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Daily Tees & News Roundup for November 22nd

by Andy on November 22, 2011

walking dead t-shirt

Very nice Walking Dead t-shirt at TeeFury today. Anyone else watching this show?

I’m surprised that Qwertee have this shirt on sale since it’s part of 604Republic‘s permanent catalogue.
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suck! clothing hoodie

Suck! Clothing sent over an e-mail with a few previews of their next collection which will be available at their stockists some time this month, and then available online in December. Every picture they included was of a hoodie, there are going to be tees in the collection too, but it makes a lot of sense that they’d be pushing hoodies at this time of year, in fact the more I think about it the more surprising it is that people don’t do full releases that include no tees at this time of year when it’s getting chilly outside.


headache t-shirt at time to panic!

I’m not too enthused by the actual image, but I certainly do like the colour palette that has been used. Currently on pre-order so you can expect the price to go up later in the month when it starts shipping.

Costiness=£14 Order it at Time to Panic!


vaughn de heart kickstarter t-shirt

Recently I’ve seen a few companies turning to Kickstarter (the popular crowdfunding site) to try and fund their collections. If you think about it there’s a lot of good reasons to go the Kickstarter route, it’s essentially pre-ordering with a lot less of the risk for either party. You can judge how popular your line will be and be on a sound financial footing from release, and people who are interested in the shirts can put their name down for an item and only get charged for it if they’re actually going to get made.

Whilst it is great in theory, in the past Kickstarter has been proved to not be a fantastic place for t-shirt companies to get funding. I think it’s because the popular ideas on Kickstarter tend to be innovative, when it’s hard to persuade a random person that a t-shirt design of any kind or style could be innovative. Due to this, I think that Vaughn de Heart have got a bit of an uphill struggle to reach their target of $7,000 pledged, even though the promise of having your name screenprinted into the tees (where the neck label would usually be) is pretty interesting.

Vaughn de Heart Kickstarter Page
Read why RoyLyn chose to take the Kickstarter route


labyrinth clothing teaser

Please note that is a UK date in the title, the summer collection is coming on June 7th… probably, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what Labyrinth Clothing have got in store for us.

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prestigious t-shirt

I think it would be good if they made a companion piece to this that said “days are cool, nights are hot” seems like it might go over well with a few folks. This shirt is currently on pre-order, and I get the feeling that they won’t be printing many more than the pre-orders, so if you want it you’re going to have to take a chance on not seeing the real thing before ordering.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Prestigious

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fullbleed teaser promo

What a delightful teaser image from Fullbleed.

Anyone want to take bets on whether I forget to post about the new line?


La Muerta is coming! [video]

by Andy on April 13, 2011

The Carnies Are Coming! from La Muerta on Vimeo.

Three video posts in a day? I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, not that it matters, I like getting videos on the site, especially when they’re actually enjoyable to watch. This video for La Muerta is a preview of this upcoming line that has some big names cranking out their designs, which has been causing all kinds of excitement in the design community. There’s not much information on their site yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know when the release comes (or you could sign up for their newsletter, since you know what my memory is like).


death shred preview

Looking at that single promo picture, I am, and so are a lot of people on Mintees too. The collection will be dropping on April 18th and I’ll cover it all then.

In the mean time you may want to watch this video featuring a handsome young man called William Spencer who happens to be an excellent skateboarder wearing Death, Shred tees.


our work is never done t-shirt

This shirt is only up for today on pre-order at $16, then it will be down for a couple of weeks until it goes on sale at full price (whatever that might be), so if you love it, best get buying right now.

Costiness=$16 Buy it at Awaken Clothing


The next Hide Your Arms t-shirt?

by Andy on March 30, 2011

hide your arms heather grey

Sorry to post about internal HYA business twice in a row, but I couldn’t hold this one in any longer. I’ve been thinking that since the HYA hoodies have been selling fairly well I might take the plunge and have the above mockup printed.

American Apparel Tri-blends are amongst my favourite t-shirt blanks, they’re super soft, wear well, last a long time without fading, and provide a great canvas overall for a print. I also really like the one-colour outline print on the HYA hoodies, so I thought I’d check out what it would look liked mocked onto a dark heather grey, and I think you’ll agrees that it looks pretty sweet.

I need your feedback if I’m going to print this, I might even do a pre-order sale (at a discount, of course), I want to know if I’ve used up the good will of readers supporting the site by buying t-shirts/hoodies/posters/pins/stickers or if you really do like the logo and actually want to buy it. At the time of writing the tee has 13 likes on Facebook, if lots more people were to ‘like’ it that would be a good indicator to me that people actually want it.

