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New Livin’ Life Co Prints

by Andy on March 31, 2016

We are excited to introduce 3 new 18″ x 24″ prints: “Life Is Not A Rehearsal” in Kraft and Blue and “Love Is All You Need” in Cranberry. These prints are screen printed on heavy 100lb cover stock and are sure to make a nice addition to your home or studio.

Life Is Not A Rehearsal

Life is not a rehearsal, we’re only here for a minute. So make sure you’re Livin’ Life and enjoying every single second. – Those are words that we live by here at Livin’ Life!®.

Love Is All You Need

You could be the wealthiest person in the world. You could have all the possessions that one could possess. But all of that means nothing without love. “Where there is love there is life.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Andy: Excellent work as usual.

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New 24/7 Prints from Livin Life Co.

by Andy on February 29, 2016

Success rarely happens overnight. There may be a few lucky people out there that achieve overnight success, but for the majority of us its a long process. All day and all night. Making your dreams a reality is a 24/7 grind.

Our popular 24/7 design is now available as an 18″ x 24″ Print. Sure to make a nice addition to your home or studio.

Andy: I know that this post is meant to be about the print, but boy does this work well as a t-shirt!


These were actually released almost a month ago, but I’ve had a bit of a crazy month with lots of trips away which has unsettled the posting schedule. Still, they looked good on release and they look good now.



Earlier in the month while I was away in Japan (which seems so long ago already) Seventh.Ink dropped this new design on tees and printed too. Cool design and fits with their usual style, perhaps not something I’d wear these days but I am well aware that my taste in tees has mellowed over the past few years. Here’s the details about the new items:

Shirts: Screen printed with water based inks on Lieutenant Green and New Silver from American Apparel. Custom printed tags and sleeve logos as well
Original Illustration: 11×14 archival inks on sketchbook paper, signed, framed, ready to hang
Steel Blue Screen Print: Two colors, 18×24 on Steel Blue 100# French paper, signed/numbered, limited to 40
Fuse Green Screen Print: Two colors, 18×24 on Fuse Green 100# French paper, signed/numbered, limited to 15

The original illustration has already gone, but the others are still available.


Victorian Madness by Dan Hillier

by Mr Four Fingers on January 13, 2014

dan hillier t-shirt design

Welcome to surreal Victorian madness with these beautiful and often slightly sinister creations by British artist Dan Hillier. These images are vintage Victorian etchings that Dan has meticulously crafted together to create something new and often wonderful. It’s not simply slapping things together drawings but rather a combination of wild imagination, skill and balance. There may have also been copious amounts of LSD involved.

Dan Hillier has a variety of prints, tote bags and loads of screen printed t-shirts. Tees are, from what I can tell, single colour screen prints on white and sell for £25 a pop. His website does not have a ‘Shop’ heading/section but if you look under ‘Galleries’ you will see a sub heading nestled there that is called’ T-shirts, Bags, etc”. Trust me, I missed that the first time.

Better yet just follow this blady LINK!

Also, all the designs are mocked-up on model but knowing Dan’s work I imagine the real product will be the same (placement and scale etc). Hopefully we can see some real product shots in the future.

ecomproducts-img1-132 ecomproducts-img1-131 ecomproducts-img1-136 ecomproducts-img1-133 ecomproducts-img1-138 ecomproducts-img1-140dan hillier




Congratulations to Seventh.Ink for hitting another milestone, it’s been interesting to watch their growth over the years, there probably aren’t that many indie clothing companies that last for 6 years these day so it really is an achievement.

There is a new viking design that is available as a shirt and prints (red version is the standard edition), with two variant print colors (lime and teal) that are limited to only four each. There is also a metallic prints and book set that is signed/numbered, limited to 50, and is only $25! The book is a selection of some of my favorite works from 2013 done for both gallery shows and Seventh.Ink.

Because of production delays, everything is up for pre-order on my site ( These are limited edition items, the pre-orders are able to sell out. All pre-order items will also get a collector’s wooden coin that will only ship with pre-order items.



Livin’ Life! Motto Cards [Submitted]

by Andy on November 7, 2013

Life is not a rehearsal, we’re only here for a minute. So make sure you’re Livin’ Life and enjoying every single second. – That’s our motto here at Livin’ Life!®.

If you love our motto, now you can pass it on with these Livin’ Life!® Motto Greeting Cards. These cards are shareable art and can provide the right words of encouragement and inspiration for a friend or loved one. Each card can be displayed nicely in a standard sized 5×7-inch frame.

Get 15% off anything in the store by entering code HYA at checkout (valid through Nov. 16, 2013)

Andy: I was wondering if people actually buy this kind of stuff, but looking at their site all their previous cards have sold out so I guess that tells it’s own story.


Some sweet tees from Frozen Junk

by Andy on November 4, 2013

Frozen Junk is a clothing company based around popsicles and ice cream (basically anything sweet and cold), which would have seemed crazy 10 years ago but is totally natural now after Johnny Cupcakes (and a host of others) realised that people like food and people like t-shits so why shouldn’t those things be put together in a pleasing way.

