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WcDonald Windbreaker from Wrongwroks

by Andy on April 21, 2008


Wrongwroks are keeping up their impressive release schedule with this all-black, seamless, waterproof windbreaker that features their WcDonald logo. It looks pretty cool, and I think that its important to have a windbreaker in your clothing arsenal for those times when you look out the window and see a few clouds and know that if you go out without a coat it’ll rain, but you can’t be bothered carrying around a big heavy coat.
WcDonald Windbreaker by Wrongwroks

Costiness=$140 Link


Fleece by Hellz Bellz @ Karmaloop

I had a friend at university called Helen (seen here prior to a cracker-eating contest… I won), who, whenever she did something surprising, I had a massive urge to shout “hells bells Helen!” But I resisted the urge because she was smart and I presume she would have cut me down in an instant for using such an obvious and over-used phrase. Seriously, I stopped myself from saying that for three years!

I like this fleece coat but I’ve got a bit of writer’s block at the moment so I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with the blurb:

Double breasted and ruffled sweater jacket with oversized hood, Mexican blanket lining, and inner button stash pocket; 80% cotton, 20% polyester.

Costiness=$130 Link


The Hunter Jacket by Orisue @ Karmaloop

by Andy on April 15, 2008

The Hunter Jacket by Orisue @ Karmaloop

Even though the sun seems to be making a few more frequent appearances in the skies above Cumbria, its still a little chilly, and a warm jacket is still certainly needed on evenings out. I am slightly concerned by the lack of fitting on this jacket, it just seems to billow out on the model even though he’s wearing a medium, but I really like all the other stuff that this jacket has got going on, like those three top buttons and the funneling on the neck. One odd thing to note is the “croc-skin mohawk,” presumably the crocodile skin is fake, but you can judge for yourself.
The Hunter Jacket by Orisue @ Karmaloop

Have some blurb:

The Hunter Jacket features a cotton composition, the Orisue leather logo patch on the chest, 4 flap pockets with detailed stitching, the bottom 2 flap pockets also have a side pocket opening, hood drawstrings, detailed stitching on the cuffs, and a croc-skin Mohawk.

Costiness=$84 Link


Sara Sweatshirt by Rebe

by Andy on March 20, 2008


Well, isn’t this an interesting looking piece? Obviously I’m being a bit of a tease with the close-up image, but since the tie on this hoodie/coat is the interesting part it deserves a decent view.
It’s a pretty clever garment too, I’ll let Rebe explain:

It is made of recycled fiber and trimmed with contrasting rib knit. Tie the Bow and show your support for breast cancer research. With each purchase of our Sara Sweatshirt, made from recycled fiber, we will donate 5% of all proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.



How cool is that bow idea? I guess that no one except the wearer will realise the poignancy of the bow, but that’s hardly the point, is it? I like the way that the lining of the hood and back of the bow (and presumably lining of the whole thing) are a bright, refreshing pastel colour to compliment the subdued, natural colours that are on the outside of this outerwear.

Costiness=$136 Link [thanks, Stylehive!]

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Marker Jacket by G Star Raw

by Andy on March 10, 2008

Marker Jacket by G Star Raw

Remember when I asked about a year ago in a poll whether you guys wanted to see more outerwear on the site, you said yes and I didn’t really up the output of outerwear? Well, here’s a little something to attempt to redress the balance.

It isn’t exactly an eccentric jacket, but the styling is really impressive, simple but well cut, with a few interesting details to keep you interested. Stocks seem pretty limited at the moment, but maybe they’ll get more in at some point.

Costiness=$160 Link [thanks, shoptometrist @ Notcouture]


S.A.S by Natural Born @ Karmaloop

by Andy on December 19, 2007


1) It’s cold here. 2) At weekends where I live you hear quite a lot of rifle shots echoing down the valleys from people hunting. That got me thinking about nice warm coats and camo, so.. voila, a camo coat! This coat is 100% cotton with a plaid lining, so I’m not sure quite how warm it will keep you, but it does look pretty good.

