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One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

by Ben_P on May 27, 2013

We recently put up One Thousand Shirts new tee for you all to check out, which I really enjoy. It’s got the right level of unique but still looking cool. I also a while back reviewed one of their tees which you can check out here. Anyway the guys behind One Thousand Shirts sent me some behind the scenes snaps of their print run so I thought I’d pop it up so you guys and gals can see a bit more of what goes into T-Shirt printing, which I’m sure a lot of you already know a fair bit about! Check out the pictures and if you ever want to have a chat with them pop over to their Facebook page!

CoM 2 480x639 One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

CoM 4 480x360 One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

CoM 6 480x640 One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

CoM 7 480x640 One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

CoM 8 480x640 One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes

CoM 9 480x640 One Thousand Shirts Behind The Scenes


How to DIY a rivet t-shirt

by Andy on May 3, 2013

rivetDIY1 480x639 How to DIY a rivet t shirt
diyrivetshirt 480x651 How to DIY a rivet t shirt
The ‘how to’ that you’ll find over at Project 22 is pretty simple (TL;DR buy rivets, attach to plain t-shirt, done) but the idea is very cool and it’s not something that I’d thought would really be possible on a non-industrial scale.


How to cut your old T-Shirt

by Andy on May 1, 2013

yt4 480x267 How to cut your old T Shirt

In this video I’m going to show you how to make a new style of your old unused Shirts.

more videos are coming soon
Music from

Andy: Fun to get a bit of different content from the norm, thanks for the submission!


Wildcard and Territorial Clothing Reviews

by Ben_P on March 3, 2013

This is a bit of an odd review and will be split into two sections I was receiving a tee from Wildcard Clothing (Hipster Hate Tee) and also received one at the same time from Territorial Clothing (who’s range you can purchase from Wildcard Clothing). Tee Inception! Anyway I’ll start first with the Hipster Hate Tee from Wildcard Clothing which I received.

IMG 20130302 171939 e1362320419190 480x640 Wildcard and Territorial Clothing Reviews

It certainly took me back because I had no idea what I was receiving so was slightly hesitant, however upon opening the package I noticed a bright blue almost tie dyed shirt (it’s not actually tie die it’s an Acid Wash which I will explain further), with a really well printed HATE design on it. While this design isn’t something I’d usually wear I could really appreciate the effort that had gone into it, I’m not really a huge fan of the fact that it says HATE all over the tee but the actual design of it impresses me that I enjoy wearing it.

IMG 20130302 171859 480x360 Wildcard and Territorial Clothing Reviews

The first thing you will see though is the tie dye effect, now I mentioned before that this was created using an acid wash. It’s pretty retro I think started in the 80′s in the jeans market. Essentially what they have done is take a blue tee and used chemicals to remove colours from sections of the tee, which in turn makes every tee unique (who doesn’t love unique clothes?!), my guess would be that they’ve used some form of bleach to create this effect as in prior years I’ve managed to do the same to a lot of my clothes when bleaching my hair (woops). They’ve then screen printed over the top of the tee and the result is pretty nice, it gives a very home made feel to the design which some of you may love and some of you may hate. I found myself quite liking this design even though I thought I wouldn’t, it’s so different and a bit crazy from the tees I usually wear so it was quite a breath of fresh air. Even though the tee itself looks a bit home made the printing upon it is excellent. I can’t fault it or the design apart form my initial dislike of the word hate, perhaps they can make a love version in the future?

So if you’re into a quirky and unique tee definitely give this one a purchase. Considering it’s hand finished design it’s pretty reasonably priced at £18.00 and if you just like the design and not hippy enough they also do a non acid wash version for £10! Which is a steal –  so you really have no excuse. I certainly know that if I ever need to bleach my hair again I can wear this one.

And on to the tee that I was originally being sent by Territorial Clothing! I really like this tee, I usually don’t like or go for typography t-shirts but I love the message and it’s clear they’ve put a lot of thought into it and picked their lettering accordingly.

