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Worn On TV

by Ben_P on March 27, 2015

Ever wondered where your favourite character from that show you were just watching got their clothes from? Wonder no more! You’re bound to find what it is you’re looking for with Worn On TV. It’s got an extensive list of TV shows to choose from as well. I know personally there have been times I’ve been curious, perhaps this is an excuse for me to now go back through binge watching all of my favourite shows…


You know you’ve made it when you’re a question on a game show, it’s also interesting that it was a $2,500 question, since that suggests that the answer should be fairly common knowledge. I wonder if the woman got the answer right?

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New Love Club Panda Head Review

by Ben_P on April 23, 2013

I received the Panda Tee from New Love Club who are a London Based indie brand founded in 2010, they seem pretty established from their vast collection of tees which is awesome and I’m glad they’re doing well. I must admit the majority of their collection isn’t something that particularly takes my fancy but that’s not to say that it’s bad. These tees on the whole probably appeal to a certain type of demographic which I find quite difficult to define but I’m sure some of you might understand? Ironically as well I noticed that this design was used on a tank top that someone wore on Geordie Shore – picture included! Honestly… I don’t watch it.



I’m not one hundred percent certain on how the tee was printed but I would hazard a guess as to CMYK printing, which is an awesome process when you think about it! The only draw back here I’d say is that the image doesn’t pop like it would with DTG or using exact colours via a screen print, but then again each process has it’s limitations and you can’t win them all! Overall the print is pretty good, it doesn’t feel heavy on the garment and feels like it will last and it won’t really ruin the design if it fades or cracks, it’ll just give it a nice vintage feel. What I will say however that bugs me is on the website the images they’ve used for their t-shirts, or at least this one, do not give a fair representation of the finished product. It almost looks as if they have photoshopped the image on because the t-shirt I received does not look as vibrant as the one shown online.

The quality of the tee is nice, I’m not sure what brand they’ve used but it’s light weight and soft on the skin which is always nice, nothing worse than having a coarse tee! It’s nice that they’ve added their own custom New Love Club tag on the neck and makes it more professional.


Overall I can see that this design and style will appeal to a lot of people, however to me I don’t particularly see the appeal of semi naked ladies on tees. I just feel a little bit awkward wearing them, but if this is your style I think there is something you will find that takes your fancy at New Love Club.


I’m really curious too to know if the tee featured on Geordie Shore was from them or whether this image is a stock image that can be bought somewhere! I hope for the former because I prefer designs which are thought out buy a company and not just a random image used.



I feel a bit awkward about this shirt, because I like it since the show was really funny, but at the same time, MySoti shouldn’t be selling it since it is just stealing the logo from the people that own Better Off Ted.

Costiness=$23.50 Buy it at MySoti

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Post image for Sheldon’s Rubik’s Cube t-shirt back in stock at Glennz Tees (and 30% off for thanksgiving)

Glennz has posted a quick note saying that his ‘Melting Rubik’s‘ shirt that was featured on the Big Bang Theory is back in stock, and also that he’s offering 30% off all shirts for Thanksgiving.

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Post image for “GT Japanese Automotive” Always Sunny in Philadelphia t-shirt at MySoti

I’m well behind on the latest series of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, but I am willing to take a bet that this shirt will be funny to me in a couple of months time.

Costiness=$23.50 Buy it at MySoti


Post image for release a massive IT crowd t-shirt infographic have made a bit of a habit of creating infographics based upon geeky TV shows, and when someone suggested a few weeks back that they should do an IT Crowd infographic I thought it would be a winner, especially since guys like me had already done most of the legwork in terms of finding which shirts were available to be bought and where. It’s a real pity that there’s not going to be more episodes made (I think I read somewhere that a Christmas special was a possibility, but I’ve heard nothing about that for a while), but better to go out on a high than to drag things out until the show is past it’s sell-by date.

