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New Exciting Brand: SOULSKY

by Andy on March 9, 2015

SOULSKY is a new and vibrant brand started by Ethiopian based designer Semhal Nasreddin. There are 6 t-shirts in this first collection. The t-shirts are colorful and bright, and each one represents a motivational message of empowerment. The t-shirts are very comfortable and made of the highest quality. They come in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Andy: This is almost certainly the first time that an Ethiopian designer has been featured on HYA so that’s really cool, tick another one off the list!

The designs aren’t really to the style that I wear these days but a few years ago these would have been right up my street and they do look nicely done. It’s nice to see a cohesive style running from one shirt to another, so many new brands are all over the place with all the ideas that they’re excited about and end up with a messy looking collection that lacks focus but that’s not the case here.


Jusstdesserts have recently released their first collection of desserts themed t-shirts. The 4 designs are inspired by the style of traditional flash tattoos and come with a fun, inspirational message. Printed on Gildan unisex cotton tees and shipping worldwide.

Exclusive for hideyourarms readers, enter coupon code “HYA15″ to enjoy a 15% discount off the entire cart. Offer expires 13-Mar-2015 at 23:59 (UTC+08:00). Shop now at

Andy: I really like these designs, they’re fun without being too silly and really wearable. As ever, my familiar mantra of wanting to see more photos of the designs but when it’s someone’s first collection I know there is a lot to do, and I suspect that a cool shoot to show off the tees to their full extent will be on the way soon.


New shirts available at Diabolical Rabbit for the inner vandal in you hit the streets with the McVandals tee parody of America’s favorite food chain with a street artist twist. Also available the New Yawk Vandals Queens tee for our peeps out in Queens representing and our Support Your Local Vandal tee for all the street artists out there doing their thing. All shirts are available from S/M/L/XL and some in XS as well you can buy these shirts and more at

Andy: As ever, we all know that I’d rather see real photos of the tees instead of mockups so that it’s easier to understand what the size is on the tee and it’s true placement, but I guess we can’t have everything.


The Level Collective is an ethical clothing label partnering with artists and makers across the world to create ethical apparel designed for adventure.

Our adventure inspired designs are created in close collaboration with artists developing through from pencil sketch to being hand screen printed here in Sheffield, UK using water-based inks.

Our beanie hats are ethically hand-made in Romania and help to bring sustainable change to people living in difficult circumstances. Our founder Mark, was inspired to start The Level Collective following his time volunteering with a charity in Romania.

Andy: This wasn’t one of our usual submissions. The brand’s owner actually bought a camera strap from me on Rigu and I noticed the domain name in the e-mail address. One of those happy coincidences that has resulted in me finding out about a really cool brand I otherwise might never have heard about. They also wanted me to point out their their excellent lookbook photography is by Nicole Mason.


50% off the old shit sitting around

by Andy on March 6, 2015

We were sick and tired of every fitness shirt looking the exact same. So we did something about it and started our own brand. Original designs paired with a quality product is what differentiates us from the rest of the crowd. We’re ready to move on to our Spring collection, but need to clear out the leftovers first. Use discount code “AMRAP” to get 50% off your entire order.

Andy: This is almost certainly my favourite submission title ever.


New ALIVE Clothing Collection

by Andy on March 6, 2015

ALIVE Clothing has recently launched a new collection (and a new shop) with a bunch of fresh designs printed on Stanley & Stella apparels consisting of 100% organic ring-spun combed cotton. ALIVE Clothing is a new brand known for its comical and funny shirts, imprinted with animal motifs surrounded by urban life. ALIVE melds timely lifestyle shirts with environmental awareness, without moving mainstream.

We offer you high quality T-Shirts, hoodies, Sweaters and Longsleeves designed with love and made of organic cotton. We inspire through quality, unique design and sustainability.
On top you can get your t-shirts wrapped up as a gift and delivered as a present worldwide (when at the shop checkout):

Get a 5,- Euro discount on your next order while subscribe to our newsletter at:

Andy: Good to have them back, I’ve always enjoyed their designs.


