model looked better as a brunette to the artist but then again they are printing on white shirts! Blonde hair wouldn’t have the same punch on a white t-shirt. Why would you go through all this trouble and print on a white shirt? I assume the method of printing is direct to garment printing? A safe bet would be that they front loaded their budget/production with the model shoot (models), photographer and graphic artist, and ended up with just enough budget for white t-shirts.

Their website was clearly designed by a real graphic designer It features men with kings heads and women with fox heads. Not sure if this is something that is considered cool in Berlin, where Kings & Foxes resides? What happened to all those models that you obtained?

Kings & Foxes’  t-shirts are screened in Berlin, “Fair Trade” unlike conflict diamonds and considered “Eco-friendly” because they are made from Bamboo fabric. How Eco-friendly is Berlin, grown bamboo anyway? Sorry, I can’t buy the whole green thing, considering the carbon footprint to get the materials to Germany. Perhaps a little color in the t-shirt would help eliminate the “Eco-friendly” bleach that was used to make the t-shirts white? The natural Bamboo color would have added a bit more class but much to the possible dismay of the model, she would probably still end up as a brunette.

This t-shirt called “Torn Fox”

Torn Fox T-Shirt– Monetary Damage €30.00
(just think of all the starving artists and models that it took to make these t-shirts)

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Camping Trip

by Umang on July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July!
As America gets ready to hit the road why not rock a t-shirt which defines your mission? Let’s face it, you want to put your 9 to 5 routine on the back burner. You just spent the better half of your morning loading up the car and are probably going to hit some snail paced traffic. When you stop for gas and some beverages, the last thing that you want to deal with are nosey travelers that want to know what you are doing. Just point to your t-shirt and carry on.
This t-shirt called “Camping Trip” is by Grilldress on the site Society6
Camping Trip T-Shirt– Monetary Damage  $18.00 USD
Stay safe!


Super LINtendo T-shirt [Review]

by Umang on May 1, 2012

First off, I am not a New York Knicks fan but happy to say that Jeremy Lin did play college ball in my home state (hint). Regardless, it is a great Cinderella story and pretty exciting to have a home grown Asian guy making headlines as a minority in the NBA. They say he may even be ready for game 4 against the Miami Heat. The series needs a spark.

The package arrived thanks to Ricky Cheung. It came in a standard manila envelope with no chotchkies like stickers, buttons or cute things that I can decorate possessions, like my lunch box with. That being said, this was really about the tshirt and its quality. These guys cared to source an alternative tshirt manufacturer and didn’t skimp on details by using a Hanes Beefy-Ts that hangs like a dress. Unless you are as tall as Jeremy Lin of course. They used “Next Level Apparel t-shirts” which is a company that I had not heard of until now. The t-shirts look and feel like ring spun cotton, which is soft like a baby’s bum for those that don’t know? They are fashion fit so you can act like a Diesel model when you root for the Knicks.

The print is plastisol ink and the quality is surprisingly very good for, four colors and its finite detail. For those that have never silk screened, it a pain to align multiple screens, especially with trending, angular dot matrix graphics like this one.

For the sake of New York Knick fans and the NBA, lets hope that Lin gets a contract extension. It would be sad to see him disappear into a small market team like the Raptors. Sorry Canadians.

Bottom line, you can’t go wrong with this Super LINtendo t-shirt. They spent some money producing this product.

Super LINtendo T-Shirt– Monetary Damage  $20.00 USD 


Mustachioed Man Going Green

by Umang on April 12, 2012

Zen Threads, based in Sacramento, California caught my attention. They produce vintage, urban inspired designs and use eco-friendly inks so that you can bury your t-shirt in the ground and not worry about degrading ink infiltrating your water supply.

Their graphics are clean and to the point and they offer American Apparel t-shirts in your choice of fifteen colors so you can match your t-shirt with with that vintage Schwinn, Ten Speed. All while rocking that winter grown Mustachio, before the weather gets too hot.

Mens Handlebars T-Shirt– Monetary Damage  $18.00 USD  Not bad!


Jets for Jesus

by Umang on April 5, 2012

The NY Jets have brought in ultra religious, Tim Tebow as their quarterback and leaving Mark Sanchez or “Sanchise” in limbo. As bad as some may feel for Mark, the most important part of this circus is Tebow will bring “Tebowing” to New York City. Tebowing is described by a site dedicated to the act as:

What is Tebowing?
(vb) to get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different. 

There are numerous pop-up shops on Ebay that are hocking Jesus’esque Tebowing shirts but I was able to find an Indie brand with an infatuation with New York City’s new star. Mother Falcon – A Tshirt Democracy has two Tebow designs. The one pictured above and one called “Timsanity” which basically rips off the whole “Linsanity” phenom.

Jets for Jesus T-shirt – Monetary Damage  $29.99 USD


The Swiss OG

by Umang on March 29, 2012

I stumbled across these t-makers called Lowrider based out of Switzerland. They have a sizable selection of bursting graphics.

The perplexing part is that they are Swiss and have a brand that is based on muscle cars. I didn’t know that there was a market for muscle car enthusiasts in Switzerland but then what do I know? There could be a main street in Zurich where folks gather on a Saturday night to show off their polished 16 inch chrome wheels and take part in some drag racing?

OG Wire Wheels – Monetary Damage  $49.00 USD

Yup that’s not a typo, they are $49 bucks but they are Swiss and things are more expensive there.


Where’s Your Birth Certificate?

by Umang on March 27, 2012


Some of you t-shirt junkies have probably already heard about this t-shirt but for those that have not, this one is ploitically whimsical. As you know, some folks within the Republican Party suggested that President Obama was not a natural born citizen of the United States, hence not being allowed to serve as the President of the United States. After toying around with them, he eventually shared his birth certificate with the world and now it’s reflected on a t-shirt for you to share.

Who would have guessed that President Obama would join the t-shirt game? His clout managed to solicit the help of various celebrities and fashion designers. Okay he doesn’t sell t-shirts but if you make a “donation” you can score a t-shirt of your choice, off his website, Obama for America. There is a bit of cotroversy about the act of selling or calling it a donation but at least they are made in the USA. Something tells me that Michelle Obama had a hand in the selection of designers, especially since some of the designers, designed some clothes for her like Prabal Gurung.

With an all start cast, unfortunately this design has digressed from the high design of Shepard Fairey. Ironically Shepard is nowhere to be found on the site and replaced by folks like Beyoncé & Tina Knowles!? President Obama’s 2008 campaign was about cool. This t-shirt is old school (in a bad way) politics. Boring and cheap but gets a C+ for content. With all the resources for cutting edge design, maybe Michelle should have browsed HYA?

Made In The USA T-Shirt (literally)– Monetary Damage Donation $30.00 USD


Tastefull Super Bowl XLVI t-shirts

by Umang on January 31, 2012



Being slightly disgruntled by a recent visit to a sports store due to their selection of terrible graphics representing this year’s Super Bowl teams, I had to do a search for something better. The New England Patriots have terrible logos (vintage and present) and the New Jersey York Giants have the infamous NY which is clean enough on a plain t-shirt. What’s really sad is the NFL licensed selection of muddled graphics that may seem acceptable after downing a six pack in the first quarter, but really? Year and year out the the NFL has produced garbage.

To the rescue come 8BitApparel. They have a selection of pixelated NFL team graphics that may make you reminisce of sitting in your PJs and playing Atari Football. These are NFL inspired t-shirts that one can wear all season long without feeling like you stepped out of a trailer park.

Patriots t-shirt– Monetary Damage  $27.00 USD

Giants t-shirt – Monetary Damage  $27.00 USD


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