IMG 20130302 172029 480x640 Wildcard and Territorial Clothing Reviews

‘Family is always sacred territory’ is something that I’m sure everyone can relate too, so I particularly enjoyed the message and in general everything about it. The border to the design also gives me the impression of lions hair which further reflects the territorial aspect. The changing of the font and style throughout the message is awesome as if it were all one style I’d feel a bit cheated and it’s cool because it reflects the different members of peoples family in a way, or perhaps I’m reading far too much into it!

IMG 20130302 172035 480x360 Wildcard and Territorial Clothing Reviews

The actual T-shirt is Gildan which while isn’t the best – certainly isn’t something that should deter anyone from making a purchase. They’re a well made budget tee. These guys give off an air of professionalism that I’d expect from well established brands, so for them to be pushing out these kinds of designs is quite impressive, just hoping that in the future they might be able to bring out some American Apparel tees – I have, like most people, a love affair with them!

You can get the Hipster Hate Tee from Wildcard Clothing, and also get the Sacred Territory tee from both Wildcard Clothing and Territorial Clothing.


How to make a DIY t-shirt folding board

by Andy on February 28, 2013

FG30VGFHCV8NKIZ.LARGE  480x399 How to make a DIY t shirt folding board

I have one of those fancy plastic t-shirt folding boards (that’s right, fancy plastic) and find it really useful for getting my tees all the same shape and size so I can stack them on my dresser (when you have as many as I do storage become an issue), but you can quickly and easily make one yourself that will do the same job using some sturdy cardboard and duct tape, and probably last a while too.

Shirt Folding Board from Cardboard and Duct Tape


Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

by Sleepy Dan on February 1, 2013

Two weeks ago a new Crew Sweatie was released with help from Regular Printing, so I wanted to share a behind the scenes look at their shop process.

8404630700 cd43c0283c Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

Heather blue crew is a perfect color for a tonal printing, so we mixed up a water based ink color to match the shirt, then got ready for the Regular Printing magic!

8404630656 9121841a3a Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

You wanna check out a short Video Of The Printing?

8404630616 e2283fe3bd Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

The studio is one of the cleanest I’ve seen and perfect for a master at work.

8404630574 a6c84a4d65 Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

Scott and Shamsy are using a manual press so everything is hands on here!

8404630528 16fb767913 Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

Perfect placement and alignment is key when the sweatie is put on the pallet.

8404630476 f8101f6fa5 Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

The water based ink is so soft compared to a plastisol print, that is why I use water based inks all the time… Especially for this super soft crew sweatshirt!

8403537741 bc883a1592 Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

Each sweatie runs thru the dryer to cure the ink, then collected and folded up.

8403537681 c850c99aa1 Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

The limited run of 24 are complete, so extra ink is collected to clean the screens.

8403537545 1cb116150e Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

Then each sweatie gets a custom neck label sewn in by hand.

8403537503 322f14535e Sleepy Dan : Regular Printing Crew

The little details like a embroidered sleeve applique make it perfect…


When is a tee not a tee?

by Andy on January 30, 2013

bikini girl diy cut up t-shirt

When it’s been cut to ribbons.

[via Piccsy]


diy screen prints kits

455 DIY print t kit 4 Print Liberation go DIY, want you to make your own shirts with their DIY screen printing kit
Screen printing is not an easy job, there’s no denying that, but even I have thought it would be pretty fun to print my own tees, and I’m a guy that already has more than 300 of them (and I’ve stopped accepting samples, they all go to the other bloggers now). It seems that Print Liberation have felt that attraction too, a few years back they released a book about DIY screen printing, and now they’ve gone a step further by launching, a site dedicated to helping your ideas printed and out in the world.

Imagine you’re new to the industry and want to get your feet wet in the world of printing, maybe doing a few tees for your friends, or printing some posters you’ve designed, a kit that has everything in it from a company that you know makes cool shirts (that were good quality, if my trip to their shop in Philly back in ’09 is a fair representation, if not particularly up to date) would be a pretty appealing situation. You give them $250, they send to a box with everything in it and you’d be good to go. Well, apart from the actual t-shirts, but I guess that wholesaling blank tees isn’t a business they want to get into.

What do you think guys, seems pretty cool to me, any printers out there want to drop in their 2 cents in the comments?


Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing

by Sleepy Dan on March 19, 2012

An inspiring night requires an inspiring shirt design… The theme of this year’s Vinyl Thoughts event was Next Level. A retro video game tribute, so I had to create a shirt using one of my favorite games growing up, the classic Donkey Kong! With the help of Alexa Machine this shirt printing went perfect.
6849174102 2b546172fd Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
To line up a four color print on the press, you gotta tape one of the films to the pallet in the same spot you want all the prints. So you can line up all the screens in the press to that film, this is the basic registration of the print.
6849173898 7cdc509f5d Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
You will be able to see the film thru the negative space of the emulsified screen, and just gotta line them up perfectly and tighten the screws on the press…
6995296643 62c0964bf8 Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
Once all four screens are taped off on the back and loaded with the correct ink color, the printing begins!
6995296841 a8ed78ccfd Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
This four station, six color manual press is perfect for two people to print at once. Just gotta print the colors in the correct order and communicate so no mistakes are made. Check out the final color printing
6849175168 298990e10f Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
Then you get perfect prints like this! I wanted to design something with huge letters, so the levels of the Donkey Kong board were a perfect large surface area.
6995296393 4c2ba97078 Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
Hot off the press, I picked up the shirts and rushed over to the event where all the shirts sold out that night! I am reprinting some more shirts now, so they will be available on my Sleepy Dan web shop this week.
6995297025 3dce294794 Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
The two color back design showed off all the sponsors for this year’s event. The show was packed all night and has become such a hit for the up and coming Dallas vinyl arts culture.
6995297279 15e5bf7bea Sleepy Dan : Vinyl Thoughts Event Shirt Printing
I’m so proud to be part of this event and becoming a contributing vinyl designer. If you check out pics of the event and custom vinyls, I created a tribute to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out by creating two vinyl characters Bald Bull and King Hippo!


Seeing as I am the most manly of men you won’t find me doing this, but it is a pretty neat tutorial on how to turn that old t-shirt you never wear into a cotton necklace.


Screen printing at Print Club London

by Mr Four Fingers on February 25, 2012

Nylon mesh screens

For those of you you who know anything about placing designs onto fabric you will know that the most common if not popular and widespread way of transferring these images, is by screen printing.

Recently the duo that is Mr Four Fingers had an induction at Print Club London to learn more about the screen printing process. We chose the printing to paper induction to break us in easy as printing to fabric is more challenging.

We took some photographs of the day with our new idiot proof camera, so check out the images below for a peak ‘behind the scenes’ of the screen printing process. I recommend this induction (London) if you want to learn more about screen printing your own designs or maybe you just want to know what the process is capable of.

If you are interested in seeing more, as we took a kak load of photographs, you can check out the rest over at Mr Four Fingers website.

Print club 16 mff 480x320 Screen printing at Print Club London

Print club 34 mff 480x320 Screen printing at Print Club London

Print club 41 mff 480x320 Screen printing at Print Club London

Print club 43 mff 480x320 Screen printing at Print Club London

Print club 51 mff 480x320 Screen printing at Print Club London

Print club 69 mff 480x320 Screen printing at Print Club London




Sleepy Dan : Customized Hood Sweatie

by Sleepy Dan on January 29, 2012

Sleepy Dan hood sweaties released in December, I had to release one cut n sew project for the first year so you can be sure there will be some more customized designs for the upcoming years! I can not emphasize enough, process is the most important part of any project. The rugby style hoodie is a design just recently hitting trend so I had to make some comfortable enough to bear the Sleepy Dan brand! In my day job as an apparel designer, I have learned how to work with embroidery shops to create apparel patterns, but sometimes several of the finishing steps have to be done on your own to save on cost. That’s how I was able to make these hoodies so affordable.
6677209413 a4dca28ef5 Sleepy Dan : Customized Hood Sweatie
Coming from the manufacturer, I had to make some custom modifications past adding the logo embroidery appliques and the new custom neck labels for outerwear… This hoodie has several exposed cover stitch seams, so you can easily see it’s custom made, but the excess seam fabric had to be trimmed up a little more to be finished.
6677209033 228e7d7af9 Sleepy Dan : Customized Hood Sweatie
After finishing, the logo embroidery appliques are hand stitched to the garment, then the size labels are machine stitched into the neck seam. What makes this hoodie so special is the herringbone cotton twill neck seam, rugby placket, and hood seam edge. The time invested to this project is longer than a t-shirt design, but the fan and blogger reviews of the hood sweatie are amazing for the first cut n sew design. Research and development are a key role in the process of a successful project, so don’t overlook your process at any stage! Hope you got one before they sold out…


Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster

by Sleepy Dan on December 16, 2011

After the inauguration of the Pillow Monster character at Artopia for the t shirt battle with Fur Face Boy, the design has been getting great reviews. Dallas Observer sponsors this annual event as their birthday party and I was proud to have their help bringing the Pillow Monster Lightning Strike design to life in the true nature of Frankenstein! So continuing with the success of this behind the design column, I decided to share the whole design process for this new character. The Pillow Monster will be involved in another design this coming year, so I am going to show how the idea began from concept, then sketching, then inking the layout, then vector the art for production of the printing.
6437081861 be51a9eaf7 Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
The first step of the process is creating the concept. The Sleepy Dan branding has been so much fun to design for because there is a wide range of possible ideas that fall in line with the sleep theme. The Alarm Clock character was the beginning of the character side of the branding, reminding fans of our youthful side that used to be afraid of the dark and the possibility of things coming to life when you are unable to see them… Remember the clown doll from Poltergeist under the bed? Thanks, now I can’t even look at clowns any more!
6503508971 e341c3788b z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Illustrating a complete character design for the brand, is a more complex project than people realize. But it’s the passion for the brand that keeps me going! Pencil sketching the concept takes several attempts to get the look right. Keeping in mind that the design needs to have more of a vertical layout to take advantage of the printable surface area of the shirt.
6503509243 223c7816cc z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Making friends in the arts community is easy when you are giving back at the same time. Having friends with ill skills like Rico Ultraelectromagnetico to help with the character style was the first step to the Pillow Monster. I want to make sure that all my characters have the same appearance so they are easily understood to be a Sleepy Dan character, even if the design has no displayed type.
6503509457 8c4ffc8a3a z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
After making several sketches, better parts of the character will be remade in the next sketch. There is a constant improvement for the problem areas, till the whole design has the perfect layout. This is the fun part of the process but usually takes the longest, so you can’t get frustrated with levels of failure. Just gotta work thru them till you find successful revisions. Ask friends for constructive criticism, you have to learn to take the good advice with the bad, create a thick skin for necessary revisions cause this is the best time to make them…
6503509659 51c34b2d42 z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
I am sharing less than half of the sketching process for this project, so you can understand there are so many versions of progression for this design you can almost look at them like a flip book! Eventually you get to a sketched layout that best suits your concept vision from the start. All parts suddenly fit perfectly into place, then you can move onto revising the smaller details thru the inking process and using Adobe Photoshop.
6503509957 8fd15a776f z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Inking over the sketch allows you to see a clearer design layout, while creating deeper levels of detail. Usually after the first inking designs, you are confident to almost be there. But treat this stage just like the sketching stage, revision is still easily done now that details are clear, so get some more constructive criticism from your friends that you know will not leak the secret just yet…
6503510221 9b96e7c1d4 z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Making final inking revisions gives you goosebumps! You wind up staring at the design for a couple days, 30 minutes at a time to make sure there is nothing else that needs to be changed. Then you can decide how many colors you want this design to be printed with, then create color layers of detail for the character scene. Inking new layers can be done in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, I prefer to use Illustrator because it makes the color separation so much easier to manipulate and revise.
6503511457 39dd0c2ac1 z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Usually I start this stage, not by looking at the color I want, rather looking at the color details I want to involve, so use crazy contrasting colors… The Pantone colors used can be revised after the levels of detail are finished. The best way to decide colors of the print is to decide shirt color first. Figure out the background color of the design, then the character colors can easily be picked knowing what shirt trends are most successful. Research shirt brands over the web, see what colors are selling best for the season. You’d be surprised what a little research can tell you!
6503510737 b579c78e08 z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Printing shirts for your brand in this economy means planning out the profitability of the design. The more color you print, the more the shirt will cost, and shirts just don’t sell well the closer to $30 each you get. I advise to keep even the most complex designs to a maximum of four printed colors. There is no reason for you to use more color than that, also fans will have a harder time matching up their gear to the shirt, secretly all guys love to do this…
6503510999 dbf7e108ab z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Any printer you use, will appreciate you color separating the art before you give to them. This means separating each color, so the printer knows what colors to put on each film layer they print, which will be used to make screens for your printing. Remove the questions from the process for the printer and your project will turn out the same way you give it to them. I prefer to have a design with the darkest color as the top detail. It’s easiest for the printing process to have the color layers beneath the darkest layer, that way the bottom layer edged are covered with the darker layer, insuring there will be no offset printing problems.
6503510445 937c3ec23b z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
Give the printer the exact Pantone colors you want used in your design, they will be mixing ink to match the Pantone colors you give them. If you don’t give them exact colors, then you are opening the possibility they will not mix the right color you want to use. For the Pillow Monster design, I had to see the shirt color to pick printing colors since there is one tonal color specified in the shirt. The print might have looked weird if the navy color was too much of a red tone rather than a blue tone…
6497385251 9c0f3655bc z Sleepy Dan: Creation of the Pillow Monster
After the Artopia event, the extra shirts were added to the Sleepy Dan web shop. Check out the Artopia event blog posting and friends links on the posting to see lots of pics of the event! Maybe we will see you at Artopia 2012?


Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks

by Sleepy Dan on November 6, 2011

Sleepy Dan snapback hats released this week! Screen printing on shirts has been so much fun so I am working to print on new apparel bodies too. This is the first part of the Fall line addition, the second half will release by the end of November. These hats are USA made and printed at Classic Cap & Embroidery with a high density ink to give the graphic some texture. There are several types of printing texture you can use, but all are able to be printed thru a normal silk screen. Using a dense ink for printing, means using a lower count screen mesh to let the ink easily pass thru the screen onto your material.
6311444098 2549721ae5 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
This is a 95 count mesh attached to a small metal frame, custom made for printing on headwear. The emulsified screen has the new wake up graphic burned into it the same way a larger screen is made for printing on t shirts.
6310922605 fe59195039 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The thin flat metal frame is bendable and slides into this form shape. The form gives the screen a stable arch that matches the shape of the hat crown, so an even transfer of ink goes onto a non-level surface.
6310922743 94dd87e466 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
After the frame is secured into the form, the screen is taped off just like a larger t shirt frame. This makes sure no ink will leak around the edges of the emulsified screen.
6310922907 4c212768f1 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The form is secured into the specialty headwear manual printing press. This setup is used with specialty headwear dryer, which is taller to fit hats and has the heating coil on the side rather than on the top like a t shirt dryer. This makes sure the ink printed on front of the hat is properly cured.
6310922999 3d6bb8d564 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
Normal ink can be combined with several different types of textured materials, to create a different texture print. The amount of ink has to be precisely combined with the correct amount of high density material to create the desired look during printing.
6311444750 36d7950ba8 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The headwear printing press looks very similar to a t shirt press, but the pallets are curved just like the screen and hat crown. A hat is positioned on the pallet and secured with a spring mechanism at the back, then the press is operated like this — LIVE PRINTING
6311444836 43c592d7c4 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
After printing, the hat takes a 15 second run thru the dryer which activates the high density material and cures the ink to the hat.
6310923273 02722c72e2 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
Each hat has to be positioned perfectly on the small pallet surface so all graphics are printed in the correct area of the front crown. This process is tested several times till the desired graphic position is perfected for the project. The hats I printed have a five panel crown, so there is one front panel of the hat.
6311445076 1f6efa1316 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
I tested the printing on some Flex Fit six panel hats, but not all of the prints came out well because the seam at the front of the hat did not allow perfect printing every time. The printing surface has to be perfectly flat for printing success. As with all printing, some mistakes happen and then some mistakes are a surprise success… Screen printing is an art form, so have fun with it!
6310923585 435f9e0a59 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The Classic Cap & Embroidery sewing team is amazing, the side woven label is attached with precise placement every time like this — LIVE SEWING
6310923713 83b9a03ec0 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
I made some interior woven labels for extra detail. They are again attached with amazing placement like this — LIVE SEWING
6310923467 c62969edc5 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
I hope this insight helps you design a better project, knowing how easy it is to get it done. I made this hat printing a limited edition only printing 30 khaki and 30 navy hats. Creating something original is so much fun, so I’m looking forward to making some new snapbacks for Spring 2012…
6311379390 04fa74eea5 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks

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Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th

by Andy on October 28, 2011

panda astronaut t-shirt

Very nice Panda/astronaut t-shirt from TeeFury today.

a5a66bf01426653d3d745f53dfde17c64471469d Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Another oldie-but-goodie from Greg Abbott at Tilteed today, it’s a really lovely design.

shm 4eaa384e3bc66 slide2 480x357 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Weren’t you always a little disappointed when you had to play as Luigi?

A Wise Investment  82zDetail 480x360 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Hahaha, silly owl. Shirt.Woot

detail 111028 480x377 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Nice tribute to A Clockwork Orange at RIPT today.

todd gack lwoe fe0d 480x369 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
If a single one of you gets the reference on this TeeMinus24 design I will be amazed.

impossibleastronaut 480x480 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Fairly creepy looking Doctor Who design at OtherTees today.

Grim 480x293 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
24tee bring us a classic Halloween design.

295 480x273 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
I didn’t like this Donald Duck shirt when Loviu first released it, and on the second viewing my opinion has not changed.

AlymersTune 480x360 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
I have no clue what is going on in this Catch of the Day Tee shirt.

October28b 480x280 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Nice Doctor Who design from Shirt Punch, I think it’s fair to say those guys have had a pretty decent first week.

4751743443 cc7813c6bd o 480x331 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
I stumbled upon this fantastic tutorial by Natalie Jost detailing several ways that you can customize your Big Cartel store to give it features which you would usually expect to see in a standalone ecommerce solution.

Urban Clothing shop for urban clothes UK streetwear skate clothes hip hop clothing giving you street style and appeal 1319800984440 480x361 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Sturban are offering free delivery in the UK on all orders until the end of the month.

Gmail 14 Fall Recap Sale 1319800967026 480x404 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
BustedTees have put all their fall releases on sale for $14 a piece until noon (EST) on October 31st.

Gmail Halloween special. 25% off all tees. 1319801091662 480x290 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Dephect are offering 25% off all their tees with the coupon code HALLOWEEN11 until November 3rd. Pop Tees In Poppin’ Colors 1319801160542 480x152 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
I’ve never heard of Kii Arens before, but their shirts are on now, $19.50 down from $35, and they’re looking mighty fine.

thx2011 480x480 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
Digital Gravel have knocked 50% off everything, which is pretty huge, all you have to do is use the coupon code THX2011, the infographic says 3 days, but it’s now more like two and a half.

newsletter bettershirt 480x387 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service, are going to stop using a wholesale blank (I’m fairly sure they were using American Apparel) and produce their own shirts, and they want feedback from you to help make it ‘the best t-shirt the world has ever seen.’

teaser2011 480x379 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
That above is a relaunch teaser for PPRHRT, I was unaware that they were in need of a relaunch but there you go, like their Facebook page to keep up to date with their relaunch progress.

Urban Industry Sale Cheap Discounted Sale Urban Clothing + Street Wear 1319801883306 480x256 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
A reminder that Urban Industry‘s big Halloween sale is ongoing.

header 480x254 Daily Tee & News Roundup October 28th
PLNDR are giving away a $250 gift pack from Breezy Excursion, who I’ve never heard of so I presume that means they’re popular.


Sleepy Dan: Behind the Design

by Sleepy Dan on October 12, 2011

Hopefully after you read this posting, you will find yourself checking out the Sleepy Dan link below. I was asked by the Hide Your Arms team to create a column from the perspective of an up-and-coming indie clothing brand. My expectation of this column is to share the behind the scenes of a designer creating seasonal lines of clothing and apparel. Working in the Dallas area as a graphic and apparel designer, I’ve gained great experience as a branding designer since graduating from Ringling College of Art & Design – Yes, I went to clown school… But no, Sleepy Dan is not clowning around!

