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Rapanui team up with the WWF

by Andy on May 20, 2014

What a cool collaboration, the eco-warriors of Rapanui (who recently moved to a factory on the Isle of Wight that ticks all the green boxes) and the WWF, one of the most high-profile charities in the world, Rapanui sure do have a knack for being involved with impressive brands.

The designs are impressive too, the ones of animals are perfectly fine, very wearable, but it’s the photo tees that interest me the most, they get across the message of endangered animals without being too forceful about it and creating a shirt that genuinely can start a conversation. Tees are £19 a piece with £3 of that going directly to the WWF (there’s also some sweatshirts for £40 with a £6 charitable contribution. Naturally, the tees are made from organic cotton, sustainably and ethically produced, and printed with water based dyes.

Check out the whole range here.


I do hope that the name for this collection doesn’t mean anything significant as it would be a real pity to see PAA go after they’ve been a consistently impressive fixture in the indie scene for quite some time.

In the new collection there are three new tees at €35 a pop, a hoodie for €55, and interesting to see them adding a couple of scarves at €40 each, which is a product I can’t remember seeing an indie brand ever put out before.

Project A Apparel


OrganicSymmetryGirlsRacer Nightmare1 Nightmare2_zps31b5e680 GuiltySmurf1 EscapedConHoodie1 Eediots2_zps1e586ead DreamGobbler1

If you like your t-shirts bursting with colour and a little bit more than mental then be sure to check out Zero friends. This is an apparel / art brand run by two equally talented artists by the names of Alex Pardee and Dave Correia. I’m not sure how the designs are printed onto their t-shirts as most of the designs have a multitude of colours and subtle variances. From what I can tell all t-shirts American Apparel.

Mens T-shirts are available for $28, Ladies Tank tees for $25 and hoodie/Pullovers at the $50/$55 mark.

Visit online store.


Better late than never I suppose, although I’m not a big fan of the Clownosaurus shirt so maybe that was why I left it a few days.



Milk UKs impressive new release

by Andy on March 5, 2014



This isn’t a submitted post but Matty over at Milk did a great job on his blurb so I’m going to copy/paste that here to help speed things along.

The new line features 4 Crew neck sweatshirts and 1 hoodie and a phone case.

Two of the crews feature our ‘Ornate Drop’ design which looks very traditional when seen from a distance, but when on close inspection you can see the overall design is made up of all things milk! Including; cows, spoons, milk bottle etc.

Our Script hood is a very comfortable garment which includes our custom cast milk bottle drawstring ends! This along with the red accents creates a really looking piece and a great talking point.

All of our garments have stepped up to custom finishing such as our care labels and bottle size tags.

It’s very rare for a brand to do custom drawstring ends on a hoodie, most big brands don’t even do that, so it’s especially impressive considering how young Milk is. That kind of evolution from a brand is great to see, who knows what they’ll come up with next time!


The Slytherin Original Death Eaters Hoodie

by Andy on February 28, 2014

For the Harry Potter & Sons of Anarchy fan in your life.

There’s a little glow in the dark surprise on the forearm of the sleeve as well!

Andy: Since Harry Potter is meant to be for kids and Sons of Anarchy definitely isn’t in a rational world you’d expect there to not be a lot of crossover, but the internet makes crazy fools of us all, so I’m sure this will be popular.


My Main Man Pat didn’t think I’d have a clue what either of these designs would mean, and they were right, so here’s their explanation:

Quasi-Madlib was a design concept one of our customers had suggested. Quasimoto is the rap alias of famed producer Madlib, and the suggestion was to create an illustration of Madlib putting on his Lord Quas mask. I passed the idea on to Dutch artist Ready2Rumbl who brought it to life in his typical abstract fashion.

“I wear my scars” is a quote from the God Loves Ugly title track by Hip-Hop group Atmosphere. It is artist Steve Cole’s first submission to the site and we’re very excited to see what else he’s got up his sleeve.

Available as tees and hoodies all this week.


New designs and items from Fuzzy Ink

by Andy on February 13, 2014

Always nice to see new stuff from these guys.

Fuzzy Ink


I don’t really understand anything at My Main Man Pat this week, such is the lack of my hip hop knowledge, so I’m going to let them take the helm on this one:

“Harlem’s Finest” is a tribute to the late Big L, who was poised to do big things in the hip-hop game before his untimely death at just 24 years of age. Artist Sheila Burnham pays tribute with her typographic interpretation of his name, and the first words that popped to mind when I viewed the submission were clean and tasteful. “Between Vuittons”, on the other hand, was inspired by a collaboration from 3 MC’s who are more well known in underground circles. MF DOOM, Captain Murphy, and Earl Sweatshirt created a track called Between Villains and artist Travis Compton offers his own remix with a little Louis Vuitton flavor blended in.

Available as tees and hoodies all this week.


My Main Man Pat are feeling the cold so they have added crew necks ($40) and hoodies ($50) to their lineup to go with the usual tees, good to see their range expanding.



I’ve created the WORLD’S first refined and functional front pocket for your sweatshirt. It’s patent pending and I KNOW that it’s the perfect product for hideyourarms! I’d love to hear back from you guys about how we can get pat’s pocket on your site! In the meantime check out our Kickstarter page to see the simplicity and HYPE that pat’s pocket can create. It’s a business created to keep people warm!!!

Andy: At first I thought that this product was pretty silly, but actually, it’s well priced and it serves a real purpose, I like it!


