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RedCrown Kings Creed Polos

by Andy on April 29, 2014

RedCrown Co. is a clothing brand established in Ottawa, and now based in Toronto, Ontario. Our brand represents a lifestyle; a view of urban streetwear, epitomized with quality clothing. We produce a range of unique designs on garments, prints and sewn/stitched products. RedCrown presents a polo shirt complimented by a high quality embroidered logo on the left chest. Made in Canada with 50 polyester /50 Ring spun cotton. Available in Black, Navy, & Candy Red, the shirt is now available for $40 CAD (Approximately $36.12 USD) from the Redcrown online store.

Temitopé Owolabi
RedCrown Co.
Ottawa, Toronto ON Canada
tel | 613-282-4744
Website |
Shop |
Facebook |
Twitter |
Tumblr |

Andy: I wonder if there was anything else that they could possibly link?


It’s quite a small collection from Black Thunder, but at least they’ve managed a bit of variety by releasing a tee, a polo shirt and a custom snapback. Getting down to brass tacks (what does that actually mean?) you’re looking at €28 for the hat, €22 for the polo (available in male and female cuts), and a very reasonable €15 for the tee.


Yes, there’s quite a lot of pictures up there, but there’s also quite a lot of new stuff in this Spring collection (dubbed ‘Occupy Minds’) from Still Proud.

…our Spring release has dropped complete with 4 new graphic t’s (including 2 girl prints), 2 raglans, a windbreaker, snapback & our very first polo!

It’s a solid collection,and it really is a collection, all the pieces work well together and give a cohesive look. I really like that polo shirt too (you don’t hear that from me often), the fist is a nice punk twist on what you would usually expect from the usually horse and crocodile filled world of polo shirts.


Margin London at HideYourArms

by Margin London on December 17, 2012

Margin London at HideYourArms

Margin London has been kindly invited to contribute to HideYourArms. We’ll be posting some news about up-and-coming labels that will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013, which takes place on the 10th & 11th, but firstly we think we should introduce ourselves.

Started back in 2002 as an affordable platform for new designers, Margin is the longest-running independent trade exhibition in London. The show presents designer women’s and men’s tailoring and accessories, as well as streetwear for men and women, to invited store buyers and press.

The humble tee has long been a starting point for numerous labels, and we’ve seen many an exhibitor start off with a t-shirt offering which has grown over the seasons to include a full range of clothing. Supremebeing, Lazy Oaf, Seventyseven, Dephect, YourEyesLie, and many others all started at Margin with tees before growing their stockist base and extending their range to include clothing, bags, jewellery (or jewelry for Americans!), and hats.

Margin has been providing a launchpad for brands to meet with key buyers and press for 10 years to date, and 2012 marked a decade of exhibitions.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition 10 Year Book

To commemorate the occasion, a limited-edition 10 year book was printed for visitors to the show, but it’s also available to download as a PDF or as a super-interactive book for iPad. The iPad version features extensive galleries of previous seasons, as well as videos, and can be downloaded here.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition 10 Year Book for iPad

Here’s the link to posts where HideYourArms mentions Margin including brand updates from when they last visited (well overdue for a revisit but Andy & the HideYourArms London correspondent are returning in February 2013!).

Margin is an intimate showroom exhibition in a white gallery space in the heart of Central London, and the only tradeshow in the UK where buyers and press can discover new & emerging design talent (most making their debut launch).  When we say “NEW”, we don’t just mean new to Margin, we mean brand-spanking, never-been-seen-before, new!

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition

Since the exhibitions first started back in 2002, Margin can lay claim to providing the successful trade launch-pad for many brands such as Chateau Roux, Your Eyes Lie, Supremebeing, Dephect, Emily & Fin, Miyson, 1 in a 100, Missmilne, Worn By, Ashley Marc Hovelle, Humdrum, Worn Free, Sugarhill, King Apparel, Terratag, Lazy Oaf, Famous Forever, and Ruby Rocks, as well as the UK launching point of overseas brands including Silas, Upper Playground, Tank Theory, Eastpak Apparel, Loreak Mendian, Syndrome, Al & Alicia, Gama-Go, Mimobots, Double Goose, Stereo Sound Agency, Diamond Supply Co, Urban Originals, and Uzi amongst many others.

