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concrete hermit kingly court

Obviously I’m not going to be there (10% off everything in store and free drinks sounds nice, but I’m not going to travel more than 300 miles for it), but I’m pretty excited about Concrete Hermit opening up their store on Thursday in the fashionable Kingly Court boutique shopping centre just-off Carnaby Strret in London.

The picture above suggests that they haven’t quite finished with the shop fitting (which comes as no surprised to someone whose been involved with shop fits in the past), as you’d usually see some kind of a sneak peek (or maybe they’re just really keeping it under wraps), but I’m sure it will look great on Thursday, especially since it will be filled with all their lovely goodies. If any HYAers pop by on Thursday and snap a picture or two of the new shop feel free to let me know, or file your own report!


cpncrete hermit kingly court

I really like Concrete Hermit, they’re the kind of people I’m glad to have in Britain bridging the scene between art and t-shirts, and the last couple of times I’ve been to London I’ve always tried to visit their shop/gallery off Brick Lane, but it’s a bit out of the way for a tourist like me, so them opening a new store just off one of the most famous shopping streets in the world is a pretty exciting development. The new shop is going to be in Kingly Court, which is like a mini-shopping centre for cool brands (and bars/restaurants/clubs) that aren’t quite big enough to be on Carnaby Street, but definitely deserve a share of the spotlight, and I’m sure that Concrete Hermit will fit right in. There’s no official date fore the opening, though it is promised to be ‘very soon’, so naturally I’ll let you know when the doors swing open.

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Here’s an idea I like, t-shirt markets. I’m sure that those of you in LA, Chicago, and Brooklyn are going “yeah, they’re awesome” because they’ve got the Renegade crew rolling through every year (6 months?) but for the rest of us things are sorely lacking. That’s obviously a bit of a generalisation but I haven’t heard about many events of a similar nature and I’d like to think that if they existed, I’d know about them. If I’m wrong let me know in the comments, maybe I could put together a list about craft shows?

TshirtMarket is a new Australian initiative to get lots of brands together (big and small) in a venue and get them selling their shirts to the public, making a name for themselves in their local area, and knowing Australians, probably eating and drinking too. As you can probably tell from the graphic above they’re not yet ready to open the doors at a TBA venue, but they do certainly want to hear from brands about getting involved, and if you’re an Aussie t-shirt fan it might be worth getting your name on the mailing list to hear about developments.


exposed clothing cinncinnati ohio

A few days ago on my Twitter I put out a call for t-shirt brands and stores to get in touch if they wanted to put a photo tour of their shop/office/aquarium on Hide Your Arms and Exposed Clothing were one of the first to respond (though, as store owner Chuck usually gets up at 5am it’s hardly surprising that he was quick to respond!). I think this could be a really interesting series that will let us get behind the scenes at companies of various sizes across the t-shirt spectrum.

Exposed Clothing are a brand that I haven’t really taken a close look at in the past if I’m honest, though I feel I know the owner fairly well through tweets and discussions we’ve had in the past, Chuck is a good guy and seemingly always ready to help out with the stupid web-based problems that I have or lending some advice from his time in the tee world. It would appear that this kind of approach has also made it’s way into his bricks & mortar store, as he sells a variety of small labels that he likes on consignment. If I were to ever open a HYA store (and boy do I wish I could) I’d do the same thing, if you ever visited my store it would be like walking around a real version of this blog, just loads of tees I like. Sure, I’d probably be my biggest customer, but I’d have a damn good time. It’s clearly not the biggest or fanciest store in the world, but it has everything it needs, and the store has been getting some attention from local rock radio stations so hopefully that will help bring them the support that keeps them going for a long time. Exposed also offer a screen printing which I would presume isn’t operated out of the same location otherwise we would’ve got some photos of that too.

If you’d liketo visit Exposed Clothing here is their address:
8325 Colerain Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45239

If anyone else would like to send in photo tours (possibly with some commentary and background if you would like) then you know how to contact me.


LadyUmbrella go bricks & mortar!

by Andy on June 22, 2010

Post image for LadyUmbrella go bricks & mortar!

