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Christians Proclaim Christ Is Victory

by Andy on August 13, 2014

1 480x330 Christians Proclaim Christ Is Victory

So one question that may come up is “What does 3P39V mean?” Well, what started out as a title of a blog that represented someone’s name, turned into a whole different meaning quickly.

3P39V means Christians Proclaim Christ Is Victory which is a reflection of

1 Corinthians 15:57
“But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.”

In the beginning a design was made because of a personal desire to wear shirts that represented my belief in Christ as my Lord and Savior and His Word, these designs will include verses of the Bible displaying God’s Truth and may involve animals. “Why animals?” When I was a younger I wanted to be a veterinarian, that didn’t come to pass, but this is a way to at least get close, and why not include one of God’s creation in the designs.

I don’t know what the end result will be with this endeavor, but in any outcome, the thing I would like you to know is the most important thing I’m thankful for is my salvation and to always do things that glorify God and not myself, so check out me out and thanks for any support!

God Bless!

Andy: Soooooo….. what does a koala bear have to do with Christianity? I know it says ‘why not?’ in the description but I think why is probably a more pertinent question. Pretty odd brand name too.


coup Clothing – Dissent through apparel

by Andy on August 12, 2014

coup 254 480x720 coup Clothing   Dissent through apparel
coup 312 480x720 coup Clothing   Dissent through apparel
coup 19 480x720 coup Clothing   Dissent through apparel

coup (pronounced koo), or Cloth of Unified People, is a clothing brand that brings together art and political activism with fashion and apparel. The apparel is meant as public art to help discuss and/or critique history, education, violence, economics, rights, among other issues.

Please check out the work and the site at:

Sign up for the coup Newsletter and get 20% your order.

Andy: Looks good so far, they’re on the right side of not being too preachy.


Lemniscate Apparel’s End of Summer Sale!

by Andy on August 11, 2014

Lem Sum Sale 480x240 Lemniscate Apparels End of Summer Sale!

Lemniscate Apparel is having an End of Summer Sale!

For the entire month of August take 25% off your order by using “august” at checkout.

Lemniscate Apparel: fun to say, fun to wear. Pick up one of our designs by going to

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Black Spot Apparel

by Andy on August 11, 2014

black spot apparel blue  tshirt FRONT 480x439 Black Spot Apparel
black spot apparel sweatshirt 480x439 Black Spot Apparel
black spot apparel beanie grey 480x439 Black Spot Apparel

ORGANIC, COMFORTABLE, QUALITY, HAND PRINTED, ILLUSTRATED and DESIGNED clothing, that features the sea, surf, nature and creativity as main subjects. I work as an Illustrator and Graphic Designer and Im incredibly passionate about this (also passionate about the sea), so Black Spot is a physical representation of this.

Andy: Looks good so far, I’d like to see the incorporation of some of the illustrations in the background of these images to the designs in the future, it almost seems like the most interesting parts (to me as an outsider of the brand) aren’t on the shirts! Nice to see someone using bamboo too.


3er maedels 480x554 Tfabrand releases their 4th Drop Urban City Vandals
3 jo vorne 480x852 Tfabrand releases their 4th Drop Urban City Vandals
Katrin tank gelb 480x719 Tfabrand releases their 4th Drop Urban City Vandals

On August 1st, Tfabrand from Stuttgart, Germany released their 4th Drop “Urban City Vandals” 3 new Designs on 8 different soft goods.

Andy: Very nicely done, thanks for the submission!


Untitled 1 page 0 2 480x480 Original artist series now available at
Untitled 4 page 0 480x480 Original artist series now available at
Untitled 3 page 0 480x480 Original artist series now available at

In Vision Concept apparel, we are aiming to bring a different perspective to street art and clothing. In july, we launched 13 new styles for both men and women. All designs made from original hand drawn designs. Limited quantities only.

Andy: Nice, thanks for the submission.


Personalized Facebook t-shirt

by Andy on August 8, 2014

Lola 1 480x360 Personalized Facebook t shirt
DSC03193 480x319 Personalized Facebook t shirt
DSC03173 480x319 Personalized Facebook t shirt

On July Social Printing Company launched its first online shop: This website allows anyone with a Facebook account to create a tee shirt with their friends’ profile images on it.