Margin London at HideYourArmsMargin has welcomed key stores to the exhibitions since first launching in 2002; from online players like ASOS, My-Wardrobe, and Urban Industry; multiples such as Ark, Joy, Beams, and Ships; department stores, such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, House of Fraser, Psyche, Fenwick, El Corte Ingles, Galleries Lafayette, & Engelhorn Trendhaus; as well as the key independents Margin is renowned for, including Colette, Hip, Sakis, Wood, Royal Cheese, Natterjacks, 290sqm, Coggles, Market, Atoo, My Yard, Donuts, Caliroots, and Get Cutie, to name a few.

Margin has welcomed numerous stylists and fashion editors from magazines including Vogue, Wad, Elle, Wallpaper, Arena, i-D, FHM, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Vice, DJ, Flux, WWD, Drapers, Sportswear International, and Sport & Street; as well as contributors from directional blogs such as BNTL, Coolhunting, Hypequest, Slamxhype, Hypebeast, and, of course, Hideyourarms.

Margin London Streetwear Fashion Tradeshow Exhibition

For more info about Margin, visit the website here, find us on Facebook or Twitter, and we’ll be back soon to post about some great new labels that will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013.


Post image for “Run Humans” and “Zombie Corps” Polo Shirts at 604Republic now

It’s pretty rare that I post polo shirts, mostly because it’s pretty rare that I wear them, but these two new polos from 604Republic are pretty fun. $30 a piece an available now.


bike polo shirt by chunk clothing

The polo shirt may well be a more accurate representation of the polo world but for me that bulldog crest is looking really nice on the tees, and with the UK going cycling mad at the moment I can see these being pretty popular at moreTvicar. It’s £29.99 each for the tees, and £55 for that particular polo, but there are others available at lower prices.


The Ghoststar Original

by Ben_P on July 15, 2012

Post image for The Ghoststar Original

I think this has been a little while in the backlogs of HYA I’ve now gotten around to checking out Ghoststar, I must admit I’m impressed and a bit shocked that I’ve not heard of them before, they seem absolutely professional and their designs are something I’d expect to see in more alternative shops (at least here in England).

As they say while not elegant the craftsmanship is there, these designs have clearly been well though out and look impressively executed. While I’m not a huge fan of designs where there is a lot going on I can still appreciate the effort and time that has gone into creating these. There is certainly at least 4 tees I would be willing to slap my hard cash down for.

I particularly like the fact that they also sell Polo shirts but taken back that they don’t do vest tops or have alternative colours to black. I think the styles of the designs would suit a vest top. The prices range from $20 to $50, the polos being the more expensive due to the embroidery, it’s a shame they haven’t put a close up image of the embroidery because it’d be interesting to see the quality of it, however judging by the patches they also sell the quality does seem very good.


They also sell a pair of force frequency gloves (not that I really know what force frequency means!) and the awesome vampire stake which would be kick-ass to own. I’m a bit curious as to why a brand called ghoststar is also selling vampire stakes, but you know they’re still cool! I’m also not quite sure how they are genuine… have they been used?! I’d like to think they have. Yeah, in fact I’m sure they have!


sleepy dan t-shirts

Dan got in touch to let me know what has been going on at Sleep Dan recently, and the e-mail was practically an essay, the man has been busy!

The biggest news is obviously the latest release you can see above, with 4 new graphic tees ($26 a piece), a couple of v-necks ($22), and a couple of polos ($28). Solid release with a decent amount of variety to it, which is something that I often feel conscious of when talking to Dan that he doesn’t just want to be known for selling t-shirts, and wants to explore all aspects of where he can take the brand.

Other big news is that Dan has been accepted as part of the Karmaloop Kazbah, which will hopefully give him a good avenue for extra exposure for the brand since Karmaloop is such a massive entity.

Closer to home Dan has also been busy in his local community organising a gallery event for artists to create Sleepy Dan themed paintings whilst he did live screen printing to celebrate the release of the latest collection.