Really big news from Ireland’s favourite women’s t-shirt store, they’ve gone and opened a store (as in one that people can visit in person rather than clicking on). From what I can tell they’ve got space in something called the Loft Market at the Powerscourt Centre in Dublin, which I assume to be a bunch of cool brands sharing space as part of a larger shopping centre, which seems like a pretty cool idea to me, almost like a stepping stone for brands that aren’t quite ready yet to have their own full shop. Still, it’s a big step for a brand that hasn’t been going for that long, LadyUmbrella really do seem to be going from strength to strength. They can be found there on Friday/Saturday/Sunday, I’ve never been to Ireland, but if I do, I’ll be sure to pop along.

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gama go store

Coty actually visited the Gama-Go store back in April as part of his trip around the US, but for some reason it’s taken me until now to point it out to you guys. Coty doesn’t go into too many details about the store (though really, how much could he write?), but it sounds good, and there’s plenty of pictures for those of us that wish they could make a trip there, if only there wasn’t an ocean between us.

Check out Coty’s post here, and if you missed it, here’s my interview with Greg Long, one of the GG founders.

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airside pop up shop

Join us at Airside Studios, 339 Upper Street, Islington N1 0PB.

Friday 23rd April: 11am-8pm
Saturday 24th April: 11am-4pm

Airside Shop is clearing out all our old stock ahead of the forthcoming online shop re-launch, so head down to our studios on 23rd and 24th April for two days of music, chat and bargains galore.

It may be your last chance to get your hands on our current range of limited edition t-shirts and prints. T-shirts will be starting at £5, with prints going for as low as £10. Plus you can get copies of our book Airside by Airside, and other great Airside products at discount rates.

Airside: The Pop-Up Shop will also feature the reopening of the Airside Tattoo Parlour, and there will also be lucky dips, prize draws, cakes and refreshments – including our infamous Air-Cider.

So get on over to N1 for this not-to-be-missed live extravagansa. Oh, and bring cash.

Apparently the Airside crew suffered a major bit of hacking on their store a few months back (all customer details were safe, but they were sent spam), so they took the shop off their site as a safety precaution. During that time they decided to turn lemons into lemonade and redesign and relaunch the store, but to precipitate this event they apparently feel the need to clear out old stock which means some cheap tees for people in London, pity I’m missing out on it, if only I didn’t live 300 miles away!


design by humans sale

Every tee (EVERY TEE!) is $15 a Design BY Humans until Sunday April 11th.

Use the coupon code EASTER to get 25% off everything at Lead & Light until Saturday April 10th.

Chateaux Roux are running a ‘Civilised’ Sale starting today and ending on Saturday in their store (which can be found just off Carnaby Street). Apparently the civilised aspect is some kind of a reference to an over-exuberant sale at America Apparel over the weekend, but I know nothing of it so all I see is a sale with tees from a frankly ridiculous £5. Find the deets here.

At the time of writing this sale hasn’t actually started, but I have it on good authority that from today until the end of the month my buddies over at Robot Royalty will be slashing their prices by an epic 50%, which should give us $10-12 tee goodness. *UPDATE* The sale has been changed to tees for up to 60% off, with a free robot car decal in every order.


Big Release at Wrongwroks

by Andy on October 17, 2009


I think it might be their 4th anniversary, so they went big on this release with a lot of new designs and styles, they also opened a new store in Vancouver recently (in conjunction with a few other brands).



Pics from the Roktic pop up shop launch night

by Andy on September 17, 2009


Usually when I see a pop up shop I wonder why they’re open for such a short amount of time, and looking at Roktic’s short-term shop on Brick Lane I’m tempted to say the same, but I’m sure they have good reason, maybe if this week goes well they might do a longer residency (perhaps even permanent) in the future.

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I won’t be able to make it down to this week to the Roktic pop up shop, but I wholeheartedly recommend that London based HYAers do (and drop me an e-mail to say what you thought if you do go, please).


HYA Tours the Spreadshirt HQ in Leipzig

by Andy on June 30, 2009


Whilst I was in Berlin for T-Shirt Day it seemed like a great idea to hop on the ICE train (which isn’t as cool as it sounds) and head 100 miles south of the capital to the city of Leipzig to check out Spreadshirt’s much-larger-than-I-expected HQ and production facility. If any of you are wondering, “who the devil are these Spreadshirt folks?” Well, they’re the largest (I think) print-on-demand supplier in Europe, and they also have offices and production in America, meaning that whichever side of the Atlantic you’re on you can get a high-quality customised tee pretty darn quick. I actually have a tee from 2004 that I bought from Spreadshirt (yeah, I was all about the tees even before I started HYA!) that’s still going strong, so they really do know how to make tees, and presumably they’re even better quality now.

