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Nice bunch of tees from Fuzzy Ink with the added bonus that $5 off the $22 you pay will be going to fight prostate cancer.


‘Having worked alongside The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity on their latest commercial and seeing first hand the incredible work they do, the Papertwin team were super inspired to do something more to ensure that The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre is able to continue to give the best possible care.

For the next three weeks, not only will Papertwin be sporting its finest shade of pastel pink, but we will also be selling our very own ‘THINK’ t-shirts.’

“By purchasing one of our tees, not only will you be supporting the amazing work that goes on over at The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, but you will also be playing your part in spreading the word. Awareness is vital to early diagnosis, and simply by wearing our tees, telling a friend, or showing your support for the campaign, you encourage people to listen, THINK and check.

Even if you can’t buy a t-shirt. Don’t worry, you can still play your part by sharing the campaign or sporting our THINK cover photo or profile image. We cannot do this without your help, so please, get involved and let’s work together to ensure this crucial work in the fight against cancer is able to continue.”

Online Store:

Male (Grey) Female (Pink) t-shirts are available for £10 online (Uk 50p shipping, rest of the world £2)

Hashtag #thinkcampaign
Twitter: @papertwinltd @clatterbridgeCC

Andy: Worthy campaign and a nice tee too!

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Nice designs with the added benefit that $5 from every sale will go towards fighting prostate cancer. Shirts are $22 for the round neck and $26 for the V-neck and available now at Fuzzy Ink.

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There isn’t much more to add to that title, there’s no coupon to use, every sale will contribute to the donation from Tee and Toast.


When it comes to depressing things, murdering babies is very near the top of the list, but the reality is that in China baby girl’s are killed (or abandoned, or aborted) because of the one-child policy (to put it in a nutshell, girls earn less money, and so can’t help support the family later in life). This week, Sevenly are supporting All Girls Allowed, a charity that provides at-risk children with food, clothing and medical aid.

As usual, the designs are great, and $7 from each item goes to the charity.


Last December we, Livin Life Co, partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, for our first ever Pay It Forward Charity Drive. The response was awesome, and after some thinking we have decided to make it ongoing instead of just once a year. From now on for each item purchased, we will donate part of our proceeds providing four meals to help feed children in the USA.

Andy: Nice, thanks for the submission!


Not that rape gets mentioned a lot on HYA, but I think any other time it’s been mentioned has been with my disgust at an offensive t-shirt design, so when I saw that Sevenly were supporting Sheltering Wings (a rape support charity) this week I was curious to see how they would deal with it sensitively. Well, I don’t know what the deer or the phoenix have to do with the charity but they are certainly nice designs that are very wearable. I don’t know if I should delve into it too much, but is a boxing themed design really appropriate? It looks cool, but it does take the ‘fight for their lives’ tagline and make it seem like physical violence is the answer, which seems like an unlikely message for a charity to be putting out there.


This post isn’t a submission but I want to share the story that was in the e-mail I received from Sammy at Connect and Spread Love:

My company, Connect and Spread Love, is a fashion company aimed at inspiring and motivating people to be the best person they can be. We have inspirational shirts and bracelets for now. I will be releasing sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, hats, and beanies during the winter time. I came up with idea to create this line when I was battling depression after pretty much losing my way. I dropped out of law school, was struggling financially, I dealt with countless sleepless nights, and battled my eating disorders and lost. Although I had a lot of things to be happy about, I just couldn’t seem to smile. I was unemployed, undereducated, and lost in the world.

Luckily, I dug out of that hole and came up with a concept with that person in mind. I truly want to motivate and inspire others to never be the way I was, or worse. A portion of my sales will go to some foundations. Currently, I am working with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

I hear a lot of stories from people about how they started their business, usually it’s along the lines of “we couldn’t find anything we wanted in stores so decided to start our own label” which is fine (though I never believe it, everyone has brands they like), but it’s really great to see a genuinely inspirational story about how someone took a painful part of their life and are channeling it into something positive both for themselves and others.

When Sammy first got in touch a few weeks ago all that was available on the site was logo gear, and with all the best will in the world these days you need more than logo gear for a charity t-shirt company. It was great to see that over the past week a load of new designs got added to the store, they’re pre-orders, but some of them will be shipping in a couple of weeks, and it gives me a much better idea of where this brand will be going and what they’re trying to do.

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I’m really late posting this weeks designs from Sevenly, but you’ve still got a few days to pick something up, and this week $7 from each item will be going to Lettercase, a charity that helps provide information to support to parents who are expecting a baby with Down Syndrome. The other big news at Sevenly is that the guy with a long, flowing mane of hair (which I think is just tied back in the shot above) has shaved off his magnificent mustache!


