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Hey! It’s been a while since I did a Threadless blog, I’m hoping to get back into it, and what better excuse than a Memorial Day sale there are some really epic staple Threadless reprintes in the sale, some of the cream of the crop!

There were lots of changes to the the Threadless site a while back and I’m trying to find my way round the site again, it does seem a lot less personal and there isn’t as much personality as there used to be. There used to be efforts to made to put an interesting background relevant to the tee and now it’s just all grey and standardised. Nevertheless, the tees are still epic so here are some of my top pics from Threadless today!

Sushi by Benjamin Ang is one of my top favourite tee designs from Threadless, I have no idea how I have managed to not purchase it after adoring it for so long! I’m over the moon too that they had decided to print it onto a purple tank! It makes it even better! They have this in a range of sizes and types (men, women, kids) for $14 so grab a nommy related tee bargain! :)


Tees like this are why I am devastated I haven’t been on Threadless for so long, I loved Big Hero 6 so much, by far one of the best kid’s movies that has been out in a long while. One of the highlights of the trailer is when Baymax is stroking Mochi, Baymax has a low battery and sounds drunk! So funny. There is a tee that covers this! I really LOVE Hairy Baby by Samantha Germaine Sim.


If I have blogged this tee once, I have blogged it a thousand times. When my mental filing cabinet things of Threadless, I instantly thing of Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering! Absolute classic, conversation starter, eye catcher. Every think a person could want in a tee. Poor availability for women, but fully in stock for men, tee bargain for $14! There are a selection of Big Hero 6 tees so it’s well worth dropping by for a rummage.


Sticking with the space theme, Threadless designers always seem to still manage to come up with brand new super funky space related designs. I know my husband would love Planet System by Bernhard Trunkle (epic name!).  I love tees where they are mostly black with a massive pop of colour right on the chest!


If you fancy something a bit more serious there is plenty of choice too, I normally lean more towards the cute end of the Threadless scale. Astronomical by Wayne Struwig and Andrew G Hobbs, has much more a ‘normal’ or ‘high street’ feel!


Back to space again because I was totally taken with all the gorgeous colours on the navy tee. You Are My Universe by ilovedoodle is a super romantic twist on the solar system by depicting them as pretty awesome balloons. I think this tee has quite a feminine feel to it so it might have been cool to see it on a more girly colour! I’d absolutely wear this though, and I’d go for the black scoop neck in girly fit! :)


Lastly but not leastly and mostly because it’s a mere $7.95, full availability for men and only 2xl for women, I proper love the monotone print on the blue tee with this design of a pretty angry Cruella DeVille, Puppy Love by Paul Tippett could be a great last minute bargain fling into Threadless basket!


Hope people enjoy having a rummage in the Threadless Memorial sale! I’ve had a nice little wander this morning :)






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Baymax Soars Design on Threadless

by Andy on April 23, 2015

So there was this Big Hero 6 competition on Threadless and from it emerged 15 worthy challengers. We now have a week to get as many views, shares and sales to decide who will be the big (hero) winner! This is my entry to the competition which hopefully does a good job of showing how great the film was. If you agree then maybe pop on over to the site and grab yourself one. There are also loads of other really cool designs in the competition too! And they’re all available in mens, women and kids sizes!

Andy: I keep meaning to watch this movie but never get around to it. That means I don’t understand this design, but it sure does look pretty.


Back to school? Isn’t there still a few weeks before that? Still, I won’t look a gift horse in the mouth.

