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star trip 480x480 How About a Slice of Tulaberry Pie? New Breaking Bad x Star Trek shirt from TshirtGrill

Boldly go where no stoner has gone before with TshirtGrill’s Breaking Bad-inspired ‘Star Trip’ T-shirt. The design is based on the episode “Blood Money”, in which Jesse Pinkman’s drug slinging cohort Badger regales his partner in crime, Skinny Pete, with the tale of a tulaberry pie eating contest aboard the Enterprise gone horribly, horribly wrong.

The skit was immortalised by Vulture’s Matt Czap, who, after seeing the episode, worked through the night animating Badger’s tale of geek tradegy before uploading it to the internet.

Legend has it, Badger’s Star Trek pitch was dreamed up in the early stages of Series 5, when screenwriter Peter Gould and fellow Breaking Bad scribe Gennifer Hutchinson got into an argument over the Trek transporter’s true operational nature. Their argument made it into the show almost word for word, and in the process became one of the most iconic and memorable moments of the entire series.

“It would be the ultimate diet, really. Eat anything you want, and then Scotty beams it out of your stomach,” Gould said. “But like with great technology, there are terrible things that can go wrong.”

Also available in Women’s Slim Fit, Hooded Sweatshirt, Organic & Women’s Organic.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


figslatemensffffff.u4 480x302 Hendrix Nebula t shirt at RedBubble
tumblr n6m7gopqfe1tctogyo1 1280 480x480 Hendrix Nebula t shirt at RedBubble

“Hendrix Nebula”

More than just music, it’s an experience.

Available in multiple colors, styles and sizes @

Follow Grey Matter Creations on Tumblr:
Like Grey Matter Creations on Facebook:

Andy: It looks cool, but is it fair usage to use the original image in that way? I’m no lawyer (obviously), but it seems to me like this one could be DMCA’d pretty easily.


Watch What you say!

by Andy on July 7, 2014

front Watch What you say!
back Watch What you say!

I have been a paper artist for awhile now, seeing interesting concepts, and cutting and pasting them until compositions and concepts became intriguing. I decided to bring some of these to T-Spring,

Thanks everyone, have a look.

Andy: If only there was some way that this could be made to look creepier?


one man and his dog slim 480x480 TshirtGrill: Free Worldwide Delivery On All Orders Until Tuesday
star tripw 480x480 TshirtGrill: Free Worldwide Delivery On All Orders Until Tuesday
Bandanas Turtles 480x480 TshirtGrill: Free Worldwide Delivery On All Orders Until Tuesday

In celebration of the holiday weekend, are offering their customers free postage and packaging until 23.59pm (GMT) on the 8th of July

To claim your free P+P simply enter the code JULYFREE in the ‘Discount/Gift Code’ section during checkout.

TshirtGrill is home to thousands of designs, with everything from slogan tees, to classic bands and cult TV & Film, so get your geek on and peruse some of the tastiest tees on the World Wide Web.

Andy: I didn’t really want to post about Tshirt Grill twice in one day but as I’m about to smash through a load of Independence Day sales I thought there was no harm in it.


rb new tees shop1 480x200 15% off EVERYTHING at RedBubble this weekend!
Use coupon code 04JUL2014 to get 15% off anything and everything at RedBubble for Independence Day. Sale runs from now until Sunday. Anyone else think it’s funny they have an image on their site saying find your favourite new tee and the guy is wearing a tank top? Almost as silly as calling a t-shirt site Hide Your Arms…


New Glasgow-themed t-shirts

by Andy on July 4, 2014

Kerby white New Glasgow themed t shirts
Haggis dark CP New Glasgow themed t shirts
Haggis white CP New Glasgow themed t shirts

As the Commonwealth Games start in Glasgow, here are two tees giving tribute to the Real Glasgow Games.

Andy: This has the potential to be quite funny, but unfortunately I have no idea what it says on the ‘Kerby’ shirt, and I’ve been on the site and I have no better clue. If I can’t see the artwork I’m not going to buy it, am I? It would be nice to see a couple more designs in the shop too, two shirts doesn’t give enough choice and is likely to reduce sales conversions when people visit the site.


