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Cool new range from Anything Goes, a brand that have never been shy about selling more than just tees and hoodies. It’s hardly surprising to see a few hats in there since it is getting a bit chillier (thermal socks until March for me!), and it’s cool that the illustrations on the new clothing items generally follow from one piece to the next to help form a nice and cohesive collection.

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Cool new collection from Moloch Clothing , I really dig the botanical and bird shirts, those a are really nice and really wearable designs. I’m not sure if Microsoft would be too happy if they saw that sweatshirt though!

The tees have sine an upgrade from the last collection, they now use Continental N45 blanks which are made of 70% sustainable bamboo and 30% organic cotton. It’s a quality shirt that doesn’t lose it’s shape through washing (trust me, I have a lovely green blank from them) and feels good too.

Shirts are available now for £25, sweatshirts are £30, and what’s left of their first collection has been dropped down to £20 per tee.


Plastic and Stone collections from de Lirios

by Andy on October 24, 2013

Plastic Collection

Stone Collection

Spanish brand de Lirios released these two new collections a couple of weeks ago and there’s some really interesting and wearable stuff in there. The Stone collection appeals to me more than the Plastic collection, the patterned squares are just a bit to fashion-y for my tastes, whereas the prints suit my style. Prices range from €24 to €62 and it’s all available now.


Here’s something fun, when I went down to Margin back in August I got to meet the Mayamada team (and very nice they were too), but I also got to check out this range of designs, so I can give these the Andy seal of approval and they haven’t even been released yet since they’re on pre-order until October 21st (Monday). There’s some really cool designs in there, nice and wearable, and the print quality looked good when I was checking them out, so I think you can buy these tees and crew neck sweatshirts with confidence.

Mayamada will also be appearing in the ASOS marketplace from November so that should be good for their growth since ASOS is a really big player globally these days. Tees are £25 with sweatshirts weighing in at £35.


I’m a little bit late posting this one so some of these might be sold out by the time you read this, but I thought it was worth pointing out these great new designs from Johnny Cupcakes, and it’s only the first half of the Halloween collection so if you miss out this time around you’ve got another chance later this month (I’d bet on a release this Friday, thoughts?).


Cool concept for a very wearable shirt design (also available as a crew neck), which interestingly they offer in both a regular and fashion fit, something I feel reflect the many demos that are attracted to Akomplice. Oh, and yes, you do get a custom branded Sharpie with your tee so you can fill in the crossword if you’d like. The shirt is $30 ($65 for the crewneck) and available now from the Akomplice webstore.


The clothes are cool, that almost goes without saying when it comes to Akomplice, who dropped this latest collection yesterday, but it’s the lookbook concept and photographs that are blowing me away. They’ve taken their standard ‘cool guy on a white background’ photos that they usually take, and then pasted them all over Denver, and then taken cool photos of them. Really original stuff from AK. See the press release after the jump:
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Say hello to BÄAS Clothing

by Andy on September 26, 2013

BÄAS Clothing was setup last November by three guys at Loughborough Uni that somehow found out about HYA via a local pizza place, a pizza place that I’ve never ordered from (but keep intending to), so maybe I’m more famous in the local area than I realised!

Lots of logo designs here, which as ever I feel is a bit of a barrier to entry for a brand since you need people to like the logo and name rather than just thinking “hey, that’s a cool design” but there are lots of popular logo-driven companies out there so I’m not one say that it is the wrong approach, it might just make life a bit harder at first. I do really like the shirts with the big designs on the back, I’d quite like to see them with the big design on the front (which the floral A design is as a crew, and it works really well) but that’s just my personal taste and there does seem to be a bit of a trend in the UK for a pocket placement print on the front and going big on the back, so I suspect that this is just one of those cases where the youngsters are moving with the times and I’m getting a bit traditional as I edge closer to 30.


You’re probably thinking that I’m going to rip Dewerstone for not having enough designs without their logo on, and you’re right, I really do wish that they had more designs that weren’t to do with their name, because I think it’s something that creates a ‘barrier to entry’ for a brand. By putting your name on your goods you make the person need to like your brand before they make a purchase, something that you don’t need to do with a cool piece of art or a pop culture design (though then you’re just using their love of someone else’s ideas to help sell your goods), because the image is the real seller there. It seems like the hard way to go with a brand, but maybe these guys want to go the hard way and create that brand recognition from the start.

It’s quite frustrating since I think otherwise Dewerstone are doing everything else right with their approach to the business and I love that there is a company in the UK stitching their own goods and even using tiny paintbrushes to ensure that their prints are perfect. Then again, maybe it’s just me, after several years of writing about tee brands it’s hard to get excited about a brand with their logo on the shirt, but I think these guys do have the potential to be really, really good so hopefully as they grow we’ll be able to see a bit more creativity on the design front and I should just respect their choices at this point.

They’ve offered a sample to us for review so hopefully we’ll be bringing that to you soon and we can talk more about the quality (which I suspect to be very high) rather than me bitching about logos.