Threadless‘ annual Back to School Sale starts on Monday, August 4th at 12 a.m. CDT (5 a.m. GMT). Our entire catalog of t-shirts, tank tops, longsleeves, hoodies, and kids styles will be 40% off. All wall art and iPhone cases will be 30% off. Accessories like laptop sleeves, pet goods, and totes will run as low as 80% off. The sale ends Thursday, August 7th at 5 p.m. CT. (10 p.m. GMT)



To be honest, I don’t actually check out Threadless that often anymore, so it always kind of surprises me when I visit their site and they have SO MANY tees, and so many that I’d want to buy too. Their Memorial Day sale will be kicking off at 10am CT today and running until Tuesday at 5pm, here’s the details on what’s going down:

  • 30% off all tees, baseball tees, tri-blend tees, hoodies, iPhone cases, wall art
  • 40% off: premium collections, women’s fashion tops, tanks, youth tees (Disney, Marvel, Sesame Street, among others)
  • 60-80% accessories: beach towels, aprons, pillows, tote bags, pet beds, pet bowls, shower curtains, laptop sleeves
  • 40% off other accessories (nylon tote bags, coffee mugs, socks)
  • Infant and toddler: Large selection of tees and onesies at $9.95
  • Hold up, they sell pet bowls now? I’m actually tempted to pick up a couple of their Simpsons tees, someone better go put my wallet in the freezer.


    Use the coupon code SPOOKY30 to get 30% off all full price items at Threadless until October 24th. I’m guessing that even though this is a Halloween-themed sale that there’s no guarantee that you’re going to receive your order before Halloween.


    Threadless Goodies! 14/07/2013

    by DeeHYA on July 14, 2013


    Thought I’d pop a little weekend Threadless blog on! Although I have to admit there’s not much fresh since I last wrote one!

    I was sorting through my drawers before and I have such an epic number of Threadless tees and pretty much all of them have memories attached to them. Absolutely love how clothes that do that!

    Bit of a cutesy design first off! I don’t think I’ve ever blogged this one before so I don’t know if it’s a newbie. Midnight Snack by Jorge Lopez shoes a super adorable blue giraffe having a little nom on the moon! I like it, it’s a tee I would totally wear!


    Seen loads of cyclists lately, probably the pretty glorious summer we are having in the UK currently (toucheswood). This tee might be an awesome one for those with a love for bikes. Obviously Word of Bike by Matt Hoch isn’t going to be for everyone, but I think it’s been quite cleverly done.


    Thought I’d slip a cute Toy Story tee in! Although, there seems to be an abundance of black tees in this blog now! Evil Dr. Porkchop by Gregory Gosline portrays probably my one favourite character from Toy Story. I think it’s also quite cool that all the kids movie tees don’t always have to be bright colours!


    I really like this newbie tee. It’s yet another black one! It’s simple and original though, I love the hot colours against the black tee! Melting Point by Dan Burgess is a tee I could totally see my husband in!


    After eyeing up the showcase of Nathan Pyle’s designs I thought I’d pick my favourite one of his to pop in this blog. There’s quite a selection of cute ones but my favourite one is Rarr, I’m a Killer by Nathan Pyle, I have never seen something so adorable dressed up as Death!


    Lastly for this wee blogette because it touches the Geek in me! Totally reminds me of all the hours I spent selling stuff to lighten my inventory in Diablo II (I know it’s Zelda). It’s Dangerous to Go Alone, Take This by Stacy Eyles applied to pretty much every fantasy game EVER!


    Anyway that’s it for my blog! Off for some quiche! Ooh but also there’s a kids sale on Threadless too!



    I’m not sure I’d send my kids there — that is, if I had offspring — but here’s what one designer, Andrew Gimeztco, imagines the logo might look like.



    New at Threadless for $24.50.

    Read more of Travis’ work at BuzzFeed, The Pet Collective, and It Goes To 11.


    Threadless – $10 Tees!

    by DeeHYA on June 21, 2013


    Oooh bit of a Threadless sale, don’t mind if I do! Lots of mega awesome tees for a mere $10! Get ‘em while they’re hot kids! Some utter faves too it’s not like they’re just doing the ends of the rubbish ones!

    I’ve blogged this one reasonably recently but it mixes up a couple of favourites. Beauty and the Beast and Doctor Who. Love the idea of this design and the weird mixture of the two. I’d love to see Belle as the Doctors assistant this tee is called Adventure Waits by Karen Hallion.


    Another awesome tee on green which has sold out and reprinted a few times is Sushi by Benjamin Ang. I have no idea why I haven’t purchased this baby yet, probably my favourite Threadless tee on a green tee. I have to admit that I’m off sushi a bit since my son vomited some into my hands.


