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Rapanui’s impressive A/W lineup

by Andy on October 23, 2013

I know it’s wrong since this is HYA and I’m meant to be interested in clothes, but I think that one of the coolest things in this new collection from Rapanui is actually that backpack. It’s made from recycled sailing cloth from the Isle of Wight, where the brand is based. It’s also based on the circular economy idea and has a cool removable mat in it that is great if you’re having a picnic.

Beyond that, there’s a load of really cool t-shirt designs, and other stuff that I haven’t included above like bamboo socks, some trainers, loads of hoodies. It’s a big release, you should just probably head on over to check it out.


bold & the brave organic t-shirts from Newcastle

It’s been mentioned on HYA a few times but I’ll reiterate it, half of my family comes from the North East of England, and the ‘capital’ (which it isn’t, but it is) of the North East is the glorious city of Newcastle, which is where Brave & The Bold hail from, so I was predisposed to like them anyway, but seeing the attention they’ve given to being green and putting out some sharp designs I’m happy to say that I genuinely do like them, which I’m sure is a great relief to you all.

B&TB is a very new brand, launching in that awkward ‘I have no idea what to do with myself’ week that comes between Christmas and New Year. They’ve kicked off with 5 designs printed on 100% organic tees (described as Earth Positive so I’m confident they’re by Continental, and that’s a quality blank) which all follow along the lines of being brave but don’t feel too much like logo shirts, thankfully, thought there are plans in the future to branch out to other garments and accessories. As usual, I would like to see model photos on the product page since that is generally the best way to show off your product, and I know they’ve got some photos like that because I hunted down that model shot at the top on their Facebook page. It’s probably in the works to add more photos to product pages with them being such a young brand, but that’s the thing I’d like to see most from them at the moment.

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Rapanui Summer Collection

The British Summer is fashionably late and Rapanui, an Eco fashion brand has launched some brand new prints just in time.  The prints are made entirely from organic, natural fabrics in a wind-powered factory.  They’re printed by hand in the UK with Phthalate-free inks, which are better for the environment.  I love a good environmentally friendly brand and this whole wind-powered factory thing totally tops the charts! (cept, what happens if there’s no wind? no work that day?  I could dig it.)

Rob, a co-founder of Rapanui contacted us to share some of his favorite new releases.  The whole back-story behind Rapanui and how it came about is really inspiring so if you have a few minutes I’d definitely go check out and click around their website (which is very professional looking I might add).  Co-founders Rob & Martin grew up on the Isle of Wight in Sandown Bay and below is a picture of them.  That in itself should make you head over there and check it out – look at those floating surfboards!  My surfboard doesn’t float on grass like that, but then again I wasn’t born in a place called the Isle of Wight.  New Jersey doesn’t breed floating grass surfboards, only water ones.

Aside from that silliness, these new summer designs are slightly different from their usual prints.  This ones one of Rob’s personal favorites entitled “Wolfpack” and it’s a Women’s scoop neck printed on a white tee.

I’m part of a 2-man wolf-pack and so I could definitely appreciate the name of this tee, though I’m unsure of the whole giant animal head on a t-shirt thing.  I’ve seen a lot of brands doing it with cats lately too and I can’t wrap my head around it, but either way, props to Rapanui for their humorous product description and amazing look-book shots!  The Wolfpack tee is 24.95 Pounds which is approx. $38.71 USD (quite an odd price for a t-shirt).

This next one is called “Heroes” or as Rob described it, “the Iwo Jima Wind Turbine design”!  This one comes in white or grey and also has a pretty inspiring product description.  I like shirts like this that, simply put, look like someone pasted a photograph to the front of a t-shirt.  Done right (as this one is), it can really make for an incredible garment.

Coincidentally, this is priced the same as the Wolfpack tee.  I mean they’re both done in sort of grey tones so I could see how they got that!  If you can’t get with the designs maybe you can appreciate the Wind-Powered Factory? No, alright well check out their site because they do have a lot of good quality items in a variety of styles, some that even I have my eye on – maybe if the price wasn’t so odd.  Either way a lot of hard-work went into these garments being that they’re totally and completely Eco friendly and took a lot of wind to make.

Cost = 24.95 Pounds    Buy Now at Rapanui 


global warming t-shirt.

I know that the underlying message of this t-shirt is fairly bleak and depressing, but on the other hand it’s a really cute design that I think most of us would enjoy wearing.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at Gage+DeSoto

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Rain Dance Tee by Geniuz Ink

Geniuz Ink Clothing has just come out with relief t-shirt that 100% of the profits will go to the American Red Cross to aide in the ongoing Colorado Wild Fire relief efforts.  Geniuz Ink hails from Denver, Colorado, so these wild fires are hitting close to home for owner, Julian Donaldson.  This shirt is appropriately titled “Rain Dance” and in the word’s of Geniuz Ink,

“This shirt is a commemorative piece done for all of the people affected by the fire. Being a Colorado native it has broken my heart to see my friends, and fellow Coloradans watch our state burn to ashes. Colorful Colorado will be colorful once again but until then we need all the help and blessings we can get.”