One of the interesting things about Sevenly supporting a different charity each week is that it means we get to find out about causes that may have otherwise passed us by. This week they are raising money for the Sweet Nectar Society, a new organization that has brought together talented photographers in California to take photographs of children that are undergoing treatment for serious illnesses and injuries so provide their family with beautifully shot long lasting memories of their child. It’s not the kind of thing that you immediately think of when you think of charity, there’s no one in a lab trying to cure cancer, but it’s a service that would be really invaluable to those that receive it.


And that, ladies and gentleman, is a title worthy of a very local newspaper, clearly I’ve missed my calling!

This week at Sevenly they are supporting the charity 4PAWS For Ability, an orangisation that provides service dogs for children that suffer from seizures. I was unsure what the connection was, but apparently the dogs are really good at detecting when a child is having a seizure (which apparently isn’t always obvious to a parent) and the dogs are also a great comfort to the kids which helps reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. Sounds like a very worthy cause to me, and has resulted in some lovely designs. Cool to see them complimenting the usual range of tees and tank tops with that classy dog leash and even a dog-sized hoodie, even if I do roll my eyes when I see a dog dressed in anything.

As usual $7 from each sale goes directly to the charity and the designs are available in more styles than those shown above.


Sevenly support TAPS this week

by Andy on May 21, 2013

I’m sure that a lot of you will have heard of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), a charity that helps the families of people that have lost someone who was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. There’s almost a danger of t-shirt designs around this subject being too patriotic, but Sevenly have managed to create designs that can appeal across national lines since I’d wear these even though I’m not American.

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Givve are a charity t-shirt company along the same lines of Sevenly, picking a charity and selling designs specifically produced to help raise them some money. Givve are based in Omaha, Nebraska and at the moment they’re keeping it local with their charitable efforts, offering $6.55 from the sale of each of these shirts (and a couple of other designs on the site) to the Humane Society of Nebraska. It’s a good design (provided you like dogs, of course) and even if you’re out of Nebraska, as most people are, it’ll feel good to help out in another part of the world.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Givve


Three gorgeous designs as usual at Sevenly to send $7 per item towards Love Without Boundaries, a charity that gives orphaned children with birth defects the surgery they need and help to give them a family in a permanent home.


I am constantly impressed by the quality of designs at Sevenly, but it’s so depressing hearing about all the people that they’re helping with their charity donations. Can’t a guy just bury his head in the sand and enjoy the fantastic artwork?

This week $7 from every tee sale if going to the Polaris Project, which works to help fight against human trafficking and modern-day slavery.


I’m usually fairly cynical about charity t-shirt sites, Sevenly has proven to be an exception since they always (always!) have good looking tees and give a good portion of the shirt cost to charity, but the effect that this weeks donation can give has really floored me. As usual, buying a shirt from Sevenly will result in $7 going to their chosen charity of the week, which this week is End7, a charity dedicated to eliminating seven neglected tropical diseases by 2020, a lofty goal, but why aim low when you’re dealing with diseases?

You’d think it would be quite expensive protect children from seven different diseases, but it’s actually just 50c, and that’s not for one dose, that’s protection for a whole year, so your $7 will ensure that 14 kids don’t get “elephantiasis, river blindness, trachoma, snail fever, hookworm, whipworm and roundworm.” It’s amazing just how much of a difference such a small amount of money can make.

Also, the designs look great!


Sevenly have teamed up with Next Door (a charity fighting domestic abuse) to raise some money for their important work. As usual the designs are top notch, they seem to always have a solid line-up of designs over at Sevenly. $7 from each sale goes directly to the charity so if you like any of the designs then pick one up and feel better about yourself for helping someone out!


Sevenly support Austism Speaks this week

by Andy on April 4, 2013

Sevenly have partnered with Autism Speaks this week, giving $7 from each sale as usual to help the charity. Five very nice designs available in various styles and colourways, have at it!


Sevenly is a t-shirt company that focus on a different cause every week, releasing different designs in support of a single charity that is usually centred around a cause. This week the charity is The Invisible Girl Project, which rescues and protects girls in India. India is a society where the young help to support the old, but it’s also a country where women face many economic disadvantages to men in the workplace, this has created the horrific situation in which young girls (some just newborns) are abandoned or killed by their parents or family because they are seen as not being able to provide value to the family (I’m not an expert so I may have got a little bit of that wrong, but I think that’s the general gist of it). This of course isn’t the case everywhere in India, but there are places where this practice occurs, presumably in the very poor regions where having to feed and raise another child is seen as impossible by the mother. It is inredibly sad and one of those things that makes you realise just how easy your life is.

Clearly, the t-shirts are very well designs, there’s some beautiful typography in there and they’re all very wearable, but I think that I would just find them to be too sad. Imagine having to tell the story every time that someone asked you about your cool shirt? I guess that’s me burying my head in the sand a bit, but I’ve got to be honest and say what came to mind when I saw these. Still, if you’re a bigger man (or woman) than I and want to help give this issue more exposure whilst donating $7 from each purchase to the charity then I recommend you head over and check out the different garment options.


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