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The Subculture of Screen Printers [Video]

by Andy on September 14, 2012

Frankie over at Rawtee shared this mini-documentary about the art of screen printing that I thought you guys would enjoy too.

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Fall Line Teaser Videos from Lahuv Clothing

by Andy on September 8, 2012

“A New Beginning” Lahuv Clothing Fall Line from Lahuv Clothing on Vimeo.

Fall Line Photo shoot from Lahuv Clothing on Vimeo.

Lahuv Clothing are gearing up for their Fall release and put out this nice teaser video (top) to help build a bit of anticipation ahead of the release in ten days time. I also noticed that they posted a behind the scenes style video of their photoshoot (bottom) which gives a much better view of the shirts.


Looks like a fun time with Willy Wonka Johnny Cupcakes, as usual.


Post image for Mayamada’s Summer tees and release party recap

I don’t think anyone from Team HYAs London contingent managed to make it to the Mayamada release party held in a frozen yoghurt shop in Covent Garden, and it looks like they missed out on a good time if the video above is to be believed (and the pictures too). Looking at their shop I think that they’ve released four new shirts, and they also have a waiting list set up for the release of a very nice looking snapback hat. Looks like things are on the up for Mayamada.


dance party massacre sale

Really nice looking new range from Dance Party Massacre, and when I heard that the lookbook video had Justice right at the start I knew I was going to enjoy it. That 75% off sale is looking pretty epic too, should be starting in a couple of hours if my recollection of time zones is correct.

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The Dawn of Wisdom [Submitted]

by Andy on July 26, 2012

wisdom & athena

THE DAWN from Wisdom & Athena on Vimeo.

For the time being we would like to share a video that acts as a prelude to our online series.

Andy: To be entirely frank I don’t think that the video is really going to do a lot when it hasn’t got any of your own images in it (and a few NSFW ones too, just a warning to office-dwelling HYAers), but the shirts are pretty cool so maybe you guys should be focusing on that.


domestic sanity t-shirts

Domestic Sanity Summer 2012 Lookbook from Domestic Sanity on Vimeo.

I got an e-mail from Mark over at Domestic Sanity letting me know about his first line of t-shirts ad tank tops. His exact words towards the end of the message were “I am pretty green to this industry.” When I see that it’s usually not a good sign, but in this case I was very pleasantly surprised by the level of quality that went into the production of their video lookbook, easily as good as some music videos. The quality level seems to run through the rest of the operation too, resulting in a very impressive release for someone doing their first line.

A t-shirt from Domestic Sanity will run you $28 and if you cut the arms off and go for the tank top option then you’re looking at $22 a piece.


Twelve Famous Sweaters

by Travis on July 18, 2012

New from the retro recreationists at Found Item Clothing: a nine-screen print yoked around famous sweaters from film, tv, music and points beyond. How many can you identify?

12 Sweaters, 12 Stories

$24 here.

Watch: video of the screen printing process!

Got a tip? Shoot us a message.

Read more of Travis’ work at It Goes To 11.


weird science hwo to t-shirt

Great Weird Science t-shirt at TeeFury today.

Shirt.Woot explain where all the socks go.

Hunger Games meets Batman for no reason I can think of at RIPT.
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steampunk t-shirt

The most interesting news at TeeFury today isn’t the tee, but that they now offer ‘afterhours’ sales of the previous days shirt for $13.

Shirt.Woot have a design to anger those of us who spell ‘colour’ correctly.

LOST is gone but not forgotten at at RIPT.
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I’m pretty sure I posted a teaser image of this about a month ago, but details and a fun video have now emerged to announce the opening of the Johnny Cupcakes store in Martha’s Vineyeard in Massachusetts this weekend. In typical JC fashion things aren’t quite normal, as there will be a treasure hunt at 11am before the shop officially opens at 2pm. I know it’s a fairly long shot, but if any HYA reader heads down for the opening it would be great if you’d like to submit a few pics and tell us about the experience.

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Summer Lookbook Video from Rock Candy

by Andy on June 9, 2012

Seems like making a lookbook video is the hot thing at the moment, Rock Candy have got in on the action with a video of a guy wearing their latest items and playing with a dog.


Really nice video showing the festivities at Johnny Cupcakes to celebrate the Newbury St store being open for six years.


This is a bit of fun. Vaughn de Heart celebrated their third anniversary recently (you’d have thought they’d want it to coincide with the release of their latest collection) so founder RoyLyn’s brother created an epic ‘trailer’ for the brand.


Nice work boys!

AnyForty x T-World Australian Invasion Series T-shirts


Usually if I see a teaser video for a brand and it’s two minutes long it’s pretty unlikely that I’m going to be watching it through to the end (two minutes? That’s a lifetime!), but this lookbook video teasing for Socially Exceptional‘s impending shirt release on June 11th is awfully stylish and well put together so I was sat enraptured until the screen went black at the end. Bloody nice shirts, too.

As usual, I will try and remember to let you know when the shirts have been released, but as usual I expect I’ll probably forget.


If you’ve been reading HYA for more than 5 minutes you’ll be well aware of the back story behind Juhnny Cupcakes, but that doesn’t stop me from mentioning it every so often. Johnny is an impressive success story and it’s cool to hear him talk about it, I especially liked the bit towards the end where he talks about emotional success being as important as financial success.


Ambush Apparel release SS12 Collection

by Andy on April 29, 2012

ambush apparel

Can’t say that I’d heard of Ambush Apparel before they got in touch, but they have a polished look that suggests they have more experience than a brand putting out their sophomore release. The logo shirt isn’t particularly expiring, if you’re a fan of Ambush then I’m sure you’ll like it but there’s not a lot there for a newbie such as myself. The other designs are pretty interesting though, and good to see a brand putting out a couple of tank tops in anticipation of Summer, gives me hope that the sun might appear on this chilly British weekend.


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