6232855351 000f2c7530 Sleepy Dan: Behind the Design
Recently the Sleepy Dan signature line was released and already finding many fans that share common bonds with a lack of sleep. Being close to the beginning, I want to share the production journey from the start and help anyone looking for some guidance on their search for a successful project. Success of your project can be broken down into two parts. Making a product that is popular and able to sell for profit, then having fun with the project so you can consistently repeat the process while adding your creativity. I don’t believe success is measured in financial wealth, rather happiness of life while pursuing what you love. So stay sleepy, there is no time to rest because if “You Snooze, You Lose!”

6232855839 78e7943e5d Sleepy Dan: Behind the Design
Starting out means you have minimal money to invest in the project and tons of time to perfect the first line. Around two years ago I decided to learn how to screen print from home so I could cut my overhead. I purchased some screen printing supplies and hardware from, and then researched how to complete the process. After a couple months of working out the process, I was able to successfully print 40 shirts in a night, then hand out to new fans at events like Kixpo and Sneaker Summit.

6232855979 fe207fd370 Sleepy Dan: Behind the Design
The purpose was to get some recognition and feedback for the branding direction with only the cost of the shirt, the ink, and my time invested. Taking your time to perfect everything from the trademarking to the clothing and the social media is most important. This is not a race… Get out to local clothing events and make friends with everyone in your city. Knowing the market you are looking to enter is just as important as making product for it. Make sure you understand the quality of product everyone else uses, so you are not considered out of bounds… Invest in a bunch of indie brand shirts you think are cool and represent some other brands. They will be your best allies down the road! You gotta give props to the city you love…

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The finesse of screen printing is just as much an art form as the designs you are printing. Starting from making films, then burning the film image into the emulsified screen for printing, then working the squeegee over the ink filled screen, the process is not complete until a high temperature is used to bind the ink to the apparel threads. Using water based inks is less harmful at home, especially during cleanup. Sorry I can’t share pics of our spare bathroom tub, cleanup has turned it into a scene straight out of Scarface…

6232855575 ae8451e41f Sleepy Dan: Behind the Design
Becoming a recognized brand means being thorough and original with all the smallest details. Coming up with new ways to market your brand is your last step after you have a product ready to distribute. Have fun with the process from start to finish and you will be the wealthiest person you know! Creating more complex designs means you will need help from a local printer, or embroider, or seamstress. They are not difficult to find and work with, but it helps to be confident and understand the process they work with. The Sleepy Dan column will be sharing more of the apparel and accessories production from the line with you along the way, so stay posted! Contact me if you have any questions about your process, help is universal so don’t overlook it.

Thanks to Andrew for letting me become part of the Hide Your Arms team and one of the new featured columns!


How to prepare your t-shirt design for printing

by Andy on September 28, 2011

how to prepare artwork for printers

Blake from YouDesignIt (who guest posts here from time to time) has written a guest post over at Design Juices explaining to people that are new to the t-shirt game how to go about preparing your file for the printers, which is something that may not be immediately obvious to everyone. It’s by no means an exhaustive guide, but it definitely sets you along your way.

3 Helpful Tips to Get Your T-Shirt Design Print Ready


Post image for 5 Tips to improve your product photos and help you sell more t-shirts

One thing that hasn’t change in 5+ years here at HYA is me complaining about people having terrible product photos. There’s no excuse for it these days, you don’t need a DSLR and a studio to take a few decent shots of your items, a little knowledge and a point-and-shoot is enough to showcase your wares to their best ability.

Mashable have put together a post giving 5 simple but easy to follow tips for improving your product shots. There are definitely better tutorials out there, but I’d say that this article is worth a minute or two of your time.


Hey, I remember Threadbanger!

I didn’t know it had gone away, I just knew that I had departed from their audience some time back, not because they were doing anything wrong, but I realised I wasn’t going to do any of the DIY stuff they were talking about so it wasn’t particularly useful for me to be watching the show. This latest iteration of Threadbanger seems to be them turning their YouTube Channel into more of a network, showcasing a few different established names from the craft world whilst also introducing a few new video series.


How to Make T-shirt Bracelets

by Andy on July 27, 2011

how to make t-shirt bracelets

I’ve covered similar ground to this before in my post “How to customise & recycle your old t-shirts“, but people are tweaking methods all the time and coming up with new ideas. Also, that photo looks lovely.

Insstructables: How to make t-shirt bracelets.

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