Roy’s T-Shirts from The IT Crowd


Post image for Jesus wants Pussy Riot to be freed, on South Park at least

In a recent (possibly the latest, I haven’t been keeping up with the show) episode of South Park Jesus is depicted wearing a t-shirt with the words ‘Free Pussy Riot’ in support of the Russian band that were jailed after an impromptu performance in a church. The consensus in the media outside Russia is that the punishment far outweighed their crime and that the sentence was politically motivated.

Having not seen the episode I don’t know the whole story, but I get the feeling the reason for the shirt being in the show is South Park poking a bit of fun at slacktivists who are happy to buy a t-shirt to show their support for an issue but not really do anything to help, though what most of us could actually do to help the two band members I don’t really know. I suspect that if we look a little deeper, that Trey and Matt probably do support the plight of Pussy Riot, as they were trying to express their views in Russia, something that South Park does on a weekly basis, often pushing the boundaries of freedom of speech.


Post image for More than you wanted to know about Sheldon from Big Bang Theory’s t-shirts have put together this fantastic infograhpic detailing the shirts worn by Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory. This is definitely a step up from their previous infographics and it would be cool to see more like it.

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spinal tap t-shirts

I was watching Spinal Tap with friends a few months ago and couldn’t help but notice that there were an awful lot of t-shirts on show, and since I had so much fun with the Scott Pilgrim t-shirt list I thought I’d give this one a go. It’s hardly surprising considering that tees are the classic rock n’ roll wardrobe staple, but it’s still fun to see interesting tees being worn by characters in a movie, especially when I imagine that quite a lot of them were created specifically for the movie itself.

In spite of the popularity of the film then and now, there are surprisingly few companies out there which have taken the plunge and recreated shirts from the movie, with most seemingly happy to put “it goes to 11″ on a tee and leave it at that. It’s disappointing, but maybe if this post does well some enterprising freelance designers will put their efforts onto a print-on-demand site like Cafepress, Zazzle, or RedBubble so you can snap them up before they get DMCA takedown requests. If they make them, I’ll post them here, but for now we’ll have to make do with merely enjoying looking at the great t-shirts featured in Spinal Tap. Please note that I was taking screen grabs from the DVD version of the film since I don’t know anyone with the Blu-Ray version, but if this post gets enough attention I will happily order a copy of the Blu-Ray so that we can have some extra detail for the images. Also, I would never claim to be a Spinal Tap authority, I’ve seen the film a few times and really like it, but if I make any errors in this post just let me know and I’ll fix it right up.
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Grey Knight Armoured Hoodie

by Ben_P on July 1, 2012

Post image for Grey Knight Armoured Hoodie

I saw this a little while ago and my jaw pretty much dropped. I want it so very badly but it’s going to be difficult to get one because the guy (Chadwick Dillon – what a cool name!)who made them has been bombarded with emails from all over the world. I wouldn’t really know when to wear it but I think it’s so unique it’d be perfect in my wardrobe. Plus I’ve been on a Game of Thrones binge recently and that would be great to wear when doing a re-watch. If you want to try and get him to make you one, check out his Etsy. It’s been skulking around the internet for a while now but any interested probably stand more chance now since it has died down. It managed to successfully crash Etsy at a point.


Post image for BeastWreck Attacks T-shirt Seen on Community!

Did you guys catch the season finale of Community the other night? Abed was wearing a BeastWreck Attacks! tee designed by Beastpop himself. I’m definitely a fan of Community, and I have always loved Beastpop’s tees, so you can just imagine my reaction when I saw it! Congratulations to you, Beastpop!

I already own one, so get one for yourself at BeastWreck for $18.00

Keep up with BeastWreck: Facebook, Twitter


Post image for United Colours of Avengers t-shirt is awesome


I haven’t yet seen The Avengers. I haven’t yet seen half of the films which acted as 90-minute trailers for The Avengers Assemble. But yet I want this t-shirt. It’s a big deal, and it’s the sort of thing which is going to cross over into the mainstream from sheer nerdy geek chic. You’ve got to be careful with things that start in geekdom, though: often, what geeks wear isn’t what most of us (even though we’re at heart a similar breed) would wear in public.