Cool new Tee addition to our MODest Attire DesignByHumans Store. Our Alice inspired “We’re All Mad Here” Steampunk style design. Now available as both ladies and gents Tees exclusively from our dbhtees online store.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


“Hand to Face” now available at Cotton Bureau for 14 days only and use this code for 10% off: J6923AY5

Andy: Not sure if I’d wear it just because of the message it conveys, but I do like the illustration style, Steve is always on point in that regard.

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Johnny Cupcakes London is celebrating their 4 year anniversary and will be releasing an exclusive numbered shirt along with other London inspired designs. A meet and greet with Johnny himself and JC head designer Chris Delorenzo will be going on from 1pm till close! Free gifts, drinks, and cupcakes provided by Crumbs & Doilies. We’re hoping you can all make it down to celebrate with and checkout our new in-store only designs!

Andy: HYA might, might, have someone in attendance at this and will hopefully be able to give an event report.



by Andy on March 5, 2015

Atlanta based, artist run digital print shop Fallen Arrows has always loved their home town. Now they’re stepping up their game to offer an entire line of tees inspired by the Empire city of the South. Literally putting on (t-shirts) for the city. You can pick them up here

Andy: Looks pretty good. Obviously quite a lot of the designs have local rather than global appeal so they might not go over well across all of the US (but could be good internationally) but Atlanta is a pretty big place so I’m sure it can support a local brand or two.

It’s worth checking out their site though as they do have some really nice designs that aren’t Atlanta focused.


New at Akumu Ink for March

by Andy on March 4, 2015

One for the ladies, and one for the gents, though I suppose that women could just the guy shirt (also available as a hoodie) since they tend to be unisex.

Tees $26, hoodies $56 at Akumu Ink.


Great typework on this poly-cotton mix crew neck from Pipiripau (the brand whose name I always have to triple-check the spelling of), and these classic colourways are always a winner.

Available now for $34 a piece.


Hey guys,

The new editorial that was shot by ALEX DVORAK in Toronto was just released on our website:

The editorial also includes a 10 track mixtape.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


New designs at Ian Leino.

by Ben_P on March 3, 2015

“May the Ghosts be With You?” re-imagines the Force ghosts from the original Star Wars trilogy as the ‘hitchhiking ghosts’ from the Haunted Mansion attraction, and even includes a custom background pattern based on the classic wallpaper.
“Banana Nana” is my attempt to express the pure joy of being able to dress up like one of your favorite characters, forget about your daily life for a brief time and to almost believe that you actually ARE that character. It’s a joy known by children and cosplayers everywhere!
As always, shirts are screen printed locally in Asheville, NC on American Apparel 100% soft jersey cotton shirts.
Ben : Overall these designs are clean, well illustrated and look really good on the tees (at least from the product shots!), screen printed on American Apparel as well it’s hard to go wrong with the quality! First off May The Ghosts Be With You, I have absolutely no idea what it is mashed up with… at all… I couldn’t even hazard a guess – but it’s something to do with a theme park ride and obviously Star Wars! Anyone want to enlighten me to it because I just don’t know.
While I don’t necessarily like the design because over the years I’ve slightly grown irritated by the constant pop culture mash up of tees, I can’t really fault them for doing what they love – I’m also sure it’ll be a hit with someone out there, but for me I wouldn’t personally wear it. That said don’t let my opinion put you off, definitely check it out for yourselves! I will say however that I love the colours and the background looks fantastic.

The second tee Banana-nana, I get this one more and I’m quite a fan of Despicable Me so I must admit it tickled me, if I had to choose I’d wear this one over the Star Wars one. The way it’s designed is fantastic, the colours look amazingly vibrant and the style is very comic book-esque as you can see above. The only thing that might let it down is the fact that there are a lot of Despicable Me tees out there, but this is definitely one of the nicer and well presented ones I’ve seen. 

If neither of these take your fancy I’m sure you will find something else that you’ll enjoy over at Ian Leino, so head on over and check it out!


