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Assassin Creed Inspired Hoodies

by Andy on August 3, 2016

Am still a kid at heart and always inspired by Assassin Creed series. Call me old. Decided to mix Avante Garde Inspirations with an edge cape design. Made of soft wool and pretty comfortable.

Manufactured in: South Korea

Andy: I’ve never played Assassin’s Creed (which is bad because I have one of them on my Xbox One), but these look pretty cool even if you don’t know the series well.

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Barbell Rocker Season 02

by Andy on March 8, 2016

Barbell Rocker is proud to present its second collection called Season 02. After a first collection with just one design they now offer a greater range with several designs printed on T-Shirts, hoodies and Accessoires.

Andy: Very nice indeed. I wonder what the next season will be called?


This past summer, Ignorant/Reflections dropped its ‘Gentrification is WEIRD!’ t-shirt, a play on the famous ‘Keep Portland WEIRD!’ as a not-so-subtle nod to the rapidly changing dynamics of the Portland-based company’s hometown, and others around the globe. The first design to be released from their upcoming debut collection appropriately titled ‘Reverse Gentrification’ Ignorant/Reflections is back with brand new ‘Gentrification is WEIRD’ hoodies–as well as something different–yard signs.

Hide Your Arms readers will receive 10% off their entire orders, by using the discount code: IGNORANTWINTER during checkout.

Andy: This hoodie is a bit niche, but I can only assume that it must be a big enough niche that they felt a hoodie was warranted since they’ve already done the tee version. Still, I don’t think I need one here in the Lake District.


Seventh.Ink just released a new design called “Skullduggery” that glows! The design is available on shirts and hoodies, both of which have custom tags and are printed with water based inks just like all Seventh.Ink shirts.

Seventh.Ink is also offering a 30% Off Sale through Labor Day with the code “BACKTOSCHOOL” through the site at The sale applies to ALL orders, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some great gear and art at a solid price.

Andy: Be sure to click on the images of the Skullduggery design because they’re animated (but when the images get automatically reduced in size for the blog the animation gets broken).


MÜGEN COLL 2015 Summer Colelction

by Andy on July 3, 2015

MÜGEN COLL is a new, fun Japanese, art and style inspired brand founded by Jordan Taylor and Taco Shinozuka. ?? ( pronounce /mügén) is a Japanese character commonly used in many of there designs which means ” a forever lasting dream” . They have a fresh, universal minimalist style that seeks to design fun and comfortable clothing for everyone.

They just released a summer collection that consist of 2 designs. One being the “Hanabuchi” black tee Designed By Taco Shinozuka “hanabuchi means floral border. the floral border might seem like the main focus but actually the design focus was on the space between the graphic and type.” – Taco Shinozuka

Also the “Visions” white tee first hand drawn then digitized by Jordan Taylor.

Andy: Very cool designs!


New Delivery From Milk

by Ben_P on March 23, 2015

Fresh in from the Milk Man. Milk UK have their new line out now!

Coming from our success of our summer14 line we have managed to step up the garments even further in this release, from cut and sew pieces, to experimenting with textures and embellishments. Here is a brief breakdown of the collection:

Script Hood- Since releasing it 2014 and having it sell out in 3 weeks we had to bring this garment back in 2 colourways! (Heather Grey/Black x Mint Choc Chip) The also pullover hoodie features our custom milk bottle drawstring ends which caught a lot of attention last year.

College Dropout Varsity- Our first varsity in Navy/Burgundy. Features an embroidered ‘milk script’ patch along with a textured ‘Drop’ chenille patch, typically seen on varsity jackets.

Lost Boy Crew- A cut and sewn 3 colour crewneck featuring a torso print and contrasting cuffs

Downtown button up: A cut and sewn flannel ‘skater fit’ shirt featuring a contrasting black pocket with a large pocket print.




