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Seventh.Ink has released a new charity design called “Aquatic Aid” that is available in men’s and women’s shirts and unisex tank tops. A portion of the proceeds from every sale of this shirt will go towards a fund that will benefit communities in countries around the world that are in need of clean water. The shirts/tanks are tagless and printed with water-based inks on Next Level clothing and are now available at

Andy: A good tee and a good cause!


Learn About Northern Lights Clothing

Giving Back Never Looked So Good

As their sea ice habitat shrinks from climate change; smaller, skinnier, and hungrier polar bears face harsher challenges for survival.

How does climate change affect polar bears? Polar bears rely on sea ice to access the seals, their primary source of food as well as to rest and breed. With the shrinking of ice every year, polar bears are at risk.

We are a Boulder Colorado based company with the intent to help this growing problem by providing our customers with stylish clothing that they can wear proudly knowing they helped a good cause.

About 10% of the profit of every sale Is donated to Polar Bear Conservation to help Save these amazing animals.

For more information on Northern Lighting Clothing or for business inquires contact us at:

Andy: I like the Polar Bear design but part of me thinks it would look better without the text underneath, but as a new brand they need to have that brand to help get their name out there so I can see why they would have included it on the shirt. Good on them for the charity angle too.

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Paper Clouds Apparel is a t-shirt company with giving at its core. We partner up with kids with special needs from all over the country (and a few outside of the U.S.) and they produce the art for our shirts. In turn we end up donating 50% of our proceeds to a charity of their choice. Each and every shirt has a special story behind it – from battling cancer to living with autism. In order to keep the charity train moving we change our art every two weeks. Not a fan of what’s up now? New art will be up soon and there will be something that you’ll like! This means a new artist gets recognition and a new charity gets more help from you. The three pics are only a small sample of past art as well as one that we are selling now (The Dino).

Our shirts are of the highest quality with tons of build your own variation. We have cuts and colors so vast that we almost never make the same shirt twice.

Andy: Very cool idea!


Ink to the People has partnered with Beast from the Northeast to run a campaign around the Boston Marathon. The city of Boston holds a special place in of our hearts, and we wanted to produce something special for this year’s marathon.

We have come up with four unique designs that capture the spirit and passion of the marathon and the city of Boston. Each design is available in a number of different T-shirt options and during the campaign one-third of all sales will be donated to The One Fund Center to benefit victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

Order by the end of the month to ensure you have your shirt in time for the marathon.

Check out the collection here:

Andy: I’ve never been to Boston so I don’t really have a personal connection to these shirts, but they look nicely done and it’s a good cause.


We are not a suicide hotline, and we are not licensed therapists, but we are a community of like minded individuals dedicated to helping teens help themselves. Through fundraisers, speaking at local concerts and selling t-shirts we hope to continue raising money to make the following possible:

Footing the bill to send addicts to rehab, who understand what they need, and are willing to take the first step, but do not have the means. As well as continuing to support them in every step of their journey to recovery.
Fundraisers for the families of teens who have passed away.
Support and finding aid for teens struggling with self injury.
Raising awareness of the struggles of teens with depression and addiction.
Giving teens the opportunity to positively affect the community by helping others, as well as themselves.

We have just launched our Kickstarter where you can Pre Order Shirts! We could really use your help, by buying a shirt, sticker, or poster! Head on over and check out the Kickstarter here!

Andy: Great cause, hope it does well.


Charity tees from One Good Atom!

by Andy on October 29, 2014

One Good Atom is a charity project producing limited run tshirts and prints from guest artists, with all profits going to the charity of their choice.

On this run the artist is Alan Kerr, with all profits from sale of the tees going to the Trussell Trust foodbank project, providing food to those in need.

It’s not going to change the world, but it’s One Good Atom.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Because Animals Are Worth It!

by Andy on September 17, 2014

CharityPaws is a unique philanthropic apparel brand created just to help 501(c)(3) animal groups. We offer unique shirts that have innovative and creative designs that appeal to animal lovers. By offering unique designs on high quality apparel styles, we have already in just 6 weeks have been able to donate over $3K to several animal groups. Our shop for a cause mentality is helping us to save lives! Love animals? Then drop by and say hi! New designs are being released every month!