So yeah, gimme feedback, gimme your likes, and hopefully I’ll be able to release another tee and then think about what’s next as far as the HYA store is concerned.


Mishka Spring 2011 Teaser Video

by Andy on February 17, 2011

????? Spring 2011 Lookbook [Teaser Video] from ????? Bloglin on Vimeo.

I wouldn’t usually post a teaser video for Mishka (who seem to be calling themselves ????? nowadays) since I don’t post about them all that often in general, but this is a really cool video and it looks like they’ve got some sweet goods coming up in their Spring line.


Teaser video for Electric Zombie F/W 2010 Line

by Andy on September 29, 2010

Electric Zombie Behind the Scenes Fall – Winter 2010 from adam elmakias on Vimeo.

The line doesn’t actually get released until 10/10/10 (I predict a lot of companies will be releasing things then), but Adam over at IATT posted about this cool teaser video they’ve made, and I thought I would too. If you aren’t too concerned about having the newest Electric Zombie gear possible there’s a sale going on in the store for most of their current items which you might want to check out.


I heart HYA, well, of course I do!

by Andy on February 23, 2010

I Heart HYA t-shirt

Greek t-shirt designer yanmos, who has already been mentioned on HYA three times this year, is clearly a fan of the site, seeing as how he whipped up this mockup of a tee that combines two things I love, “I Heart…” tees and myself Hide Your Arms. Seeing thing like this makes me wonder if it might be a good idea to go down the ATshirtBlog and route and have a HYA shop setup at a print on demand site, where you could buy items like this that may have interest to a few fans but wouldn’t be popular enough to warrant me getting a load printed. Thoughts?


Mr. Tee in the running at Threadless

by Andy on February 2, 2010

Mr. Tee Tee

This Threadless submission has been doing the rounds on tee blogs recently, and it’s been receiving a lot of attention, I usually don’t mention Threadless submissions since you guys can’t buy them. It’s a fun design, but I think people may have been going a bit overboard with their praise of it, as surely the only thing Threadless can do with it is a photo print, which would look cool, but I can’t imagine it living up to the concept. Now, if Threadless kicked it up to the next level (and probably a level beyond that too) and made the design out of scraps of tees, that would be epic!

Oh, and it’s a fair bet that it’ll get printed, considering that Shimala seemed pretty impressed by the sub on Flickr (yes, I do have my detective hat on).

Check it out here.



It would be remiss of me not to mention that Micah of (formerly, or, I can’t remember) is also going to be making that risky transition from ‘person who tells you which tees are good’ to ‘person who hopes his tees are good’ with the tee you can see above. His shirt is kind of a logo tee, the three yellow bars can be found on the favicon of the site and yellow is prominent in the design, so it’s a logo tee, but it’s a subtle one.

Micah writes what I think is one of the best t-shirt blogs out there, I like almost every tee he posts, and I’m pretty sure I steal more tees from him than anyone else (for posting, I’m not making the trip to San Francsico every week to rob the man), so I really hope that his venture in the tee world goes well.

Much like my effort, the shirt will be ‘coming soon’, and I’ll let you guys know of any developments.


I Came From Nothing Artist Series

by Andy on September 14, 2009

Emptees - Talk - ICFN - Artist Series No.1_1252942280352 Emptees - Talk - ICFN - Artist Series No.1_1252942317931 Emptees - Talk - ICFN - Artist Series No.1_1252942293288

I’m pretty sure that this release is being done as a halloween line, and if it isn’t, well, look at those shirts, how could you not wear them on Halloween?

As I understand it, I Came From Nothing is a clothing line that is usually designed by one guy, whereas the artists series, as you’d expect, are designs created by a number of artists that have been invited to contribute to the line. The style of most of the artists isn’t particularly to my taste, but we all know that horror isn’t particularly my thing, though I can appreciate that ICFN have certainly got some talented artists on board, so it’ll be interesting to see how the artist series develops.


Bad Girl Candy by Cottonmouth [Previews]

by Andy on September 4, 2009

bad girl candy t-shirt by cottonmouth

It’s pretty rare for me to post a preview of a shirt, especially when you can barely see the design on the tee (though from what you can see it does look pretty sa-weet), but it’s a Friday, and that model is hawwwwt (though if Mrs. HYA is reading, you know you’re my world!).

Bad Girl Candy by Cottonmouth



laFraise have got one hell of a line-up for the final 12 in this competition, I’d happily wear any of them. Only one person will be winning the main prize of €15,000 but I wouldn’t be too surprised if we see more than one of the designs (peep the gallery for the rest) turning up in the Strawberry’s store over the next few months.

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