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That is one seriously nice print, and the rest of this new release is pretty great too. Those of you looking back in their catalogue will find that they have restocked some older designs too.

Random Objects

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If there’s one thing that’s a rarity in the world of indie brands, it’s laptop cases, but I guess it does make sense to sell them and this range from a new mini collection from Labyrinth Clothing. They are 1-offs, but something tells me that if they’re popular there’s nothing to stop them becoming regular features in the shop. Be sure to check by their site too, it’s been given a really nice fresh new look.


Seashore Tote from Fairgoods [Submitted]

by Andy on August 10, 2013


My name is Shauna and I’m an Art Director at
Fairgoods is an online store that sells a curated selection of accessories, housewares, apparel, decor, and type (including goods made using type in both overt and subtle ways). Some of our products are things we’ve created with makers, some are things we’ve made ourselves, and some are existing products we love.
Fairgoods is about putting the maker at the forefront, and documenting the process of how things are made. It’s about letting our customers into the process, into the work itself — and celebrating it.

We wanted to share one of our new products with you: the Seashore Tote, made using type by Alejandro Paul. The tote and typeface are available as a bundle ( and separately.

Andy: Pretty unusual for HYA to just post about a tote bag, but this is pretty cool!


Crook & Dagger (Dr Popcorn Apparel rebrand)

by Mr Four Fingers on August 8, 2013

Crook & Dagger

Ah, it’s always great to see brands going from  strength to strength and never settling but always burgeoning forward. Though this time the brand has moved forward, with a new name and a whole lot more punch. Back February at the Margin Trade Show we (Andy and Logan ) had the pleasure of meeting the guys behind Dr Popcorn Apparel but since then they have decided to change the name of their brand to Crook & Dagger as they felt their previous name was rather misleading and didn’t suit their ideals.

This was the right move. Now the gritty nature of their brand has a name that suits it. I was also pleased to see some bloody good photography, great looking models and shit hot lifestyle imagery which gives any brand, let alone a small independent  brand, a lot more kudos. They have also added some new designs, vests, tanks, sweaters (coming soon) and accessories like beanies and even a hoody for you little mutt.

CND16-2-2 E B CND188-2 CND13-2 I  burgundy_beanie-2-2 sid-2

As far as I can tell every tee is £25 with free postage in the UK so if you are into gritty illustrations with the occasional smattering of dark humour then head over to Crook & Dagger and have a gander. Make sure to enter HYABOMB at checkout to receive a 10% discount.


Two cool new designs from Seventh.Ink based on the idea that “we humans tend to indulge in various “poisons” throughout our lives, both willingly and perhaps unwillingly. Our human nature makes us gravitate towards things that don’t always have our best interests in mind.. but nevertheless we continue to indulge in our favorite poisons.”

The designs aren’t just available as tee and tank tops, there’s also prints, engraved flasks, and engraved iPhone cases. Neat!


High Society London’s 2013 Collection

by Andy on July 24, 2013

Some pretty cool stuff here, and a pretty decent blog too.

High Society London

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Not a massive release from Portuguese brand Black Thunder for this Summer collection, just a couple of designs on tees and tank tops (€15 each), a tote bag (€5) and a 5 panel hat (€17). At least it’s all killer and no filler with two very wearable designs, and the lookbook ladies do a good job of showing them off to their full potential.


‘Retro Gals: Mods and Rockers’ is a series of pinup art inspired screen printed posters and t-shirts by artists Anne Benjamin, Babs Tarr, Daniel Krall, and Alex Pearson. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any of those people, but that’s the great thing about running this blog, awesome artists get in touch to let me know what they’re doing and I get to find out about cool stuff and share it with you guys.

Prints are $25 each (or get the whole set of 4 for $80), and tees are $22 at Family Tree Design.


Yes, I’m posting about socks, this is happening, just go with it.

Our buddies over at Vapour Clothing have just released some really cool looking socks, I’m especially partial to the polka dot pair, and they can be yours for £5.99 a pair.


Take a look at our eco-friendly wood watch that helps to end childhood hunger. Each watch sold provides up to 10 meals to a child in need. (And they’re cool too!)

When compared to other wood watches, our watches are more vibrant, stylish, and affordable.

We think your readers will connect with our brand if we were featured by you. We are a globally recognized brand with a number of retailers across the globe, particularly in the US, UK, and AU.

You can also check out feature with here.

Andy: HYA isn’t a watch site, but these are pretty cool and I like the charity angle.


This latest collection from Small Victory hasn’t actually been released yet, it’s going live later this month, but I wanted to give you guys the heads up since there’s some really interesting stuff in here that’s a bit of a departure from the norm for Small Victory. It’s quite cool to see an all-over print shirt (£22) that isn’t incredibly loud, usually they’re the kind of thing that I wouldn’t wear, but something like this seems to be a touch more classy and understated than other all-over designs I’ve seen.


Paradox Clothing are a new UK brand that launched recently with a could of tee designs, a couple of vests, and of course some tie dye shirts that seem to be all the rage with people that are younger and cooler than me (I just can’t get away with that kind of thing), and a couple of hat styles too in various colours. It’s a solid start with some decent crests, but I would like to see them branching out to their own site rather than being a page on the website of a jewellery company, it would give them a much better platform for growing the brand, and hopefully getting their own site is in the pipeline.