Costiness=$190 Link


Comrade M65 by Orisue @ Karmaloop

by Andy on December 18, 2007


There’s been a call for coats/jackets in the past, and this one from Orisue is pretty freakin’ sweet. There’s an injection of military elements without getting that stereotypical ‘politics student that think they’re the next Che Guevara’ look. The little metal embellishments do kick this piece up a notch, just a little bit of flash swimming in a sea of black to give some extra interest.

Costiness=$120 Link


Wool Military Coat by Brooklyn Industries

by Andy on November 20, 2007


Feelin’ chilly? Yeah, it really is getting that way.

Since this is a military style coat, lets rock some technical blurbage, since that just feels right!

Military-styled wool coat with epaulettes and multiple oversized patch pockets.. Corduroy detailing at back yoke, shoulders, and pockets.

* Body: 70% wool / 15 viscose / 15% polyester
* Lining: 97% polyester / 3% spandex
* Constrast corduroy: 100% cotton

Any word on whether Brooklyn Industries still charges an arm and a leg to ship things outside the US?

Costiness=$158 Link


The North Face: 485 Collection

by Andy on November 13, 2007


I figure that it’s about time that I try and expand the rather pathetic amount of posts in the ‘coat’ category, so I’m going to really help you guys out this winter by mentioning a range of winter coats that cost from $500 to $1200, a drop in the ocean, right?

Yeah, I know no one’s going to drop that kind of cash, even if people tend to spend more of a decent winter coat than most other things in their wardrobe, but there’s no denying that this range looks pretty amazing. I still regularly wear a North Face coat that I bought for my rather failure-ridden attempts at snowboarding four years ago and I’m still impressed by the quality of it, anything that keeps you warm when you’re stood on top of a windy mountain in the Lake District in December is worth spending a bit of extra cash on… and remember your gloves, gloves are always a must (another HYA top tip!).

Click on through (to the North Face site) to read some quite exceptional feats in breathless PR-isms.

Available through Paragon Sports, and read about it at The North Face, [via notcot, via Uncrate]


23 Tech Shell Jacket by Kidrobot

by Andy on July 4, 2007


I know that the point of HYA is to find clothes that you’d actually buy, but I really, really like the way that the black exterior and the pink-patterned interior contrast on this jacket, so I just had to mention it, even if it’s getting on for $500 (only 96 available, so its a pretty exclusive club).

KidRobot have managed to replicate the originality and quality of their art pieces into their apparel line, combining style and substance.
The ´23 Tech Shell Jacket´ is made from their own waterproof, and flexible material, aptly called ´Robotex´. Featuring ´Dunny´ print lining, stacks of pockets, and drawstrings to keep you in order, the ´23 Tech Shell Jacket´ totally delivers.”

And who doesn’t love Kidrobot, anyway?

Costiness=€358 URL



by Andy on January 27, 2007


Is it just me, or does this jacket look like it comes from the near future, where we all wear the same clothes (except the leaders have gold piping on theirs)?

I like the shape, the way that the fitted body contrasts with the drape-like style of the arms, and having the points on the cuffs is a nice little touch. As is the stitch-on ‘Scifen Survival Unit’ branding above the left-breast pocket, it enforces the dystopian future story that I invented in the intro. One thing that I’m not too hot on is the stitched scifen text over the back of the shoulders, it doesn’t really seem to fit with the nature of the jacket.

Costiness=$160 (well, wool costs!) URL (and yes, you can still get up to 20% off with the following code: AS7594)



I thought that after going to all the effort of asking if you wanted to see coats on here I should probably post at least 1 coat in 2006, and when I noticed this coat by Obey I thought it made the HYA grade. It seems like a pretty simple coat, but there’s a few little touches that make it a bit more interesting, like the unusual shape of the cuffs, the enlarged breast-pockets, and the use of sew-ons and printed letters. You all know a Karmaloop post wouldn’t be complete without a bit of blurb:

“Military Iggy Pop II Jacket (Jackets By Obey) If James Brown is the godfather of soul, and Elvis is the king of Rock and Roll, then Iggy Pop is sort of like the weird, strung-out uncle of punk and heavy metal. Maybe the weird uncle that was in the army and has never been quite right. That would explain the military styling of this jacket. Iggy: big fan of tweed, which happens to be the lining of this jacket. Hmmm, curious.”

Costiness=$100 URL

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