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IATT list 31 terrifying Halloween T-shirts

by Andy on October 23, 2012

Post image for IATT list 31 terrifying Halloween T-shirts

It might be getting a little late to order a t-shirt specifically for Halloween, but that doesn’t make this list of “31 Hauntingly Awesome Halloween T-Shirts” any less readable, well, maybe a little bit, but just a little.


Post image for The top tees at Storenvy in September according to Indie Minded

You’re probably wondering what the devil Indie Minded is, well, it’s the rebranded name for Tee Gazette, the popular t-shirt blog which has now expanded to encompass all things indie, not just tees. They haven’t turned their back on shirts though, with this post showing their favourite shirts to enter the Storenvy market place last month.

September Roundup of the Best Tees on Storenvy | Indie Minded

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Post image for Highsnob’s guide to 8 printed tees released recently

Yes, all of the shirts on this list cost rather more than a mashup tee from TeeFury and RIPT, but I must admit that they look very cool.


Found Item Clothing List 8 Judge Dredd tees

by Andy on October 4, 2012

Post image for Found Item Clothing List 8  Judge Dredd tees

Sure, there are lists out there which are much, much longer, but Found Item Clothing have found some good looking tees for their Judge Dredd list, conveniently released at a time when the remake (reboot? reimagining?) is out at the cinemas. Has anyone seen the film? it looked a lot better than I expected in the trailer but I still haven’t gotten around to seeing it.


Another week, another batch of tees in the news…

>Cause célèbre. [Buzzfeed]

>Apostrophe fail. [Buzzfeed]

>Cracking the code of cool. [Kneadle via Laughing Squid]

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Every T-shirt in “This is Spinal Tap”

by Andy on August 16, 2012

spinal tap t-shirts

I was watching Spinal Tap with friends a few months ago and couldn’t help but notice that there were an awful lot of t-shirts on show, and since I had so much fun with the Scott Pilgrim t-shirt list I thought I’d give this one a go. It’s hardly surprising considering that tees are the classic rock n’ roll wardrobe staple, but it’s still fun to see interesting tees being worn by characters in a movie, especially when I imagine that quite a lot of them were created specifically for the movie itself.

In spite of the popularity of the film then and now, there are surprisingly few companies out there which have taken the plunge and recreated shirts from the movie, with most seemingly happy to put “it goes to 11″ on a tee and leave it at that. It’s disappointing, but maybe if this post does well some enterprising freelance designers will put their efforts onto a print-on-demand site like Cafepress, Zazzle, or RedBubble so you can snap them up before they get DMCA takedown requests. If they make them, I’ll post them here, but for now we’ll have to make do with merely enjoying looking at the great t-shirts featured in Spinal Tap. Please note that I was taking screen grabs from the DVD version of the film since I don’t know anyone with the Blu-Ray version, but if this post gets enough attention I will happily order a copy of the Blu-Ray so that we can have some extra detail for the images. Also, I would never claim to be a Spinal Tap authority, I’ve seen the film a few times and really like it, but if I make any errors in this post just let me know and I’ll fix it right up.
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teegazettes may storenvy t-shirt picks

No, there is not a typo in that title, this post is for the best tees on Storenvy that were released in May, it’s just taken Tee Gazette a little bit longer than usual to post their choices.

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Welcome to Notorietees, a new column here at Hide Your Arms that will chronicle “problem” shirts that fall a bit further afield from the general programming you’ve grown accustomed to. Tees in the news, tees making waves, tees raising hackles, tees giving pause, tees with an edge — all are fodder for discussion (and snarky commentary).

>Our first controversy conteeversy (groan…) wrestles with the sticky nature of identity and authenticity. NYC & Company, “the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York,” has partnered with Aéropostale on a product range that celebrates city agencies such as the NYPD (sample embedded below).

Home is where the art is.