    Getting away from the green, Ugly Summer Sweater by David Schwen is also a mega tee! It’s packed with primary colours and also it’s available in a tank so you can get your guns out! Gadooosh! It’s a simple but effective design, nothing I don’t like about it!



    I’m deffo favouring the green today! I like this tee because it’s cute and clever and features food with a face! :D Gravity is a Lie by Randyotter is a twist on Newton’s realisation of gravity. Would have been totally different if there was a flying apple.


    Blogging this tee mostly because I haven’t blogged it before, no availability in Guy fit and the numbers are dropping in girly. I like the Skull mans jacket and all the muted colours, I can see that The Greatest Spectacle by Emanoel Melo is one that will surely be reprinted!



    Just because it’s all the rage It’s a Bird? It’s a Plane?… by Eduardo San Gil is a less obvious take on a Superman tee, if you’re wanting to wear one to the cinema but not look like an absolute dork. Unlike the tee above this is sold out for chicks but available for dudes!



    Grab yourself some $10 tees before the sale runs away guys!


    A year or two ago Threadless seemed to be having a $10 sale every month and it was fool-hardy to pick up a shirt at full price, but this year the sales have been a bit leaner. They do have a big $10 tee sale on at the moment though with A LOT of designs avaible for that low, low price. No word at the moment on how long the sale will last.

    Here’s a ink to the selection of guys $10 tees.


    Little Bit Of Threadless! 31/05/2013

    by DeeHYA on May 31, 2013


    Haven’t blogged Threadless, mostly because when they changed everything with their website it made it inaccessible to me to blog, I couldn’t save images so I had to screen shot every single page and then crop the bits I needed out so it was taking the best part of an hour to blog. Also I don’t think the new website has the community feel that it used to, I used to love spending time rating tees but I’m put off. I also went from getting a tee every month from Threadless to every 3-4 months. Not cool.

    They’ve also scrapped their $1.50 streetteam points for each pic. I understand why they’d do this however, I miss looking at the galleries of people goofing around the the same tee that I’ve got!

    As I haven’t been on for a while I have to familiarise myself with the site again. Some crackin’ new designs though. Feeling big love for Starry Pattern by Fred Hoffman.  Bit of a homage to Mr Van Gogh, can totally see why this one has been printed, shows super originality and also I have a soft spot for all over printed tees.



    I can see this one being popular with the cat loving Threadless fans, especially as we find kitties cuter than than kids. I also highly recommend girly boat necks, and I think this design would look less severe on the natural colour tee than on the white. This tee is called Drunken Cat Drawings by Jillian Fisher. Quite nice to see some different names on Threadless though, did just feel like they printed designs by the same 3 people all the time!


    Possibly my new favourite Threadless design ever! Me and my 6 year old daughter have just spent about 5 minutes laughing like goons at Magic Bacon Ride by George Ostubo. The facial expressions are fab and the choice to put it on a pale blue tee was a good one. One word, WANT!


    My husband likes this tee, it’s not my cup of tea. I enjoy the tank but I think it looks a but silly on the guy! It is an interesting mix of colour though, I’d be inclined to get it a size bigger and wear a bright pink or yellow long sleeved tee underneath it. I think The City That Never Sleeps by Dina Prasetyawan is a bit of a marmitey tee though.



    This next tee isn’t dissimilar to a Unicorn Star Wars tee that I already own from Threadless. Is it too similar? I’m not sure because I kinda want it. Nar Wars by Austin Frankel is so well drawn, all the colours pop and it’s in no way lost on the black tee. Can’t see what isn’t to love!

    nar wars

    Lastly but not leastly for this blog CATastrophic End of the Milky Way by Niel Quisaba and Soloyo is a cute mixture of colour and a great concept for a tee, although it kind of looks like the cat is spewing it out rather than lapping it up!




