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Threadless : Sesame Street

by DeeHYA on November 4, 2012

Thought I’d just do a swift wee blog of the tees which succeeded in the Sesame Street Threadless design challenge. No idea why every time I think of Sesame Street my mind starts singing the Fraggle Rock theme tune! I remember watching it as a kid yet I can’t really remember much of what happened in the show.

I always had a soft spot for Oscar and you did wonder what the inside of his bin house was like. This tee Oscar’s Hideout by Danielle Ikeda shows her imaginings of The Grouch’s home! He has an epic monobrow just like my Dad. I think this design looks a bit rubbish on the white tee and a lot of the Sesame Threadless tees seem to be white.

I do like the lovely way that Paint Like Count by Chris Philips has been designed. It is very believable and the colours are perfection and this works perfectly on the white tee, plus you get lots of your favourite characters together!

As a lot of the tees seem to be white how about a bit of silver!? Hairy Street by Chelsea Roxburgh shows Mr Snuffleupagus as the main feature of this tee while lots of other Sesame Street faves hide in his fur!

I’d say this following tee is probably my fave beceause it’s not white and it would be a conversation starter. Pixel Street by ray_ben features 15 of the bestest characters all drawn in a pixelated styley. I think this tee is definitely the stand out tee of the bunch!

Growing Up with Colours at Sesame Street by Michele Liza Pelayre I like mostly because it’s a crazy mish mash of allsorts. Your eyes flit from one bit to another bit and it also features the characters as babies. Awww.

Lastly but not leastly for the Threadless Sesame Street blog we have Cookie Moon by Harry Fitriansyah. I think it’s safe to say that Elmo and the Cookie Monster will always been firm Sesame Street favourites! Plenty of Christmas gifts for the Sesame Street lovers in your life here!







Bit of Threadless New Today / Back Today action to blog, must also crack out a Threadless Sesame Street blog over the weekend too as there are some mighty fine tees in that collection.

Monday newbie tee is winning some serious cute points. Trapped in My Belly by Andy Wilhite shows an adorable little bunny trapped in the tummy of a tiger! Poor little scamp, I have nothing negative to say about this tee! It’s on the wish list.


Don’t Squeeze Me, I’ll Fart by Michael Jonathan Smith, in my opinion, I don’t really see a massive link to the title of the design and also I think it is meant to be a dog but it doesn’t really look much like one. I do like the colour combo and the idea of concept of pocket detail is always a hit.

Toosday Newbie is a lovely Giraffe print which is blowing away like Autumn leaves, I’m not normally a massive giraffe fan but I feel that Autumn’s Fall by Tang Yau Hoong has been done so well and is brimming with originality.

Bit of a reprint of a twist of a WTF tee using the phonetic alphabet. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Esther Aarts is a text tee which is simple to read but the font is scrummy and the fact is is traffic light colours on black makes it super eye catching.

Oooh Doctor Who tee! These are always popular! I’ve Forgotten Why I Shouldn’t Blink by Alice X. Zhang pays homage tothat super memorable episode of Doctor Who, ‘Blink’. I do love this tee but it is creepy as hell! The hoodie is also sweet.

The Optimist by Matheus Lopes Castro is the reprinted tee! Also it has colour and it reasonably detailed I still find this a bit dull, it has a bit of a Banksy feel to it. It’s not a tee I would opt for myself  but I see some people finding the simplicity of this tee appealing.

Nothing says cute like a pumping Trumpet with a cheeky face. I love his expression. Also the fella who is modeling Toot! by Randyotter is totally working it and mimicking the tee! Genius.

Panda Fans! Good news! Day of the Dead Panda by Jason Bergsieker and Enkel Dika is an oldie by a goodie! Monotone tee of win. I think this would make an utterly amazing tattoo.

Friday newbie tee was quite a muted one The Paper Boat by Vincent Angeles would be perfect for those who are partial to a bit of minimalist in their clothing. It’s all basically grey. white and a beige colour. Simple but then sometimes simple is good!