The program’s goal are moderately laudable; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt collection “will benefit the New York City Police Foundation and the FDNY Foundation,” but as critics have noted there’s one glaring problem: the tees are manufactured and screened in, gasp, Central America. Embarrassing… [DNA Info]

>Embedded below is a bootlegged design of noted curmudgeon Jim Leyland puffing on a cancer stick. Leyland, the manager of the Detroit Tigers (American hardball), has been reported to sneak a cig in the dugout between innings, much to the dismay of Major League Baseball and its image conscious handlers. [Detroit News]

Drag Bunt

>UK-retailer Topman posted a pair of dodgy slogans last month only to later remove them in the wake of a wicked (if predictable) backlash. [Jezebel]


>Glimpsed on a television broadcast earlier this month at a Toronto Blue Jays game: a pair of enthusiastic fans and their randy puns that riff on baseball verbiage (and proposition the team’s studly catcher, J.P. Arencibia). [Deadspin]

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game of thrones t-shirt

TeeFury start the week with a Game of Thrones inspired crest that doesn’t inspire me too much.

Silly but funny spelling bee t-shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

MST3K meets Firefly at RIPT.
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The Hare Necessitees: 26 Rabbit T-Shirts

by Travis on April 1, 2012

Easter is drawing closer (Sunday, April 8th, yo) and to mark the moment, our friends at From Hop to Pop have compiled a list of 26 designs themed around rabbits (punningly entitled, The Hare Necessitees).

Some are cute (predictably), some are chic, but others are curious, macabre and a bit further afield. Included in the mix are designs sourced from Threadless, Snorg, Shirtoid, Etsy, and points beyond…

Click here or on the pic above to link through.

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.


50+ Hunger Games T-shirts

by Andy on March 26, 2012

50+ hunger games t-shirts

The Hunger Games was one of the most anticipated movies of the year with some people describing it as ‘the new Twilight’ (in terms of popularity, and it opened this weekend at cinemas across the US to take in $150+ million in ticket sales, for the 3rd biggest opening weekend of all time(!). I know that the books are aimed at people slightly younger than me (I’ve taken seeing 16-18 year old girls reading it as a sign it may not be a book for me), but the movie certainly looks a lot more appealing than the Twilight series, and I’m definitely going to be checking it out.

I’ve seen and written about quite a few Hunger Games t-shirts in the daily roundup posts over the past few months so I thought I’d put together a nice and epic list of tees for you all to enjoy. With Hunger Games being a fairly new phenomenon I’ve found that a lot of the usual players haven’t yet caught onto it’s popularity, leaving the print-on-demand sites, most notably RedBubble (even though they have been removing copyright infringing designs lately), to lead the way in terms of apparel for fans of the series. I’m sure this situation will change in time and more brands will release Hunger Games t-shirts, and when they do I will try and update this list.

As ever with these lists, they do take quite a lot of time, so if you could be so kind as to share them with your buddies via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other medium that would be truly fantastic. Enjoy!

1. Let’s kick things off with this ‘74th Annual‘ shirt from BustedTees – $20

2. “Keep Calm and Call Finnick” T-Shirts & hoodies by ReadingFever | RedBubble – £16.68

3. “The Hunger Games – Finnick, Katniss, Peeta, Johanna.” by mioneste | RedBubble -£16.68

4. “The Hanging Tree” T-Shirts & Hoodies by nellmeowmeow | RedBubble – £16.68

5. “The Pony Games” at – $25

6. “I Am the Muppetjay” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

7. “Mellark Bakery”by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

8. “Cinna Panem Fashion (Black)” T-Shirts & Hoodies by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

9. T-shirt Laundry have a superb Hunger Games ‘Victory Tour’ t-shirt for $18.

10. “Gale Has Game” by 4everYA | RedBubble – £16.68

11. “Mellark Bakery” T-Shirts & Hoodies by FAMOUSAFTERDETH | RedBubble – £16.99

12. “District 13 Mockingjays” T-Shirts & Hoodies by Tom Ledin | RedBubble – £17.67