Victory Brand

by Mr Four Fingers on January 21, 2014

victory brand

55_05-5cm  24714-e130fdc6bc0a47ad9b9969cf2f21ba5724714-61d10390685345e3a9d69e4214cc996a tumblr_lvsgmeU2at1r01lj1o1_400 tumblr_lyxsnlIbUa1r01lj1o1_400 victory brand

I discovered (well it existed already) Victory Brand whilst checking out the stalls in Brick Lane (London) as we were scouting out how people were setting up, the look and feel. What I was not expecting was to find a stall with a t-shirt of two girls pissing while standing up. Shocked. I also liked it in a totally non ‘I love golden showers’ kinda way. Victory Brand’s stall was hands down the best one. Simple and impactful with massive prints hanging up.

The lady, yes the lady, behind Victory Brand is Victoria Sin who has a portfolio bursting at the seams with cocks and vaginas. It comes as a surprise then when you see a huge pug design on a tee/sweater, so bold and ‘normal’ you feel like maybe you missed a hidden penis. FYI her blog is NSFW.

Victory Brand smacks of edgy high-fashion with polished photography, sharp looking models and a strong voice. Her designs will no doubt polarize opinion and I for one think she is pretty damn talented, ambitious and die-hard energetic (tees are hand printed during week and sold on weekends).

Tees are £30 a pop. Wear one if you dare



Sounds like a good deal to me, no idea when it ends.



AnyForty Massive Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on January 10, 2014

Anyforty sale

AnyForty, who have been on HYA a few times are currently having a massive sale. Prior to this sale I bought a mystery pack of 3 t-shirts for £40 and was super chuffed that one of the tees was a design from Meggs (last image), the very graffiti artist that attracted me to AnyForty in the first place.

One of the tees was their logo tee, which is far cooler than you would expect with the words ‘AnyForty’ created from vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, so not as blatant, printed as white on maroon.

Everything is in the region of 50% off and I’m not sure how long it’s on for so get on that shit while you can. The header reads ‘End of year sale’ , so celebrate now.

Follow this link to visit AnyForty online store.

AnyForty_45RPM_Maroon_Tee_massive_anyforty_4 AnyForty_X_IainMacarthur_Back_massive_anyforty_3 Predator_massive_anyforty_1AnyForty_X_UltraFry_Tee_massive_anyforty_2 SnapbackBlack_massive_anyforty_6 Pride_massive_anyforty_5HR__The_Australian_Invasion_Look-Book-133-706x499-480x339




Cold Lives & Silent Knives

by Mr Four Fingers on January 6, 2014

Twin Serpents Silent Knives Hoody

Twin Serpents recently posted about their new hoody release  called Silent Knives with hand drawn illustrations and great integrated text by the talented Craig Robson. I also happened to have bought one of these hoodies at the same time so I figured I would share with you guys all the same. This black hoody was a pre-order, something which I have not done before but having received quality tees before from Twin Serpents in the past, I had no qualms whatsoever.

silent knives

Not only did I receive my hoody but a blady free t-shirt was thrown into the mix, The Ghostslinger. A pleasant surprise indeed. That and the snakes eggs of course. The hoody is lightweight so not massively thick which is good for me as I like to wear under light jackets or for those cooler autumn nights. Well, with London you never know what weather you are going to get! This hoody features a large single colour screen printed snake design on the back with a small snake emblem on the front, also screen printed. More details are on the Twin Serpents product page.

Twin_Serpents_Hoody_4 Twin_Serpents_Hoody_3 Twin_Serpents_tee_1silent knives

The title ‘Cold Lives and Silent Knives’ was inspired by a  comment made by a Twin Serpent follower on a photo of wicked looking Black Mamba snake which the guys on Twin Serpents asked to caption. The resulting comment sparked the imagination of Twin Serpents and this is the result. These guys have pretty strong ties with the community and it’s nice to see something like this happen.


This Silent Knives hoody makes me feel like I should be in a bike gang or something (possibly the less hardcore cycle gang) and there is actually a disclaimer on the product page stating ” shank, bike and beard not included”.

Currently available for $35.


Lumen Brand Winter 2014 [Submitted]

by Andy on December 17, 2013

The Lumen Brand Winter 2014 collection is dark and muted, and includes new tees and super soft sweaters . One of the bands we support, Sylar, was able to get in on the lookbook with us.

Andy: Looks good, thanks for the submission.


A new zip-up hoodie from Labyrinth Clothing

by Andy on December 17, 2013

It’s fairly simple, but this latest item from the Labyrinth Clothing Winter Collection is very nicely done and I’m sure it will be welcome as the temperatures drop outside. Use the couon code mailtime to get 15% off your order.

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Labyrinth Clothing


Solid round of releases from British label Black Blood Apparel, it all works together, feels cohesive, and I think that those hats are going to come in handy over the next few months.


I can’t remember the last time I wrote about a scarf, but these new patterned bandeau scarves at Mines Is Your Apparel look pretty cool, and they’ve got a lot more styles than the two above, so be sure to check them out if you worry about your neck getting cold this winter. Cool hoodie too!

The hoodie is $56, the scarves $38, and it’s $20 for a tote.


Winter Release from CX.City

by Andy on December 4, 2013

Gotta love those lookbook photos, really nicely done, they give a good feel for what CX.City are all about and show off the new collection to great effect. These guys have a clean new site for you to check out as well.


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