Andy: It’s a fun concept and I really like the execution (the site looks great), but it’s not the kind of shirt that I personally would wear.


Royales Clothing-Summer 2014 Collection

by Andy on August 8, 2014

MVI 6755 480x403 Royales Clothing Summer 2014 Collection
 Royales Clothing Summer 2014 Collection
 Royales Clothing Summer 2014 Collection

Fresh out of your favorite burger joint and the press, Royales Clothing introduces its initial line-up: The Royales Flagship tee and A Mickey Fin tee. At first glance these are just heavily influenced pop-culture designs, but there’s more to it than just that. Royales Clothing is about recognizing the importance of everyone, and showing that importance through high quality designs and thoughts on today’s culture. True to the brand’s identity, each shirt has something to say about royalty, culture and art. Each shirt is 100% Polyester and does not shrink upon multiple washings, available in Unisex sizes. Check us out at and order a shirt today! Use coupon code 4V5CZ7 for 10% off at checkout until August 31st. Follow us on Instagram at for pictures of clothing, food and other frivolous things we feel entitled to show you.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


Here we wear words!

by Andy on August 4, 2014

Here we wear words LADY 02 480x315 Here we wear words!

Ladies, weekly-tee add some new tank top for this summer!
Be ready on the 5th to the 12th August!

For 30€ we offer -20% on all catalog
(Available on EU/NA)

Discount code : ETE20

Andy: Something tells me that this one might be a bit lost in translation.


unnamed Theres up to 80% off in the Threadless back to school sale
Back to school? Isn’t there still a few weeks before that? Still, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Threadless‘ annual Back to School Sale starts on Monday, August 4th at 12 a.m. CDT (5 a.m. GMT). Our entire catalog of t-shirts, tank tops, longsleeves, hoodies, and kids styles will be 40% off. All wall art and iPhone cases will be 30% off. Accessories like laptop sleeves, pet goods, and totes will run as low as 80% off. The sale ends Thursday, August 7th at 5 p.m. CT. (10 p.m. GMT)



Tro&Co X Josh Neal t-shirt collection

by Andy on August 4, 2014

smilesun 480x720 Tro&Co X Josh Neal t shirt collection
visorr 480x720 Tro&Co X Josh Neal t shirt collection
wadingg 480x320 Tro&Co X Josh Neal t shirt collection

For Summer ’14, Toronto-based clothing company, Tro&Co, showcases their guest-artist series with UK illustrator, Josh Neal.
Check out the Tro&Co X Josh Neal Lookbook here:

All Tro&Co products are manufactured in Canada, using bamboo garments and DTG printing.

Andy: Looks good, thanks for the submission!


Project NY – Summer 2014

by Umang on August 1, 2014

I had the pleasure of attending this year’s Project New York show (July 20-22, 2014) at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City. As expected the show was professionally organized and there was a good handful of professional tshirt labels flashing their wares. The show attracts buyers and press, so if you are serious about getting your label on the rack of a fine establishment, check out the organizer’s website.

The following labels are in no particular order:

1. Brand: MNKR

Home: Los Angeles, CA

IMG 20140720 125228 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014MNKR is producing a large array of bold graphic tshirts spanning various themes.

Monetary Damage: $28-30


2. Brand: PalmerCash

Home: Idaho (not kidding, no offence Idaho)

IMG 20140720 125644 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014

PalmerCash’s line covers all kinds of genres, such as NASA, cities, states, beer and other random things.

Monetary Damage: $28


3. Brand: Choke Shirt Company

Home: Seattle, WA

IMG 20140720 125944 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014Choke Shirt Company’s graphics span various themes so chances are, you will find something that’s for you.

Monetary Damage: $26


4. Brand: Solid Threads

Home: Hoboken, NJ

IMG 20140720 130257 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


You know those tshirt labels that sell all kinds “fun” graphics on a tshirt? The ones that print their stuff on Hanes Beefy Tees with a low price point? Well this is one of those labels but to my pleasant surprise, they are printing them on good quality tshirts which probably attributes to the cost.

Monetary Damage: $23.95


5. Brand: Bakline

Home: Brooklyn, NY

IMG 20140720 130421 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


For the love of all things Rugby. Bakline, strives to create solid designs with one theme in mind.