BaseballTake2 480x655 Never Worry Make Decisions tees from Peter Banrir Clothing
NavyWrinkled 480x433 Never Worry Make Decisions tees from Peter Banrir Clothing

Never Worry Make Decisions – Orange on Navy
Never Worry Make Decisions – Black/White 3/4 Sleeve Raglan

These shirts were inspired by a positive message. Never worry or stress about anything. Just make a decision and move forward.

Andy: The mockups really don’t help these shirts at all, but that on a model and take some real photos and I might be interested but as it is I’m just not feeling it.


SUNNY DAY Weekly Tee 480x718 Ice cream typographic t shirts from Weekly Tee
SUCK it Weekly Tee 480x718 Ice cream typographic t shirts from Weekly Tee

Weekly-Tee enjoy sunny days, and his pleased to offer to you typographic ice-cream!

Shop :
Stay Tuned :

Andy: I kinda wish the lolly one didn’t say suck, but these tees are still pretty cool.


RH007 WEB SHOT 2 480x600 Rufio Hutch   CLOTHES. SOUNDS. VISIONS.
RH003 WEB SHOT 2 480x600 Rufio Hutch   CLOTHES. SOUNDS. VISIONS.

Rufio Hutch is a new menswear label conceived by designer Luke O’Connell. Rufio Hutch is a multifaceted clothing label with music & art intertwined with high-end, ethically produced apparel; starting with t-shirts.

The debut t-shirt collection is made up of nine original designs, all in our signature monochrome palette. With a real focus on simplicity and detail, each t-shirt features a bold graphic visual with instant impact. Screen printed cotton labels on the neck and hem, featuring the ‘RH Drop’ logo, and an additional label inside featuring the Nice Touch Records (coming later in the year) emblem, back up the brand’s attention to detail.

Each piece from the collection arrives in bespoke packaging, reinforcing the labels dedication to quality and design. We wanted the packaging to say that this is something unique and special with extra care and thought put into the whole process.

Andy: Pretty cool, thanks for the submission!


redvedding 480x480 Will TshirtGrill Survive The Game of Thrones?
DireVulf 480x480 Will TshirtGrill Survive The Game of Thrones?

TshirtGrill journeyed all the way to Westeros for the inspiration behind these latest designs and have returned from over The Wall with some goodies they hope all you Game of Thrones fans will enjoy.

Based on George R. R. Martin’s swords and sorcery epic A Song of Ice and Fire, these tees ask you to remember that a ‘Direwolf is for life, not just for Winter’ as well as invite you to The Red Wedding – one of the most memorable (not to mention, gruesome) scenes seen on television in the last decade. Each design is available in range of styles, including Men’s, Women’s Slim Fit’s & hoodies, with Organic variants to follow. Prices start from £14.99 and all designs are available Worldwide.

Andy: I’m not too sure about the scroll shirt but the direwolf one is done fairly well.


Happy 4th of July SocialMedia Banner 480x452 Celebrate America with Jack of all Trades and a 3 day SALE!
Cxfrdnu 480x242 Celebrate America with Jack of all Trades and a 3 day SALE!
GMr2PLg 480x217 Celebrate America with Jack of all Trades and a 3 day SALE!

You absolutely have to dress up for America’s Birthday, there’s no doubt about it. Why not take advantage of the huge SALE Jack of all Trades has been cooking for you?
Save 25% SITEWIDE by using promo code: JULY4. Sale starts today and it ends on 5th of July at midnight EST.

