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This giveawat from is huge, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a t-shirt blog do a giveaway this big.

There’s gift cards from 15 t-shirt companies, which would be enough for most people, but they just had to go and take it to the next level by putting a PS4 into the prize pot too!

Entry is very easy, they say you can enter in seconds and they aren’t kidding. All you need to do is visit this special Christmas page at their site, enter your full name and your e-mail address and you’re in with a chance to win a prize and get yourself some free clothing.

The competition is open until Christmas Day but it is so easy to enter you might as well do it now instead of leaving it and then forgetting later.


LivinLifeCo Instagram Giveaway

by Andy on September 13, 2014

We’re giving away two LNL KNIT BEANIES. To enter: visit our Instagram page (@LivinLifeCo).
Two winners will be chosen at random on September 15, 2014.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


Like this image on Facebook for the chance to win a hand printed organic circle tee from Get Better Clothing!

Winner announced on the 3rd Feb. UK only.

Andy: Get on it!


The Con Artist Collective (who have loads of cool stuff in their store) are giving away the t-shirt you can see above, the style of which gives it away immediately that it’s by one of my favourite tee designers, Greg Abbott.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning is like their Facebook page and then enter giveaway (it’s the top post on the page at the moment, I think it’s been stickied). The giveaway is open until January 21st but you might as well enter now, why bother waiting?


You might have noticed that I haven’t mentioned the South African design competition Springleap for a while, and whilst I’m sure they were releasing tees regularly the whole time, it felt from their e-mails like they were focusing more on the branded contests that weren’t necessarily clothing based so I stopped paying good attention to them. However, now that they’re going to be releasing tees on a regular basis again in an open format I’ll be keeping tabs on them again.

For some time now, Springleap has been attracting a wide spread of designers to their branded contests, but designers interested in open theme contests have waited for their open themes to resume. The good news is that they’re back, with a sweet prize.

Having relaunched the contests with ‘Open Theme Strikes Back!’, designs have been rolling in and if those submitted so far are anything to go by, the $1000 prize for the winner of the contest is getting the attention of some top tee designers. These contests will be held every 3 months, in addition to branded contests that offer even bigger prizes. On top of this, the Springleap team has also launched Voxpop – their monthly prize of a $50 tee voucher for the design fan that votes, shares and comments the most.

If you’ve got design or want to share the love, get over to Springleap and check out the work on show!

I do like that idea of rewarding commenters, that should help with community engagement.

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Shrt clothing has been going for a year now. They have numbered tees so you always know that your t-shirt is unique.

They’ve now come up with some great new designs and plan to realise them next year along with the sun.

On top of that they have launched a amazing competition over the next month. They are offering to design and make a one off original t-shirt to the winner.

Go check out their blog here for details.

Andy: I don’t really like them referring to themselves in the third-person in the submission, Andrew Bowness does not care for that at all, but the new designs look great!


Whilst I don’t watch Sesame Street (I think I’m a little out of their target demographic) I do think that the guest judges on this design contest are my favourite ever, Caroll Spinney (Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch) and David Rudman (Cookie Monster, Baby Bear). Their characters are household names with an undeniable influence upon many childhoods, and yet the actors behind them could walk down the street and be recognised by no one, it’s kind of fascinating really.

Also interesting is the prize package for this design competition, you can make your choice from $2,000 in cash (useful for everyone), a Wacom Cintiq HD 13 tablet (useful for designers), or a trip to New York to visit the Sesame Street HQ (awesome for super-fans). Caroll and David will also make a couple of judge’s design picks which will receive $400 in cash. Here’s the details for the Sesame Street Design Contest:

Can YOU tell us how to get to Sesame Street?! Chances are, if you’re a breathing human, you can! For more than four unprecedented decades, the gang at Sesame Street have entertained and educated young children in a multitude of languages all over the world, making them a global formative experience – one which remains beloved well into adulthood, proven by how popular the characters remain in our online store! We can’t resist the opportunity to team with our friends at Sesame Street on a contest in which you, the fans, can let your imaginations soar and show us through your artwork how much Sesame Street means to you. And the winning designs will not only get great prizes, but be made into officially licensed merchandise! Get those ideas going, we want to see your creativity shine – go for it, and good luck!

-Submissions must be received by 11:59:59 PM (PST) on December 3, 2013.
-You may submit up to 5 entries per person
-All entries must be in one of the following file formats: GIF/PNG/JPG.
-By entering the contest (”Promotion”), you indicate your full and unconditional agreement to, and acceptance of, (a) the Official Rules and (b) Mighty Fine’s (”Sponsor”) decisions, which are final and binding. Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.
-Please see the Terms of Service for more rules and regulations.


I’m not sure I’d send my kids there — that is, if I had offspring — but here’s what one designer, Andrew Gimeztco, imagines the logo might look like.



New at Threadless for $24.50.

