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Worn On TV

by Ben_P on March 27, 2015

Ever wondered where your favourite character from that show you were just watching got their clothes from? Wonder no more! You’re bound to find what it is you’re looking for with Worn On TV. It’s got an extensive list of TV shows to choose from as well. I know personally there have been times I’ve been curious, perhaps this is an excuse for me to now go back through binge watching all of my favourite shows…


Usually when celebrities wear t-shirts they’re not that interesting, but apparently Olivia Wilde is not one of those celebrities. I like the tee, I just can’t work out where is comes from, any ideas?


Anyone know where to buy Harry’s shirt, a quick bit of Googling has turned up nothing for me. [via The Superficial]

*Update* You can get it here, I’m not sure if it’s the original place, but it definitely looks like the same design.


In today’s daily dose of WTF, Danny Trejo, best known as the titular character from 2010’s Machete, cuts haters down to size with dagger eyes.


Source: Tumblr | Via: Uproxx

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That last post brought me down a bit, so to cheer everyone up here’s every ladies fantasy man (and frequent t-shirt wearer) Ryan Gosling wearing a shirt with Macauly Culkin on it. You can pick up the shirt at Worn By for £28.

[via Daily Mail]


Now This Is What I Call Link Bait

by Travis on March 26, 2013

“New” at 80s Tees this week: the original Cobra Kai karate gi worn by Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) in 1984’s The Karate Kid!


The price, you ask? A cool $100,000! (It’s not exactly high fashion, but you would have a trump card come Halloween…)

More about the garment, from the product’s official descrip:

This Cobra Kai gi was worn by William Zabka’s character Johnny Lawrence during filming of the 1984 movie The Karate Kid. We obtained the gi on eBay from a collector who purchased the gi from The gi comes with a framed Certificate of Authenticity from ReelClothes.

Kevin Stecko, the founder of bought the gi because he always wanted to wear an authentic Cobra Kai gi for Halloween. We used this gi to create copies which we sell as our Exclusive Movie Quality Cobra Kai Costume.

As you may be guessing by the price our goal is not really to sell the gi as much as it is to put it out there for the world to appreciate. The Karate Kid is Kevin’s favorite movie of all time and he wanted other fans to be able to see this amazing piece of 80s movie history.

See more pics at BuzzFeed.

Read more of Travis’ work at BuzzFeed and It Goes To 11.

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Weird Karl Pilkington all over print t-shirt!

by Ash Jones on March 16, 2013

This is probably one of the weirdest concepts for a t-shirt design I have seen, However the site claims that they are selling fast.  So If you should happen to be a slightly obsessive Karl Pilkington fan you can get yours at the appropriately named ‘Fashion Victim’ for £22 …



Ash runs Rudi Clothing selling clothing from top indie brands, check out the store now

Twitter : @ashjadejones   @Rudiclothing 


With most people reading this being American, all you need to know about this picture is that Rihanna is wearing a t-shirt and not much else, whereas British readers will no doubt be aware that she’s supporting Comic Relief (a comedy charity telethon) by wearing a t-shirt designed by Stella McCartney. I took a look at the tees last weekend at TK Maxx and quality seemed pretty good, which is nice to see since it’s a charity tee and I’m sure they could have got away with going bargain basement.

[Via MTV]


Another week, another batch of tees trending on the Internet. The good, the bad, the ugly…

>The first of “16 people who don’t realize they’re being douchebags”.



>Frat bros trigger campus debate with insensitive slogan tees (but the one below is likely P’Shopped).



>Perspective fail.



>Perspective WIN!


[Imgur] [click to continue…]


katie price pug t-shirt

I’m not just being randomly rude in the title, though I’m sure she gets called worse on a daily basis, I’m referencing her calling Kelly Brook fat (yes, this Kelly Brook, wearing a bikini within the last month), which is insane, it’s almost as if she only said it to get attention.

However, I don’t really care what comes out of her mouth, but her wearing a tee from our buddies at moreTvicar is of interest. On the way home from her recent honeymoon Katie Price (she’ll always be Jordan to me) wore the above tee featuring a pug with glasses, neatly combining two of the most popular design elements of the past couple of years on high street t-shirts.