I really like the style of the tees and it’s cool to see that they’re using some slightly unusual colourways in their launch range, there’s not a black tee amongst the bunch and I applaud that, especially with the way that it fits with the fun look of the brand.

Interestingly, whilst the shirts are listed as being $22 (and you can get 20% off with the coupon code launchcode) there’s a ‘name your own price’ deal going on, which may or may not just be because they launched recently. You can choose your own price all the way down to $8, which I’m sure you’ll agree is a ridiculous deal for tees that look this nice (and have some impressive design names behind them). There’s also free shipping if you spent $50 or more.


Haunted Collection IV from Seventh.Ink

by Andy on October 23, 2013

Even if I’d posted this one a few minutes after it went live a few nights ago at Seventh.Ink the box set would have already been sold out, so I don’t feel too guilty that you guys don’t have a chance to pick it up. There are still tees, silk-screened poster prints, and engraved coffin(!) available though, with the added bonus that the cat design glows in the dark on the tee and on paper, nice!

Shirts and prints are both $25 a piece.


7 years ago I started”>Livin’ Life!® as a side project, a means to escape some of the negativity in the world. I had no idea that so many of you would like my optimistic designs and relate to my positive outlook on life. I couldn’t be more grateful for the love and support from each of you to help me keep my dream alive. I am truly blessed. With your continued support, I have many more ideas that I hope to share with you in the coming years.

If you love our optimistic designs, now you can pass them on. These cards are shareable art, and the designs can provide the right words of encouragement and inspiration for a friend or loved one. Each card can be displayed nicely in a standard sized 5″ x 7″ picture frame (not included).

Andy: Greeting cards? Well, that’s certainly a first for HYA.

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Don’t forget about the HYA store!

by Andy on September 14, 2013

It’s been a while since I’ve pointed you guys in the direction of the HYA shop, so why not head on over and take a look? All orders come with free UK postage and every purchase helps support the site. Here’s a reminder of what’s available.

A selection of t-shirts including the HYA logo on a variety of colours (£12.99) and Ben’s freshly released ‘Hair of the Bear’ shirt (£14.99).

Summer is over for another year but we still have a few logo tank tops available for £11.99 each.

Like I said, Summer is over, so that means we’re into hoodie season and the HYA hoodies are really warm, and a bit of a bargain at £24.99.

Yes, of course HYA sells galaxy tights (with leggings coming soon), why on Earth wouldn’t we?

Fashion jewellery starting from just £1.99.



And last but not least, some HYA logo posters and these great illustrations by my friend Steven Gregg.


That is one seriously nice print, and the rest of this new release is pretty great too. Those of you looking back in their catalogue will find that they have restocked some older designs too.

Random Objects

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Two cool new designs from Seventh.Ink based on the idea that “we humans tend to indulge in various “poisons” throughout our lives, both willingly and perhaps unwillingly. Our human nature makes us gravitate towards things that don’t always have our best interests in mind.. but nevertheless we continue to indulge in our favorite poisons.”

The designs aren’t just available as tee and tank tops, there’s also prints, engraved flasks, and engraved iPhone cases. Neat!


‘Retro Gals: Mods and Rockers’ is a series of pinup art inspired screen printed posters and t-shirts by artists Anne Benjamin, Babs Tarr, Daniel Krall, and Alex Pearson. Honestly, I’ve never heard of any of those people, but that’s the great thing about running this blog, awesome artists get in touch to let me know what they’re doing and I get to find out about cool stuff and share it with you guys.

Prints are $25 each (or get the whole set of 4 for $80), and tees are $22 at Family Tree Design.


Lovely design from our friends over at Fuzzy Ink, nice to see it as a print as well for those that want to brighten up their walls as well as their chest.

Costiness=$26 T-shirt $20 Poster


I have run out of good things to say about Random Objects… so I’d better Shakespeare it and just make some stuff up…. their designs are magnifilicious!


OMUNKY are well known to regular readers of HYA, high quality tees featuring animals, it’s a simple but solid concept and it works well with artwork that it’s hard to hate. Usually Omunky release one design at a time, slowly growing the collection and offering different colourways, but this time they’re trying a different approach. They’re turning to Kickstarter to help fund a collection that’s being dubbed the ‘Farm Series’ and as you would imagine is a new collection of shirts (and prints) dedicated to animals on the farm. It’s a natural progression for Omunky and I can see why Rick would want to put out the series as one group since the animals are a bit of a departure from the norm for him, and therefore why he’d want to use a service like Kickstarter to help fund it.

One thing I know about Rick is that he’s a fair guy, so I’m glad to see that he hasn’t fallen foul of one of the usual pitfalls of getting greedy with the rewards for pledge levels and it all looks good value in that regard, so do head on over and if there’s something you like put down a pledge.


Post image for Goodie Two Sleeves released 6 ridiculous posters recently

They’re ridiculous, but I do think it would be kind of funny to have one or two of these framed on my wall as if they were fine works of art.

Goodie Two Sleeves


Five new geeky posters at 604Republic

by Andy on November 29, 2012

Post image for Five new geeky posters at 604Republic

Our buddies over at 604Republic have taken some of their popular tee designs and put them on high-quality paper. Each poster is available now for just $14 a piece.


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