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Threadless Pick: Stick Figures in Peril

by Andy on April 10, 2007


As you would imagine, I was pretty happy to read that all this weeks new releases were being made available as hoodies/longsleeve tees, though you would have thought that Threadless would have done this kind of thing during the winter rather than in the Spring. Sure, its still pretty chilly during the evenings, but we’ve been enjoying some fabulous climate changing weather here over the past week, so my views a bit biased at the moment, I’ll probably be begging for new hoodies next week!

There was some decent releases this week, most of them work better as tees than hoodies, and I was leaning towards ‘Ballad of the Birds‘, but it felt a bit odd not mentioning a hoodie when they had so many available. I guess that sounds like I’m not really into my pick of the week, but I am, they’re just really different types of designs. Birds has been done before as well, not necessarily like this, but I’ve seen quite a few birds on a power line tees before. ‘Stick Figures in Peril‘ on the other hand, looks pretty original to even if it is a skull and crossbones design. The dedication to detail is amazing, I’d love to see it first hand because I would be willing to bet it looks fantastic.

As usual, tees $15-17, hoodies $40, longsleeves $25.


Threadless Pick: Moon Kite

by Andy on January 16, 2007


It was a real toss-up between ‘Moon Kite’ and ‘Growth for the Sake of Growth‘ (from the Select line) this week, but I eventually sided with Monn Kite since, it’s cheaper, doean’t confuse me as much as those crabs (so over my head), and is available as a long sleeve tee, which is what HYA is for, after all.

This tee actually reminds me of one my favourite Threadless designs, ‘A Fathom Farewell‘, its kind of playful, whilst being a bit sad at the same time, and the subtle use of blue helps to set off the white as well, it doesn’t really feel like a straigh B&W design.

Costiness=$15 for guys, $17 for girls (equality? pah!) and $25 for the long sleeve. URL

Disclosure: all the links in this post are streetteam links.


Even though This is Spinal Tap was made 22 years ago it has managed to retain lodged in the psyche of popular culture, and the infamous ‘eleven’ scene seems to have become a prime target for clothing designers. So I present to you a couple of designs that have caught my eye over the past week.

Both designs are pretty simple, and pretty subtle. Which I like, since ‘in your face’ designs that are meant to be funny aren’t really my bag, and these could happily fly under the radar if I met someone that didn’t know the joke, which keeps things simple, there’s nothing worse than having to explain a joke.

The first one comes from a pop culture and politics outift called Dumbgun, and whilst I don’t really agree with their choice of colour for the promo picture, I do think it could look a lot nicer in one of the other options that they give. The rounded nature of the design gives it a kind of stamp look, which is different (although I should note that it is screen printed). It costs a reasonable $29.95 and can be found here.

The ubiquitous Paul Frank brings us our second item for the day, with a more technically minded and sharper looking volume knob, printed onto a long-sleeve tee. Whilst I do like the design, I’m once again having issues with the choice of colour, perhaps black would have been more appropriate (and more rock!). Would I be right in thinking that this design is actually more accurate to Marshall amps (I only have a small Marshall that doesn’t have all the numbers)? It costs $36 and can be found here.



Worse things happen at sea

by Andy on August 8, 2006

Whenever Nico (or the talented contributor from from Teees does a post and mentions that the store he’s looking at sells hoodies, I always click those links, because a) he has taste, and b) it really helps me in finding new stores to check out.

And today tattoo-to-tee outift Sailor Jerry was up on the Teees smorgasbord of delights (geddit? Norwegian blog… smorgasbord? And yes, I know that word is primarily Swedish). SJ offer tattoo style designs on a wide variety of clothes, like tees, hoodies, long-sleeve tees, work shirts, there’s even tat-inspired even lingerie!

The hoodies are cool, they have kind of a biker feel to them, but I haven’t recommended a long-sleeve tee for a long time, and hey, that girl looks pretty hot (up the the nose at least). I really dig the classic anchor design, admittedly it might be a tad simple for some of you, but like their blurb says, “In a world loaded with bullshit, these shirts aren’t having any of it.” (I don’t really know what that means, but I think it illustrates my point)

The blurb also says that the shirt is manufactured in downtown L.A. (printed in Philly), so I’m gonna stick my neck out and say that it might be printed on American Apparel stock, though the price makes me wonder if that would be possible.

Costiness=$15 URL


Putting Pandas on a diet

by Andy on July 18, 2006

If it’s good enough for Cool Hunting, it’s good enough for me.

It would seem that making clothing out of cotton doesn’t cut it anymore, bamboo is the de rigeur material. (that sentence sucked just because I wanted to write ‘de rigeur‘)

Bam Clothing don’t seem to be too into logos or prints at the moment (the furthest they go is some rather typical preppy-frat-boy typography that proclaims ‘BAMBOO’), but you can’t deny quality, whether it has pretty pictures or not. The most amazing thing to me is – if I’m reading this right – that the inherent properties of Bamboo mean the shirt is antibacterial, does that mean that this long sleeve tee actually has the ability to clean you!!?!?OMGZZZ Sure does sound like the future to me.

Costiness=£34.50 URL


Soft Touch Reviews: The Handsome Sausage

by Andy on June 13, 2006

handsome sausage package stlyised
I like the Handsome Sausage, there’s something about the collision between hand-drawn designs and super-soft printing that makes me feel good, it just seems like a company that wants to get things right, and do things in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you have a nice tee, but the person that made it got $0.01 for your pleasure. In the package there was a little thankyou slip explaining how the shirts are non-sweatshop (American Apparel), and printed using a non-toxic ink. I was amazed to hear a few months back on the news just how much ink is used to colour a single tee, I forget the figures now, but it was more than you would expect, so it’s good to see companies going non-toxic (I presume lots of other indies do the same, but I just haven’t noticed).