You can pick up the shirt now for £19.95 at moreTvicar.


channing tatum one trick pony t-shirt

I like Channing Tatum, he seems like a pretty good guy that hasn’t let stardom ruin him. Clearly the man has good taste in tees too. The text reads “one trick ponies don’t last long” and shows a tiger gnawing at a horse (it doesn’t look like a pony to me). Powerful, powerful imagery.

A quick Google doesn’t turn up the shirt, if you know, let us know in the comments!

[via The Daily Mail]


kelsey grammer southampton motorcycle co t-shirt

I think that the saddest part of this post is that I can’t find anywhere to buy that shirt in case you want to look just like Kelsey Grammer.

[via The Superficial]


Post image for Odd Clothing: Harry Styles is a fan, are you?

Jacob from Odd Clothing got in touch with HYA recently to let us know about his t-shirt startup, and casually mentioned that he’d got off to a good start the help from an old friend of his. Harry Styles. Yes, Harry Styles from the biggest boyband on the planet. I can’t help but feel that Jacob is taking a step down in terms of the exposure stakes by going from him to HYA, but he seems like a nice guy so I’ll throw in my two pence.

As I’ve said before, it’s quite unfair to judge a clothing company when they only have two released items, but since that’s what they have it’s all I can go on. There’s nothing wrong with the designs, but I’m not yet entirely sure what the brand is about, and as someone on the outside there’s not yet enough there to interest me when compared to other new brands doing similar things. On the positive side it is a wearable design (uncontroversial and the style will suit anyone), and the pricing is great at £12.95, there’s no profiteering from those ravenous One Direction fans!

The website feels a bit messy, again there’s nothing really wrong there, but it just doesn’t feel quite right. There’s a link to ‘more in the shop’ on the front page of the website (not in the nav bar, further down, it makes sense to have a shop link in the nav bar), but since you can see every item they sell on the front page anyway it’s a bit of a waste of time. That itself isn’t a large issue, but from a consumer point of view it just adds a little bit of confusion that makes me buying a shirt a little bit less likely. Building a website often isn’t about the big things, the big things are quite easy to get right, but a lot of people ignore the marginal gains in getting small things right and removing those things that put a seed of doubt into the mind of a potential customer.

Oh, and you can’t go wrong with a model that looks like she’s wearing a tee and nothing else, that moves product!


charlize theron wearing a junk food t-shirt

Frankly, I don’t think that this is her best look, mostly because if it’s the way I have my hair (on those rare occasions I actually ‘do’ my hair) then surely there has to be something better out there for one of the world’s most attractive women.

I know that she’s wearing Junk Food, because their PR company e-mailed me about it, but the shirt isn’t actually on sale yet (some time this month, apparently) as she was sent an ‘exclusive style’. Oh man, imagine the hype that will be built around this shirt now, people will be queuing around the block for it!


Ashley Green totally loves Pink Floyd

by Andy on February 1, 2013

ashley green pink floyd t-shirt

Hell, she probably does like them, just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean she can’t like good music.

[via Daily Mail]


Le sigh…


The pic begs the question: is he an honest fan or is this savvy placement by a Hollywood stylist? Weigh in with a comment below!

Hat tip: BuzzFeed

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rebel wilson fat mandi t-shirts

Cupcakes for boobs? Everything this woman touches turns to gold!

Tees $20 at Fat Mandi [via Buzzfeed]


joan rivers downton abbey t-shirt

Joan looks thrilled to be seen with this ‘Free Bates’ shirt used to promote the ‘new’ season of Downton Abbey. Oh, no need for spoiler my British friends, just let them enjoy the show.

[via @Joan_Rivers]


Post image for Pauly D and the world’s most ironic t-shirt

Nothing about this is fresh. NOTHING.

Fair play to the guy though, he should milk every ounce of his celebrity dry while he can, the man knows he has a shelf life.

[via The Superficial]


Pee-Wee Herman Cycling Skinsuit

by Travis on January 27, 2013

Pee-wee’s iconic ensemble, reimagined as a skinsuit for the shaved legs, road rider-set. Geek chic for the podium finish?


Must admit: this would make for a boss costume tee. Come on Internet, let’s make it happen!

Cap tip: BuzzFeed

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes to 11.

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