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Milk UKs impressive new release

by Andy on March 5, 2014



This isn’t a submitted post but Matty over at Milk did a great job on his blurb so I’m going to copy/paste that here to help speed things along.

The new line features 4 Crew neck sweatshirts and 1 hoodie and a phone case.

Two of the crews feature our ‘Ornate Drop’ design which looks very traditional when seen from a distance, but when on close inspection you can see the overall design is made up of all things milk! Including; cows, spoons, milk bottle etc.

Our Script hood is a very comfortable garment which includes our custom cast milk bottle drawstring ends! This along with the red accents creates a really looking piece and a great talking point.

All of our garments have stepped up to custom finishing such as our care labels and bottle size tags.

It’s very rare for a brand to do custom drawstring ends on a hoodie, most big brands don’t even do that, so it’s especially impressive considering how young Milk is. That kind of evolution from a brand is great to see, who knows what they’ll come up with next time!


Anything Goes Apparel is two years old!

by Andy on March 4, 2014

A quick tip of the hat to our buddies over at Anything Goes Apparel who have just celebrated their two-year anniversary. The birthday has coincided with a mini-range being released to keep them busy whilst the Summer ’14 range is being prepped. The mini-range includes a couple of tees, one new and old ‘classic’ that’s being brought back (and in a new raglan style too), and also some phone cases and embroidered logo beanies. That should keep their many fans busy for a while!


According to Norse mythology, Voluspa tells the story of Baldr who was slain by Loki and marked the beginning of Ragnarok, the Norse Apocalypse. Chaos was unleashed and even the almighty Thor perished after defeating the Midgard Serpent.

T-Shirt designed by Craig Robson
Beanie patch designed by Hydro74

Andy: You can’t really go wrong when you get Craig Robson and Hydro74 to do designs for you.



I’ve created the WORLD’S first refined and functional front pocket for your sweatshirt. It’s patent pending and I KNOW that it’s the perfect product for hideyourarms! I’d love to hear back from you guys about how we can get pat’s pocket on your site! In the meantime check out our Kickstarter page to see the simplicity and HYPE that pat’s pocket can create. It’s a business created to keep people warm!!!

Andy: At first I thought that this product was pretty silly, but actually, it’s well priced and it serves a real purpose, I like it!


MKNK Clothing just released 3 new snapbacks. Each one of them are limited edition of 50 and up on sale for 30 usd. Also by using code ”2014” on checkout page you’ll get 14% discount on your entire order at MKNK Store. Discount is valid thru February 1st.

Andy: Thanks for the submission Derin!


Victorian Madness by Dan Hillier

by Mr Four Fingers on January 13, 2014

dan hillier t-shirt design

Welcome to surreal Victorian madness with these beautiful and often slightly sinister creations by British artist Dan Hillier. These images are vintage Victorian etchings that Dan has meticulously crafted together to create something new and often wonderful. It’s not simply slapping things together drawings but rather a combination of wild imagination, skill and balance. There may have also been copious amounts of LSD involved.

Dan Hillier has a variety of prints, tote bags and loads of screen printed t-shirts. Tees are, from what I can tell, single colour screen prints on white and sell for £25 a pop. His website does not have a ‘Shop’ heading/section but if you look under ‘Galleries’ you will see a sub heading nestled there that is called’ T-shirts, Bags, etc”. Trust me, I missed that the first time.

Better yet just follow this blady LINK!

Also, all the designs are mocked-up on model but knowing Dan’s work I imagine the real product will be the same (placement and scale etc). Hopefully we can see some real product shots in the future.

ecomproducts-img1-132 ecomproducts-img1-131 ecomproducts-img1-136 ecomproducts-img1-133 ecomproducts-img1-138 ecomproducts-img1-140dan hillier




AnyForty Massive Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on January 10, 2014

Anyforty sale

AnyForty, who have been on HYA a few times are currently having a massive sale. Prior to this sale I bought a mystery pack of 3 t-shirts for £40 and was super chuffed that one of the tees was a design from Meggs (last image), the very graffiti artist that attracted me to AnyForty in the first place.

One of the tees was their logo tee, which is far cooler than you would expect with the words ‘AnyForty’ created from vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines, so not as blatant, printed as white on maroon.

Everything is in the region of 50% off and I’m not sure how long it’s on for so get on that shit while you can. The header reads ‘End of year sale’ , so celebrate now.

Follow this link to visit AnyForty online store.