Andy: Nice!


Brenda and Eddie are proud to partner with Olympic soccer champion Heather Mitts on our first Inspiration Nation initiative. Together we have designed a one of a kind tee shirt , where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Heather’s charity of choice, The Jillian Loyden Foundation, to help victims of domestic violence. We salute Heather Mitts and her efforts to effect positive change. Check out this and other great t-shirts @

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Nine renowned illustrative artists from around the world selflessly teamed up with the Face This foundation and designed the 2014 T-shirt collection for the Dutch based charity. All artists created their T-shirt with drawings made by underprivileged kids living in Bogor, Indonesia. The tees are available through and the profits made will be used to improve the community center of the kids. The artists also donated their original drawings to Face This which it will use to generate extra funding for the kids in Bogor. Dutch top photographer Jaap Vliegenthart photographed the 2014 Face This T-shirt collection.

For artist Ana Benaroya the collaboration was truly inspiring: ‘I love the Face This process and to me the kids’ drawings are inspiring to work with. It’s what I aspire to achieve in my drawings.’ The artists involved are:

Marguerite Sauvage (Louis Vuitton, YSL, Vogue, Elle)
Cecilia Carlstedt (Victoria’s Secret, Paul Smith, Victoria Beckham)
Billie Jean (Stella McCartney, Nike, Yoko Ono)
Kate Gibb (The Chemical Brothers, Levi’s, Adidas)
Ana Benaroya (Burton, Ralph Lauren, New York Times)
Dan Page (O Magazine, New York Times, Marie Claire)
David Despau (The New Yorker, Burton, Warner Bros.)
KT Smail (Converse, Macy’s, Seventeen)
Frida Wannerberger (Tetra Pak, Sommerset)

Indonesian kids’ drawings

Face This asked the artists to work with drawings made by the kids who visit the Asy-Syifa community center in Bogor. All proceeds will be used to improve the community center which educates around 70 kids. ‘We visited the kids in February and organized a drawing session with them. We shared their art with the artists eventually resulting in a stunning T-shirt collection,’ says Jos van der Hoek, founder of Face This.

Kids interviewing the artists

The Indonesian kids collaborated with the artists in designing the new Face This collection. But their drawings weren’t the kids’ only contribution. They also did a great job in interviewing every artist. For example about their designs, their favourite food and about bringing cats into space.

Exclusive giveaways

The artists donated their original drawings to Face This. These will be used to generate additional support for the kids. The foundation will set up auctions and arrange exclusive giveaways for people who ordered a tee in order to get a hand on these original artworks.


Dutch top photographer Jaap Vliegenthart, who works for clients like Vodafone, Citroën and Panasonic willingly captured the 2014 Face This T-shirts on camera. The models from the international model agency De Boekers also voluntarily joined forces.

Andy: Very cool concept and some nice tees too!

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Rapanui team up with the WWF

by Andy on May 20, 2014

What a cool collaboration, the eco-warriors of Rapanui (who recently moved to a factory on the Isle of Wight that ticks all the green boxes) and the WWF, one of the most high-profile charities in the world, Rapanui sure do have a knack for being involved with impressive brands.

The designs are impressive too, the ones of animals are perfectly fine, very wearable, but it’s the photo tees that interest me the most, they get across the message of endangered animals without being too forceful about it and creating a shirt that genuinely can start a conversation. Tees are £19 a piece with £3 of that going directly to the WWF (there’s also some sweatshirts for £40 with a £6 charitable contribution. Naturally, the tees are made from organic cotton, sustainably and ethically produced, and printed with water based dyes.

Check out the whole range here.


Heart City sell clothes designed by artists that give back to their cities. We pay our artists $100 for a design, and give them $1 every time an item with their design on it is purchased. On top of that, we give $1 to a homeless organization in their city with every purchase. We currently are partnered up with artists from Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Chicago, Athens, and New Delhi! Thanks for your support!

