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Solid round of releases from British label Black Blood Apparel, it all works together, feels cohesive, and I think that those hats are going to come in handy over the next few months.


Winter Release from CX.City

by Andy on December 4, 2013

Gotta love those lookbook photos, really nicely done, they give a good feel for what CX.City are all about and show off the new collection to great effect. These guys have a clean new site for you to check out as well.


A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how Labyrinth were drip-feeding their winter collection this year (and then managed to forget to post their new wallet last week). The new release this week is a couple of classic beanies with some subtle branding, and really attractively priced at just $12.


Hollow Clothing’s Winter ’13 Release

by Andy on December 3, 2013

I’m only a week late posting about this latest release from Hollow Clothing, which is actually pretty good by my standards, but the response has been so impressive that the hoodies have already sold out! Fear not though, they are being restocking and Hollow hope to be shipping them out again next week. Lovely quality looking logo pieces here, not much for people that aren’t already fans of the brand, but Hollow have enough fans that that’s hardly an issue.


Congratulations to Seventh.Ink for hitting another milestone, it’s been interesting to watch their growth over the years, there probably aren’t that many indie clothing companies that last for 6 years these day so it really is an achievement.

There is a new viking design that is available as a shirt and prints (red version is the standard edition), with two variant print colors (lime and teal) that are limited to only four each. There is also a metallic prints and book set that is signed/numbered, limited to 50, and is only $25! The book is a selection of some of my favorite works from 2013 done for both gallery shows and Seventh.Ink.

Because of production delays, everything is up for pre-order on my site ( These are limited edition items, the pre-orders are able to sell out. All pre-order items will also get a collector’s wooden coin that will only ship with pre-order items.



New iPhone cases in at Fuzzy Ink

by Andy on November 18, 2013

Very nice, Fuzzy Ink‘s designs are well suited to phone cases.

Available now for $18 a piece.


Beary Loud Totes from Loud Silence [Submitted]

by Andy on November 13, 2013

Say hello to Mr. “Beary Loud”, with his nice Loud Silence fitted hat (:x)

Totes are 100% cotton canvas. Comes in 2 colors Natural and Red

Beary Loud totes are perfect for the beach, back to school, or whenever you need to transport something in style.

Use code HYA to get 20% off. Also “Free Shipping” on the totes.

Andy: Cute, thanks for the submission!


Cool new range from Anything Goes, a brand that have never been shy about selling more than just tees and hoodies. It’s hardly surprising to see a few hats in there since it is getting a bit chillier (thermal socks until March for me!), and it’s cool that the illustrations on the new clothing items generally follow from one piece to the next to help form a nice and cohesive collection.

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Livin’ Life! Motto Cards [Submitted]

by Andy on November 7, 2013

Life is not a rehearsal, we’re only here for a minute. So make sure you’re Livin’ Life and enjoying every single second. – That’s our motto here at Livin’ Life!®.

If you love our motto, now you can pass it on with these Livin’ Life!® Motto Greeting Cards. These cards are shareable art and can provide the right words of encouragement and inspiration for a friend or loved one. Each card can be displayed nicely in a standard sized 5×7-inch frame.

Get 15% off anything in the store by entering code HYA at checkout (valid through Nov. 16, 2013)

Andy: I was wondering if people actually buy this kind of stuff, but looking at their site all their previous cards have sold out so I guess that tells it’s own story.


Some sweet tees from Frozen Junk

by Andy on November 4, 2013

Frozen Junk is a clothing company based around popsicles and ice cream (basically anything sweet and cold), which would have seemed crazy 10 years ago but is totally natural now after Johnny Cupcakes (and a host of others) realised that people like food and people like t-shits so why shouldn’t those things be put together in a pleasing way.

I really like the style of the tees and it’s cool to see that they’re using some slightly unusual colourways in their launch range, there’s not a black tee amongst the bunch and I applaud that, especially with the way that it fits with the fun look of the brand.