This is a pre-order t-shirt and will be available in the middle of July.  Every order comes with a sticker of the artwork.  The simplicity of the design and the impact of the shirt’s statement is very powerful, especially for those who are sadly getting hit by these wild fires.  So remember, you’re helping the American Red Cross and those involved by purchasing this item!

Cost = $20.00    Buy it at Geniuz Ink Clothing 


sutsu summer twelve collectionVery nice release from team Sutsu as usual, mixing eco-concious materials with strong, bold designs. Whilst I’m not a skateboarder I am interested in this couple of new decks they’ve released because they’re made with bamboo rather than the traditional maple deck, which apparently gives 3″ more ‘pop’, is lighter and stronger than maple, and of course is much better for the planet since bamboo is amazing. Another cool thing is that for every full-priced item bought at Sutsu this season the buyer will receive a native British tree for them to plant and grow, as part of their efforts to bring native species back to Britain after many were cut down in the 19th century for ship-building and rarely were they replaced.

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springleap glass recycling

I don’t think that these winning designs are in the shop yet at Springleap, but it certainly is neat to see some well designed shirts to help raise environmental awareness since those two things don’t always seem to go hand in hand.


urban hand

Urban Hand got in touch to introduce themselves, and in the process they gave me a very nice overview of what the brand is all about:

we are a new clothing company based in Dublin, Ireland. We started trading at the end of last year and our original collection included t-shirts and hoodies for men. We concentrated mainly on logo placement designs to try and get the brand established. We expanded the range to include hats and caps as well as a range of t-shirts, hoodies and bags for women. We are now taking the next step along the road and are incorporating designs by young, up and coming Irish designers. After doing some research into the cotton and printing industries we have decided that all our t-shirts are now going to be fully organic offerings ie a 100% organic cotton t-shirt, printed organically using water based inks by a company which is certified by the soil association so we’re doing our bit for the environment. Priced at €19.99 with free standard delivery to Ireland & the UK we hope it’ll be a success.

When I see all those ecologically sound terms being thrown around I worry, because it tends to mean that there’s going to be a high price tag attached to the shirt, so it’s really refreshing to find a brand creating tees are guilt-free without having a premium price. I have my usual quibbles about brands that focus heavily on their name and logo in their initial releases, but that’s a personal choice and these guys have a pretty cool logo so that does make things a bit better.


treecycle recycling t-shirt

Here’s another nice one-colour design from Pier-Luk Bouthillier, I like the way that it creates the connection between our choices and actions (using a bike instead of driving, in this case) to the wider world, and that it isn’t particularly preachy about it.

Costiness=$27 Mens / Womens


screw you co2 cyclist t-shirt

Feel free to substitute ‘eco-concious bikers’ for ‘smug and preachy’, because if you know meet someone that bikes to work instead of driving you will learn about that within 5 minutes of making their acquaintance. Intersesting to see TweetTees over at RedBubble, I thought they found their home at MySoti.

Costiness=£16.67 Buy it at RedBubble


enjoy destroy t-shirt

If you’re wondering who Mighty Screen Printing are, they used to be called Klaus Industries… now if only I knew who Klaus Industries were. I wish I had been checking them out in the past though, I like the style of their designs.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Might Screen Printing


met office t-shirt from rapanui clothingI think it’s fair to say that this is one of the least expected collaborations of the year!

Whilst it is certainly surprising the Britain’s foremost weather service has teamed up with an eco-concious clothing label, I’m glad it happened because the shirts are rather cool, and since us Brits are obsessed with the weather it makes perfect sense that we’d want to wear shirts about the weather too. Clearly quite a few of the designs are based upon the symbols that we’re all used to seeing being pointed at by weather men and women, sometimes with a bit of a twist, but I think my favourite might be the exploded weather vane graphic. They’re all available at Rapanui Clothing now.

I’ve included the press release after the jump.
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sutsu winter collectionI’m writing this on a Saturday night, as I’m sure you’d imagine I’m not that inclined to be writing about clothes; I was just going to give you guys the press release and leave it, but that would be doing Sutsu a disservice because this latest collection really is very impressive. Still, I’ve got to pad this post out somehow so here’s the press release anyway.

Sutsu was born from a single basic ideal…to create a Naturally Inspired streetwear brand which has a positive commitment to all that it touches.
With the new Sutsu Winter Eleven Collection we took inspiration from the power of nature. A re-interpretation of the Formation from last season,
a re-appearance from best selling Bear tee and a host of new graphics including Captain Wolf, The Eagle, and the Geometrical Mountain Ranges.