But ‘United Colours of Avengers’ by Somethinggeeky does seem to bridge the gap. It comes in a t-shirt and hoodie, and at a smidgen under £12 it’s what I’d class as a bargain. Some people who know about The Avengers will get this; others who don’t will just see it as a cool, bold and colourful design. Whack it in your shopping basket and get it in your wardrobe rotation: that’s my assessment.

Costliness = £11.99/£19.99


So I actually stumbled across this site when I was looking for a tee for my boyfriend, he has got a thing for one of Leonard’s tees in the Big Bang Theory which shows the different lunar phases of the moon.  This website indicates where you can buy items worn by the characters in the show and also tee’s which show the characters in the show like the one above.

Obviously there quite a few tee’s that are pretty easy to find. Sheldon especially tends to wear a lot of Comic based tees such as Aquaman, The Flash and Green Lantern which you can find on a lot of sites by doing a pretty simple search. A few of the tees are from 80’ a site which I have used several times and I would recommend them highly. Of all the generic Sheldon tees, I particularly like this Batman Gradient one!

I think Sheldon’s Science based tees are probably the ones most desired by his adoring fans. It also makes a super cop out Halloween/Fancy dress costume to go to a party as Sheldon by simply buying one of these awesome tees!  This “Screens and Lenses Work Magic” tee from Thinker Clothing has a pretty awesome and intriguing design!

This tee I find to be a memorable one, I’d quite like this one for myself. Melting by Glennz Tees shows a melting Rubik’s cube, the rainbow of colours against the black tee works absolutely amazingly.

All the my favourite of Leonard’s tees are from Urban Outfitters and are all out of stock in all sizes, however this Periodic Table tee on Cafe Press is pretty good too!

I always enjoy the way Howard dresses, more men should dress like him. The only product that links you to for howie is his belt buckles. Although after checking pretty much all of them are out of stock, sure you would be able to hunt down similar ones though.

Stylin’ Online is where you need to be for your Big Bang tees, massive selection, even more massive for guys of course (boo!). Have to give Raj a mention though, I adore his shellsuit tops! This Ladies Man tee made me giggle when I first saw it!

So if you’re a Big Bang Theory fan or you’ve just spied an episode and been like ‘OMG I NEED THAT TEE’  is the perfect place to try and hunt yourself down that much coveted wardrobe fruit!



The retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing have posted a new design (their first of 2012), Sock It To Me, and this one pulls no punches (groan…).

''The things you own end up owning you..''

Compare with the original, as worn by Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

''I want you to hit me as hard as you can...''

Found Item’s previous efforts have drawn accolades for fidelity to the source material, and in keeping with said ethos, they’ve printed SITM on both tees (American Apparel blanks) and custom made short-sleeve sweatshirts (which stays true to the garment in the movie).

Costiness = $22 (tee) | $37 (sssw)

In related news, Found Item’s blog, It Goes To 11, has a pair of new reads that will interest tee lovers: the first, 15 T-Shirts From Vietnam, is an assemblage of designs collected from abroad that traffics in both the curious and the cliche; the second is an interview with Jeremy Henrickson, a Vancouver-based graphic artist with a number of excellent movie and game-themed designs to his credit.

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.

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My Favourite Shows, My Favourite Tees

by Ben_P on April 6, 2012

I watch a lot of television shows… and I mean a lot. As a fan of different shows I also love telling the world about it and what better way of expressing my views than through a T-shirt. A lot of these T-shirts are going to be the officially licensed shirts but I will try to include unique and independently designed shirts that pay homage to these shows too.


One of my favourite shows of all time has to be Chuck. The not so sauve comedy spy series about a nerd. Some of the best story lines in this show are the spin offs and that’s why this Jeffster T-Shirt is amazing, for you non-Chuck fans Jeffster is a band in the series. Surprisingly a really nifty design for an officially licensed product, they usually in my opinion lack creativity and are dull. However in this case I’d certainly wear this shirt. You can also find a slew of other merchandise including tees on the Chuck site.




