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Fresh Summer collection from Milk

by Andy on July 22, 2014

Milk are an interesting brand because the first time we saw them they had a hoodie with milk bottles on the drawstrings, that’s something that you don’t expect to see from a new brand, it’s a custom product, not just a design slapped onto an American Apparel garment while they’re getting a feel for the clothing world. Bearing that in mind, it’s hardly surprising that this Summer collection shows a similar polish and a bit of a change from the norm. Here’s what they had to say about it:

It features various garments which have been manufactured and printed to the best quality. Various printing techniques have been used including dye sublimation and up to 6 colour screen prints! Our designs also come back stronger with different patterns and illustrations such as “Cowmo” (camouflage mad from cows), a Froot Loops print and even a pop art inspired pin up girl. We have also added a really nice Chambray oxford shirt into the mix with a milk spill pocket detail.

Tees are £18 or £22, vests £14, and items from the last collection are on sale too so you can grab tees for as low as £8.


Deep Antiquity is a dark street wear brand based in Miami Fl producing Light and airy garments that provide the canvas for dark deep-seeded designs manifested through the vessel of modern fashion & esoteric style.

Deep Antiquity partners with American manufacturers and local businesses to produce a line of quality garments and accessories.

Andy: Looks good, thanks a lot for the submission!


Live Unbound Shirts

by Andy on July 15, 2014

Thought your fans will really love Live Unbound‘s new shirts. 15% discount if you use the code: fandiscount at checkout. Love the site and thanks for your time!

Andy: Very nice indeed, thanks for the submission!


Ladies wear at Fit Out Apparel

by Andy on July 11, 2014

Cool gear for the ladies!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


Anything Goes Apparel dropped a big collection on Monday including tees, vests, dresses, crop tops, bikinis, sunglasses and more. They certainly have come a long way from the early days.

Lookbook details:
All photos are by J Moffatt Photography –
Makeup is by Emma Gruber –
Models are Lorraine Keiller –
Adam Trump –
Erica Sousa –


Never Worry Make Decisions – Orange on Navy
Never Worry Make Decisions – Black/White 3/4 Sleeve Raglan

These shirts were inspired by a positive message. Never worry or stress about anything. Just make a decision and move forward.

Andy: The mockups really don’t help these shirts at all, but that on a model and take some real photos and I might be interested but as it is I’m just not feeling it.


Crown & Cross – London Clothing Co.

by Andy on June 25, 2014

Crown & Cross are a recently opened London Clothing Co.

Run by designer Alex Tillbrook & Lewis White

Check out their site for a range of unisex items, the brand will be releasing SS14 shortly!

Andy: Excellent lookbook photography, it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with next.

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One Love Tanks from Zen Lyfe Clothing!

by Andy on June 25, 2014

Stay Zen this summer in Zen Lyfe Clothing’s brand new One Love Tank! You can Purchase at Peace, Love, Zen!

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


“Reckless” Crop Top by Cotton Gems

by Andy on June 10, 2014

New T-shirt by this week “RECKLESS” crop top design is yours to buy for $12.99 plus free shipping.

Andy: For the sake of humanity I won’t be wearing this, but thanks for the submission!


Akomplice Summer 2014 now available.

by Andy on June 9, 2014

I know, I know, there’s a lot of images in this post, but there could be a lot more as their lookbook will attest. I just kept scrolling through saying to myself “oooh, that can go in the post” and and that’s how we ended up where we are.

It would appear that patterns and all over prints are all the rage at Akomplice this season, there’s lots of really wearable Summer good in this drop. Oh, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned an umbrella before on HYA but when a company releases one that looks like that I can’t really ignore it!



by Andy on June 9, 2014

Black is Attitude.

Andy: Shortest submission text ever?


Max from over at The Max Factory got in touch to let us know that he currently has a tank top up for pre-order in his shop. It’s a bit of a departure from the previous designs he’s made available, and it’s not something that I’d wear, but I think we’ve gone over my hairiness in the past enough that I don’t need to explain again why I don’t wear tank tops. I think that the style of the tee designs is great though, I really like that look, it’s really nice Summertime style shirts.

Hide Your Arms readers can get 10% off your entire order with the coupon code hideyourarms, and that’s off anything, the older designs and the new tank-top.


Offend My Eyes was started by a couple who got sick of being judged by other people, just for being themselves.

“We sell clothing and accessories that make a bold statement about who you are; whether that offend’s people eyes or not. We don’t care who you are, or what you look like, you’re all awesome to us!


Offend my eyes sell a range of offensive and grotesque designs that can be seen on Tshirts, vests, shorts, hats and accessories; they are certainly not for the faint hearted!

Andy: The idea of a brand being created with the intention of offending people has always struck me as odd, purposefully doing something to make people uncomfortable doesn’t sit well with me, but of course that reflects upon me as a person, which is exactly what this brand is about, being who you are. Then again, if the kind of person you are is someone that wear a shirt with an octopus with a vagina on a mouth printed on it you might want to take a quick look in the mirror, or maybe my age is catching up with me.