    Spotted on the Internet last week: a gallery of fake cereal box designs, most with a sugary, pop culture twist. Some of these have likely appeared previously on HYA, but two of my faves are posted below; you can see the rest here or by clicking on the image squares below.




    Read more of Travis’ writings at It Goes To 11 and The Pet Collective.


    You know you’ve made it when you’re a question on a game show, it’s also interesting that it was a $2,500 question, since that suggests that the answer should be fairly common knowledge. I wonder if the woman got the answer right?

    Threadless [via Troundup]



    Ooh Threadless your website still freaks me out, I much preferred it before all of the changes, I simply do not like change! Some pretty cool newbie and reprinted tees on the site though, I’m also particularly loving their Toy Story Collection.

    Speaking of Toy Story one of my fave parts of the move is the bits involving the aliens.  Teealiens by Sinan Ozdemir is very simple but sums up the move really well in one tee, I reckon about 90% of people will get the movie from this. Absolutely delighted they are doing this in baby and toddler sizes, not sure why they’ve missed out kids though.

    Another green tee for you in this blogette! Mixing together Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Doctor Who, I think I just had a Threadless-gasm! There is nothing I don’t like about this tee, it’s super original and Adventure Awaits by Karen Hallion is sure to be one of those tees that is reprinted again and again.


    On now for something a bit darker in colour, I Met A Robot by Danny Burgess looks expensive, I think it is because of the combo of Brown with a Goldy colour print. Sadly this hasn’t been reprinted for girls, looks pretty cool on the hoody too.


    Feel like it’s cheating blogging this tee, it’s an oldie but a goodie though. I really want it, my Xbox avatar has it for cryin’ out loud! Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering is a Threadless fave, it’s an explosion of colour and kitty with hex vision joy. There is nothing not to love about this tee


    Charity Tee Alert! Invasion by Jose Pablo Ingles Casao is a lovely monotone City Scape with Space Invaders all over it. 25% of sales from each of these tees go to support The Leapyear Project. I’m somewhat confused about what the charity does from the site but I think it’s helping people achieve their aims.


    Lastly, ha! I got to type Threadless into Threadless. I got sent one of these awesome quality tees. I can’t get over how much I love it, I love having ‘Threadless’ emblazoned on my wabs! It’s amazing and all Threadless fans need one. Word. This is Threadless Tee by Threadless! OOoooh loads of Threadless in that paragraph.



    $5 shirts at Threadless, go nuts!

    by Andy on February 13, 2013

    Post image for $5 shirts at Threadless, go nuts!

    Some pretty good tees in available for less than I pay for a pint at my local. Go get a $5 tee now.


    Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

    by DeeHYA on February 12, 2013



    Well my husband’s Threadless wishlist has just increased by an actual tonne. He absolutely adores Mr Spiderman and these tees are possibly the best results of a design challenge that I have ever seen. Even if you’re not a massive comic fan you can’t help by love at least one of these.

    First tee on my Spidey blog is Rock! Paper! Scissors! Web? by Robert Thomas Campbell looks like the front of a retro comic with Spidey totally kicking bottom at Rock Paper Scissors. Absolutely nothing I don’t like about this tee even though there isn’t much colour to it it works perfectly.



    If a bit of colour is what you’re after Entanglement Theory by Dean Kotz has an explosion of colour with Spidey foiling some of his biggest enemies. I am particularly enjoying Venom in this. I don’t think Asphalt was the best choice of colour of tee, the Navy kids one looks good though.


    It’s really hard to choose a favourite but this one would be in my top 3 favourites. Spider Fighter 8-bit by Tom Burns is an amazing tee with a beat ‘em up feel featuring some of Spideys biggest enemies. It’s nice to see some new designers names! Amazing how one specific topic can bring so much talent out of the woodwork.


    Sometimes basic is best. Why beat about the bush when it comes to purchasing a Spiderman tee! Spider Web by Alex Solis is your run of the mill, standard Spidey tee. I don’t see any originality but maybe if you were choosing a tee for a friend average is best.