Interestingly, whilst the shirts are listed as being $22 (and you can get 20% off with the coupon code launchcode) there’s a ‘name your own price’ deal going on, which may or may not just be because they launched recently. You can choose your own price all the way down to $8, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a ridiculous deal for tees that look this nice (and have some impressive design names behind them). There’s also free shipping if you spent $50 or more.


Rapanui’s impressive A/W lineup

by Andy on October 23, 2013

I know it’s wrong since this is HYA and I’m meant to be interested in clothes, but I think that one of the coolest things in this new collection from Rapanui is actually that backpack. It’s made from recycled sailing cloth from the Isle of Wight, where the brand is based. It’s also based on the circular economy idea and has a cool removable mat in it that is great if you’re having a picnic.

Beyond that, there’s a load of really cool t-shirt designs, and other stuff that I haven’t included above like bamboo socks, some trainers, loads of hoodies. It’s a big release, you should just probably head on over to check it out.


Project A head honcho Dualta has spent the past few months living in London (he does seem to get about a bit), but now that stage of his life is coming to an end and he’s moving back to Dublin. This change of location has influenced the Autumn collection as is explained below in the press release.

This Autumn/Fall 2013, Project A Apparel take a conceptual approach to its collection “home”. Inspired by their current upheaval between London and Dublin the brand expresses it’s continuing efforts to define home through a series of recurring images and simple staples all inspired by their past experiences. The pigeon, a constant within this collection and city life in general features heavily.

Our highlights include the military inflected white on white and black on black tees, the woollen football scarf and softer touches with the falling feathers button down shirt and black Harrington with silver feather zipper pull.

All are available from from the 25th of October.

It’s a solid collection with a nice variety of items, the scarf being especially unusual from an indie brand. I really like the creativity of the look book, of which you can see much more here, nice to see someone doing something different.

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Haunted Collection IV from Seventh.Ink

by Andy on October 23, 2013

Even if I’d posted this one a few minutes after it went live a few nights ago at Seventh.Ink the box set would have already been sold out, so I don’t feel too guilty that you guys don’t have a chance to pick it up. There are still tees, silk-screened poster prints, and engraved coffin(!) available though, with the added bonus that the cat design glows in the dark on the tee and on paper, nice!

Shirts and prints are both $25 a piece.


7 years ago I started”>Livin’ Life!® as a side project, a means to escape some of the negativity in the world. I had no idea that so many of you would like my optimistic designs and relate to my positive outlook on life. I couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support from each of you to help me keep my dream alive. I am truly blessed. With your continued support, I have many more ideas that I hope to share with you in the coming years.

If you love our optimistic designs, now you can pass them on. These cards are shareable art, and the designs can provide the right words of encouragement and inspiration for a friend or loved one. Each card can be displayed nicely in a standard sized 5″ x 7″ picture frame (not included).

Andy: Greeting cards? Well, that’s certainly a first for HYA.

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Akomplice’s first ever shoe release

by Andy on October 18, 2013

I don’t ever touch sneaker culture on the blog, but since this is Akomplice’s first ever shoe collaboration I thought that it was worth marking the occasion. Since this isn’t an area I know a lot about I think that the press release will be useful here:

Onitsuka Tiger x BAIT by Akomplice –

The Colorado Eighty-Five “6,200 FT”

To ring in their first anniversary, California based BAIT is dropping a special mockup of the Onitsuka Tiger Colorado 85 designed by Colorado natives, Akomplice. BAIT has long-been a staunch supporter of the Onitsuka Tiger and the Colorado 85 model in particular. When BAIT was afforded the opportunity to collaborate on the model they found it fitting to reach out to Akomplice, who hails from Colorado. Brothers, brand architects and natives of Colorado, Mike and Patrick Liberty were more than willing to infuse their Rocky Mountain roots into the Onitsuka Tiger model that bears their state’s name. The collaborative design is ripe with details that relate to Akomplice’s origins starting with the name 6,200 FT, which is the exact elevation of Mike and Patrick’s hometown of Carbondale, Colorado. The kick also sports braided hiking laces and reinforced ripstop panels, which are always apropos when drawing inspiration from the Rocky Mountains. The nods to Colorado continue to the color schematic of red, white, blue and yellow, which match the state flag and are representative of Colorado’s environmental features. Blue symbolizes clear blue Rocky Mountain skies, gold acknowledges the abundant Colorado sunshine, red represents Colorado’s red soil, and white symbolizes the snow on the mountains. The visual cues to the ski slopes of Colorado are not limited to the surface. Within the shoe, a ski map has been emblazoned on the in-sole and reappears on the back of the hangtag, which doubles as a lift ticket.

