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I am always up for trying something new, and trying Mister Pompadour is definitely something new to me and to Hide Your Arms, especially as it comes across as a product for men and I am in fact a woman, BUT do not mistake that as complaining – it is quite the opposite! At first I was intimidated seeing that Mister Pompadour is primarily marketed to men, but I gave it a go anyway and immediately felt very silly for ever being hesitant, because in the end I was really happy with the results. So not only is this for men, it is a product you women could buy for the man in your life (then use it yourself too when he isn’t looking!)


Mister Pompadour sent me the Moroccan Texture Paste Kit which comes with a Peppermint Shampoo, a Peppermint Conditioner, and a Moroccan Texture Paste, plus they added in a cool logo sticker (all that for only $44!) So first things first, I hopped in the shower to try out the Shampoo and Conditioner and once I popped open the bottle I immediately could smell the mint – the fragrance invaded the steamy shower, but in the best way as it’s not overpowering… it smells so fresh and so clean and only got better the more you scrubbed it in. Once Shampooed, it was Conditioner time and while I was waiting for it to soak in I read the back of the bottle, which to my surprise was not your run of the mill, generic information being told – it had character and was entertaining to read, it gave me a smile or two. To me, something like that is such a lovely touch to a brand, definitely makes it more unique and interesting in the end.


After my hair had been dried and styled, I noticed a lightness to my normally heavy hair AND I could still smell the mint throughout (even after blow-drying and styling which for me would normally remove any fragrance, but this product’s fresh smell battled through the heat!) Then came the Texture Paste, which I have not used this type of product before believe it or not, but thankfully the instructions were printed nicely on the bottle – for long hair it helped push down those fly-aways and also helped smooth the ends of my hair and gave it a bit of texture – the photos I took do not do it justice! I also went to an outdoor concert, which I’ve done several times and by the end my hair would normally be a frizzy mess, but I must say this time my hair looked just as good as when I got there and that’s saying something.


To be completely honest, before I tried the Mister Pompadour Kit I thought I would be giving it away to one of my male friends, thinking me being a female that I should not keep it, but after only one use, I stand corrected – I really love the results and I am keeping this kit all to myself! Needless to say, I recommend trying it especially if you are on the lookout for a really good hair regimen; shampoo, conditioner, texture paste, and a lot more including sculpting clay, beeswax paste, pomade, and (coming soon) a texture powder – all the products that, as Mister Pompadour says, will make you look sharp and be confident, and I could not agree more.

Keep in touch with Mister Pompadour:


Summer 2015 Collection from Grits. Co

by Andy on May 21, 2015

Grits Co. is a Southern inspired brand from Houston,Texas that is widely known for its detailed representation of the Southern experience in an unapologetic way. The company slogan is simple, “No Grits No Glory”. It is a reminder to never give up on your dreams in life and to give your whole self to get the hard work done.

This Mom and Pop shop has been putting their creative spin on T-Shirts for over 6 years. The shirts are very limited edition and sale out! Each package always has a few extra “Gritty Goods” that makes you feel apart of the family known as the “Grits Gang”.

The main theme of the brand’s Summer 2015 collection is the mascot “Roscrow”. The designer Reuben Levi gets his inspiration from vintage & military items, his true Texas Pride, photography, old school cars and Car Clubs just to name a few. Grits Co. uses only the best quality inks and true to fit 100 % Ring spun cotton shirts, leaving each shirt soft and comfortable. Also included in this collection are the Grits Logo and Grits “G” Trill Ebbets Fields Baseball Hats.

Lately the brand has proven its potential in a difficult and struggling market. Grits Co. is represented around the United States and in a few markets overseas. Being from Houston is what gives this brand the added flavor and appeal with there signature “Kiss My Grits” T-shirt that is launching in the Summer 2015 collection.

Grits Co. launched a Pre-Sale May 1st -15th for the loyal “Grits Gang” fans, and has had great success. The Summer 2015 collection officially went on Sale Today. Check us out at

Andy: Really cool designs, the kind of thing that I like to wear these days and I’m sure a lot of people would agree with me.


