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Track Jackets


I know you come here because of my ability to write about hoodies, but sometimes the companies really ‘bring it’ for me:

“Embodying the same concept as our Spiritual Healing design, this design was created to represent hope and renewal. No matter what is in your present and past, there is always hope. Hope to start over. Hope to turn over a new leaf, free of whatever has infected you. Free of making the same mistakes. If you need to start over, do it today. But truly start OVER, don’t just start AGAIN.

*The green print glows in the dark!”

So they’re doing the whole deep and meaningful thing for their blurb, but then they totally go the other way with the glow in the dark printing, love it!

Anyone have any clue how they can be printing this on American Apparel and still only charging $20 for it?

Costiness=$20 URL


Can Seem Like War at Times – DUI Studio

by Andy on April 20, 2007


I’m not entirely sure how it is that sheep are associated with war (war on cloning perhaps?), but it is a pretty cool design, I really like the little touches around the edge of the sheep, they kind of make it look like a technical drawing. And good on DUI for not letting that zipper get in the way!

Costiness=$55 Shipping=$5 US/CA $10 INTL. URL

[via Josh Spear]


Threadless Pick: You Sank My Battleship

by Andy on April 17, 2007


Yep, I’m taking the easy way out this week, I’m picking a reprint, a reprint that even has the all-important Zach Braff endorsement (the tee can be seen in Scrubs at some point). In my defense, You Sank My Battleship pretty much blows all the other releases out of the water this week (I do love a good pun!), and it really suits the track jacket style. It probably would have been better if the print were much bigger, because it wouldn’t have been that hard for them to print it across the zipper, right?

Costiness=Tee $15/$17 Track Jacket $40 URL

(Congratulations to Josh from Go Ape on having a submission printed)

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The Fafi Supergirl Top by Adidas

by Andy on March 7, 2007


Yeah, this totally goes against HYAs unwritten code of promoting small brands, but it’s a cool track jacket and the print style is pretty similar to a lot of items that have been run in the past. That, and I don’t think there’s nearly enough nylon posted on this blog, so for a change this is a track jacket you could actually wear on the track.

Costiness=$76 URL (as ever, you can get up to 20% off your order with my affiliate code of AS7594)

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Cotton Filter: 090207

by Andy on February 9, 2007

Okay, last CF before I go on holiday:

  • Owl Movement: They had one of their tees on ‘The War At Home’, which I’ve never seen before, but whether the show sucks or not that’s pretty cool. See a few pics at their Flickr. They also said that they’ve sold out of the featured design, but there was a chance you could get it at Urban Outfitters, do UO often sell tees from indie labels? I was under the impression that they did a lot of in-house stuff that was often influenced by the indie crowd.
  • Wrongwroks: I really like the tees they’ve been doing recently and the Kate Moss tee is no exception, they’re in demand, limited edition, and a few are available on their site.
  • Bean Dip Clothing: Being a favourite of HYA does get you certain privileges, one being that I’ll take a total topic departure and mention your seriously nice Vans high top sneaker collaboration with Logan Real (is that a person or a company?). Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you if they’re on sale yet, but the related hoodie certainly is.
  • Replicant Gear: Anyone that might reference Blade Runner in the name of their store can’t be all bad. Some pretty cool designs in this Spreadshirt powered store.
  • Brookyln Industries: Get 10% of their Designs We Love range with the coupon code ‘LOVEBKI’. Also, how great is this track jacket?
  • Only NY Lives:Not too many designs on sale at this newly launched site, but I like what I see, especially the design employing the New Yorker’s font.

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Tigers need a fill up every so often

by Andy on September 16, 2006

I went to see Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby this evening (its a movie where Will Ferrell plays that guy that he has been in every movie he’s ever made, think of it as Anchorman on wheels), and there is a scene involving a cougar, so when I saw this track jacket by Le Tigre, I had to mention it… because as we all know, cougars and tigers are actually the same animal.

It’s a pretty simple jacket, so there’s not really much for me to say, but I did find the blurb pretty funny:

* 64% Cotton/36% Polyester
* Front zipper
* Ribbing at waist, cuffs, and neck
* Machine wash cold with like colors
* Only non-chlorine bleach when needed
* Tumble dry low
* Cool iron when needed
* By Le Tigre

Because my purchasing choices are determined by how the item should be washed!