Lovely design from our friends over at Fuzzy Ink, nice to see it as a print as well for those that want to brighten up their walls as well as their chest.

Costiness=$26 T-shirt $20 Poster


Swallows&Daggers are interesting because they started out as a tattoo blog and then slowly transitioned to what they are today, a fully-fledged clothing company offering some really nice designs, as this latest collection shows. I think that when you run a site about clothing and culture there is always a temptation to participate in it, I held off from selling HYA tees for years, but I really love it when people make a purchase because I know it means that this blog is important to someone other than me (though it would be nice if more people made purchases in the HYA store!). Here’s a bit of blurb:

Irish born – UK based brand Swallows&Daggers is pleased to announce the release of its newest collection of clothing for the Spring/Summer season. This collection, designed as a homage to the classic skate graphics of the 80’s. Blends a strong skate influence with nods to the Bones Brigade and other classic graphics alongside our core branding and new ghostcamo pattern. This collection also features a lot of firsts for the brand, marking its first venture into headwear and outerwear with 5-panels, snapbacks and a coach’s jacket all on offer alongside graphic tees and fleece options.

Check it out at


Over the weekend Hollow Clothing released their Summer collection comprising of 5 new tees and a trucker and snapback hat. It’s cool to see them covering a few bases with this one, a smart move in my eyes, you’ve got the big logo tee, the plain tees with their subtle embroidered symbol, the bear tee that appeals to Hollow newbies that just want a graphic, and the tie-dye shirt that is for the people who are a lot more fashionable than me. Pricing is about right too with tees at £13.99-£15.99. Everyone’s happy!


TFAbrand are releasing our new Summer line called “Death can`t hold us” with 5 different Designs on 10 different Products, as well as a new Cap & 2 new Button / Pin packs & a Stickerpack on Saturday 08.06. This time we feature 2 new Artist that contributed to our Release – Carlos Toriselli & Ralph Espiritu.

TFA Started in the fall of 2012 with only a small release in the Heart of Swabia Stuttgart, Germany and are relative proud of what we achieved this far. We would describe our clothing as a mixture between Streetwear and -core Band Designs and we truly love what we are doing.

“It is not a question of being the biggest, the best, or even to be the most successful with what you do. It’s about making people smile, to make them happy by giving them a piece of your creativity in the form of a small piece of fabric, and they thank you for it by wearing it proudly.”

Andy: I don’t like the ‘too young to shave’ design, it doesn’t seem to fit with their style or the look that they’ve created on their site, but the other stuff looks pretty good and it’s well priced so be sure to click through and check them out.


You’ve got to admire the optimism of Anything Goes Apparel with their Summer range, despite being British they’ve still released a bikini, but then again a lot of Brits do head off to sunnier regions in the Summer so it does make sense, and hopefully they’ll shift a few this week with the warm weather we’ve been having recently.

It’s a solid collection with quite a lot of variety, you all know that I like to see brands offering more than just tees and tank tops, that kind of diversity is really important for small businesses and can make a big difference to the longevity of a brand. It’s all priced attractively too, bikinis £12, tees £15/£18, sunglasses, snapbacks and backpacks are £20 and the camo jacket is £30.

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Hi Hide your arms,

Just wanted to let you know that we have released an Exclusive Collection yesterday with limited edition high quality accessories.

Andy: Very nice indeed, thanks for the submission!


And that, ladies and gentleman, is a title worthy of a very local newspaper, clearly I’ve missed my calling!

This week at Sevenly they are supporting the charity 4PAWS For Ability, an orangisation that provides service dogs for children that suffer from seizures. I was unsure what the connection was, but apparently the dogs are really good at detecting when a child is having a seizure (which apparently isn’t always obvious to a parent) and the dogs are also a great comfort to the kids which helps reduce the frequency and severity of seizures. Sounds like a very worthy cause to me, and has resulted in some lovely designs. Cool to see them complimenting the usual range of tees and tank tops with that classy dog leash and even a dog-sized hoodie, even if I do roll my eyes when I see a dog dressed in anything.

As usual $7 from each sale goes directly to the charity and the designs are available in more styles than those shown above.


Addixx – Initiation [Submitted]

by Andy on June 4, 2013

We introduce to you new British brand Addixx. Scheduled for an official release in Fall 2013, Addixx sets itself apart by making caps representing the UK and in essence showing off the UK to the world and beyond in addition to a series of logo caps and upcoming collaborations and drops. Addixx will be exhibiting at Margin August trade show in London and as part of the build up to the official launch, we are treated to the brand’s first outing and teaser video shot and produced by up and coming talent FreeSpirit.

Get to know Addixx across all social media platforms @AddixxTM

Addixx Initiation Video

Addixx – Initiation from AddixxTM on Vimeo.

Andy: Nice to have something a bit different on the blog, but I will reiterate that there is little point in submitting a post when you can’t sell something, especially when it’s going to be several months until you intend to launch, because it’s not going to do much to build hype for the brand when people can go out and buy a hat elsewhere right now. I do look forward to seeing more from these guys in the future though.


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