Hi!!! I am an artist from Greece Petroula!
Me my partner my sister and her husband decided 2 years ago to create our company- Little rocks

You can find us on Facebook, and Etsy

Little rocks makes handcrafted furniture and fun wear!!
We have fair wear t-shirt line with my illustration silk screen printed!!
And up cycled furniture and accessories made by reclaimed wood-pallets with a funky twist!!

The theme of my characters for little rocks t-shirts this summer, are ginger divers, Mexican fighters (lucha libre), sailors, and tattooed mermaids!!

Andy: Really cool designs, thanks for the submission!


Born Ready ‘Icon’ collection

by Andy on May 21, 2015

Drawing inspiration from some of pop cultures most iconic and infamous brands. Chanel, Coca-Cola and Baskin & Robbins receive the Born Ready treatment and have undergone a playful and contemporary evolution.

Paying homage to the greats, whilst always remaining individual and ahead of the curve is the underlying theme within this unisex and versatile story. “Always Born Ready”, “Often Licked Never Beaten” and “No.1 L’odeur du Succés” are the three key motifs that individualise the collection whilst “South London Born Ready” underpins them all, acting and emerging as a new standalone icon.

Found exclusively on the Born Ready website, and comprising of 4 T-Shirts and 3 sweatshirts, all 100% cotton. Providing the bold and fearless with the perfect tongue in cheek armour, to take on whatever the day may bring, not taking life too seriously, but always being Born Ready.

Prices range from £30 to £50, available now at

Andy: I’m rarely a huge fan of this kind of thing but in this case it does look quite well done and I like their promo photography.


Huge Cock Gear announces the release of the new “I’ve got this” T-Shirt. Great look, better message. Let people know that they at least don’t have to worry about YOU. Your admirers might draw other ideas that will get you into far more interesting situations…..

The unisex T-shirt is available in Black–sizes Small, Medium, Large, XL, and XXL. The shirts feature double-needled sleeves and hem. Made out of 100% Cotton, These shirts are not only durable, but comfortable for everyday wear.

All three of the founders of Huge Cock Gear are musicians who are surrounded by talented people that endeavor to entertain. These people are always looking for new ways to express themselves and they inspire us to come up with ideas for street-worthy garments that make a statement. We, as well as our musician friends, find the slogans to be self assured, steeped in double entendre, and entertaining.

The goal for the collection’s garment designs is to make people on the street look twice, and be glad they did. Those moments of humor and interest bring some levity into people’s lives, creating lighter hearts and raised spirits. The entertaining approach to our Guitar Accessories is the same, although the full humor of the product names resonates most with musicians.

The world is a big complicated place, so we want to make people feel Huge.

To buy the “I’ve got this” T-shirt visit the Huge Cock Gear Collection on eBay.

Andy: Much like Offend My Eyes yesterday, I don’t get the appeal of a shirt like this, and I’m sure that comes as no surprise to you readers.


Here’s some new items from Peter Banír Clothing. Peter Banír Clothing is a clothing brand based on positivity, encouragement, and love for life. Pictured you have Love Life tank tops, retro running shorts and the Crown Her V neck tee.

Here’s a discount for 10% Off + Free Shipping. Get something for yourself, a loved one or friend.

Discount Code: MAY2015
Expires on 5/31/2015 at 11:59pm CST

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Paper Clouds Apparel is a t-shirt company with giving at its core. We partner up with kids with special needs from all over the country (and a few outside of the U.S.) and they produce the art for our shirts. In turn we end up donating 50% of our proceeds to a charity of their choice. Each and every shirt has a special story behind it – from battling cancer to living with autism. In order to keep the charity train moving we change our art every two weeks. Not a fan of what’s up now? New art will be up soon and there will be something that you’ll like! This means a new artist gets recognition and a new charity gets more help from you. The three pics are only a small sample of past art as well as one that we are selling now (The Dino).