I got a little carried away with my review, so most of its size will be under a cut (kinda like an iceberg)
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King Kong Shrimp love Mother Nature

by Andy on May 8, 2006

KingKongShrimp have a decent female range, so I thought that I’d continue giving KKS some love by pointing out this cool ‘Creatures Great And Small’ long-sleeve T with raglan sleeves. There’s obv. a hippo being preened by some friendly birds, as is nature, and the colours compliment each other pretty sweet, what else can I say?

Costiness=$24.95 from KingKongShrimp.


Tree of knowledge

by Andy on April 21, 2006


This long-sleeve tee designed by Geoff McFetridge feels like a bit of a Threadless style design to me, and whilst I can’t quite make out the design completely, it looks like lots of words forming a tree, ipso facto, tree of knowledge.

It is also available in green with a white print, for those of you that have an aversion to white clothing (hey, some people do).

Costiness=$48 available from 2kshirts.


Snorting 5g of ground Nike Air Max

by Andy on April 11, 2006


I don’t really understand the whole vintage/classic sneaker collecting thing, but hey, lots of hipsters seem to be into it, so it must be cool, right?

Boub from Lite Streetwear dropped me an e-mail to tell me about the new line they’ve just made available, and to ask how I was, which was nice. I presume that most of you read more than one apparel blog, so you probably already knew about the new line from Indoneasia’s premier clothing company (any Indonesian’s willing to challenge that claim?), but I thought I’d give my personal recommendation anywho.

Even though I don’t get the whole sneaker thing I still really love this long-sleeve tee, the font is just brilliant, handwriting is always welcome in my book, and the image feels like they did a sketch to capture the moment of inspiration and stuck with it.

Costiness=$15 USD or $150000 in Indonesian Dollars. URL here.



Kelly Lynn from online clothing store Little Paper Planes was asked “what hides your arms?” this week and she put in some thought (she even apologised for making me wait on her choice, so polite), and e-mailed me the following:

this company emailed me awhile ago to sell on my site which should be happening soon. I love all of their designs because they are all simple line drawings. They remind of children’s books especially the one I am featuring. It shows a little story without it being so narrative that you would not want to wear it. I also think they have a great sense of color since all their shirts have amazing combinations…yup..i like it.

They have a load of great tees for guys (this is still a sleeved blog, btw, whatever tomorrow’s post might make you think), so check them out.



It isn’t just Threadless that can sell their products at the $10 mark, Randomshirts have got in on the act as well, actually this sale/clearance started first (and even have a few things cheaper than that), but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m not usually too into vintage style t-shirts, because no one would ever believe that I worked at Randy’s Truck Stop in 1973, and I’m not a liar, so I tend not to wear that kind of thing. As ever, I’m off topic, it’s a good irreverent design, I especially like the Elvis reference and the stars, it feels like Japanese people trying to copy American 70s culture, even though I know that it’s Americans copying Japanese people copying American culture. Genius.

If you’re worried about the quality, considering how low low prices at RS, their shirts hoodies and long sleeves are printed on Hanes, Fruit of the Loom or American Apparel (check the FAQ for more information).

Costiness=$10 ($12 for XXL) URL here.



by Andy on March 15, 2006


I’m straddling a dangerous line of promoting a tee here, but only because I didn’t realise that Hard Boiled clothing were ever so helpful to their customers and have made many (all? I haven’t had time to check) of their designs available as a tee/ scoop neck/ three-quarter length/ long sleeve (HYA’s main concern)/ tank top and as a raglan. My choice for the day comes in a wide variety of colours too, power to the consumer!

I don’t know what a raglan is, and google images isn’t really helping me (best clothes blogger ever!).

I really like the idea of making designs available in different types of apparel, and I wish I saw it more, but it is understandable that many of the smaller independent artists that I feature here can’t afford to take the risk.

I like this chairs long sleeve T (or raglan), the design is simple yet interesting, and I guess from the inset picture is has printing on the back, and I love printing on the back, unless it’s tour dates for a band in which case it just lets people know I went to see the Foo Fighters in 2002.

Costiness=$Various, if a raglan has long sleeves then it’s $34, the long sleeve tee version is $42, URL here.


J’aime l’Amka

by Andy on January 31, 2006

redfloww_07I’m not French, I barely speak French (ou est le biblioteque?), but there’s one thing I do recognise, design, and they have it in spades, well, actually, in this case they have it on long-sleeve tees.

Amka (Moroccan for “someone who has their head a bit in the sky”) are a design studio headed by 27 year-old graphic designer Thomas Gayet, who make rather stylish clothes and posters. I took a particular shine to the Redflower long sleeve tee that they sell (costiness=€23), and they even have it in my size, wait, a French company that go above L, saints be praised!

I’m sure some guys would ummm and ahhh about the flower design, but I think it’s pretty neat, it’s off-centre, it’s not overtly feminine (though there is a girls version with the same design for €1 more), and anyway, who cares what everyone else thinks? You can always says it’s what everyone’s wearing in France…

I know, I should try and remain mysterious, semi-androgynous, and calm, but check out their models, boy do they raise an eyebrow or two.


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