Whether you’re hanging out at a backyard barbecue or spending time with your family at a picnic, going with your friends to watch the firework or going with your girlfriend to the concert, don’t miss the opportunity of getting a Captain America T-shirt. That one literally screams patriotic.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


NomadKey Lightning Keychain 480x270 Hands on review: Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard
I know what you’re thinking, that doesn’t look like a t-shirt or any other kind of clothing, and you’d be right. These are the ChargeKey and ChargeCard, innovative charging and data transfer solutions for iOS devices with a lightning cable (iPhone 5 onwards and some iPads, right?) and also micro USB. Having recently replaced my aging iPhone 4 with an iPhone 5 recently when I was given the chance by Nomad to check them out I thought it would be perfect, especially as I am excellent at losing cables.

The ChargeKey is a compact key-shaped cable that you can put on your keyring and never have those “I’ve forgotten my cable” moments again when you’re out and about, wanting to charge your phone or transfer some important data. It’s a good idea, usually I would dismiss something this small as only lasting a few months with me because I would lose it, but since it’s now on my keys that’s not going to happen, and I’m always prepared in case I get caught out at a friend’s house without charge, I can just plug it into a USB slot on their computer or their USB plug for another smartphone.

NomadKey Lightning MacBook 480x232 Hands on review: Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard
I’ve tested the key in every USB port on my PC, and a few different USB wall plugs (official Apple, Samsung, Kindle plugs) and none of them have brought up the dreaded ‘this accessory is not compatible’ warning that seems to be a common problem with other 3rd party charging cables (and some of the official ones too!). That’s hardly a surprise though as all of Nomad’s products are MFi certified by Apple so you can be confident that they will work. I wasn’t too confident leaving my phone dangling from the front to the USB input on the tower of my PC though, there was no danger of the phone crashing to the floor since it is a good fit, I just wasn’t comfortable with applying that kind of pressure to the USB input, the ChargeKey (with it being bent at 90 degrees), or the connection port on the iPhone. I’m sure that the setup wouldn’t have caused any damage, it just didn’t seem right not having my phone hanging in mid-air. That’s not really a situation that the key is designed for though, pop it into a laptop where it will lay flat, or use an Apple plug where the cable is pointing down and not stress anything, or a USB hub and you’re not going to have any of my overprotective worries.

81qKLeUeqAL. SL1500  480x384 Hands on review: Nomad ChargeKey and ChargeCard
The ChargeCard is similar, but different, instead of going on your keys this version of the card goes in your wallet. Again, it’s very useful and makes it a lot less likely you’ll be caught without a ‘cable’ (which this technically is, even if it doesn’t look like it), despite being credit card sized (though ticker) it feels solid and is rather ‘design-y’ rather than just being a utilitarian slab of plastic, which is a pretty admirable feat when you’re talking about something you use to charge your phone. Again, I had no problems in terms of functionality, it worked in every port I tested it on and that’s the best I could hope for. One thing I didn’t test was data transfer speeds because that seemed a little extreme for a clothing site to do, but I certainly couldn’t complain.

Previously, if you wanted either of these products you needed to have them sent from the US, and inevitably that meant paying over the odds because of import taxes and the dreaded ‘clearance fee’ levied by couriers that can often be more than the taxes. Nomad products can now be purchased directly from the UK via their Amazon store, and that’s fulfilled by Amazon so you’re also eligible for Prime delivery. It is a similar story for a few other countries around the world which is very convenient and does remove those niggling doubts from buying overseas. Both items are £20 each in either iOS lightning or micro USB format.

Nomad are currently also offering pre-order on newer versions of what will be called the NomadCard (which adds a longer USB connection), NomadKey (which looks the same), and the NomadClip which is an interesting carabiner-esque connector with a charging cable hidden within it. Those will be shipping in the Autumn but I think that the products as they are in their current incarnation are an excellent fit for their purpose and also a great help to people as forgetful as me!

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AAA supporter Ntò CoSang 480x273 Asphalt Academy Apparel, teaching from the streets to be worn
PYRAMID 01 adv shooting 480x273 Asphalt Academy Apparel, teaching from the streets to be worn
JUST a CIRCLE 04 printing thickness 480x320 Asphalt Academy Apparel, teaching from the streets to be worn

Asphalt Academy Apparel, 101% handmade in Italy, is a newborn brand with a vision: to translate the stirrings, the suggestions, the nightmare, the dreams and, definitely, the teachings of the street-life on clothing and accessories of superior workmanship.