Costiness=$84 URL


Wemoto Clothing

by Andy on July 31, 2006

It’s started raining (the UKs two weeks of summer are over, I guess), so its time to get back to the sleeves!

Wemoto clothing from Germany produce some big, brash designs for their tees, but things get a little bit more subtle with their hoodie and zip-up track jacket collection. I guess that this is logo clothing, but since it is so subtle it creates a pretty nice effect, and the orange and white contrasts nicely on the navy and ash grey colours.

Wemoto print onto American Apparel, orders are sorted by e-mail.

Costiness=€64.90 (including Europe wide delivery) URL



by Andy on June 7, 2006


Just a quick and mainstream recommendation today. I found this Volcom track jacket whilst I was searching around quite a cool looking store called “Standard Style Boutique“. There aren’t very many items there that run cheap, but there’s still decent products to be had. Also, with large stores like this there tends to always be some bargains in the sale section. For example, the volcom track jacket is 50% off.

Costiness=$31 URL Nico from says that they only ship to the US, damn them.

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But, but, I bruise like a peach!

by Andy on May 24, 2006

I must be entirely honest and admit that I didn’t actually recognise this quote, but something clicked in my brain that said “Andy, that is totally from a movie. Google it, then get a pitta bread.” About 10 seconds later I found out that the quote is from legendary 80s Van Damme kickbox-a-thon “Bloodsport“, though curiously it has not been deemed a memorable quote by the powers-that-be at IMDB. I then ate a pitta bread.

It’s a pretty simple track jacket, words and a stock kickboxer silhouette, but its pretty effective, and the off-vertical text gives it a bit of a DIY feel (or has the little ninjutsu man kicked the letters so hard they’ve moved?)

Costiness=$48 from Tiny Factory.


Naive Clothing Take Stock

by Andy on May 21, 2006

Naive clothing have restocked a load of their great designs, so if you couldn’t buy what you wanted before, its far more likely that you will be able to now.

Head on over and check out whats in stock (apparently some of the smaller sizes are selling pretty quickly)


An Imaginary Track Jacket

by Andy on May 8, 2006


Embroidery on clothing does seem to make it feel a bit more luxurious than regular screen-printing, even if excessive stitchery has a tendency to render the fabric less flexible.

The Imaginary Foundation is a think-tank of free-thinkers who wanted to “eliminate set conventions in favor [sic for Brits] of the humorous,
the abstract and the visionary”. Frankly, I don’t care what they do as long as the merch is nice. It is!

As I alluded (sp?) to earlier, this track jacket has an embroidered logo, which has a pretty funky font, which I assume is abstract and humorous. Its hard to make out from the picture but the there are two colours in the logo, my favourite light blue for ‘the’ and ‘foundation’ and some classic white for ‘imaginary’.

Costiness=$70 (free thought costs) from The Imaginary Foundation.

*Early post today because my classmates and I are going out to celebrate the completion of our dissertations (10,000 words, 1 years research and work) and I don’t trust myself to post after an evenings revelry.*


It feels as if not a month goes by without me mentioning the good work that is being done at Naive Clothing, but after my Star-Wars-nerd blushes were spared by Josh last week over that Pete Wentz hoodie I figure I owe them one more post.

Something I like about Naive is that everything has a point, the products have a backstory, they have a manifesto/mission statement that they actually actually believe in, and they don’t want to get rich… and they’re literally putting their moeny where their mouth is on that one, by supporting six organisations with their Our Profit for their Profit programme.

There’s a lot of great stuff in their super-fresh Spring/Summer line, lots and lots of new tees, with some great designs in there. If I hadn’t banned myself from buying tees (one of my few addictions) then I’d have quite the shopping basket. But HYA is about the sleeves, so let’s get back on track.

There are 2 new sleeved products available (1 hoodie and 1 track jacket) in the Spring/Summer line, on the left is ‘Extension of Grasp‘ ($33), and has a great red/white contrast. The hoodie on the right, called ‘Outlet‘ ($30), may seem a bit familiar to fans of the O.C., but I guess that any hoodie with an electrical outlet on it will be compared to the Option-G take on the plug-socket, and I prefer Naive’s anyway.

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It’s all very nice

by Andy on April 24, 2006


It’s not every day that you see someone taking the time to have a stitched design rather than regular screenprinting. That’s why this track jacket from Double D Apparel caught my eye (and yes, the name is about boobs), its pretty simple, with a vertical design, but that would serve to frame the body, and whatever you were wearing underneath.