The Choir of Antarctica by Lim Heng Swee is the final tee from this week. Perfect for winter this one, winter colour combo and packed full with penguins! Awesomes!



Post image for Free Threadless books when you spend $20 or more!

The Threadless book is fun, and now you can get it for ‘free’ by spending $20 or more in a single order using the coupon code FREEBOOK. I have no clue how long that coupon code will be live for, and if you’re wondering what the book is, check out my review from a couple of years ago.

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Threadless : Spooky Low Price Tees!

by DeeHYA on October 16, 2012

Oh my gosh it’s almost Halloween, all the cool kids like Halloween. Especially those super cool kids at Threadless. I love the spooky designs and guess what? now you have pick up some of their awesome creepy designs for a mere $9.99! Whoo ha!

Firstly, yeah I know, it’s not in the slightest bit scary but it features cats and witches have cats….so there! Also I think this is what my boyfriend would look like if he turned feline, chunky, happy and gingery. I kinda NEED Kit-Tee by Turbonova. All the adorableness you could ever need!

Both my children are being Pirates for Halloween this year, I’m sure my son requests the same costume every year just going up a size! Maybe in his teens he will opt for this tee A Guide To Be a Pirate by David Soames, it’s a little bit gory but it’s a good’un!

I adore owls on Threadless, every owl tee that is printed manages to bring something new to table. This tee is monotone but powerful and owls are everywhere this season. Vanishing in the Night by Daniel Teixeira could be an awesome way to create a his and her look on the sly! Sure I could convince my Nicholas into this!

Had to blog Heart Seeker by Ben Chen, Maroon is my all time favourite colour of tee on Threadless. It is also bringing a very sinister thread of story to Wizard of Oz. I doubt the tin man was a psycho killer though!

This tee design totally reminds me of Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer! I don’t trust bunnies either! On Don’t Trust in Cute Bunnies by Matheus Lopes Castro you get blood covered baby bunnies in UV light, awww!

What would Halloween be without a Jack O Lantern, I don’t own a Threadless Tangerine tee and this tee is so orange that it makes me taste orange when I see it! Halloween Slice of Life by Aaron Jay is a perfect lazy boy Halloween costume that is so comfy that you can wear it all year round!

I don’t find sheep at all scary but I adore Cool Sweaters by Jacques Maes wins some serious awesome points! There is nothing that I don’t like about this design and considering all these tees are $9.99 a piece you have nothing to lose!






Threadless Disney Villains Tees!

by DeeHYA on September 25, 2012

Wahoo something exciting to blog about on Threadless, they’ve changed their website again so I’m not sure how to go about blogging (again!) however I simply had to post my faves of the printed tees from the Disney Villains design challenge.

So I am going to start off with one of my faves! Ursulines by Patrick Seymour is an awesome portrayal of the badass villain from one of my Disney favourites of all time The Little Mermaid. This design is so crisp and perfect I desperately want this meanie on my belly!

I like the following design because it doesn’t scream ‘DISNEY’ as much as the rest and also it’s red. All Powerful by Bert Segunial shows evil mastermind Jafar from Aladdin. The hot colour palette is perfect for this tee.

The next tee is somewhat evil and beautiful at the same time. The Evil Queen from Snow White is probably one of the fittest villains Disney has given us and the design Wicked Wiles by Yuri Lobo is faberoo. Would of been nice, in my opinion, if they’d somehow mixed in how the queen looked when she was disguised as the old lady.

Let’s be honest when you think Disney villains this is the gal who comes to mind, Maleficent. She used to terrify me when I watched Sleeping Beauty as a child. I love the design homage to her, Queen of Dragons by Elizabeth Turnsek has captured this evil ladies deviousness down to a T.

Another evil lady who was far too skinny in my opinion is Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmatians.  I like that this design is on a blue tee, it breaks up the grey and black. Puppy Love by Paul Tippett is a very simple but effective print style design!

BEST TEE OF THE SET ALERT. I want this tee so much that it hurts. Mistresses of Evil by Enkel Dika is an awesome collection of some of the most sinister sisters in Disney. So well done if it doesn’t sell out in a few days (in girly fit) I will be shocked and stunned. It’s on my list for Santa, hoping for reprint!