Parks & Recreation, another amazing show that I’ve only just gotten into, but I slammed through every episode out within the period of a week, and you know why, because I’m Ron Swanson. Okay, maybe I’m not but I can definitely feel the part wearing this shirt. It’s basic, it’s not particularly creative but the sheer fact that it’s Ron Swanson makes up for this in my opinion.


If Ron Swanson isn’t your guy (how dare you) then no one can deny the brilliance of Li’l Sebastian. If you don’t like Li’l Sebastian you are heartless and that is a fact.

Dexter, the amazing show about the serial killer. While searching for the shirts for this I’ve stumbled across many creative pieces for this show. Two shirts really stood out to me available at RedBubble, I’m a big fan of comedy mash up shirts so these really suited my personal taste. First a humorous Scream / Dexter combination. The second a Captain Morgan’s / Dexter mash up which is just delightful.

As a huge Sopranos fan I found this next shirt quite funny. If you don’t get the reference you need to watch more of the show. Over at Cafe Press you can get a variety of merchandise with this design on it. If you’d rather a more authentic shirt showing off the cast of the Sopranos there are many available, but really they’re not as interesting and I prefer the little references like Cleaver or Bada Bing.

This list would not be complete without It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia being mentioned. Some of the best shirts are from this show, although I am biased because I absolutely LOVE it. The most famous being Charlie’s horse shirt. There are so many more shirts though, such as Mac’s famous Riot shirt.

There are so many more TV shows that I watch and may more shirts that I could post but I don’t want to condense it all down into one blog post which many people may be unwilling to read through. So I’ll leave it at this, but in the future I will put up more posts regarding television T-Shirts.


hangover 2 dog t-shirt

As I was watching The Hangover 2 I saw Alan (played by the hilarious Zach Galifianakis) wearing that t-shirt above and knew that I was going to have to post about it at some point, and that point is now!

Did any of you guys see the movie. I thought it was pretty amazing how closely they stuck to the original formula, except they of course had to amplify it to try and keep people interested. I don’t think it had the same charm as the original but people were probably overly harsh in their criticism of it. Imagine if the first Hangover didn’t exist and Hangover 2 was a completely stand alone film, we’d probably think it was brilliant. With The Hangover 2 already being one of the biggest comedy films of all time (I was surprised to read that too) it’s hardly a surprise that Crazy Dog T-Shirts has made a copy of Alan’s t-shirt that he wears throughout a lot of the film.

This reproduction doesn’t seem to be quite perfect, but I think it’s close enough for most people to not notice. Now all you need to do is get started on your beard and you’ll be halfway to having your Alan costume all sorted for Halloween.

Costiness=$18.99 Buy it at Crazy Dog T-shirts [via Troundup]


Fantastic 4 1/2 t-shirt scott pilgrim

We’re slowly filling in the blanks that were left in my massive post of t-shirts in Scott Pilgrim v.s The World, I think there’s only the Sharpie t-shirt to go of the main shirts now, come on Sharpie, wise up and get some hipster cred!

Costiness=$25 Buy it from

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goose firebirds top gun t-shirt

I’ve watched Top Gun many, many times, and in my exhaustive research of the volley ball scene I have no recollection of this shirt, but I trust Found Item Clothing to produce a faithful recreation of a shirt.

Costiness=$20.95 (sweatshirt avilable for $29.95) Buy it at Found Item Clothing [via ATB]


transformers 3 t-shirt shia labeouf

I went to see Transformers 3 a few nights ago and in the Shia Labeouf’s opening scene (I loved the scene before it, by the way, the retelling of history was very fun) I couldb’t help but notice that he was wearing a rather cool tee that seemed so familiar somehow. You can just about see it in the screencap that I found above (which was apparently from an episode of The Late Show With David Letterman), but it does miss off the text below the split-into-pieces t-shirt print that says “M T E E”. I’m not sure what MTEE stands for if anything, I’ve Googled around and I can’t come up with anything. I’m sure that I’ve seen the design above the text before too, I got the feeling that it might be an Asian company like Beams T but I can’t see it on their site.

Any ideas guys?


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