The name of this brand is rather clear about this purpose, infact it can be read as: “the asphalt is the skin of every road, the street is something like an academy, this is the apparel for who attends this kind of school”.

“…Street sounds swirling through my mind…lessons learned still help me today…you know, my heart & soul will carry on…” [Chicago, 1979, “Street player”]

The DNA of AAA confirms this nature: the art-director is a rapper, well known and respected in Italian hip-hop scene: his nome de guerre is Paura (i.e. Fear), but the “superior wormanship” is guranteed by his partner-in-crime, Fabio Festa, who comes form a lifetime experience working with fashion giants, such as Versace, Galliano, Just Cavalliand Extè “Acht”.

The aesthetics of the tees tailored by AAA respect the visions of the asphalt as an universal symbol and of the streets as place where you can/must learn to live: tire tracks, the geometry of the metropolis, reflections and shades: everywhere around the world the asphalt is similar, but each street has its own dark cloak, with its own stories, legends, lessons, icons, scars and tattoos.

“…Every chance,…every chance that I take, I take it on the road…those kilometres and the red lights…I was always looking left and right…” [David Bowie, 1977, album: “Low”]

As Paura said in an interview for a magazine, this vision, for anger or passion, is the apparel of those who live the asphalt academy.

Therefore, the path chosen by AAA is to create a crossroad between the toughness of the street-life and the seduction of the well-made fashion, utilizing fine Egyptian cotton, modern cuts and shimmed prints to realize precious maps to be worn on the stages called roads.

Andy: Very impressive submission, they did all the formatting themselves! Cool tees too!


The Dudes Summer Sale

by Andy on July 2, 2014

The Dudes SummerSale HYA 1 The Dudes Summer Sale
The Dudes SummerSale HYA 2 The Dudes Summer Sale
The Dudes SummerSale HYA3 The Dudes Summer Sale

The Dudes are having a summer sale with great deals on tees, sweaters, hoodies, screen-prints and skateboards.

Be quick and get your mits on amazing graphic apparel & art from Mcbess, Smithe One, Ugo Gattoni, DXTR, & Genius Inc.


Joffa Clothing

by Andy on June 30, 2014

1403120888 Joffa Clothing
6644422 Joffa Clothing
1402424603 Joffa Clothing
Joffa Clothing is a small clothing brand based in Shrewsbury in the UK. We started up fall last year and are selling a wide range of clothing. We got started out of the ambition to one day have a successful clothing brand such as Hype who also started out in Shrewsbury. We sell snapbacks, jumpers, tees and beanies and are constantly coming up with new designs for the future. We love to hear feedback from customers and followers and take on suggestions for new clothing from all our fans.

You can check us out at, Twitter @joffaclothing and Facebook.

Andy: I like the all-over print shirt, it’s something a bit different compared to most of the ones that are all about world cities and hot women, it’s just a cool photo on a shirt (I’m guessing it’s of Shrewsbury based on my very brief stop for lunch there on a road trip). I’m not too excited by the ‘Fresh’ shirt, it’s not that interesting and other people are doing similar stuff. I can see why it would be tempting to a new brand since that kind of thing is popular, but I prefer the more original designs.


We love Game of Thrones!

by Andy on June 30, 2014

targaryen 480x480 We love Game of Thrones!
21 480x480 We love Game of Thrones!

I released a new House of Thrones collection!

Do you want a Targaryen banner without the medieval look? or maybe you just want the Greyjoy logo for your child!

Here’s the right time to catch it! Use the WEEKEND20 coupon code on my RedBubble during the weekend and you can have all the products with 20% discount!
(it expires on Monday, June 30th, 2014 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time)

Also, there are little differences between the versions available on Redbubble and the versions on

Andy: I’ve seen better shirts, but it’s certainly an enjoyable design style.


tumblr n789ghr9Fw1tctogyo1 500 Batman Beyond Tech t shirt at Teespring

“Beyond Tech” from Grey Matter Creations
Inspired by the cartoon series Batman Beyond.