Threadless New Today / Back Today (18/09/2012)

by DeeHYA on September 18, 2012

Yay some geekery for a Tuesday on Threadless. I must say that I can’t complain at all.

The world is Doctor Who mad currently so you might we wise to act swiftly if you’re wanting the newbie tee this week. Come Away With Me by Karen Hallion  shows Cinderella being potentially seduced by Doctor Who and lured away as his companion. I love the fact this looks like an illustration from a child’s book, shame therefore it’s not available for children.

And as for a reprint, one which has been reprinted frequently and yet sadly I still  haven’t got my grubby mitts on it yet! I think the colours come across as quite Autumnal on the creme tee and I particular love the hoodie and girly boat neck of House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alex X. Zhang. Perfect for Harry Potter fans without going with something too obvious. Thank you Threadless!




Threadless New Today / Back Today (17/09/12)

by DeeHYA on September 17, 2012

Just an ickle blog today of Threadless New Today / Back Today tees from today! It’s all a bit blue down in Threadless-ville today but a nice mix of super serious & cute and funny.

Newbie tee shows a pretty detailed image of a tiger, it’s lovely and ornate probably why it’s been named Ornamental Tiger by Victor Calahan. The gold /yellow print totally pops against the navy tee. I do think this tee has a high street feel but I love the colour combo.

Reprinted cute goodness comes from Know Your Dinosaurs by Sarah Sobole. This is simply adorable and the pastel colours work perfectly, I’d love to get this tee for one of my babies although it’s apparently not been reprinted for them. Even the nomming at the bottom doesn’t stop this tee from being cute.

Threadless also have an offer on currently where if you buy a canvas or iphone cover you can grab a $10 tee using code : $10tees . Check out the deal on Threadless and have a good old rummage


Threadless New Today / Back Today (3-7/09/12)

by DeeHYA on September 9, 2012

Really need to get my Threadless groove on, ain’t had any streeteam points in months so I haven’t got any new tees to rave about, tees this week are looking a little bit blue, a bit like the weather last week. It’s been fabulous this week in the UK this week.

Firstly on the newbie tees we had Crossing the Rough Sea by Francis Minoza and Laurence Minoza. I think this is probably one of my favourite one of my faves of the week, the colours work so lovely together. The night sky has been depicted so well. I’d wear this for sure!

As I mentioned earlier with the weather being so fantastic I’d imagine lots of peeps have been enjoying a BBQ. While I am a fan of hummus we all need a bit of meat at a BBQ. Who Invited The Herbivore by Gemma Correll is a super cute design I particularly like the girly boat neck.

New tee for Tues was a muted but clever design simply named Songbird by Tang Yau Hoong. It’s a pretty simple idea for a design but has a ‘I see what ya did there’ feel. Numbers are quite small on this already so the Threadless community are obviously loving it!

Now for something completely different! Bit of fox action, Foxy Hip Hop by Alejandro Giraldo Arango is a lovely summery looking tee with a work out / woodland theme! Bet you don’t have one of those already!

Next tee seems to be following the high street feel of rubbish hipster t-shirts. Sure you would probably go into Topman or something at the moment and buy a more original tee than Hit It! by Nils Gerheim. I don’t see any desirable qualities in this design whatsoever.

The next reprint is what Threadless is about in my opinion, cute designs that make people smile, that’s what attracted me to Threadless in the first place. Runnin’ Rhino by Allan Faustino shows a Rhino that just wants to be as skinny as Unicorn, aww! Even the model man looks like he is having a whale of a time!

The next design is a bit more crazy, I don’t fully understand what’s going on with it if I am honest but it’s a rainbow of colours and lots of stuff happening it’s a joy to look at, The Chipper Widget by Matt Lyon even looks good on creme tee (my least favourite Threadless colour).