Our shirts are of the highest quality with tons of build your own variation. We have cuts and colors so vast that we almost never make the same shirt twice.

Andy: Very cool idea!


Offend My Eyes – Summer Season

by Andy on May 20, 2015


We sell clothing and accessories that make a bold statement about who you are; whether that offend’s people eyes or not.

We recently launched our new summer season, featuring brand new tees from £10!


Andy: Not for me, but I’m sure some people are into this style.

{ 1 comment } (piekuo = hell) is a streetwear apparel brand owned by two brothers. Older brother, who is currently living in London, is the creative and Younger Brother, who runs from Warsaw, is the business side of the company. They write about themselves on their website: ”keeping it safe makes us sick; we’re into paradoxes, design and freedom of thought.”

Check our demons at

Andy: Weird but wearable, I like it.


My name is Guy-Michel and I am the founder of Michael Ghimicelli a clothing line born from a desire to use my talent to make a difference in the lives of the orphans and kids who are or just aged out of the foster care system.

It all started with a desire to design the type of apparel I wanted to wear. I remember several years ago I would head to the mall and literally try some clothes and redesign them in my mind.

“Why add that flashy buttons on such a beautiful shirt?” did I oftentimes ask myself while I was trying some of the name brand apparel or “I wish this dress shirt did not have the brand’s name written so big on the back!…”

A wise man once said: “If you want something which does not exist you have to create it” – I then started to design my own t-shirts, just the way I wanted them. To my amazement; friends and even strangers in the street will compliment my apparels. I loved the whole process from designing for fun – no pressure about pleasing someone – to the day I receive my package in the mail. It is simply a joy.

The coolest thing was that I could wear exactly the kind of t-shirt I wanted – and people love it too!

Then I started to dream: “what if I could design apparels for a living? …using my God’s given talents…and support myself to do what I care the most about in life: serving people in need. How wonderful that would be!

And so was born Michael Ghimicelli, a fashion apparel line aimed to celebrate the charm of a simplistic lifestyle in true bobo style.
Find us on Facebook at

Here is a 10% discount code: HIDEYOURARMS you can redeem it at

Michael Ghimicelli

Andy: Looking good, thanks for the submission!


A Girl’s Guide to Festival Season

by Andy on May 13, 2015

A Girl’s Guide to Festival Season

Summer is all about getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather and multitude of festivals. What you wear is just as important as what festival you are attending, so here’s our must-haves for the perfect festival look:

Summer starts with your outfit

Image Credit:

From the top down
Being protected and looking good under the smouldering heat of the sun is easier than it looks! Printed tank tops offer effortless style and come in a variety of looks. Consider wearing a tank with your favourite band to get it signed later or something loose for breathability.
Don’t like what’s on the racks? Customised t-shirt printing shops are all the rage right now. There are so many pre-designed shirts to choose from, or if you are feeling super artsy, you can create your own custom design.
Sandals and sneakers
Don’t choose footwear just because it looks pretty. Consider comfort and durability. Some converse sneakers or Doc Martens look great and feel great, perfect for stomping and raving the day away!

Image Credit:

Get Totes organised
Keep all your day trip essentials within easy reach with your own tote bag. With lots of space, these can hold everything you need, while also being easy to scrunch up at the end of the day. Create your own design for a personal touch and a unique look.

Your festival look
A sun-kissed glow always looks great, but don’t let it turn into a lobster red! Keep a spritzer for a moisturised and fresh face and apply lots of sunscreen. For those with long hair, accessorise practically with an up do to keep hair off your face and neck. Sunglasses and a bucket hat look good and keep you safe from the sun.

Stay hydrated
It’s easy to get carried away and forget to drink water, but don’t forget to stock up and stay hydrated. Most festivals will have water fountains, but if you want an extra hydration hit, a refreshing coconut water can help you stay hydrated longer.