Lost Boy crew



College Dropout varsity


Downtown button up3


Ben : I’m big fan of Milk and have been for a little while now. I’ve actually purchased some of their stuff before and I can say it’s well worth it. The presentation of the delivery and finished product is just awesome. It’s hard to believe that they’re a relatively new brand in the grand scheme of things because their presentation is just spot on. The garments come packaged in old milk cartons which is a cool little touch, and everything features a nice little tag and really ties all of their products together with that professionalism you don’t necessarily see so early on. I’ve actually got one of their early on pocket tees, which while the quality of the shirt wasn’t the best out there, the whole feel of it was still very awesome – However having a chat to Matty over at Milk he assures me their quality has been ramped up a lot!

Anyway on to the actual new release. I’m a personal big fan of the simple Milk hoodie, the font is just awesome and mainly overall I love it for the draw strings (I know such a stupid reason to love a hoodie but who cares). I also particularly like the button up shirt with contrasting pocket, it’s simple and cool and I can see it appealing to a wide range of people. I’m not a huge fan personally of the Missing Crew Neck or the Varsity Jacket personally but that’s just not fitting with my tastes. I love the idea behind the Missing one however and it does make me chuckle but I just wouldn’t wear it (I don’t think I’ve ever worn an actual sweat shirt so I think that’s what puts me off a tad). The Varsity jacket is cool but again I’m letting my personal tastes affect my opinion here I just don’t see myself wearing it, it looks pretty awesome though with the custom patches on the left breast, the Milk drop emblem looks a tad rough around the edges close up on the images but that’s a manufacturing fault and not a reflection really upon their design and it’s only very minor areas where there seems to be a loss of colour.

Overall it’s a very strong lineup and there is sure to be something that will fit most peoples tastes out there, and definitely check out the rest of their products as they have some very well priced clothes! What do you guys think to their new line? Let us know!





New at Akumu Ink for March

by Andy on March 4, 2015

One for the ladies, and one for the gents, though I suppose that women could just the guy shirt (also available as a hoodie) since they tend to be unisex.

Tees $26, hoodies $56 at Akumu Ink.


Hello all,

We have this hoody releasing on Feb. 16th in a finite quantity, there will be 10 pieces made per size, and won’t be reproduced. Printed on 10 oz. 100% baby butt soft cotton. The name of this piece is ‘Bullshit Baffles the Brains’. It features a juxtaposition of traditional and modern design with sacred geometry, black letter with braille with many tiny details throughout. It represents the distraction of modern day society and media with all the “bullshit” baffling our brains. We want this to be a reminder for all to filter what we consume mentally. We are constantly being sold to as consumers and are constantly selling as commodities ourselves.

All of our clothing has a meaning behind the designs and you can check out what each one stands for on the product pages.
You can read more about our company/mindset here:

We wanted to offer a 20% + FREE SHIPPING Promo Code for the HideYourArms readers. Insert “HYATWENTY” at the checkout and enjoy.

Our website is

We are open to any criticisms, thank you for looking!

Andy: Looks cool, thanks for the submission!

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We are excited to release our new winter custom Hand Letterpress MAKE WELL athletic grey zip hoodie. Each hoodie was individually hand stamped using 1940’s vintage wood type blocks. The unique part is each fleece lettering may vary in darkness of coloring & spacing. Lastly the lower hem of fleece is hand sewn with our workshop approved tag.

For a limited time we are offering 10% off use discount code: MAKEWELL10 @ check out.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


The Hoodie That Turns Into A Pillow

by Andy on December 3, 2014

Now on Kickstarter is a hoodie that turns into a pillow.

“A couple of years ago I was in a product design class with a good friend of mine,” Fran began. “I turned to him and said, ‘What could I possibly make that everybody would love?’ He said that he loves hoodies. I said that I love pillows.” I couldn’t believe it was so simple.

A few months later, we teamed up together to make this idea become a reality. We pulled out our sewing machines and began creating prototypes from existing hoodies. We experimented with several different designs, and after months of fine-tuning, we finally arrived at a design that we liked best and achieved the perfect hoodie-to-pillow ratio. At that point, we began working with local tailors to produce more professional-looking versions of our hoodies. The progress we’ve made over the past year has been incredible, and we’re now ready to begin our first production run. We are working with American manufacturers, and need your support to help share our hoodies with the world.