I love the following design, it’s been reprinted a few times and I’d be inclined to say it’s a grown. I don’t think it works on the brown tee though.  Just Like Honey by Budi Satria Kwan shows a delightfully cute scene of a bear and a little girl sharing a pot of honey from a honey moon. It’s like something from a kids book.

I can’t work out whether I like Friday’s newbie tee, my main concern would be how it would wash. It’s not dull but it’s not exciting either. I by Silvia Rossana is a basic monotone tee which was apparently chosen from the Threadless Loves Photography design challenge, some of my fellas entries were way better than this.

Winning plenty of cuteness points and owl of the week awards Knight Owl by Malo Toquer, there is nothing not to love about this design, the expression on the owl’s face is absolutely priceless!



Post image for A t-shirt from Threadless to help with Philippine flood relief.

When I saw that Threadless were selling a t-shirt in support of Philippine flood relief I wondered if AJ Dimarucot would be behind the design, and of course he is, which is good because that virtually guaranteed that this shirt would be great. 100% of net proceeds from sales go to Architecture for Humanity’s Philippines Floods Response Program. You can find the shirt here, please don’t click on the first link to Threadless in this post, that’s an auto-link to my affiliate link and I don’t think it would be right for me to make money out of a charity tee.


Been away for a bit! Feeling a bit disenchanted with Threadless at the mo! Anyhoo here are the newbie and reprinted tees from this week so far.

Firstly newbie tee from Monday, a lovely autumnal colour combo and a birdy tee which I think can work for girls or guys, Burning in the Skies by Robson Borges. Also available in hoodie and iphone cover! Threadless slowly seducing me over to the evil ways of apple, tsk tsk,

Have to admit I am a massive fan of twitter, I use it every day, it beats the pants off of facebook in my opinion. Tweet by Brian Cook is an adorable birdy homage to Twitter. It looks even better in the girly Seafoam version rather than the light blue dudes one!

Have to admit I don’t ‘get’ this tee, I don’t think the design works. Circle by David Fleck is an odd mixture of a street scene and a minty green colour mixed in a circle. I don’t think this works at all and I’m not sure why it’s been printed.

I totally understand why United Shirt of America by Allie Mounce has been reprinted. I wish it had turned the patriotic up a notch by making it red, white and blue. I can see my American geography being mega boosted by this tee!

Next design, new one from today is absolutely cute. Mixture of mythical creatures on The Yeti on Vacation by Malo Tocquer. I really love the mixture of blues bet it’s gorgeous on kid fit, I could see my son in this!

On of my fave Threadless tees that I don’t yet own. We’ve Got Some Work To Do Now by Travis Pitts is an awesome up to date version of Scooby Doo with a skinny tooled up Velma! This design is original and desirable, I want it!



Threadless New Today / Back Today (8-10/08/12)

by DeeHYA on August 11, 2012

Threadless catch up from Wednesday! Nice mix of tees this week I have to stay probably the best selection I have seen in months. Well done Threadless.

Firstly a cute mexican flavoured twist on graduation ARRIBA by David Soames and Dustin Taylor. I think the simplicity of the red on white works well but the text, Señor Class Graduation, could have been a tidge bigger.

Next reprint tee is one of my favourite designs on Threadless. As I type sitting between my two kitty cats it makes me want Celestial Cat by Boya Latumahina features an adorable but slightly scared looking cat all made up of a night sky. Particularly like girly scoop neck of this.

Wowza, super original newbie tee this week on Threadless, I’d love to see my boyfriend in this. Somwhere Over the Rainbow by Alexander Tobler mixes a beautiful but familiar rainbow being surrounded by UFO’s. Without sounding sexist, I think the guy fit works a lot better with the placement of the design than the girly fit.

Another tee that I adore but it’s never available when I have streetteam points. Sushi by Benjamin Ang shows some lovely snuggly Sushi. I love the green, I love the design, I wish this tee was mine. Grab it because it’s never around for long!

More food with a face fun on Friday’s newbie tee on Threadless. I Don’t Wanna Taco ‘Bout It by Matt Will, awesome play on works, his sad face is so cute as is his massive tash. As little as 20 tees in some of the girly sizes left so it’s disappearing fast.