Image Credit:

There’s no time to waste. Have the best summer of your life. Stock up on the essentials and get out to your favourite festival this summer!

Andy: It’s nice to see a printing company come to me with a story that’s actually interesting with fun graphics that isn’t just “BUY OUR STUFF WE’RE SO AWESOME”.

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BLACKVEINS® brand is a Independent streetwear, inspired by the culture of skateboard, BMX, graffiti, tattoo and music, special Old School Hard Core.

Attitude & Positive Life

Andy: Very cool designs as usual and great lookbook photography as usual.




After a long absence Supafresh returns to find the world a different place. Supafresh must now face the biggest challenge yet.”

Watch the Official Movie Trailer.

Andy: I don’t really understand what’s happening here, but I do quite like it.

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SoftWear.CO is a new site based out of Denver, Colorado creating compelling designs for programmers like ‘Calculator Boobs’, ‘Colorado Coder’, ‘Bay Area Programmer’ and more!

Use coupon code J8TSPCZHEVUV to save 10% on your order. Order 3 shirts and shipping is free!

Andy: I’m not into the boobs/calculator shirt, but I do like the others which are a bit nerdier, though I understand why they might feel they need that wide-appeal “boobs” shirt.


TRO&CO Summer ’15 Collection

by Andy on May 6, 2015

Toronto-based label, Tro&Co, drops their new Summer ’15 collection this May. Featuring 7 new prints, the collection is accompanied by a cool, clean, and corky, Lookbook.
Check it out here:

Andy: Looking good as usual! I’m a little confused about the word “corky” in this context though, I can only assume this is another of those cases where I am finding myself disconnected from youth parlance!


Upstate New York designer lunchboxbrain has just released a new batch of designs as part of his Just My Type Vol. 2 collection. The six designs, which are available exclusively at his Society6 shop, are inspired by lunchboxbrain’s love of typography and hand lettering. The designs can be purchased on a number of different items including t-shirts, poster prints, phone cases and more.

Watch lunchboxbrain’s promo video for Just My Type Vol. 2 here:

Andy: Love that High Five design, be sure to check out the shop since it’s all good stuff in there.


Baseball season is here and Pipiripau (p-p-d-pow) launched their very first Dodger Blue themed tees $29 and tanks $24. The gear is available at their online shop for a limited time at

Andy: I always like what Pipiripau bring to the table and I’m happy to say that today is no different.


We just released 9 NEW SHIRTS in our store this week, all new shirts are with 20% limited time discount. Hope you enjoy our new Story Tees.

Andy: I always enjoy new designs from Flying Mouse, it’s interesting how they can be crossing genres and style yet still maintain a cohesive feel to the shop.


Eli the TL from The Chosen Few

by Andy on May 1, 2015

The Chosen Few is an independent street wear brand from the UK, unofficially based in London as well as Portsmouth. Being one of the new kids on the block doesn’t faze the brand who are almost a year strong in the clothing industry. The Chosen Few or TcF for short aim to put a dent in the UK clothing scene with the release of their new line ‘Eli the TL’. One of the pieces from the new line has been worn by versatile Hellaturnt artist Kid Bracer in his latest Uk trap video Pandora 2.0. This new line features a black and white theme which comes off as simple but edgy like the ethos of the brand. The Chosen Few will launch Eli the TL collection online early this month. To keep updated with the official launch date follow the good people on their Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter: @tcf_clothing
Instagram: @tcf_clothing
Facebook page: The Chosen Few

Andy: I had to google what ‘hellaturnt’ is and I still don’t know, I think I’ve reached a point where I’m now well out of touch with youth culture and a big part of me doesn’t really mind!

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One T shirt, Three MC’s and One DJ

by Andy on May 1, 2015


I’d like to share with you our blog about our new T shirt. I wanted to get it out before 4th of May for the anniversary the death of MCA from the Beastie Boys. And of course to tell you about the discount code. Hope you like, even if you’re not a fan.


Andy: Thanks for the submission!


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