    I like the colour red as much as the next dude however I think Spider-Man Wins by Daniel Castell Muiz has probably over done it slightly, it’s quite hard to work out what goes wear however as the name of the tee is Spider-Man Wins and you can make out that the man himself is standing on a pile of busted villains, this is deffo a tee of win!


    This last one in my blog is my fella’s faves, I may be manipulated to use my few Threadbucks! Inertia by Alan Bao shows a moonlit battle between Spiderman and Venom. I really like it too, it’s powerful and everything about it works for me!


    I have got really excited about these tees, I hope to see more Superhero shenanigans in the future! Thank you Threadless!



    Threadless : New and Reprints 20/01/2012

    by DeeHYA on January 20, 2013

    Yay! Finally some awesome desirable new designs on Threadless, it’s been a while since I have been on Threadless and been like want, want, want, need! Kitties, fishies, peas, pandas, oh my yay! There are still plenty of sale bargains to be had too!

    Lots of Threadless fans are people who are super Panda-lovers and this would be an awesome and slightly sinister addition to their collection. Agent Panda by Jerry Maninang shows a super cool panda in his suit and shades. I’m intimidated by the model shots. Let me hide behind this pillow!

    Another animals peoples go crazy for is UNICORNS! Me and my daughter always search for unicorn tees when clothes shopping! Nothing is going to beat the Star Wars Threadless one as far as I’m concerned though! Where Happiness Comes From by Luis Diaz isn’t as colourful as you’d expect a unicorn to be, but it is one that entices you to read it.

    Every now and again Threadless brings us an epic all over print that makes me squeal! Can’t get over the originality of Dance With Wolves by Peter Kramar it features little characters doing different dances with wolves, I want it! :)

    There are so many cat t-shirts that I want on Threadless that it’s not even funny! Here is a brand spanking new one on the scene. If There’s a Rocket, Tie Me To It by Hana Bacasno and Janice Golosino has a very ‘Celestial Cat’ feel so it. It’s amazing, especially in the boat neck fit which I’d highly recommend to girlys who haven’t experienced them yet.

    My aperture obsessed boyfriend would be all over this! You’re Dead by Kim Asuncion is an epic Aperture / Ninja crossover, I’m not one for black and white tees but I would absolutely wear this one!

    Lastly but not leastly for this blog is Goldfish by Andy Gonsalves. I love the orange/red print against the black tee, the wee fishy looks like he has bags of character and has a bit of a retro feel. He reminds me a bit of the fish called Cleo from Disney’s Pinocchio.





    Start as I meant to go on, here is my first Threadless blog of the year and it’s a sale one! Lots of fabulous tees to choose from and they aren’t even going to burn your wallet too much!

    Firstly one of the epic Threadless Comic-on-Tees designs, this one is The Day The Saucers Came, Issue 4, Vol 6 by John Cassaday. The design is comiccy but it doesn’t over take the tee too much. These tees are normally $24 dollars so you’re getting an extra bargain getting one of these babies for $7.95! There is also currently availability in all sizes!

    I have a thing about Night Sky tees and this one reeks of adorable, it’s also on Asphalt which is one of my Threadless faves. It’s has a deep and meaningful title, this is Discover Yourself by Lim Heng Swee (one of Threadless’ most notorious designers).  I do think this design could of been a smidge bigger, other than this it’s tee perfection.

    Really like the originality of Color Founder by Cheok Siew Yen. This features a sweet little beaver turning trees into different coloured colouring pencils! What’s not to love. This is available across the board in mens sizes but very limited in girly fit. Boo.

    It does appear that since Threadless updated their site that the search feature seems to be more effective, so that might be cool to check out if you’re looking for something specific. Next tee is one that is perfect for fans of Mario or nuclear explosions. It’s a couple of dollars more expensive but Power to the Mushroom by Budi Satria Kwan is probably one of the best brown tees I have seen on Threadless.

    Next tee is a lovely bit of blue for this blog! Bit of colour! So Many Questions by Gabriel Pyle and Nathan W Pyle has lots of little pictures and plays on question words Who, What, Where, When, How.