Lastly a firm Threadless favourite, a tee so popular you’re Xbox avatar can have it. It’s one of the first tees I think of when I think of Threadless. Techincolor Rex by Elisha Hale. If you don’t have it already, chances are that you’ll want it.





This TeeFury shirt has reminded me that I’ve never seen the Shawshank Redemption even though I’ve had the DVD for years.

Not often you see a cute spin on Cthulu designs, good work Shirt.Woot.

Doctor Who meets Lost in Space for some reason at RIPT.
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Threadless tees so far this week, so what do we have?

Newbie tee yesterday, Fishbone by Basotta: Anton Baso & Ttrubnikova, is an odd mixture of colours and on the model pics it’s quite hard to work out what is going on with it. I find it equal amounts of intense and gross. Not sure the white tee works.

Oooh I enjoy the awesomeness of this reprint. Pandas last week, Pandas this week, and zero Zombies. Are they taking over the world? Ultimate Fusion by Chawit Waewsawangwong is a polar bear and a black bear doing a funky mash up to become a Panda. Hurrah!

Fresh for today on Threadless, a tee which is showing some super originality on a basic inoffensive colour combo. Tally Ho by Dan Rule has a super vintage feel, so well designed and the numbers are trickling quite low already.

Lastly for my mini Tuesday blog. Monster in the Closer by Efrem Palacios is cute and funny and I wish this was available for kids I could totally see my son rocking this tee. The cookie monster and his gigantic hairy arm is simply awesome. Love the model pics in this too, cookie costume for Christmas please Santa!





Sorry it’s a bit late again! My Ma was staying over and I was scared she was going to ask me about how computers work again if I blogged when she was here! However here are our Threadless additions from last week!

Monday Monday Monday! Hate ‘em, dreading tomorrow already. Newbie tee for last week Ready for Battle by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo, I do like the colours but I don’t enjoy when a design is made to look like a skull, it’s been done before. Come on people.

Ah Monday’s reprint, I’d say this is probably the weakest link of the week and I am glad they got it out of the way Love the Bomb by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini, it’s on an Asphalt tee, literally all I like about it.

Not a massive fan of Pandas but I know some peeps go absolutely Gaga for them, I also don’t own any green Threadless tees but I am feeling the joy of Bank Robbery Bear by Aled Lewis. This is a tee for cute points and giggle points!

Ah so this tee has been reprinted again. I have told the tale many a time of how I ordered this and got sent the Zombie Audrey Hepburn instead by mistake. Zombies in Wonderland by Alice X Zhang & Donald Lim is a gorgeous and detailed design that gets reprinted so often I fear I bore you with it!

New on Wednesday was a silver tee with a Steampunk feel, plenty of people feeling the Steampunk vibe at the moment, I am yet to feel the pull. By Appointment Only by Travis Pitts is interesting but I’m not sure I’d class it as well designed. Not one I’d wear myself.

Next tee, Wednesday reprint, is a bit of a boregasm, maybe why they have sneaked it in in the middle of the week. Elephant by Florent Bodart is a tribal elephants trunk pattern. Again it’s quite a weak design and I think it would benefit from being a charity tee. I’m also not too sure if it works as a V-Neck.

I like a tee that is quite literal and basically gives it to you straight. Greetings from Outer Space by Eric Zelinksi is a very likeable tee, I could absolutely see this on me and my boyfriend and I am gutted this isn’t available in kids fit.

There are quite a few tees like this reprint floating around so I’m guessing the concept of an ipod being a young whippasnapper is something peeps like emblazoned on their chest region. Grandpa Cassette by Zack Finfrock is green and funky and if I was scoring it I’d give it an 8/10! Loving the model shot!

Brand spanking new forFriday and most probably my fave of the week Cleaning Up by Alex Solis, powerful colour combo of Red and Yellow and also hilarious concept. Sure this will be snapped up swift and reprinted often!