You can find the project on Kickstarter at:

Andy: Neat idea, I like it!


Born & Bred – Fall/Winter Range

by Andy on November 30, 2014

Born & Bred, the brand best known for their hand printed, hand sewn, hand crafted and heart made clothing have launched their 2014 Fall/Winter range. This is only the first release with more product expected in the upcoming weeks. Head on over to now to get your gear.

With an all new website, each garment on the site has a limited inventory of 50 and for the first time international shipping will be offered for all shoppers around the world.

Explore. Create. Share. That’s Born & Bred. A company founded on the idea of perpetuating classic American style infused with the independent spirits of music, art, and the outdoors.

“The music we listen to inspires us. Our desire to explore navigates us. Creating garments permeated by these ideas clothes us. We work early in the morning ‘til late in the night so we can share what we love with you.”

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

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Ianizer: New DBH Artist

by Andy on November 26, 2014

Hey guys, I’m Ian Foster (Ianizer) and I’m a new artist on Design By Humans. Just started and I’m just trying to get my work out there. T -Shirt design is fun, and art is my passion but I hope to one day be a game designer/concept artist. Thought this might help pay for me to do what I love and get some of my work out at the same time. Any suggestions or ideas for designs you would like to see are welcome too! Especially crossovers or parodies.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Keep warm in the new Skull Girl hoodie from Fit Out Apparel!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


LNL Full-Zip Hoodie by Livin’ Life Co.

by Andy on November 1, 2014

This super comfy triblend hoodie feels so good you might never want to take it off. It features a custom embroidered LNL and custom woven hem tag.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!



Andy: Thanks for the submission.


My French may have got a lot worse over the past few years, but I can still remember that “La Mer” is “the sea”, and as you’d expect it is a theme which runs through this collection of text and typework driven items. I LOVE the lookbook photography right here, it’s stunning, stuff like this is what can turn someone from thinking about buying a shirt to actually buying a shirt, which is why I’ve put so many shots up there.

Check out the whole collection at Vaughn de Heart.

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All the info you need is in that little pic right there, so go prep for the chillier months at Threadless.


This isn’t the freshest of news as it’s been sitting in my inbox for more than a week, but you guys have probably noticed that HYA is a sporadic thing now since Rigu is a real business that requires full-time commitment and as much as I love writing about tee brands they don’t pay the bills. Still, it’s always nice to post about Random Objects, I can’t remember them ever making something I didn’t like.


Tresna is a new clothing brand with all sorts of garments and accessories. We believe the way to truly satisfy the needs of our customers is by not being dedicated to money and being more interested in what you want and also the quality of the products we display.

Tresna was established in the rural town of Pickering, England. We have loads of space and a lot of inspiration. All our designers are from here and are inspired greatly by England, in which they design great pieces for our brand.

Our aim is to show the world that you are worthy of being valued immensely, and we want to inspire and show people that they do have the choice to dictate their futures. We want to help by providing great quality clothing for that journey.

Website URL:
Instagram: @tresnaclothing
Twitter: @mrmascott10
Facebook: TresnaClothing

Andy: Ooooh, I like that tee!


Say Hello to Mad Bread Clothing

by Andy on May 28, 2014

Mad Bread Clothing is proud to announce the launch of their official website! WWW.GETMADBREAD.COM
The brand was created around the urban term “Mad Bread” meaning “A lot of money”, in which an actual character of a mad slice of bread was born. Mad Bread shows great pride in their message of “Be Hungry Not Greedy” which means it is important to go after your dreams and goals but make sure you are still giving and helping others. After much hard work and a lot of patience they launched their official website yesterday, Monday May 26, 2014. The website displays the creativity and fun spirit of the brand through its unique design. It’s a must see! Although the site just launched they have already been making sales and growing the brand through social media and their temporary site. Please check out the brand and let them know what you think. Their products can be viewed through our website as well as social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (@getmadbread).

Andy: There’s nothing wrong here at all (the photos could be a bit bigger), but the clothes just aren’t my style, but I do really like their colourful website, that’s unusual to see these days and it’s quite refreshing to see such fun design in a shop.


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