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publik polo shirt

Let’s be honest, if you think of polo shirts, you tend to think about guys wearing polos with a little embroidered horse on them, or if you’re in the UK/Europe it might be a crocodile (is Lacoste popular in the US? I can’t remember). That’s fine, but it’s normal, and if you’re visiting HYA chances are you don’t want to wear something normal, so these fun polo shirts from Japanese brand Publik are very welcome for those times when a t-shirt is too casual, but a shirt is too formal. With Publik being a fairly premium brand and Genevieve Gauckler and Sho Watanabe doing the design work it’s fair to say that we aren’t in bargain basement territory with these polos, but if you like them to the degree of $78ish then have at it.


grim reaper polo shirt

I wish that we could see these new items in the flesh at Super7, but since they aren’t even released yet (don’t worry, you’ll just have to wait a couple of hours) I guess we can’t blame them. I like the polo shirts more than the hoodie because it subverts the norm, everyone is used to seeing a little horse on a polo shirt, and this grim reaper version is just subtle enough that people won’t notice it for a while, which I think it’s pretty neat.

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T-shirt news for March 27th

by Andy on March 27, 2012

half life t-shirts

Considering how popular Half Life is it’s no wonder that TeeFury decided it would be a good idea to produce a related shirt.

Shirt.Woot drop one of my favourite Star Wars t-shirts for a while.

Nice Sherlock shirt from RIPT today.
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fur face boy astroboy

Wow, wow, wow. To say that I’m impressed by this latest release from Fur Face Boy is something of an understatement. Their designs feel like a lot of fun to me, as if I’d smile every time I pulled one out of the cupboard in the morning.

The shirts come in at $29.99 a piece and you can get free shipping at the moment with the coupon code FFBSHIPPING.


A nice polo shirt be Danse Macabre

by Andy on January 14, 2011

scissors polo t-shirt

This polo is only available in size large, I thought I’d get that out of the way before people got their hopes up too much. It’s pretty rare that I post a polo shirt on HYA, I don’t have anything against them, it’s just pretty rare that I see one I like, but the simplicity of this shirt is attractive to me, especially with the scissors crest colour matching the accents on the polo.

Costiness=£14 Buy it at Danse Macabre

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Post image for Sale on at Tolky Monkys until the end of the month

Clearly I’ve been sat on this sale for a bit longer than I should have, but you’ve still got a few days to get in on the sale action at Tolky Monkys. Tees €12, hoodies €39, and polos €25 for a few more days.


Exploded Hoodies & Polos

by Andy on October 18, 2009


That title just gave me a great idea for a video… now I just need to work out how to blow hoodies and I’ll be a millionaire (an internet millionaire, not an actual millionaire).

The popular Exploded series has expanded from tees to putting a couple of designs on hoodies and polos. I’d like to see the DaVinci style hoodie have a much larger print, but it simply isn’t possible with the kangaroo pocket in the way, so there’s not much they could do about that, but the Exploded 128 design is much more accommodating of that size of print. Hoodies are $33 (+$7 shipping), polos $33 (+$5 shipping), and they will both start shipping on October 29th.



I guess that there may well be occasions over the summer when you want to where something that is ever-so-slightly more upscale than a tee, a polo shirt may well be the answer to that particular sartorial conundrum, and I’m sure there would be far worse options than picking up a polo from my favourite Madrid-based purveyor of character-based clothing (yep, that’s a niche), Tolky Monkys.

Go straight to the polos here or get more details about them at the TM blog.

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Say Hello To Skilla Fashion

by Andy on November 17, 2008

There seems to be a split between me liking and not liking the designs of Skilla Fashion. I like the use of foil, and the tee with ‘Birth of a Hero’ text written in Birth Of A Hero type is pretty clever (has anyone done a line with the names of fonts written in the named font?), but then some of the designs just aren’t working for me, not that there’s anything particularly wrong with them, I’m just not blown away.

Skilla Fashion

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I don’t really know what the connection is between the American election and them selling t-shirts for $10 ($18 polos, $25 hoodies), but I don’t want to question it too much in case I jinx it and they pull the sale.



Wrongwrok’s Fall Collection 2008

by Andy on September 11, 2008

Wrongwroks continues his/their (I’m never sure which to put) blistering release schedule by putting up their Fall line just a few weeks after returning from a triumphant show in Taipei. I really like the selection of hats that have just been released, the ‘Everyone Steals’ tee is a nice jab at his critics, and the Dorabob character has evolved once again, this time being mashed up with a Marlboro colorway.


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