Monetary Damage: $23-32


6. Brand: Infinite Society

Home: New York, NY

IMG 20140720 131456 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


One of the few Urban themed brands at the show, Infinite Society stood out among the other labels. All of their shirts are printed on either black or white tshirts which is usually a hard sale. Keep an eye out for their upcoming designs which are line art drawings of things, New York.

Monetary Damage: $25


7. Brand: Father Panik Industries

Home: Brooklyn, NY

IMG 20140720 132349 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


If you are tired of “Brooklyn Industries” and want a fresh “Brooklyn” or NYC themed look, give Father Panik Industries a glance.

Monetary Damage: $32-34


8. Brand: Sharp Shirter

Home: Washington DC

IMG 20140720 133056 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


Sharp Shirter really like their animals in a fantasy setting. If your looking for artsy and odd give their site a look.

Monetary Damage: $24


9. Brand: Vardagen

Home: St. Fishers, IN (yup Indiana)

IMG 20140720 134219 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


Vardagen isn’t shy to produce various graphic themes to fill your closet.

Monetary Damage: $26-34


10. Brand: Quarter Water

Home: New York, NY

IMG 20140720 135036 480x640 Project NY   Summer 2014


Quarter Water albeit not really my style, stood out among the other labels at the show. They are taking New York City urban and giving it an MIA (rapper) flavor. Is there such a thing as Bodega Chic?

Monetary Damage: $60-65 (not really Bodega prices)


It was certainly interesting to meet all these tee makers and chat about their labels, face to face. Most were enthusiastic about their product and full of stories about the trials and tribulations of getting a tshirt brand off the ground. Marketing was the key topic with the chatty vendors. After being in the biz, it was easy to extract the newbies from the veterans. The veterans were less enthused to share their stories vs. the newbies who displayed excitement.

I had inquired if the vendors had participated in Project New York before and most replied that this was there first endeavor. Some vendors had participated in the Magic Las Vegas show and stated that the Magic Las Vegas (same organizers) show was five times the size of this event. If you have the funding and want to be a vendor, you may want to try Las Vegas first.

The overall graphic themes were diverse but it appears that owls, moustaches and dinosaur themes of the past have been replaced with NASA, elephants and bold font t-shirts as they were plentiful. If you are thinking about starting a t-shirt line, you may want to avoid these themes and think about the next big thing.



rps20140729 154908 480x360 NEW YORK CHAMPS 1937 T SHIRT   BY THE GOOD UNION
rps20140729 154814 480x640 NEW YORK CHAMPS 1937 T SHIRT   BY THE GOOD UNION
rps20140729 154944 480x360 NEW YORK CHAMPS 1937 T SHIRT   BY THE GOOD UNION

We are excited to kick off the summer/fall by releasing our first industrial sports tee NEW YORK CHAMPS 1937. Before the mega multimillion dollar sports contracts, the stardom, or the fame, American athletes played the game of basketball for the sheer love of it. The New York Champs 1937 shirt pays homage to the players during the industrial era that embodies this belief. Our goal was to create a real world industrial sports t-shirt. The lower hem of the shirt is hand sewn with our workshop approved tag. Lastly each shirt will come with a custom 4×6 N.Y. Champs 37 linocut blocked in waterbased ink. For a limited time we are offering 10% off use discount code CHAMPS10 @ checkout.

Andy: Always a pleasure to see a new shirt from these guys.


Fifth Sun Graphic Tees

by Andy on July 30, 2014

Nikki Fett 480x360 Fifth Sun Graphic Tees
Ads for 5 sun 2 480x177 Fifth Sun Graphic Tees
Laptop display 480x383 Fifth Sun Graphic Tees

Andy, thank you for everything you do in the T shirt industry. is the official online retailer for Fifth Sun, a leading supplier of graphic apparel for the retail clothing industry for over 18 years. Fifth Sun is nationally recognized as a creative designer and manufacturer of officially licensed apparel. With an uncommon strength in art intensive design, Fifth Sun designs and produces unique T-shirts for well-recognized brands including Angry Birds, Star Wars, and Nintendo. You can find Fifth Sun apparel in over 3,500 independent stores, retail clothing chains such as Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, and Old Navy, in addition to most major national chains such as Target, JCPenney, Kohl’s, and Walmart.

