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rihanna nike t-shirt complex photoshoot

It’s fairly frustrating that some of the more popular articles on this site are for celebrities wearing t-shirts, because HYA is an indie blog at heart, but I have to recognise that there is a fascination with celebrities (that I’m guilty of as much as anyone else) and what they wear. This is the kind of thing which will keep HYA popular and ensure the sites long-term survival, so celebrities in t-shirts is something you’ll be seeing more of on the site. Also, Rihanna is pretty hot, so any excuse really (also, some of the pictures in the gallery may be NSFW depending on how cool your boss is).

I’ve had a bit of a hunt around and it would appear that this tee is vintage, and genuinely vintage at that as in it’s actually from the 80s, so you don’t seem to be able to buy it new anywhere. There was an exact match on sale here at Etsy but that sold in April back in 2011, and I did a similar shirt at Rokit, but the print colour is light blue so it’s not quite the same and that appears to have been sold too.

Know where you can buy this shirt? Let us know in the comments!

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kate upton elle magazine acdc topshop

I thought I had to post when I saw one of the world’s most famous models wearing a long-sleeve tee that I could go out and buy on the high street, although I think Topshop has a bit better brand image over in the US than in the UK. Also, Kate Upton, any excuse to post Kate Upton.

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go ape shirts coupon code deadmau5

Use the coupon code APEYNEWYEAR to get 20% off at Go Ape (who, clearly, counts Deadmau5 as a fan) until Wednesday (Janury 9th).


Post image for Franck Ocean is not God but he is something similar

I don’t know the story behind this shirt, but was posted by Frank Ocean on Instagram in August. I looked for the shirt at the time but couldn’t find it, maybe it was a one-off made for him or he even made it himself, but some enterprising fellow has swooped in and created a very similar shirt that you can now pick up on MySoti for $20.50.


Post image for Miley Cyrus helps Rock the Vote in a confusing t-shirt

I think it’s pretty cool to see Miley Cyrus getting involved with the ‘Rock the Vote’ campaign, even if the majority of her fans probably won’t be able to vote until the next election cycle, however, I am a bit confused by her t-shirt. I know what it means, that they’re never going to back down from those known as ‘they’, but it doesn’t read particularly well, does it? Maybe if there wasn’t a strike-through on ‘back down’ and it had ‘never, never, never’ scrawled across the main text it would have worked a bit better?

Anyway, my quibbles aside, if she gets more young people interested in politics that can only be a good thing as far as I see it, and not just becuase young folks probably won’t vote for Mittens.


Post image for OMG Kristen Stewart wore Robert Pattinson’s T-shirt, quick, let’s analyse this!

It’s funny how whenever someone famous wears a t-shirt with a phrase on it the media always presumes there there is loads of meaning behind it, when maybe Kristen just wanted to wear that particular shirt, which makes no sense to me because it really doesn’t fit her. Oh, and after a quick Google I can’t find it on sale anywhere, probably because I just search for ‘IRIE t-shirt’ and got lots of excited blogs writing how KStew wearing this shirt was a big deal after RPats wore it in 2011. Time to whip out the old #societyisdoomed hastag.*

*Yes, I am a massive hypocrite, but at least I saved this for the weekend.


Post image for Kelly Brook wearing a t-shirt at the beach because… why not?

When one of the world’s most attractive women, Kelly Brook, posts a picture of herself in a t-shirt on Instagram (she’s @iamkb), even if it is kind of a boring tee, I’m going to post it because sometimes looking at nice things is just nice and I shouldn’t bother trying to justify it.


Post image for Miley Cyrus wears another t-shirt, but this time it’s pretty cool

Last time I mentioned Miley Cyrus I clearly wasn’t in a good mood, but I can’t really blame Miley for being more popular than Hide Your Arms, it’s not her fault, and every so often she does wear a pretty cool t-shirt, like this cut back number she was spotted in earlier this week in Philly.

Fun fact, I’ve visited the bank in the background… I think.


>Juvenile wordplay or a shirt with bite? Sound off below… [Skreened via Huff Po]

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.


Another week, another batch of tees in the news…

>Cause célèbre. [Buzzfeed]

>Apostrophe fail. [Buzzfeed]

>Cracking the code of cool. [Kneadle via Laughing Squid]

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 miley cyrus see through t-shirt

What a sad states of affairs that it is that me posting a picture of Miley Cyrus in a see-through t-shirt (from her Twitter stream) has the ability to generate so much more interest in this website than a gorgeous t-shirt from an indie company, kinda makes you lose faith in the internet sometimes. Still, crazy hair lol!

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bad exterminator unit t-shirt

‘Bad Exterminator Unit’ is at TeeFury.

Almost definitely my favourite hipster ninja design at Shirt.Woot.

Hulky Kong destroyed everything at RIPT.
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doctor who t-shirt

John Sumrow has a Doctor Who shirt at TeeFury today.

Some gossiping ninjas are at Shirt.Woot.

Nice 8-bit Megaman t-shirt at RIPT.
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mario t-shirt

‘Say no to drugs’ Mario shirt at TeeFury.

There’s a fun bacon tee at Shirt.Woot.

Doctor Who meets Batman for no apparent reason at RIPT.
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Twelve Famous Sweaters

by Travis on July 18, 2012

New from the retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing: a nine-screen print yoked around famous sweaters from film, tv, music and points beyond. How many can you identify?

12 Sweaters, 12 Stories

$24 here.

Watch: video of the screen printing process!

Got a tip? Shoot us a message.

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.


>Is a bikini-print onesie appropriate for an 18-month old toddler? Oh, the horror. Won’t someone, anyone, think of the children? [Huff Post]

''It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow red polka-dot bikini...''

>One of three tees created for a German PSA to recruit would-be plumbers to the trade. The copy translates thusly: “More attractive than you think.” [Buzzfeed]

Pipe dreams are made of these

>Justin Bieber is a total pussy. [Shopgoodie via Buzzfeed]


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batman joker t-shirt

Batman goes on a weird trip at TeeFury.

It’s just a flesh wound at Shirt.Woot.

Mad Men meets Portal at RIPT.
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steampunk t-shirt

The most interesting news at TeeFury today isn’t the tee, but that they now offer ‘afterhours’ sales of the previous days shirt for $13.

Shirt.Woot have a design to anger those of us who spell ‘colour’ correctly.

LOST is gone but not forgotten at at RIPT.
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Three new shirts from Sehubabe

by Andy on July 6, 2012

sehubabe t-shirts

Is it just me or is it a little strange for Sehubabe to release a t-shirt with three celebrities on it who died whilst in the bath? The flowers are nice though.

Each shirt is available now for €24 a piece.


the hangover t-shirt

Poe got drunk at TeeFury.

I don’t see this being one of Shirt.Woot‘s big hits.

There’s a very nice Doctor Who crest at RIPT.
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