Reprinted on Friday I have to say pretty drab in comparison to poop scooping clown, We Are Made of Carbon by Matthew J Elliot will grab the attention of eco warrior types though, almost surprised that this isn’t a charity tee. Not an explosive final tee for the week unfortunately.

Also have to share this image of my little boy wearing ‘Breaaad!’ by Philip Tseng. He is all shades of cute in it even though it’s a tidge too big.








Hey y’all! I’ve been on my hollibobs this week, and I’ve got my Ma staying next week so my Threadless blogs are going to be all over the place with New Today / Back Today, I will do my best though.

Monday New Today tee was a funky twist on Golidlocks and it’s already sold out so if you’ve missed it you’re going to have to wait for a reprint! The Bearshevik Revolution by Ian Leino shows amazing originality and a tee with that will your friends laugh! I expect to see this reprinted very soon!

Monday’s Reprint is dark and full of detail Urban Life Cycle by Dede Yasjkur is a thing of beauty the colour patterns and intricate silhouettes make this an individual and desirable design. I’ve just notice the creepy skull part of it when I uploaded the image of the design. Dark, I like it!

I can see why Tuesday’s Newbie tee was printed! So striking and on top of this it’s a charity tee! Who doesn’t like to do good and look good!  Water, Life Support by Budi Satria Kwan, it conveys a message and looks amazing and 25% of the sale from each tee goes to support WellDone a charity which raises awareness and helps to provide clean water for people in developing countries.

Next design is quite bland in comparison to the tees so far. Skydivers by Jay Fleck, is a peaceful pale blue tee featuring little blokes jumping off clouds. This tee would probably be a bit bland for me but I think that the moon and clouds look really nice. This tee was Tuesday’s reprint.

Wednesday brought a tee I wouldn’t wear in a million years, I don’t know if it’s because I am a parent or a prude but I hate tees with swears on no matter how offensive they are. S-HI-T by Gulshan Kishor and Mellin Paulo Bernardo is one I will let you make your own opinion on.

The following tee is one that I will openly admit to have added to my Threadless basket many a time but I haven’t actually purchased it for one reason or another. Mademoiselle Galaxy by Matthew Dupuis is a tee definitely aimed at the lady Threadless community, this abstract version of the solar system got me all giddy!

I can’t work out what I think of Pinata Anatomy by Carmichael Collective, I think it might be one of those tees that you have to see in person. As far as the images of it goes it just looks like a colourful blob on a white tee. I like the concept though.

Thursdays Reprint was 99 Luftballons by Rose Zietz, seems a bit strange to have this one in the same week as the SkyDivers one and I don’t see the appeal apart from maybe if your favourite song is 99 Red Balloons.

Yay! Finally on to Friday! Newbie tee I love and I reckon it’s probably gonna sell out pretty sharpish. Pirate Pirate by David Soames shows a perfectly symmetrical pirate, two hooks, two eyepatches, two parrots, you get it? I wish there was a bit more colour on this tee but the design is top notch!

Bit darker but still with an animal flavour for Friday’s reprint we have Wolf’s Night Off by Florent Bodart. This tee basically features different animals howling at the moon. Well executed and perfect for those who adore monotone tees with a space flavour!










Bit of a two day catch up! Had a shoot last night and I was super sleepy when I got in!

New today yesterday is a pretty basic tee, and I’m super I have mentioned on my Threadless blog 1000 times how much I dislike skull tees! Music Piracy by Stuart Colebrook is a novel way of deal with the concept of music piracy! I first saw Punisher when I saw it but I think that adds to it’s charm.

Back today yesterday is a design which I think looks quite clumsy or like it’s been drawn by a child but I can see this adding to the appeal for some. Lost at Sea by Jared Stumpenhorst (awesome name) is a tee which I think totally suits being on a girly boatneck tee! Which matches the theme! Huzzah!

New Today for today! Tasty Thursday is Occupational Hazard by Eric Fan. The chipmunk has been really well drawn, the detail is great. I feel very sorry for Mr Peanut but I expect this tee to be reprinted!