Upon getting off the train in Leipzig’s beautiful station I was met by Adam from Tee Junction who was going to act as my tour guide to the city, and I don’t think he’d actually had a tour of the new Spreadshirt facility as he had left the company before they moved in, so the day wasn’t a waste for him, hopefully. I always say that the best way to get a feel for a city is to walk through it, you don’t see much when you take public transport (especially if it’s underground, obviously), so we walked from the station to Spreadshirt through the lovely old centre of the city and the huge park to the more industrial side of the city. One strange thing about Leipzig is that there are a lot of abandoned buildings in the city because of vast numbers of people (around 500,000 people in a city of 1 million) leaving the city after the collapse of the wall and re-unification of Germany, many of those people never returned, meaning that there is lots of unoccupied space. Even just across the road from Spreadshirt’s freshly-renovated building there was a really nice building that had clearly received no love for many years and sat empty. According to Adam this situation means that rents in the city a very low not only for housing but for business as well, so people will set up businesses as a hobby that are only open for a few days a month, it’s a strange concept to me, but I like it.

As you can see from the picture at the top of the post, it’s pretty easy to spot the Spreadshirt building because it’s covered in everyone’s favourite item of clothing. Apparently you don’t need to give taxi drivers the address to Spreadshirt because they all know about “the building with the t-shirts on it.” It’s pretty hard to miss as well, seeing as it takes up a whole block.


Eike (seen here on the right at T-Shirt Day Berlin) decided we should start our tour on the top roof deck of the building, giving us a good view over the city. The weather hasn’t treated them too well so far this year so the roof decks haven’t seen much use, but they hope to use them for events when it starts to heat up. I might be wrong in remembering this, but I’m pretty sure that the roof deck spaces (there’s more than one) if combined would actually be larger than their old offices, which shows how much of a step up the move was for them.


We then moved down to a meeting room/kitchen/break room, passing a couple of guys playing table tennis on the way, from the looks of the league on the wall next to the table these guys get pretty serious about the table tennis competitions. Can you believe that the kitchen above is in a t-shirt companies offices? It looks like it should be in a showroom!


What self-respecting internet company could have offices and not have a foosball table?


This meeting space shows how light and airy the building is, I think that they might have more room than they know what to do with!


This picture obviously doesn’t illustrate it particularly well, but in one of the receptions they have a life-size model of Batman, Eike didn’t seem to really know why it was there, but I’m sure that it’s an important addition to every office.


I remember Adam being pretty excited about the addition of Fatboy chairs/bean bags to the office, and wondered why they weren’t there back in his day.


In one of the larger offices, because the ceilings are so high they were having problems with noise and echoes, the innovative solution to this problem was right under their nose, t-shirts! They hung a load of t-shirts up and now they help to stop the noise bouncing around the room.


These pieces of wall art are made of t-shirts they printed in the factory and stretched around frames, which I thought was a really cool idea. Some of you may recognise the broken up image as one of the finalists for the Open Logo Competition that Spreadshirt held to find their new logo.


This is the returns room. You’re probably quite alarmed by the amount of items in there, but I couldn’t actually see anything technically wrong with the couple of items I picked up. I get the feeling that a lot of people just return items when they receive them because the message that they thought would be funny on a tee really isn’t, or they made an error when picking the fonts and colourway. I get that feeling because most of the returns I picked up were really badly designed.


This returned tee that Adam found made me a bit sad, because why would return a tee that says “I [heart] my boyfriend” when there’s nothing wrong with the tee. A lot of the returned tees get given away to charity, and staff are regularly allowed to rummage around and take them too, so presumably most of the people at Spreadshirt have really weird t-shirt collections.


Along this corridor only about half of the office spaces were occupied because they still haven’t worked out what to do with the rooms, I think some of the ideas thrown around included a studio for recording video (there was already a photo studio along the corridor) and maybe even a room just for playing Wii in. It must be cool having all this space that they have to think up cool stuff to do with rather than having cool ideas with nowhere to implement them.