While Fifth Sun T-shirts are highlights of many stores’ walls and shelves, is dedicated to providing both bestsellers and exclusive online designs. Fifth Sun stays on top of all the latest fashion trends to provide the best officially licensed and non-licensed T-shirt designs for Men, Women, and Boys. As a prolific contributor to popular culture and massive producer of original artwork, Fifth Sun is opening their T-shirt design vault for the very first time to offer access to 100’s of your favorite pop culture shirts.

Andy: It really is refreshing to have a brand submit themselves that are actually allowed to sell the tees on their site rather than crossing their fingers and hoping that they don’t get a DMCA letter.


Skater Gear from Fit Out Apparel!

by Andy on July 30, 2014

dsc00338 Skater Gear from Fit Out Apparel!
dalston 480x320 Skater Gear from Fit Out Apparel!

Cordycep and Hannibal Honey Badger tee!

Andy: Not really my style but I can see it appealing to others.


New York: So Worn

by Andy on July 30, 2014

BKmock5 BG      40 480x488 New York: So Worn

A city that eats its young…despite all the struggle we’re still New Yorkers at heart. Unleash the inner New Yorker in you!

Andy: I quite like the concept and the mockup looks good but I wonder if the effect would be so pronounced in reality.



by Andy on July 30, 2014


HETZL CLOTHING is an independent urban fashion brand focused on creative, non-conformist and exclusive individuals. HETZL is inspired in the graphic and visual ideology of the world of fashion, design and avant-garde, with a sober, rational, modern and ground-breaking approach.

HETZL comes from the Northern regions, halfway of the sea, the mountains and post industrialism. HETZL is a brand for stylish people, aiming at offering an exclusive product to a segment of persons who appreciate art, design and culture and want to set apart with garments inspired in their passions.

A HETZL likes typography, abstraction, post modernism, art deco, deconstructionism, the Russian avant-garde, the square, the circle and the triangle.

Andy: Very nice indeed, I would wear any of these.


Flying Packs – New T-shirt Brand

by Andy on July 28, 2014

 Flying Packs   New T shirt Brand

My name is Mario T. and i am founder and creative designer for FLYING PACKS CO. Flying Packs is about unity and exploring ones own creativity. I would love for you to have/checkout&criticize our T-shirts! feel free to check-out our first collection! I do recommend our FLYINGPANDA T-SHIRT, FLYINGPIG tshirt AND/OR OUR wolFPack Ts (theyve been local fav out here in SF,CA).

Thank You

Mario T.

Andy: Pretty cool designs!


Regular Show by Olan Rogers Collab

by Andy on July 28, 2014

with tm 480x480 Regular Show by Olan Rogers Collab
mord 480x719 Regular Show by Olan Rogers Collab
rigby 480x719 Regular Show by Olan Rogers Collab

Hey Andy,
Thanks for all you do, you’ve been holding down this site forever now. I’m not sure if you watch Regular Show or Cartoon Network, but we just came out with an official Regular Show collaboration featuring realistic versions of the main characters Mordecai and Rigby. They posted about the release on their Facebook page with a video of Olan and Regular Show creator JG Quintel. We might come out with a round two with a couple more characters as well.

Andy: Gotta admit that I’ve never heard of Regular Show in my life, but one of the good things about these designs is that I can like them without understanding the references or characters, which I usually take to be the sign of a good tee.


Small Company With a Big Statement

by Andy on July 28, 2014

image3 480x480 Small Company With a Big Statement
image21 480x639 Small Company With a Big Statement
image11 480x640 Small Company With a Big Statement

My best friend and I aren’t the ones that want to spend 4 years of our life getting a degree. So we decided to start a clothing company. But it just couldn’t be a plain old company. We had to stand for something. So we thought about it and we decided we would stand for being yourself and being happy. So that’s how we came up with BYBH Clothing. We slapped our name and saying on our shirt and that’s how we started. So be yourself, be happy!

Andy: I’m just going to say it; these t-shirts are not very good. The text really does look like it has been slapped on there, when with a bit more consideration and a different type treatment this could have been a nice shirt, but as it is this looks more like it’s a promo for something than being from a clothing brand. Still, they are just starting out so hopefully they will be able to learn from this (something tells me that they won’t be selling a lot outside their circle of friends and family) and push on with new designs which have wider appeal.


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