Andy: Pretty cool designs and a pretty cool idea for charitable giving too.


4 wide web

I love getting the opportunity to review fab small companies and it’s even better when it’s for an awesome local company! The lady who runs it is genuinely lovely and even makes an awesome charity tee too.

Firstly the tees centre around the company name ‘Brave & the Bold’! All the tees feature this memorable and catchy slogan and I like that this all flows within the brand. It makes the line noticeable, I also quite like sometimes wearing tees similar to my partner but not quite the same and I think this is a cute way round it.

As with lots of companies there are a few less girly fit tees than man fit ones. Although I don’t feel that’s an issue so much anymore, on the high street there are a lot more loose fit tees for girls, probably because we wear so many leggings now. I know I feel better when I have my bottom covered up. The girly fit tees I got to test out were ladies ‘Brave Logo T-shirt‘ and ‘Fearless T-shirt‘. I liked them both, they were extremely comfortable, and both washed extremely well. I’d say they are a standard fit, I’m a bit chested UK12 and a Medium was fine for me. I personal favourite was the ‘Fearless’ on, I particularly liked the grey tee and I think it just felt a bit more sporty. The print looks extremely light on the bottom image but I think it is mostly because it was such a bright day when I shot in them!



The gentlemen’s t-shirts that my husband shot in were ‘Brave Wings T-shirt‘ and the ‘Arrows T-shirt‘. My husband normally wears a large because he’s got a bit of a belly and I think these were also a standard fit. The feel of them were thick, but not too thick, and just super soft. I’ve only washed the red ‘Wings‘ one but the print is perfect and it actually feels even softer after a wash. I can already tell that the Wings one is going to be one of husband’s new favourite tees!


The charity tee is called the ‘Ross‘ t-shirt, this tee is in memory of a strong, brave, young man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the far too young age of 32. 20% of the sales from this t-shirt go to Cancer Research UK. I’m sure pretty much most of those reading this blog will have been affected by cancer at some point so this is the chance to get lovely tee and support an excellent cause. I think this khaki colour really works well to set the ‘Ross‘ see apart from all the rest.


Finally, because I really love the summery colours, and it brings about the illusion of an early summer, I really love the Limited Edition Bahama T-shirt! It’s basically a beach in a t-shirt, I think this would look super cute just with some denim shorts!


I love companies like this with original ideas and not scared to try out ideas like the Bahama tee! Highly recommend dropping this company a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’! Give them a chance! WEAR BRAVE! :D (even have a rummage in their sale!)

Website :

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :


Wolves For The Win at Threadless

by Andy on February 28, 2014

There is a new shirt design on Threadless that represents a great cause. If this design wins, proceeds from every sale will go towards endangered wolves. Everyone knows about wolves but not many know how much their lives are really in danger. They need humans on their side to stand for the Endangered Species Act, slow climate change by utilizing more renewable energy, and help defend their natural habitats. Spread the word and vote for for this design here:

Andy: I don’t normally post abut designs that are up for voting at Threadless but this one is for a good cause so why the devil not.


The Keep it Straight Up Tee is a conversation starter. It was designed by OriginalBOS, a company that raises awareness and funds for testicular cancer support through stainless steel whiskey chillers and now, T-shirts. The slogan reflects the company’s attitude when it comes to drinks and testicular cancer and hopefully sparks some conversations about men’s health. It may not be designed by cutting-edge artists, but it does support a very important cause for men. Fifteen percent of all profits goes directly to funding testicular cancer research.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Miscito t-shirts (for kids) [Submitted]

by Andy on December 16, 2013

Miscito is a brand with a powerful message. While we are dedicated to creating quality clothing, we are here to make more than just a fashion statement. We want Miscito kids to understand that our brand is about relevancy. It is about the world we live in. And it’s about how we are all inseparably connected, for better or for worse.

We begin our journey with 4 limited edition t-shirts. They are original, quirky and all feature distinct interpretations of our Miscito hero. They have been designed by unique artists who are committed to making kids stand out! Miscito products are designed exclusively for children and our fun designs will make kids the envy of their friends.