Beyond the style element (which clearly isn’t for me), everything else looks well done, the prints, the site, branding is solid, so I definitely can’t fault them on the technical aspects of the business.


Quick question, is it still called a farm if it’s indoors and looks like it shouldn’t be legal even though it is?

Akomplice ventured out to Colorado (where you may be aware that marijuana was recently legalised), because, well, it makes for cool photos to go in their Summer 2014 lookbook. Their press realease can tell you the rest:

After watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s CNN special titled “WEED,” Akomplice decided that it was time to shoot another one of their journalistic lookbooks on their home states’, now legal, magic plant. The episode showcased how Colorado’s medical and recreational marijuana was saving the lives of patients experiencing deadly seizures and helping battle cancer.

For their Summer 2014 lookbook, Akomplice earned unprecedented access to Native Root’s legal marijuana grow operation and Colorado’s 420 rally. With over 500 pounds of marijuana on hand, safe rooms mirrored maximum security vaults and served as fertile ground to display the brand’s summer offering. The Summer Collection served a colorful contrast against the magnificent jungle of plants and was modeled by Jeff Cormack of indie band South of France and Mass Prod of Foodchain. Collection standouts include long and short sleeve button ups, jogger pants, sublimation tees and a slew of detailed cut and sew patterns, not to mention custom tie dyes fitting for the environment. Akomplice immersed themselves in the city’s 420 rally, which is a veritable freedom festival for the legalization of marijuana. With the first $40 million in tax revenue generated from Denver’s legal marijuana trade being donated to school construction, Akomplice’s “smoke weed for the children” stance has never been more firm. Look for the Summer Collection to debut at Akomplice retailers and the brand’s Webstore in the coming weeks. Also, be sure to stay up to date on the groundbreaking medical advances that this once blacklisted plant species is making possible.


Rapanui team up with the WWF

by Andy on May 20, 2014

What a cool collaboration, the eco-warriors of Rapanui (who recently moved to a factory on the Isle of Wight that ticks all the green boxes) and the WWF, one of the most high-profile charities in the world, Rapanui sure do have a knack for being involved with impressive brands.

The designs are impressive too, the ones of animals are perfectly fine, very wearable, but it’s the photo tees that interest me the most, they get across the message of endangered animals without being too forceful about it and creating a shirt that genuinely can start a conversation. Tees are £19 a piece with £3 of that going directly to the WWF (there’s also some sweatshirts for £40 with a £6 charitable contribution. Naturally, the tees are made from organic cotton, sustainably and ethically produced, and printed with water based dyes.

Check out the whole range here.


The meaning to the Mobb Deep quoting ‘realness’ tee is lost on me but I can still appreciate the crispness of the typework and that it’s a clean design. I think the winner this week at My Main Man Pat is the MF Doom design though, I really like the style of that artwork.

Both shirts are available until Sunday, and they’re printing tank tops now too!


Solid crewneck, possibly one that is more for fans than newbies to the brand, but it’s still a wearable design either way. Until the end of May they are offering $10 off, which will be automatically applied at the checkout making this just $20, which is very cheap. After that, you will want to use the not quite as amazing but still very welcome 25% off that the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS will get you on any item in the store, not just the crewneck.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at Motivate Clothing Co.


I do hope that the name for this collection doesn’t mean anything significant as it would be a real pity to see PAA go after they’ve been a consistently impressive fixture in the indie scene for quite some time.

In the new collection there are three new tees at €35 a pop, a hoodie for €55, and interesting to see them adding a couple of scarves at €40 each, which is a product I can’t remember seeing an indie brand ever put out before.

Project A Apparel


OrganicSymmetryGirlsRacer Nightmare1 Nightmare2_zps31b5e680 GuiltySmurf1 EscapedConHoodie1 Eediots2_zps1e586ead DreamGobbler1

If you like your t-shirts bursting with colour and a little bit more than mental then be sure to check out Zero friends. This is an apparel / art brand run by two equally talented artists by the names of Alex Pardee and Dave Correia. I’m not sure how the designs are printed onto their t-shirts as most of the designs have a multitude of colours and subtle variances. From what I can tell all t-shirts American Apparel.

Mens T-shirts are available for $28, Ladies Tank tees for $25 and hoodie/Pullovers at the $50/$55 mark.

Visit online store.


RedCrown Kings Creed Polos

by Andy on April 29, 2014

RedCrown Co. is a clothing brand established in Ottawa, and now based in Toronto, Ontario. Our brand represents a lifestyle; a view of urban streetwear, epitomized with quality clothing. We produce a range of unique designs on garments, prints and sewn/stitched products. RedCrown presents a polo shirt complimented by a high quality embroidered logo on the left chest. Made in Canada with 50 polyester /50 Ring spun cotton. Available in Black, Navy, & Candy Red, the shirt is now available for $40 CAD (Approximately $36.12 USD) from the Redcrown online store.

Temitopé Owolabi
RedCrown Co.
Ottawa, Toronto ON Canada
tel | 613-282-4744
Website |
Shop |
Facebook |
Twitter |
Tumblr |

Andy: I wonder if there was anything else that they could possibly link?


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