13. “Golden Mockingjay” by Happy Goat T-shirts – $10.99

14. “The Hob Trading” by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

15. “Anger Games” by pixhunter | RedBubble – £16.68

16. “Hunger Games Stay Alive” by mbecks114 | RedBubble – £16.68

17. ‘Mockingjay’ all-over print t-sihrt at Newbury Comics – $19.99

18. “The Hanging Tree” by ratgirlstudios | RedBubble

19. “Farewell District 12″ by FAMOUSAFTERDETH | RedBubble

20. “Tick Tock” by ashedgreg | RedBubble – £15.38

21. ‘I bread Peeta Mellark’ by alliecatisallama at MySoti – $24.96

22. “The Boy With The Bread” by Leah Price | RedBubble

23. “Mellark Baked Goods” by Joviana Carrillo | RedBubble – £15.38

24. “Everdeen Hunting Co-operative” by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble

25. Hunger Games ‘Steak’ t-shirt previously on sale at

26. “Hunger-lympics” by WinterArtwork | RedBubble – £17.38

27. “Stay Alive” by kt1171 | RedBubble – £16.68

28. “Fabulous The Capitol” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

29. District 14 Taco shirt formerly available at Shirt.Woot, unknown whether it is currently available elsewhere.

30. “Peeta Cares” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

31. “Everdeen’s Wild Game” by bananna620 | RedBubble – £16.68

32. “Peeta Has Croissants – Yellow” by 4everYA | RedBubble

33. ‘Team this is not Twilight’ by alliecatisallama at MySoti – $22.55

34. “Property of District 12″ by teddanza | RedBubble – £14.60

35. “District 1 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £16.68

36. “District 4 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £16.68

37. This fantastic design was previously available at TeeFury but I don’t know if it has turned up anywhere else since then.

38. “District 12 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £15.99

39. “District 11 Souvenir Shirt” by MeteorMuse | RedBubble – £16.68

40. “District 12 Miners” by pixhunter | RedBubble – £16.68

41. Fan made Experimental Jetset style design.

And now for a great series of tees by Rachel Thomas

42. “The Capitol” – £16.68

43. “District 1″ – £16.68

44. “District 2″ – £16.68

45. “District 3″ – £16.68

46. “District 4″ – £16.68

47. “District 5″ – £16.68

48. “District 6″ – £16.68

49. “District 7″ – £16.68

50. “District 8″ – £16.68

51. “District 9″ – £16.68

52. “District 10″ – £16.68

53. “District 11″ – £16.68

54. “District 12″ – £16.68

55. “District 13″ – £16.68

56. “The Districts of Panem” at BustedTees – $12.99

57. Here’s something a bit different, custom Hunger Games footwear.

58. There’s lots of official Hunger Games merchandise on Cafepress, to be frank most of it isn’t interesting.

59. “Career Tribute – District 1″ by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

60. “Career Tribute – District 2″ by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

61. “Career Tribute – District 3″ by PEZRULEZ | RedBubble – £16.26

62. This design (which I don’t believe is for sale yet) turned up on Reddit.

63. Funny fan-made shirt that another Redditor made for when they went to watch the movie.

64. Hungry Hungry Games at snorgtees – $19.95

65. Tributes by fishbiscuit at Tshirt Contest.

66. “Hunger Weapons” t-shirt at Blue Butter – $24

67. How-To: Hunger Games Mockingjay T-Shirt blog

That’s the list for now, I will be adding to it as more companies release their shirts to celebrate the books, and also a huge film (3rd biggest opening weekend of all time). I do hope to make the list less reliant on RedBubble shirts as I’d like there to be more variety, hopefully tee companies feel the same way. If you enjoyed the list please do share it around and let people know about it, or leave a comment, and if you know a good tee that I’ve missed from the list be sure to let me know about it in the comments, or via Twitter or Facebook.