Akomplice’s foray into sneaker design is also BAIT’s most limited release to date, numbering just 504 pairs. The limited edition collaborative shoe will release in-store and online to coincide with BAIT’s 1 year anniversary party on Saturday, October 19th. If you’re looking to grab a pair, make sure to stop by BAIT in Diamond Bar, CA between October 14th-17th to secure a reservation ticket, which guarantees the right to purchase on 19th. If you’re not in the west coast, fear not, you can register on for a chance to get an email invitation to buy the shoes on The Colorado Eighty-Five “6,200 FT” will be retailing at $109.99. Happy hunting.

Is it just me or does $109.99 seem pretty reasonable for a pair of collectable shoes? That there’s a raffle for the opportunity to buy them is quite funny to me though, being someone outside that culture.


The clothes are cool, that almost goes without saying when it comes to Akomplice, who dropped this latest collection yesterday, but it’s the lookbook concept and photographs that are blowing me away. They’ve taken their standard ‘cool guy on a white background’ photos that they usually take, and then pasted them all over Denver, and then taken cool photos of them. Really original stuff from AK. See the press release after the jump:
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Say hello to BÄAS Clothing

by Andy on September 26, 2013

BÄAS Clothing was setup last November by three guys at Loughborough Uni that somehow found out about HYA via a local pizza place, a pizza place that I’ve never ordered from (but keep intending to), so maybe I’m more famous in the local area than I realised!

Lots of logo designs here, which as ever I feel is a bit of a barrier to entry for a brand since you need people to like the logo and name rather than just thinking “hey, that’s a cool design” but there are lots of popular logo-driven companies out there so I’m not one say that it is the wrong approach, it might just make life a bit harder at first. I do really like the shirts with the big designs on the back, I’d quite like to see them with the big design on the front (which the floral A design is as a crew, and it works really well) but that’s just my personal taste and there does seem to be a bit of a trend in the UK for a pocket placement print on the front and going big on the back, so I suspect that this is just one of those cases where the youngsters are moving with the times and I’m getting a bit traditional as I edge closer to 30.


Hollow Clothing are prepping for something interesting that will be released next week, but to kick off the party early with this new backpack and a classy embroidered tee in a pleasing colourway. The backpack is £18.99 and the tee is £12.99, which is really reasonable, they could easily get away with charging a few quid more but instead they reward loyal customers, bravo! Oh, and there’s only half the bag stock remaining so if you want one you’d better hop on board the Hollow train.


Sure, it doesn’t really show off the clothing to their best, but it is a really cool concept for a photoshoot and has produced some great images that make me want to see more, which is precisely what a brand would want from a lookbook.

Sinstar Clothing


Don’t forget about the HYA store!

by Andy on September 14, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve pointed you guys in the direction of the HYA shop, so why not head on over and take a look? All orders come with free UK postage and every purchase helps support the site. Here’s a reminder of what’s available.

A selection of t-shirts including the HYA logo on a variety of colours (£12.99) and Ben’s freshly released ‘Hair of the Bear’ shirt (£14.99).

Summer is over for another year but we still have a few logo tank tops available for £11.99 each.

Like I said, Summer is over, so that means we’re into hoodie season and the HYA hoodies are really warm, and a bit of a bargain at £24.99.

Yes, of course HYA sells galaxy tights (with leggings coming soon), why on Earth wouldn’t we?

Fashion jewellery starting from just £1.99.



And last but not least, some HYA logo posters and these great illustrations by my friend Steven Gregg.


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