I love the colour combo on today’s reprint. Midnight Worker by Chow Hon Lam has a gorgeous mix of blue and black and the moon is so vivid on this tee. I’m very pleased that this has been printed for kids too because it’s a tee I would be proud to put on my kiddies.

Got a few other reprints too! Just going to pop a couple which need buying on the end of this blog. Firstly I got a ‘we reprinted a design you requested’ email and here is said design. I need to get this for my fella at some point. It’s super original, it’s Sky Aperture by Tang Yau Hoong! Has only been reprinted for guys though.

This is winning so many cute points that it’s stupid! What is not to love about Moonstache by Lim Heng Swee, another black tee but such a good tee! Thank you Threadless! :)





Back again and Good Evening! Threadless New Today / Back Today giving us a whole bunch of the colours today.

New Today tee is one I remember rating! If I remember them, I figure they’re a good’un! I Want My Blue Sky by Budi Satria Kwan is probably a tee we can always relate to this summer. As always I particularly like the girly boat neck tee as I find them flattering however this design doesn’t work quite as well on the black.

Back Today is a not to my liking colour wise, I think the Asphalt tee with the bright colours has ended up muting the overall effect. The Best Channels Since 1465 by Eduardo San Gil is perfect for all the Threadless fans who constantly have their noses in a book or up their kindle.

I decided to have a little rummage in the clearance section too, although this tee is only available in girly sizes (sorry boys) it’s a reasonably recent release and it is a design I rated ‘5’ and makes me chuckle this is Blender by Jorge Lopez Ramirez (expo).



Ok so I am going to try and Threadless blog daily and see how I get on with that! I’m struggling to connect with new way Threadless are releasing Newbie tees and Reprints, whichever way I try just seems wrong.

Newbie tee for today is Hit Me by Nacho Diaz, firstly I love Pinatas, I love how colourful they are and how they have a constant happy expression now matter how hard you whack ‘em! This tee also mixes a bit of S&M in too, nothing wrong with that!

Not sure what I think of the reprint alongside the above design today. Return to the Forest by Alex Norman also seems a bit dull in comparison. Very well executed design  but the colours are a bit sad looking and I’m sure you can get a tee featuring an elephant elsewhere and cheaper than Threadless. In short I don’t find this design to be particularly special.

Also have a bit of Comics-on Tees action this week too. Very limited availability already so if you’re wanting one you better get in swift.  I don’t think these are the strongest Threadless comic tees we’ve seen, I would go as far as to say I detest one of the four. The best I’d say is The Day The Saucers Came Issue 1, Vol 6 by Estudio Verso. I very much like a bit of literal sci-fi!

There are a lot of tags on these designs that will entice the Thread-fans in and as always you can buy the set of 4 for a reduced price of $79 with The Day The Saucers Came : 4 Pack. Also 25% of the sale of each tee goes to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund which you can find out more about HERE.





Yay! Back to do my Threadless blog! Last weekend internet was bad and my son was poorly! However this week I am quite disappointed with the Threadless selection, a lot of grey, a lot of black, a lot of white. I know the weather is rubbish but really you should be trying to brightness our day!

Monday brought us drabness of not one but two Asphalt tees. Could of mixed it up a bit thrown in a red or maroon or something but no! All about the grey.  Newbie tee was Smells Like Teen Spirit by Vo Maria the one fault with this tee is that the design itself isn’t even a portion of how exciting the product image. I don’t want to wear it, I can’t think of anyone that I would buy it for. Reprinted tee is probably one of the best ones of this week is Coffee That’s Always Late by Lim Heng Swee, one of the best Threadless designers that always brings Threadless what it needs!

I do love when I tee I voted with a 5 gets printed! One of those is Tuesday’s new tee Chewy by Sara Martin, it doesn’t look quite as vibrant as I would of liked, I’m not sure that the pale blue tee works but I do still love the design. Reprint on Tuesday is quite a dull tee but some peeps must of requested or it wouldn’t be back again. The Pianist by Lim Heng Swee shows a giraffe nomming trees leaving them resembling a piano. Sweet and simple but not mind blowing!