Read more of Travis’ work at BuzzFeed, The Pet Collective, and It Goes To 11.

{ 0 comments } opened a design competition for their next holiday sweater. You’ll receive $200 if your design is chosen. Entries close July 17th, 2013 so submit your design as soon as you can! Multiple winners to be announced. As a bonus, you’ll also be the first to receive a FREE copy of the sweater you helped design. Just wanted to spread the word!

Andy: I guess it takes a quite a long time to have Ugly Christmas Sweaters produced.

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Icon Printing have a great opportunity for a UK graduate to kickstart their dreams of running a t-shirt label with this huge t-shirt design contest running throughout June. Here’s what’s up for grabs:

- £1000 worth of printed t-shirts with their design, courtesy of IconPrinting and Continental Clothing

– 1 years subscription to a Shopify store

– An ASOS Marketplace boutique rent-free for 1 year

– Mentorship from successful t-shirt brand Millionhands

– Exposure from It’s Nice That

– A t-shirt stand at the next Glug event

– £100 worth business cards from

That’s an impressive prize package, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything of it’s size from a UK competition before so it’s great to see Icon pushing this forward and getting some impressive partners involved with the contest, and hopefully in the end of it all we’ll end up with a cool t-shirt brand in a couple of years. The deadline for submissions is July 1st so you have a month to put together your finest t-shirt design before it goes in front of the judging board.


I’ve written about this Stanley Kubrick t-shirt from Socialfabrik in the past, and now it’s your chance to get one for free in their Facebook-based competition. Here’s the details:

To be in with a chance of winning, entrants need to simply follow the link
or click the ‘Win a T-shirt’ app tab on the Socialfabrik Facebook page (
and “Like’ the page via the app.

The contest runs until July 1st 2012, the winner will be drawn at random and will be notified 48 hours after the draw.

I’d say that it’s worth a ‘like’ wouldn’t you?


I like it when infographics make my life easier, I don’t haveto waste my time awkwardly trying to re-write the press release I got since you guys have almost all the info you need in the image right there. You’ve got until June 1st to pre-order the shirt, pre-ordering automatically enters you into the contest to win the custom Kid Robot Foomi designed by Reactor-88, but even if you don’t win the Foomi at least you can console yourself with a really cool t-shirt.

You can find more details about the contest here.

Costiness=$24.95 Buy it at Brand New Intention


From now until April 1, 2013, all orders on our website will be entered into a draw to win a free shirt of your choice! So, if you’ve been hesitating to buy, no is the best time to do it!

Hurry, while supplies and sizes last and keep your eyes open to see what we have coming up in the near future!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Boba Skates – history and contest

by Andy on March 6, 2013

I’ve never really thought of submitting to HYA before – but today Unamee are running my Boba Skates design.
This in itself is not intrinsically exciting – but there are two reasons I’m posting this.

a) Boba Skates was actually my first ever tshirt design – I did him way back in early 2000. Made it as a horrible iron on transfer on a cheap C&A tee and blam! A happy me. It’s exciting (to me) to see the newer version of the design hitting one of the daily sites.

b) I’m running a contest to win a custom made vintage Star Wars looking toy – and I am super chuffed about this

That’s it really.

Andy: I usually wouldn’t post individual daily tee site relelases…. but that competition is pretty neat.


Leah is too modest to post her own stuff on HYA even though I tell her it’s okay, so I’ll take it upon myself. She’s hit the milestone of 2,000 fans on Facebook with her Little Lazies, cute polymer clay characters that are ridiculously adorable, and she’s giving away four of them to random fans. All you have to do to enter is like the Little Lazies page on Facebook and then tag yourself in an appropriate picture. Simple as that!

Winners are to be announced on March 3rd so you’ve got a few days to enter.


x-men design competition

You know what’s nice about doing designs for The contests are always legit, the prizes sizeable, and they attract some impressive brands too. If I were an artist that liked to pop culture designs I’d be subbing to them quite a lot, because making a fun X-Men design is one thing, but making one that is actually licensed and approved by Marvel is another. In this particular contest the Grand Prize winner is going to be sent to San Diego Comic-Con later in the year… that sounds pretty cool.

For more details head over to


RIPT t-shirt competition

RIPT have quite a big competition going on at the moment, with 365 shirts going to the grand prize winner and lots of other prizes up for grabs too. Go to their Facebook page for more information and to enter.

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Post image for are running a Power Rangers Design Contest!

Is Power Rangers just nostalgia or is it still a thing that is being made at the moment? I have no idea.

Either weay, I’m sure there will be some designers amongst you that will be awfully excited to hear that are running a contest to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Power Rangers and find some great t-shirt designs in the process. As the banner says there are up to $2000 of prizes available, which should be enough to clear your Christmas credit card debts, and you guys have until February 4th to get your entries in. x Power Rangers Design Contest


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