Oh, and everything Double D produce comes ‘supersized’, which is great for us big guys, but the skinny hipsters (I know you’re out there!) should bear that in mind if considering a purchase.

Costiness=$100 Australian, which is about $75 USD, from Nice Produce.


Total Sausage Fest

by Andy on April 12, 2006


I stumbled upon the Handsome Sausage a couple of days ago, and they’ve got some great designs available.

I recommend the sawboy design ($45 Paypal) which I would best describe as a mexican cowboy riding a giant jigsaw cutter, or maybe its a tiny man, its hard to know. The print runs right across the back, because they’ve included the power cord, mmmm, reality.

It comes in a few colours as either a hoody or a track jacket, and if you e-mail the Handsome Sausage they’ll customise items to your hearts content.

*Thanks to Rafael (the handsome=-est of sausages) for sorting out a picture*

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Disappearing Act

by Andy on March 10, 2006


A couple of days ago I tagged a hoody by Addict to my thinking I might use it for a future post, and then just a couple of hours later, I get an e-mail from the good folks at Jungle Life told me to check out the new camo line from Addict. Great minds, eh?

I was actually going to highlight a different product, but I’ve gone off it a bit now, it feels a bit hip-hop to me, whilst the camo range is a bit more Ian Brown. At first I found myself not too into the whole camo thing, I don’t think it would suit me, but I can imagine it looking good on a lot of people, so this is my altruism for the day. There’s various styles available, but I picked this track jacket as an example.

Costiness= £64.99 (£5 cheaper than the official addict store…) from Urban Industry.

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Just go! go! go!

by Andy on March 7, 2006


I lined up a load of Monsieur T links in the, and what does he go and do? Has a massive sale, so most of the stuff I’ve picked may well be gone by the end of the month. If only he’d stop thinking about designing and selling excellent wearables and start making sure that the clothes bloggers could keep their ridiculous posting schedules on track. Does he realise that I’m (probably) going to have to spend like 30 MINUTES looking for new stuff now… shudder.

You can see the front, and it’s obivous that it’s nicely designed, only a fool would disagree, and as a child of the 80s, like so many, I pity the fool!

My favourite part is actually what you can’t see in my chosen pic, on the back, on one of the shoulders there is some handwritten-style text that says ‘Lets travel’. So if you ever wonder what you should wear when you’re about to go on a flight, I just found it for you.

Costiness=$35.40 (down from $59), URL here.


Hot stuff

by Andy on February 28, 2006


This is one out of my personal collection (kidding), electric pink with a crazy cartoon van/bus on the side? Love it! If it were avaliable in a different colour (dark grey perhaps) and not just in size small, then I probably would enjoy finding it in my wardrobe.

Produced by Doko clothing (excellent website, if a bit sparse), straight out of Shoreditch, London. They don’t have an online store, but you can buy a wide-range of their goods from the urbanity store (link at the end of the post).

Costiness=£30 (down from £40) at the Urbanity Store.

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Up, Up, and Away

by Andy on February 9, 2006

ASCNDAP_trackjacket_grey I don’t really know anything about Ascend Apparel except they clearly have the same thrist for design that I do, and we’re both trying to quench that bad boy (bad boy=the thrist). Also, their clothes actually have proper models for them, which sure does make the blog a whole lot more attractive.

I’ve picked out a pretty simple track jacket, perhaps the first on HYA which is a logo jacket (though it isn’t the actual Ascend logo). The white piping gives it a bit of detail to set it out a bit from most other simple options online. Check out the rest of their store for some tees that are screenprinted with some arguably more interesting images.



I trust ‘em

by Andy on February 8, 2006

NAIVCL_mapjogggerNaive clothing have some pretty schweetl looking gear in their store (run by the pretty looking Merchline), their style is kind of like art on t-shirts, I’m definitely bookmarking them for future reference.

Their selection of hoodies isn’t wide, but like most stores I feature the quality makes up for it, I’ve picked out this ‘Map’ jogger, with it’s bigger-than-average print and the way the map just casually slides across the zip in the middle, you know you’re getting something a little bit different, and that’s why you’re here right?

Costiness=$30 and it’s only available in XL, take that you thin losers!


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