Our goal is to create a stylish brand that transcends time and trends. We believe that children’s clothing should be timeless. In this throwaway society it’s too easy to buy cheap and disposable outfits for a handful of uses; we want our brand to stick. We make our products from the finest materials so that they won’t wear out, and we do that for a reason. We want Miscito to last, we want parents to get the best value for their money and we want children to take satisfaction in owning a quality product. Miscito is quality with a message.

Miscito brand t-shirts come with a world-scope message that kids can bond with and that parents can be proud to support—malaria awareness. Most malaria deaths are among children and Miscito plans to donate a part of all its proceeds to a worthy non-profit organization involved in the worldwide fight against the disease.

Andy: Looks like these guys were meant to be opening yesterday but from the looks of their site they’re not quite ready. Hopefully somethng will be up soon though since it’s a pretty cool idea.


Cool shirt and a great cause with all sales from this shirt going to UNICEF Philippines to help in the wake of the massive typhoon last month. Interestingly, well, for me at least, this is a Springleap shirt but it’s actually being sold on the crowdfunding platform Teespring and I wasn’t previously aware of a connection between the two brands. The shirt is $21, printed on American Apparel, and they’ve only sold 11 of them so far so they need to get a move on if they’re going to hit that goal of 1000 shirts to get it printed.


On Thanksgiving this year, TeeFury is going to be donating a portion of every shirt sold to Convoy of Hope. The design is something that was done in house and that way it allows us to give a larger portion over to a really great charity.

This all started when we were planning on what to do this year for Thanksgiving at TeeFury. All of knew we wanted to help out in someway but weren’t sure how that would come about. Well, after seeing all the devastation that happened in the Philippines, we knew that this is a cause we should help out with. So, we looked around and found Convoy of Hope is doing a lot of amazing work in the Philippines currently and decided that’s where we could help out best.

Our design is meant to celebrate the Philippines and it’s iconic flag. We’re really excited to be working with Convoy of Hope to help out and, if nothing else, please go to their website and give directly to help out.

Also, check out our homepage for an interview with filipino artist ZeroBriant about the Philippines and TeeFury.

Andy: Very cool of them. Please note that the TeeFury link above is auto-generated with my affiliate code, so don’t use that link if you want to buy this since I don’t want to benefit from their charity shirt, please use this direct link instead.


Very nice design indeed, with 100% of net proceeds going to UNICEF to ” help provide shelter, clean water, medicine and nutrition to survivors of this devastating storm.”

Costiness=$20 Mens / Womens


Only a few short days ago, Super Typhoon Haiyan (local name Yolanda) tore through the Pacific islands of the Philippines leaving a path of destruction and despair. Despite the geographic space that separates us all, now is the time to come together to acknowledge our fellow humans throughout the world. As the days pass we have the opportunity to unite as humans to show our support for those in need, to help them heal and rebuild their communities.

With the help of Design By Humans artists in the Philippines, we have created a DBH Collective store to do our part to support the relief effort. Participating artists who are closest to the devastation have volunteered to donate their royalty payment and Design By Humans will donate 100% of the proceeds to the American Red Cross Typhoon Appeal.

You will find artwork from Filipino artists like, Pinkstorm, Zerobriant, Song, DesignsbyReg and Qimstudio who have all volunteered to donate their time, art, and money through royalties.

Design By Humans inspires life, strengthens humanity and we encourage you to join with us and spread the word to help our fellow humans.

Andy: I had been planning to write up a roundup of charity tees today but time has got away from me so it’s great that DBH submitted this info. Obviously I don’t want to be profiting from this post, so please don’t click the other links (which are auto-inserted with my affiliate code) click here instead.


Designer Lunchboxbrain, who has been featured on HYA a few times in the past, has decided to get in on the Movember and No Shave November spirit by giving 100% of his cut at Society6 and Creative Market to the Prostate Cancer Foundation throughout November. New designs are also going to be released over the next week so be sure to check it out now and later to pick up some cool artwork and also help out a good cause. Good on ‘ya LBB!


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