Limited time promo price on Teespring!
In order to get my name out there, I’m doing a special promo price of $20.00 @
This offer is for a limited time only, campaign ends on 7/7/2014.

Andy: I haven’t seen the show so I can’t really comment, but doesn’t this shirt seem more like merchandise than something that is created originally with Batman as the inspiration?


Propa-T: 10% Discount This Weekend

by Andy on June 27, 2014

rockzilla001 1024x1024 480x640 Propa T: 10% Discount This Weekend
RiotNotDiets Website Product 480x639 Propa T: 10% Discount This Weekend
Eugene Dance1 Blue 480x640 Propa T: 10% Discount This Weekend

Propa-T is a newly-launched graphic tee brand, from the team behind the club night ‘Propaganda’. The Spring/Summer 2014 collection features badass designs that are fun, bold and full of character. The inspirations for our designs range from festivals to girl gangs to Godzilla… and prices range from £12 – £20.

This weekend we are giving a 10% discount across the entire range:
Visit and enter the discount code: WHONEEDSGLASTO in the final stages of payment to redeem the offer, from Friday 27th June – Sunday 29th June (midnight)

Andy: Love that pizza shirt!


Gods collection by Born Ready

by Andy on June 27, 2014

IMG 0298 480x719 Gods collection by Born Ready
IMG 0380 480x719 Gods collection by Born Ready
BR hebe drawing white copy 480x588 Gods collection by Born Ready

I have always been interested in myths and legends especially old drawings and the various interpretations that have been made over time. The strongest period in mythology for me would be Greek Mythology. The stories, statues and art covering this subject provides such a rich pool of creativity that I knew I wanted to base a collection around it. This first release focuses on two of the most well known figures from Greek Mythology in Zeus and Atlas, whilst also adding a lesser known goddess in Hebe – the goddess of youth, which makes up this 8 piece collection.

Andy: Ahhh, such energy and enthusiasm from the models!


2014 06 23 480x355 Sociale Revolution Disrupts Art & Fashion
SOCIALE PROFILE 480x480 Sociale Revolution Disrupts Art & Fashion
SOCIALE BANNER 480x270 Sociale Revolution Disrupts Art & Fashion

Art Wear by Sociale Revolution is available now for the first time, only through Kickstarter. Art Wear gives art lovers direct access to talented artists by fusing their work with all-organic, California-crafted clothing.

All of the Art used to make Art Wear is created exclusively for Sociale Revolution by artists who want to get their work beyond the gallery walls. Sociale Revolution works with these artists to create all-new pieces with fashion design in mind from the start. They also provide their artists with a wealth of resources such as in-team fashion designers, the highest quality manufacturing, and premium printing to make their work shine.

But it’s not just what they’re making that’s unique, it’s how they’re making it. Everything is produced from scratch in Los Angeles from fabrics, to tags, to packaging, and all of the materials are 100% organic. The entire process is eco-friendly, right down to the pre-shrinking wash that softens the fabric before it gets to you to preserve the perfect fit through dozens of washes.

“We are proud to introduce a very unique concept that provides both Artists and Art lovers with a way to express their passions by literally wearing them on their sleeve,” said Fabien Thierry, Co-Founder of Sociale Revolution. “The options people have for discovering new art have always been limited, and consequently most artists struggle to be seen and support themselves with their work. Sociale Revolution is a constantly growing collective striving to give this power back to the people who love art.”

Sociale Revolution’s Kickstarter campaign will run until July 18th, closing at 6:00 pm PST. You can find the campaign here or you can visit their website for more information

Andy: I love how happy they all look with in the card throwing photo, if I were in there I’m sure I’d be a lot more annoyed because you know what? Someone’s going to have to pick them all up and it’ll probably end up being me.


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