A lot of the offices and rooms in the building have been given names, sometimes the names have a purpose, and sometimes they make no sense at all. I was disappointed to hear that this room doesn’t glow in the dark…


And here she is, the production floor. As you can see, it is a large space, filled with lots of Germans working in a stereotypically efficient and hard-working manner.


I think that these guys might have even more tees than I do!


This machine is one of about six (I can’t remember how many) that print/cut the designs on the various vinyls and foils that Spreadshirt offer, each machine has been given a name (this one is called ‘John’), presumably just to cut down on confusion between machines rather than just being cute.


These are the people that remove the ‘scrap’ vinyl from each sheet leaving just the bits of vinyl that are to be pressed onto the shirt. The rate at which they worked was really impressive, I’m sure if I were to do it there would be an awful lot of prints being thrown into the rejects bin.


These people check over every item before it leaves the factory to ensure it meets quality control standards.


Whilst it isn’t a large part of their business, Spreadshirt do have a DTG (direct-to-garment) printing machine, and it was really cool to see it in action as I’ve never witness it before. It’s basically a really big inkjet printer, which you think actually makes the process less interesting since I’d presume most of you are reading this post with a printer a couple of feet away from you, but it was fascinating watching a design appear on a t-shirt with each pass of the print head. The printed t-shirt then goes through a large dryer (to the left, out of shot), which I think can best be described as a jumbo-sized version of one of those toasters that you only ever see in hotels where you put your bread on to a conveyor belt and the toast comes out the other end.


As we were leaving the production facility Eike pointed out the test lab where they put every item in the store through it’s paces. The rather bedraggled tee you can see above is the cheapest t-shirt they sell, and it has been put through 100 wash and dry cycles, so it’s hardly a surprise that it’s not looking too good, though the print seems to have held up fairly well.


I’ve missed out on some of the office space, partially because I don’t like taking pictures of random people (even though Eike told me it was okay) and partly because a lot of the pictures I took came out pretty poorly, so if you were thinking that it didn’t seem as big as I was describing it, there’s quite a lot more offices, and a lot more people, than you can see in the photos. After the tour Adam and I caught a tram back into the centre of the city (unfortunately it wasn’t one of the Cold War era relics that I’d seen rolling around, but trams are always fun) and went for ice cream…


… and beer. You know how when you go into a restaurant in America you automatically get given water? They have the same kind of thing in Germany except you get beer. Okay, that isn’t strictly true, but it sure does feel like it. We were later joined by Evan Eggers (who, if you remember, I’d met the day before at T-Shirt Day) for another beer before I headed back to Berlin on the train. Good times!


Thanks to Adam and Eike for guiding me around the city and the Spreadshirt HQ (aka ‘T-Shirt Geek Disneyland’)!

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Print Liberation Store in Philadelphia

When I left Philly to embark on my great journey around the West coast I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn’t get to visit the new Print Liberation store up in Northern Liberties. However, before flying home to Great Britain (emphasis on the Great), I did spend a couple more days in Philly and went out to a great Mexican place that served grilled baby octopus that tasted exactly like chicken lo mein, and whilst we were there one of my dining companions (who is probably reading this) mentioned that the store wasn’t that far away, so we headed down after finishing our margaritas. By the way, how amazing are margaritas? It’s as if someone took lemonade, and decided it wasn’t awesome enough yet, so they put booze in it.

I’d love to tell you that the store itself is a Johnny Cupcake-esque journey of wonder and amazement, but it’s just a normal store, with a table tennis table in it. It’s cool, don’t get me wrong, I like Print Liberation’s tees because they’re bold and simple, so it makes sense that the store sticks to the same aesthetic, but I didn’t want to build it up for you too much. In other PL-related news, they’ve started selling one-off test tees (haha, testees!) which could probably be summed up as ‘normal Print Liberation tees + a bucket of crazy + thumbprints’, they aren’t my bag, but I’m sure some of you will enjoy the mystery of buying a t-shirt that can essentially be looked upon as a ‘mistake’.

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My Life Rocks by Print Liberation

by Andy on May 10, 2009


With the robo-posting schedule we’re running at the moment, I’m actually writing this post on April 30th (the Sixers went out the playoffs about an hour ago, sigh), so I’m presuming that my life rocks when this post goes live because I’m going to be roaming around LA, because who doesn’t have a good time in LA? Hmmm… I hope I don’t have to switch the tee in this post for this one.