25 of the best t-shirts in the world

The list from FABNOB represents 25 of the best t-shirts that they’ve featured in their store over the past few years. I think it gives a bit of an insight into what Australians like on their tees, space, animals, and sunglasses!

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cat t-shirts

I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t seen an epic tee list from anyone for a while, and then I open Google Reader and Coty has gone and compiled a quite amazing list of 101 t-shirts all about our feline friends!


valentines t-shirts

I’m such a romantic fella that I’m sure Mrs. HYA thinks that it’s Valentine’s Day every day (I let her go large at McDonalds wheneve she wants, chivalry is not dead my friends), but for many others that is not the case. I know this list is too late to save you if you’ve forgotten to get your lady/gentleman a present for today, but it’s still a really cool list from our friends over at Found Item Clothing.

Heart Attack: 50 T-Shirts For Valentine’s Day


It’s time for another edition of our blog roundup. Once again we have scoured the internet to bring you some of the best t-shirt related blog postings on the internet. So keep on reading, there’s a lot to see here:

Adam from IAmTheTrend to Storenvy
Adam from IATT Gets Hired at Storenvy via the Storenvy Blog
One of our favorite fellow bloggers, Adam from I Am The Trend, announced he will be joining the Storenvy gang. For anyone not familiar with Adam or IATT, he’s been delivering the cool for quite some time in the t-shirt industry. He also does a regular video t-shirt and brand review segment called IATT.TV. Check out the post for more on Adam’s official special ops duty for his new employer. Congrats Adam!

Gomedia Pale Horse Design Interview
Interview with Chris Parks of Pale Horse Design by GoMediazine
Speaking of cool guys in the design industry, GoMediazine brought us an awesome interview with Chris Parks. Chris Parks is a major creative force with Pale Horse Design. His particular clients have included some really big and familiar names such as DC ComicsWorld of Warcraft, Harley Davidson, and Red Bull to name just a few. This is a great interview that offers an inside look into his creative process.

Shirt Punch Launches
Shirt Punch Launches by R U Reppin’
While we have seen the pace slow down on t-shirt-a-day sites popping up, there are still new entries into the space. R U Reppin’ announces the latest launch with Shirt Punch. The difference here is this site has a very strong following of talented designers known as The Red Bubble Club. It’s also got a pretty cool new feature that allows users to see the upcoming, unreleased shirts as well as the current shirt. Nice!

Picking the Right Color Palette
How to Pick a Color Palette at Naldz Graphics
Hats off to Naldz Graphics for bringing us an in-depth look on how to pick the correct colors for your design. The color selection phase of creating a new design can be one of the most important steps. As the article points out there are quite a few important factors to consider when choosing the correct colors for your design including contrast, client needs and resources to work with.

Threadbird Introduces Foalio
The Launch of Foalio by Threadbird
Threadbird is very popular in the t-shirt printing world as the preferred vendor of Storenvy; however, they’ve just upped the ante even more by introducing a new site called Foalio. Foalio allows those seeking artists to posts listings – for free! No more eating into the design budget by having to pay for ads. It also helps artists find work by notifying them when jobs are posted in their field. It’s a win-win situation.

So there you have it, another round of cool developments in the t-shirt related blogging world. We’ll have our ears to the keyboard listening for more t-shirt news and blog posts coming in the future. Feel free to contact us @youdesignit if you would like to be featured next time.

This t shirt blog roundup was a guest post authored by Blake from You Design It where they love all things t-shirts.


There are several qualities that we look for when selecting blog posts for the blog roundup feature. In general we try to put the spotlight on creative, amusing, informative, original, or just downright cool posts from all over the t-shirt blogosphere. This roundup’s selection definitely fits that bill. Check them out:

Fur Face Boy Kick-Ass T-Shirt Book

Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand Book by Fur Face Boy

Major props to Fur Face Boy for bringing our attention to this awesome resource. “Launch a Kick-Ass t-shirt brand: An essential guide to building a t-shirt empire” is a terrific book packed full of great suggestions, success stories and other tips. Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy offers his own insights to the project as well.