Wednesday tees gave a bit of colour but I’m not really excited about the designs this week. None that I would want to purchase which is a bit sad. New tee, I don’t like at all Good Artists Copy by Budi Satria Kwan, I don’t get the point it in, I don’t know that it’s a message which is required on a t-shirt and I don’t know anyone who would wear it apart from bitter people. The Bear Encounter by Ronnel Cabardo is a cute design, works better on girly design that man fit in my opinion. I do like the intricate details in it.

In my opinion it seems odd to have this newbie tee following the reprint from yesterday as they have quite a similar ‘feel’ to them. Dream Catchers by Budi Satria Kwan has a lovely mixture of colours in it, I would of liked this to have been a tank though. Reprint tee is Legends Fall by Francis Minoza and Laurence Minoza, this tee has a really fantasy / Lord of the Rings feel about it. I seem to remember getting excited about it last time I blogged it and I know loads of guys who would enjoy wearing and owning this tee!

Todays tees were Silver and Heather Grey (yawn). Newbie tee Epic Battle by Jacques Maes shoes old style pirates fighting with games controllers, it works well because you get a little touch of orange which brightens the tee. Not really ending the week on a high note with the reprinted tee today, Do You Want The moon by Helmi Himawan has quite a romantic feel to it but essentially it’s a tee I would easily overlook.

Feel like I have been a total misery guts this blog round but there isn’t much this week that gets my juices flowing and the one design I rated high has been executed in way which has made me no longer want to buy it (sad face).





Crazy crazy mixed bag from Threadless newbie tees and reprinted tees this week, sure their will be something  to meet everyone’s tee requirements! Also 25% of available with code : JUNE25 (exclusions apply).

Firstly Monday tees were perfect for any calm and cool animal lover. The designs were in no way bright or over the top just something sweet and inoffensive.  Break Free by Matheus Lopes Castro is a very subtle white and pale blue design featuring birds taking flight, this tee is the epitome of peace! Back today is a must have for all the Panda fans out there,  Day of the Dead Panda by Jason Bergsieker and Enkel Dika is a cute Panda with a mexican twist.

Tuesday brought the designs with the most intricate detail of the week. Newbie tee Tokyo Extreme: Part 2 by Draco is a design that I personally would work better as a postcard or print, I don’t ‘get’ the positioning of the design at all, if a woman has any level of chest she is just going to look down and it’s going to look like she is wearing a plain white tee. Reprinted The Gift of Knowledge by Jeremy Owen has a very steampunky feel mostly because of the mixture of brown, gold on the navy tee. I love this design it makes me want to know more, it definitely appears to tell a story.

On Wednesday Threadless gave us Falling Robot by Rafael Pereira, this white and orange/red tee is really striking and the design has been so well done, I can almost see the emotion in the robot’s eyes and that’s not normally something you get from robots. I do wish it had been made in kids sizes though. Now for a bit of comedy and a bit of blue, I have somehow missed this design being reprinted before, it appeals to the Scottish half of me. Loch Ness Imposter by Ross Zietz works so perfectly on this ‘Lake’ coloured tee.

Who doesn’t love a play on words on a Thursday? I sometimes wonder if Threadless designers come up with a design title before starting their actual designing which this tee I suspect so. Lawn of the Dead by Anna-Maria Jung is an very green garden scene with a zombie theme, what’s not to love?  On the front page image this tee looks Maroon (not sure if it previously was) but now it’s Red. Waiting For The Sun by Vinicius Carvas feature an adorable little birdy painting a lovely blue sunny sky on an umbrella. Sure us Brits can sympathise with wishful thinking with regards to the weather especially at the moment.

Probably the most crazy and original designs have been left for the Friday this week at Threadless. The Great Outdoors by Anthony Sekyere is an utterly awesome red, white and blue tee that seems to be selling like hot cakes especially in girly fit. Lastly for the blog a slightly gross zombie themed reprint which totally appeals to me Use Your Brain by Matheus Lopes Castro uses an amazing combo of colours to get across a very popular design concept, nommy.




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