RHYMES WITH BEAT™ is a lifestyle brand launched in 2015 by a small group of friends who now call themselves family. The idea was not simply born out of a love for gaming, cartoons and toy culture, (although we think those are really cool too) but from a deep passion to create change and live a bold life. Many of our designs embody a specific theme with the aim to encourage and inspire all. We are currently based in Philadelphia, PA and our mission is to uplift every individual into a life of freedom, zeal and supreme blessedness.

Andy: Love that illustration style, a nicely designed website, and they’re from Philly so I still have a soft-spot for there which makes me like them more. Looking forward to seeing more from these guys.


Don’t Feed the Bears have a rich pedigree in designing and printing great apparel with bears on (do you get pedigree bears?). Here’s their latest furry design titled ‘Aye Aye Skipper’ – He even has his own theme song! (lyrics available on the DFTBs site).

Don’t Feed the Bears t-shirts/jumpers are hand screen printed in their Sheffield studio.

Check out this design & many more here! GRRRRRRRR!

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The Illustrated Mind is an independent t-shirt line based in Brighton that seeks to showcase the best in up and coming illustration via the most fashionable means… We have been commissioning and releasing designs since 2011 and have worked with the likes of Jack Teagle, Tom Sewell, Jiro Bevis, Ed Cheverton, Jon Boam and Gordon Holden to name but a few. Our aim each season is to develop a cohesive collection of illustrated t-shirts styled around a loosely devised theme. So we seek out the best and most notorious artists to collaborate with and whose work has caught our eye and made us think they’re awesome, we hope you agree!

Ben : I’m quite liking what The Illustrated Mind have gone for here. The style reminds me of the widely copied David Shrigley. I’m definitely liking the style, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the large text, image, large text format. I liken the art style very much in the bracket of – badly drawn things done by good artists. You can clearly see the talent but I just love the fact it’s so rough around the edges, if they looked too neat and too clean I think this whole range would lose it’s appeal. I must admit though, I have no idea if the space sharman is a reference to anything – anyone care to enlighten me? Anyway – go check ‘em out!


Feminist Apparel – Blog and Review

by DeeHYA on March 2, 2015

Last year I decided to treat myself to a tee from amazing website Feminist Apparel whose designs are designed to raise awareness and create a stir about a range of feminist issues.

Some of the designs are designed with an element of shock value to get the message across. Last year there were some pretty viral videos of little girls dropping the f-bomb in the name of feminism reeling off some quite scary statistics about equal pay, domestic violence and sexual violence.

I particularly like this ‘Feminist as Fuck’ tee!


As a survivor of sexual violence I find the poor conviction rate of rapists and the way in which victims are treated by the police, men and at times other women absolutely shocking. There should be a huge amount of education men and boys that a ‘No’ means no! I chose this ‘Don’t (get) Rape(d)’ tanks for myself, it’s eye-catching and gets the message over without being over complicated.


I generally prefer a tank as I normally wear a long sleeved tee underneath to cover my bulky arms. The quality of this is spot on, and the print was good but to be honest I think with this design on the grey it might look quite cool if it faded a little.

I love that Feminist Apparel use an element of humour to get across their message, I think this is an important point of making their tees individual and memorable. I did a bit of a snarf when I saw this ‘Baby Got Books’ one :)


The tees are $29.95 but I have to say I still get discount codes regularly, infact if you sign up to their newsletter now you can get 15% off. Shipping to the UK was ok too, it was about $12 which I think is reasonable.

Any feminist issue that you have encountered or have beef with you will be able to find a tee to convey this. It’s not just all for the ladies either, there are guys and kids t-shirts too!


Usually when you see a deal like this offering a free tee when you buy something there is a catch, and that catch is that they’re trying to offload a bunch of tees that are bad sellers. Not the case here at all though, because you get to choose the tee you get for free. Just add a hoodie and tee to your shopping basket and enter the coupon code Baphomet to get your free t-shirt from Hate No Hate Apparel.

The offer lasts for a week and they told me about it yesterday, so let’s play it safe and say that you’ve got until midnight Wednesday to hop on board the deal train.


All T-shirts on Sale only $9.99!

by Andy on February 26, 2015

Guerrilla Tees is having a HUGE winter sale. Great t-shirts now only $9.99

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


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