Oh, and for the Philly-ites I’ve left behind, Print Liberation, who make the above tee, are opening a store up in NoLibs (see, I got the local slang down) on May 15th. I’ve included the crap-tastic commercial about the store opening about the cut.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Print Liberation

click here to watch a video that is so ironic it they could have only opened a store in Northern Liberties


Tokidoki Capsule Store in NYC

by Andy on March 15, 2009


Gee, guess who went to NYC, and Spring Street, 3 days before tokidoki opened the new store? Me, obviously. Well, I’ll try and make it there next time, and it’s not like there was a lack of cool stores in Soho for me to wander around. Looks like a cool store, and if you take a look at the gallery then I’m pretty sure that you’ll join me in deciding you need one of their skateboard decks in your life. Find the store at 176 Spring Street.

*This post has been targeted by spammers, so comments are turned off.

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Pics of Graniph’s new Harajuku Store

by Andy on March 15, 2009


When I went to Tokyo in 2007 I knew who Graniph were, but it was only when I stepped inside their little store in Harajuku that I fell a little bit in love with them, something which is probably obvious from the amount of digital column inches I give them on such a regular basis. I even bought a tee there, it was a size large, and the girl behind the counter looked at me quizzically, and I explained that it wasn’t for me, it was a fairly funny moment, but now that I’ve written it it doesn’t seem even remotely humourous. Moving on!

Basically, what I’m saying it they had a cool store, with some fantastic designs, but it was pretty small. That’s all changed, they’ve opened up a new flagship store, and it looks pretty damn cool, certainly a spot that should be part of any tee pilgrimage.

For those of you that won’t be able to make it to Tokyo (here’s their shoplist), Graniph have an up to 30% off sale going online at the moment.

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Cupcakes? At Johnny Cupcakes? Madness!

by Andy on March 14, 2009


St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and Johnny Cupcakes has some great gear and gifts to make your St. Patty’s day the best yet! All three Johnny cupcakes locations will be giving away delicious cupcakes to celebrate so make sure to swing by one of the three locations if you’re in the area to get a treat and pick up one of his Clover t-shirts made from 100% Leprecotton. Of course you can buy any t-shirt to get your cupcake on.

I think that something this light is the very definition of a weekend post! I still can’t quite get over how much Americans get into St. Patrick’s Day, it’s crazy, kinda make me wish I was here for Independence Day, y’know, an event Americans are actually meant to celebrate.

Check out the clover tees in the gallery


Super Bored Grand Opening

by Andy on March 3, 2009


I know I promised you I’d grab some exclusive pics of the Mishka NYC x Ubiq pop up store, but I haven’t got round to it quite yet, so here’s some shots from the other ‘cool store opening of the week’, Super Bored (from Wrongwroks) over in Vancouver (1701 West 4th Ave).

Looks like a really great store, it’s a pity I can’t leave the country and re-enter under my visa, otherwise I probably would have made Vancouver a stop-off on my American odyssey, so I guess that these pics are as close as I’ll be getting to Super Bored.

More pics of the store and the opening party in the gallery.

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Mishka NYC have dropped their new Spring line, and it’s pretty darned cool.

Something else that’s cool is that Mishka have gone and got themselves a pop up store right here in Philly at Ubiq. It’s two and a half blocks from my apartment, and along my walk to the office, so it’s fair to say that I’ll pop in at some point to give you a report. Philly and streetwear media were giving the shop opening party a lot of digital column inches last week, but no one seems to have thought about posting some photos from of the space yet, so maybe I’ll be able to stake a claim on a world exclusive if I get there soon and snap a few pics.

Still, you don’t need to be in Philly to get your Mishka fix, the whole lot is available online. Oh, and I guess hardcore HYA stalkers now have a radius in which you know I live, so, good luck finding me!

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Wrongwroks are opening their very own store in Vancouver!

There’s going to be a party instore on Saturday, so if you’re a Vancouverite/Vancouverian/Vancouvanino/Vancadian head on down and check it out, but RSVP first, it’s only polite, I’ve included the flyer in the gallery.

Also in the gallery are the latest Wrongwroks releases (I know, they never stop), a few hats this time around.

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