Cottonable RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs via Cottonable

It has been a sad week for Apple fans everywhere with the recent passing of Apple’s iconic leader Steve Jobs. From the massively popular iPhone phenomenon to introducing a viable second PC platform with Macs, Steve Jobs had a tremendous impact on technology, business, society, and the world in general. He will be missed.

Grafitee Druks Paris

Druks Paris – Summer Breeze on Grafitee

Grafitee is a great French t-shirt blog that with the help of Google translation, I am able to read and enjoy. It’s only fair that we share the spotlight for Grafitee for their posting the cool news about Druks Paris’ Summer Breeze collection. They’ve got some really great designs and they’re definitely worth a look.

Tee Gazette New Wreckage

New Wreckage Clothing Hits The Online Shelve
by Tee Gazette

Tee Gazette brought us news of this nifty new fall/winter line by New Wreckage. New Wreckage has some slick designs in their collection as well as a provocative print benefiting the fight against breast cancer.

In My Short Sleeve Mighty Healthy

Mighty Healthy Fall 2011 Collection on In My Short Sleeve

I know, yet another featured blog about a fall collection. I can’t help it, early October brings the release of many great collections and Mighty Healthy’s is among those worth mentioning. In My Short Sleeve found a real winner with this one. They not only have some great streetwear in the t-shirt category but also in hats and hoodies. Check them out!

So there you have it, another week of top blogs and great designs. The t-shirt world is a rapidly changing place and thanks to the blogs and bloggers featured here they’ve helped us keep a finger on the t-shirt world pulse.

This t-shirt roundup delivered by guest blogger Blake at You Design It where you can design t shirts.


anchor t-shirts

To be honest, I don’t think that there has been a lot of call for a a list of t-shirts with anchors on them, but as I look through this list of 60 anchor-inspired t-shirts that Adam has put together, I realise that is is a really cool design element and that there are a fantastic shirts in the list, well worth checking out.


As regular readers will be aware, periodically we like to recap some of the recent highlights in the world of t-shirt blogging. This last week brought more interesting news, cool shirts, and terrific posts by hardworking bloggers. It would be impossible to list all the greats but here’s a short list of some of the best and brightest.

The Blot Says
Johnny Cupcakes X Nickelodeon by The Blot Says

This post certainly brings some interesting news. Johnny Cupcakes will be partnering with Nickelodeon to bring some limited edition clothing and accessories. Naturally these items will feature some of Nickelodeon’s most popular characters. A lot of buzz on the interwebs about this collaboration so check it out.

Coty Gonzales
LazerShirts not Just Another Shirt by Coty Gonzales

LazerShirts is a company with a really cool concept. For starters their shirts are printed using glow in the dark ink, which is pretty cool to begin with, but the kicker is that by using the LazerShirts “ultraviolet lazer” you can actually etch your own new design on top of the existing one. Sounds like a great gift for kids or adults looking for a conversation starter.

I Am The Trend
Miles To Go Drops 30 New Items by I Am The Trend

More cool t-shirt brand news from I Am The Trend. The company Miles To Go has released a massive new fall line as well as restocking some of their older prints. For those who are unfamiliar with Miles To Go’s concept, all the ideas and inspiration for their designs are drawn from various literary works. This new batch features some really great selections from some of the best known classics.

In My Short Sleeve
Ironsea Fall 2011 via In My Short Sleeve

Fall lines are dropping everywhere right now and In My Short Sleeve featured a pretty cool one recently from IronSea Co. This is IronSea’s 2nd offering after their debut line last spring. They have continued doing what they do right and even branched out slightly in some new directions including offering tote bags. Definitely worth a look.