    Lastly for this blog is a tee that I have had in my basket many times but haven’t got round to buying! I love the purple so much and I don’t actually have a purple Threadless tee, there isn’t many colours that I don’t have now! This is Space and Time by Justin White. Amazing detail and an explosion of colour.






    Threadless Sale (until 29th of November)

    by DeeHYA on November 27, 2012

    Wowza! You can grab all sorts of Threadless bargains for $9.99 at the moment, now is the time to swoop and get some quality Christmas bargains or even just some little treats for yourself.

    Star Wars fans this tee is awesome! You can normally pick up some fabulously original Star Wars flavoured tees on Threadless and The Emperor by Matt Leyen is just one of them. It’s dark but also cute at the same time. I annoys me that this tee isn’t available in girly fit.

    One of Threadless’ most prolific designers is responsible for the following designs. Hugs Keep Us Alive by Lim Heng Swee, it’s adorable, well as adorable as organs with little smiley faces can be. I love all the colours in this, wish our organs actually looked like this.

    This is one of the few Threadless designs that actually made me laugh out loud. It’s a tidge on the childish side but hey I am a big kid! Omnomnomnivore by Aled Lewis and Abigail Lewis is simply genius!

    Self Portrait by Nacho Diaz does touch up the fact that when we draw a heart it never looks like an actual heart. The design is super original and the red design on stone tee works super well.  Another tee with organs on!

    ALL THE COLOURS! The City That Never Sleeps by Dina Prasetyawan is an amazing, eye catching design that takes over the whole tee. If you’re a fan of monotone this one probably isn’t for you. I particularly like the girly scoop neck.

    Possibly one of the most iconic Threadless designs, even my xbox Avatar has it! Technicolour Rex by Elisha Hale is one to have, I think I saw it on Modern Family last week too, for $9.99 in my opinion this tee is simply a must have.

    Lastly for this little bargain blog Partly Cloudy byJay Fleck is a nice little ray of sunshine for these awful wintery nastly floody days!  I love the colours on this tee and the design is just the right size for this tee.






    Post image for $9.99 tees and $29.99 hoodies at Threadless for Black Weekend

    Oh, and there’s free shipping at Threadless if you spend $60+ (U.S. shipping), or us international folks can get $9.50 flat rate if we spend $75+.


    Hells teeth the Threadless website has changed, I don’t know whether I am coming or going. However it does seem a tonne swifter and whole lot user friendly it is just a bit of an almighty shock.

    Here are a selection of my fave of the new and reprinted tees at Threadless over the last week.

    Firstly a tee of awesomeness. I have blogged this before and it’s so awesome I am going to blog it again. It’s blue, it features a combo of Bear + Polar Bear = Panda and it appeals to the bear loving child in me!  This is Ultimate Fusion by Chawit Waewsawangwong.

    This is probably the design I have been most excited about on Threadless for a very very long time. I am a hardcore role player D&D, Call of Cthulhu, anything from White Wolf, I am a sucker for anything table top game involving dice. Inventory by Terry Mack totally reminds me of Diablo II. My face PC game in the universe.

    Amazing reprinted tee. I haven’t see this tee before and I have no idea why, I would totally wear this. Tee with an extreme Banksy feel  Not So Happy by Lora Zombie, I have no idea why this has only been reprinted for guys. The colours are spectacular and the model pic is creepy as hell.

    Who loves Zombies? Threadless loves Zombies. Is it true? They do they do they doo-hoo!  I do like this tee and the model pics it’s a shame that you can’t see much of the detail on the model pic though. I think that Early Morning Breakout by Budi Satria Kwan is packed full of originally and a lil bit of gore! Lovely.

    Another bit of reprinty goodness with War and Peas by Tim Sutcliffe. I’ve never notice a pebble brown tee before. There isn’t enough Peace in the world and tees that bring that up are always always awesome! In my opinion anyway.

    Lastly for this lil blog! Newbie tee Endless Tune by Matheus Lopes is monotone but quite cute. Has almost and Eshery thing going on with it, perfect for any pianist/musician in your life.


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