The range features the bright colour and bold graphic combo that Sutsu is becoming renowned for. Keeping in trend this season the key colours
for Sutsu are Burgundy and Steel Grey alongside our classics.

It’s cool to see the dedication that Sutsu put into minimising their environmental impact too.

60% of all Cotton garments are Organic. If not Organic then they are Fairtrade and Oeko-Tex farm Standard 100. No surplus paper products used in
production such as hang tags or brochures. All products delivered in recycled boxes. Sutsu aims to be accountable for all aspects of the business
& protective of the environment we use. Skatedecks are Bamboo / Maple Ply. Only UK brand.

Clearly, that’s not greenwashing and I respect them for that, the extra steps they’ve taken suggest that they actually give a damn rather than just going with a trend.

When it comes to the designs, I’m pretty impressed, the real standout for me is the mountain shirt/hoodie, it’s beautifully simple.


“Planet Mushroom” t-shirt by Goodfibres

by Andy on September 20, 2011

planet mushroom goodfibres t-shirt

Goodfibres have been sitting in my inbox for far longer than they deserve, they’re a newish British label from Shoreditch (aka the cool part of London) that have a fairly sizable catalogue of tees despite their youth. One tee that caught my eye can be seen above but they are many others in the store that I think will suit the attitudes of many HYA readers. All the shirts are made with organic cotton* and bear the mark of the Fair Wear Foundation, so you know someone hasn’t been chained to a sewing machine for 30 hours a day to ensure that you can wear a cool looking shirt. They also make an in-kind donation with every purchase, so if you buy a t-shirt, they will give a t-shirt to someone that needs one (kind of like Toms, but with tees). All of this goodness does push the price up a bit to £25 per shirt, but at least your conscience is clear and you have helped someone less fortunate than you. Oh, and it’s a design contest too, with artists receiving 10% of all sales of their shirts.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Goodfibres

*I’ve now been told that only 3 shirts in the collection are made with organic cotton, though they do intend to release more in the future.


t-post greenwashing t-shirt

Greenwashing, now there’s a tricky subject. I can’t remember the specifics of it, but you know how supermarkets always bug you about needing a carrier bag for your groceries because it’s bad for there to be lots of plastic bags on the planet? Well, they’re right, there’s no point wasting energy and raw materials when people already have lots of bags, but the amount of energy that goes into one plastic bag is equivalent to running my car for a couple of hundred yards, and I live 8 miles from a supermarket. Basically, don’t give me attitude when I need a bag because there are much bigger issues to worry about.

Quite a cool t-shirt from T-Post for their subscribers this month (it was made in collaboration with Threadless), if you subscribe to their service this month I think you will receive the shirt (I’m fairly sure that’s how they work, but it might be the case that you can no longer get the shirt and have to wait for the next mystery shirt to arrive at your door).


Treacle Clothing Bristol Series

by Abigail on July 19, 2011

This week Treacle Clothing launched their Bristol series of tshirts with designs from Bristol graffiti artists and graphic designers 45RPMSPZERO76Loch Ness and Iain Sellar.


Loch Ness


Iain Sellar

All of the tshirts are limited to 1 of 50, made from 100% ethically sourced, carbon neutral Turkish cotton and they are screen printed and hand finished in the U.K, they come in a screen printed pizza box with a cute little certificate.

They are £25.00 on the web store inc free P&P

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threadless planting trees

Okay, that title doesn’t quite tell the whole story, but it is quite accurate. Apparently it’s Earth Day sometime this week, so Threadless are going to be giving $1 from every order to . Just $1 will allow them to plant a tree, which will help us slow down the rate at which we destroy the planet. I’m fairly sure that buying stuff in aid of Earth Day is a bit of an oxymoron, but since we’re all going to buy stuff anyway it’s pretty cool that at least a little bit of good comes from it.

They’ve also got the usual crop of new t-shirts, including the hideous one you can see above (all the others are pretty cool though, click through to see them!).


dead bury dead henley t-shirt

That title is merely a friendly jibe, I can see the point of a 3/4 length sleeve, I like wearing them, and this is actually a pretty interesting piece of clothing. I don’t find it interesting because of the design, which is fairly standard, but because the item is made of eco-heather, which is an imperfect blend of organic cotton, recycled polyester, and naturally occurring rayon, so you aren’t killing the planet too much by picking one up.

Costiness=$27.99 Buy it at DeadBuryDead (grey/black colourway)

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organic owl t-shirt

I’m probably asking a bit much here, but wouldn’t it be cool if the moon on this design was printed with glow-in-the-dark ink? That said, OMUNKY is an organic brand, and I can’t imagine glowing ink to be particularly good for the environment, though if any printers are reading I’d be happy to be proven wrong.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Omunky


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