Pop Culture Tees
Dpcted T-Shirts – Funny Text Only Designs by Pop Culture Tees

As Kevin from Pop Culture Tees points out in this post, success in the online t-shirt selling world often depends on having a good niche. Dpcted’s niche is selling amusing, text only designs. The words speak for themselves without other graphics. It’s a cool concept and as long as the t-shirts are witty and original there’s no reason why it shouldn’t take off. [Andy: Please note that there have been numerous reports of people not receiving their orders from DPCTED, I have been in touch with the previous owner of the brand and he says the new owners will be rectifying the situation, but still, buyer beware]

So there you have it, some highlights in the t-shirt blogging world from the last week. I hope you have seen at least a couple of new brands that you find interesting or at least a good handful of amazing new shirts. Please hit me up at @youdesignit on Twitter to let me know if your blog post deserves being featured.

This tee blog roundup was brought to you by Blake from You Design It where they focus on t-shirt design.

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Another couple of weeks, another round of awesome t-shirt blogs to review. This week’s group is a varied bunch with interviews, videos and introductions to new brands. In fact it was tough to keep the list down to only five, but in the interest of staying brief and focused….here are the best of the best.

I Am The Trend Among Villains Interview
Interview with Jason Carne of Among Villains by I Am The Trend

I am a sucker for interviews because you get to peek into the mind of designers and creators to see what makes them good at what they do. This week I Am The Trend keeps the trend flowing by interviewing Jason Carne from Among Villains. Jason has an impressive body of work in design and he’s bringing all his creativity to the table for the Among Villains project.

WearingSocial™ Is (Express + Socialize) X Wear via Cottonable

Sometimes it’s tough to spot a good idea when it first develops; other times it’s obvious right away. The concept WearingSocial definitely looks like a case of the latter. Social networking has never been more popular and WearingSocial is gearing up to give users a whole new experience. Think “your online activity on a t-shirt”.

limited edition chez panisse t-shirts supporting edible schoolyard
Limited Edition Chez Panisse T-Shirts Supporting Edible Schoolyard at Tcritic

Tcritic is a pioneering t-shirt blog which helped kickstart the popularity of these types of blogs. It’s appropriate then that this week Tcritic brings us a post about another pioneer. Alice Waters founded a restaurant called Chez Panisse over 40 years ago. The cool thing is that this restaurant was one of the first ones on the scene of the local food movement. Their focus is on sustainability and they’re releasing a line of t-shirts called the edible schoolyard project to bring attention to the cause.

Interview with Nathan W Pyle
Interview with Nathan W. Pyle at The Shirt List

The Shirt List wants to bring readers the best t-shirts in the world. When they’re not spotlighting awesome t-shirts, they also focus on awesome t-shirt designers. One such designer is Nathan W. Pyle who has long been a fixture at Threadless and who continues to crank out the hits.

I’m Giving Away 14 Threadless Gift Certificates Over 14 Days–Birthday Bonanza! by T Roundup

I’m happy to make TRoundUp a part of my own tee round up. Especially since Colin is doing such a cool promotion. In celebration of his 21st birthday he’s giving away fourteen Threadless gift certificates over the next fourteen days. What a great way to help him celebrate and rack up some cool shirts in the process. [Andy: I know I posted this news earlier, but it’s a big giveaway so it’s good to have it up here again to make sure everyone sees it]

So there you have it, some highlights in the t-shirt blogging world from the last week. Unfortunately though, there are probably many others that we might have missed. Please hit me up at @youdesignit on Twitter to let me know if your blog post deserves being featured.

Brought to you by guest blogger Blake at You Design It where they have a passion for t shirt design.


9 Iconic Sweaters Drawn from Pop Culture

by Andy on September 4, 2011

inconic sweaters

Sure, you can’t buy these (at least not yet), but it’s still a really cool illustration showing some iconic sweaters from the worlds of cinema, TV and music. Weezer caught wind of this post by Found Item Clothing and mentioned it on their Facebook page, resulting in an avalanche of traffic for Travis. I’m sure this post on HYA won’t bring him similar internet fame, but hopefully you guys will enjoy checking out these lovely illustrations.


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