AnyForty_45RPM_Maroon_Tee_massive_anyforty_4 AnyForty_X_IainMacarthur_Back_massive_anyforty_3 Predator_massive_anyforty_1AnyForty_X_UltraFry_Tee_massive_anyforty_2 SnapbackBlack_massive_anyforty_6 Pride_massive_anyforty_5HR__The_Australian_Invasion_Look-Book-133-706x499-480x339




Say hello to the Tcozy, a t-shirt tea cosy!

by Andy on January 2, 2014

Last month I got sent an e-mail from someone called Betsy that was just this image, nothing else, no explanation, no tutorial, no shameless linkbait on “how to resuse your old t-shirts,” just a good, honest submission.

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Home Is Where Your Heart Is F/W13 Collection

by Andy on December 30, 2013

Very nice indeed with excellent lookbook photos.



You’d think that with me being into photography I’d know who Ricky Powell is, but whilst I’m sure I’ve heard the name before I must admit that I don’t know his work. That doesn’t matter though, because these sublimation tees featuring some of his most iconic tees look great either way.

Akomplice Clothing


New hat from Born Humble [Submitted]

by Andy on December 17, 2013

Born Humble Clothing new “Humble” beanie for winter has arrived. Stay Humble even in the cold weather.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


Solid round of releases from British label Black Blood Apparel, it all works together, feels cohesive, and I think that those hats are going to come in handy over the next few months.


Winter Release from CX.City

by Andy on December 4, 2013

Gotta love those lookbook photos, really nicely done, they give a good feel for what CX.City are all about and show off the new collection to great effect. These guys have a clean new site for you to check out as well.


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Labyrinth were drip-feeding their winter collection this year (and then managed to forget to post their new wallet last week). The new release this week is a couple of classic beanies with some subtle branding, and really attractively priced at just $12.


Hollow Clothing’s Winter ’13 Release

by Andy on December 3, 2013

I’m only a week late posting about this latest release from Hollow Clothing, which is actually pretty good by my standards, but the response has been so impressive that the hoodies have already sold out! Fear not though, they are being restocking and Hollow hope to be shipping them out again next week. Lovely quality looking logo pieces here, not much for people that aren’t already fans of the brand, but Hollow have enough fans that that’s hardly an issue.


Congratulations to Seventh.Ink for hitting another milestone, it’s been interesting to watch their growth over the years, there probably aren’t that many indie clothing companies that last for 6 years these day so it really is an achievement.

There is a new viking design that is available as a shirt and prints (red version is the standard edition), with two variant print colors (lime and teal) that are limited to only four each. There is also a metallic prints and book set that is signed/numbered, limited to 50, and is only $25! The book is a selection of some of my favorite works from 2013 done for both gallery shows and Seventh.Ink.

Because of production delays, everything is up for pre-order on my site ( These are limited edition items, the pre-orders are able to sell out. All pre-order items will also get a collector’s wooden coin that will only ship with pre-order items.



New iPhone cases in at Fuzzy Ink

by Andy on November 18, 2013

Very nice, Fuzzy Ink‘s designs are well suited to phone cases.

Available now for $18 a piece.


Beary Loud Totes from Loud Silence [Submitted]

by Andy on November 13, 2013

Say hello to Mr. “Beary Loud”, with his nice Loud Silence fitted hat (:x)

Totes are 100% cotton canvas. Comes in 2 colors Natural and Red

Beary Loud totes are perfect for the beach, back to school, or whenever you need to transport something in style.

Use code HYA to get 20% off. Also “Free Shipping” on the totes.

Andy: Cute, thanks for the submission!


Cool new range from Anything Goes, a brand that have never been shy about selling more than just tees and hoodies. It’s hardly surprising to see a few hats in there since it is getting a bit chillier (thermal socks until March for me!), and it’s cool that the illustrations on the new clothing items generally follow from one piece to the next to help form a nice and cohesive collection.

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Livin’ Life! Motto Cards [Submitted]

by Andy on November 7, 2013

Life is not a rehearsal, we’re only here for a minute. So make sure you’re Livin’ Life and enjoying every single second. – That’s our motto here at Livin’ Life!®.

If you love our motto, now you can pass it on with these Livin’ Life!® Motto Greeting Cards. These cards are shareable art and can provide the right words of encouragement and inspiration for a friend or loved one. Each card can be displayed nicely in a standard sized 5×7-inch frame.

Get 15% off anything in the store by entering code HYA at checkout (valid through Nov. 16, 2013)

Andy: I was wondering if people actually buy this kind of stuff, but looking at their site all their previous cards have sold out so I guess that tells it’s own story.


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