Let’s take a look at PIPELED from Israel

by Andy on September 4, 2013

These guys got in touch about a week ago to say hello and I’m glad they did because now we know about their really interest art-based t-shirt designs, loads of really wearable stuff in here. It’s cool to hear from a brand in Israel too as that’s a bit of a rarity on HYA, I don’t know if that’s because of a lack of indie brands out there or they just haven’t been getting in touch with me.

Shirts are €26, and tank tops are €30 with plenty of other stuff available that I haven’t shown above.



Get Better Clothing are a new one on me, but they got in touch to let me know about their Summer collection and I sure am glad that they did since I really like the style of their designs. I’m not sure which of those above are from the new collection, the bear and cowboys & indians designs definitely are, but the others may be older. Still, with this being our first look at them I thought there was no harm in showing off everything they’ve got.

Tees come in at £24.99 and crew necks are £34.99 including delivery in the UK, which isn’t bad at all, but HYA readers can get 15% off their orders with the coupon code HYA15. They’re an eco-conscious bunch so some of the shirts are organic bamboo fibre, which always feels good (and is naturally anti-bacterial, which is always good during the hot and humid months), and they print with water-based inks and package using recycled and recyclable card and paper. Go team green!


Hide Your Arms isn’t a place for politics, it’s a place for showing you guys cool clothes. That said, if there were less guns in the US, and it was harder to buy them, there would be less gun deaths (and probably less homicides too), it’s as simple as that. The cool thing about this design is that it is actually pretty wearable, it makes a statement and does it in a way that doesn’t have to compromise your style, like most political shirts do.

Crew necks, tees, and tank tops are available in the Akomplice store now.


High Society London’s 2013 Collection

by Andy on July 24, 2013

Some pretty cool stuff here, and a pretty decent blog too.

High Society London

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HIWYHI take a bit of a different approach to most tee brands when they release a new season, instead of having lots of different designs they pick a couple of designs (in this case two new designs and their typework logo) and then make them availabe in lots of different colourways (there’s a lot more than I’m showing here) and on different items of clothing. I’d like to see the colourways pared down a bit and more design options in each release, but that’s probably just because I’m a greedy bloggers that constantly wants to see more new stuff.


Say hello to Scared Til Death

by Andy on May 26, 2013

Scared Til Death have really impressed me with this ‘Winter’ (they’re Australian) collection of tees crew necks and hoodies (there’s more available but I thought seven pictures was enough), though the price is a bit off-putting to a European spoiled by all the free samples that I’ve received over the past few years, at AUD$60 for a tee which equates to pretty much USD$60 these days. It’s a lot for a t-shirt, but knowing the Australian market I would expect that they aren’t actually making a large markup on that, t-shirts simply cost more in Australia to the point where it has the unfortunate consequence of pricing out most customers from outside the country, especially if you add on the postage charges ($24 to the US for a tee, $28 to the UK). Honestly, it’s just too much and it’s something that I can’t ignore, which is a real pity.

Scared Til Death


So, I’m going through my old e-mails and I noticed that there’s a was quick message from Josh at Damascus Apparel that I had forgotten to check out, and I feel pretty bad about it because they’ve got some really cool stuff in this collection, and the tees are well priced at $19.95 a piece. Fortunately for us, it looks like nothing has sold out yet, so even though I’m about 6 weeks late posting this it’s all avilable, huzzah!


This isn’t a submitted post but Lucas over at The Circus has done a good job with his blurb so why should I spend time re-writing it?

We are a new circus-themed brand based out of Pasadena, California. The designs put a fun circus twist on things such current events, pop culture and much more. A circus is colorful, diverse, inspiring, & lively. At a circus, onlookers want adventure, fun, & entertainment. So, our mission is to deliver important messages to the public using the welcoming, fun-loving, and appeal of a circus. As an upcoming apparel company, our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other online apparel shops. So sit tight, we are going to bring you a great show. Don’t forget, we only make a select amount of merchandise — once it sells out we will never make the same product. Check the site often or you may miss out. Use code “HYA” and receive 15% off your entire purchase.

I like their designs and the concept is solid, priced well too with tees between $20 and $13. We should have a hands-on review coming up with these guys soon so be on the look out for that.


Impressive new collection from Sin Star, I’d say that it follows a lot of the trends that are hot in the UK at the moment, but I’m fairly sure that does Sin Star a disservice since they’re probably actually influencing the scene at the moment. There’s a load more in the collection but I didn’t want to put too many images in this post.


Three gorgeous designs as usual at Sevenly to send $7 per item towards Love Without Boundaries, a charity that gives orphaned children with birth defects the surgery they need and help to give them a family in a permanent home.


Just a couple of designs from famed street artist David Flores in this little collection but Akomplice have certainly managed to make quite a lot from it. Stormtroopers and a topless Kate Moss, what more could you want?

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