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Been a while since I did a review for good ol’ Hide Your Arms! I’ve been up to my eyes in busy and then I keep planning complex location photoshoots and they never come off how I want them to. So here in these photos above I am standing on my bed!

I recently got this tee from Burn Card to review.  First thing I have to say is the packaging was pretty cool. I really enjoy the box which totally flowed with the feel of their site. Only downside was that it didn’t fit through my letterbox so it was left with a neighbour however I think it makes a tee from Burn Card an awesome gift because it comes in a nifty box.

The website is very clean, there is no confusion. You click on ‘Original T-shirts’ and there you are to their collection of tees. They also run regular competitions so you could easily be in with a chance of winning a tee if you don’t want to part with you’re hard earned cash before sampling the merchandise.

Their designs are pretty simple and mostly based around their ‘Burning Club’ motif. I like the one that I got with just the company name on, it’s a lovely blue/grey colour and it’s a lovely thick and high quality fabric. Washes like a dream to I hasten to add! Also they have a sale on if you want to have a nosey at cut price goods!

Only downside as far as I can see is that the design selection isn’t particularly diverse but if you like one of their tees chances are that you will like them all. All the tees are in man fit too but they are probably more likely to appeal to the gent half of the population. I however find this tee very cosy and comfy and I am likely to wear it round the house or tucked into jeans! If your boyfriend has a Burn Card tee it’s good one to steal.

Overall I’d recommend hopping into the Burn Card sale now because these quality tees at £7.98, they aren’t going to be round for long!

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dance party massacre sale

Really nice looking new range from Dance Party Massacre, and when I heard that the lookbook video had Justice right at the start I knew I was going to enjoy it. That 75% off sale is looking pretty epic too, should be starting in a couple of hours if my recollection of time zones is correct.

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Back again and Good Evening! Threadless New Today / Back Today giving us a whole bunch of the colours today.

New Today tee is one I remember rating! If I remember them, I figure they’re a good’un! I Want My Blue Sky by Budi Satria Kwan is probably a tee we can always relate to this summer. As always I particularly like the girly boat neck tee as I find them flattering however this design doesn’t work quite as well on the black.

Back Today is a not to my liking colour wise, I think the Asphalt tee with the bright colours has ended up muting the overall effect. The Best Channels Since 1465 by Eduardo San Gil is perfect for all the Threadless fans who constantly have their noses in a book or up their kindle.

I decided to have a little rummage in the clearance section too, although this tee is only available in girly sizes (sorry boys) it’s a reasonably recent release and it is a design I rated ‘5’ and makes me chuckle this is Blender by Jorge Lopez Ramirez (expo).



palmercash sale

Doesn’t get much cheaper than that! PalmerCash


winkyboo bang for your buck

Between this heatwave going on in the states and everyone looking for a good deal these days, I decided that it was the perfect time to give our customers some huge savings.  Since summer began I’ve been rotating Summer Clearance items in store online weekly!  To keep up with which items are on sale during which week, LIKE the Winky Boo Facebook Page.  I’ve extended last week’s sale items because of Father’s Day, so we currently have 4 Clearance Items with savings as much as 50% off!  Pictured above is Stalker which is currently on sale for $12.00  (Saving You $10 from it’s Original Price).  Stalker is a unisex fit for Men & Women printed on 100% combed ringspun cotton – super-soft- lightweight tee.

Buy it at Winky Boo


the bungaloo

I met the artist behind The Bungaloo at Renegade in London last year and he had some great designs, so I wholeheartedly recommend spending $5 (plus shipping) on a random shirt from the collection, it’s very likely that you won’t be disappointed.


bag of bees clearance sale

You know who make some great t-shirt designs? Bag Of Bees. You know which brand is clearing out all their old t-shirts to make way for new items coming in over the next few months through a voting process? Bag of Bees. Did you know that they are selling them for a borderline ridiculous £4, and that includes UK postage? Well, yeah, you knew the price from the title, but the free shipping thing was new!

Really great deal, I wholeheartedly recommend you get something before it’s all gone. BoB have transitioned a bit recently to become a design/branding agency, but they still love t-shirts and want that to remain as part of the business, which is good to see because they really do have some fantastic designs.

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A new beginning… To prepare for the new fall line, all previous shirts are on sale for $5-$10.

Spread the Lahuv!

Andy: Damn, those are some cheap tees, thanks for the submission!

This post was submitted by Brandon Axelson (Lahuv Clothing).


design by humans tee grinder

I’ve always been put off by mystery tee sales because if I’m spending money on something I like to know what it is. So when I heard that DBH had introduced the ‘TeeGrinder’ in which you could get three random shirts for $25 I figrued it had to be a mystery bundle deal. Nope. You can’t choose which shirts you receive, but you can see them before you place your order, as shown in the picture. You can even ‘grind’ several times after picking your size and gender in the hopes that a better bundle comes up, though, of course, once you press grind you lose the last bundle you had up on the screen so you’re taking a chance that you could be shown a worse bundle than the one you already had. I suppose you could get around this by opening multiple browser tabs, but that does seem like quite a lot of hassle. $8.33 for a Design By Humans shirt is a pretty sweet deal, and I really like this implementation of the ‘random shirts’ idea.


bustedtees mystery t-shirts

If you like BustedTees a lot, as in you look at their store and you like at least half of their designs (especially the ones that are currently in the $10 clearance area), then a mystery tee may well be right up your alley. It might also be a good idea if you want to stock up on shirts to give out as presents to friends over the year, since you can pretty much guarantee that no matter what shirt you receive then you’ll have at least one friend that will like it.


Suck End Of Season Sale

by Liam_Hodgeon on May 6, 2012

At the end of every season for Suck Clothing it seems they always treat us to a big sale and at the end of this season there is no difference. With a pretty big range of products including t-shirts, hoodies and hats there is some bargains to be had with a massive 50% off in the online store! You’d be mad not to grab a few things!

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by Chris_S on April 24, 2012

Post image for a German record store? is seemingly some sort of music shop based in Berlin that does a lot of tees (2970, to be exact). Berlin’s a long way to go to buy a t-shirt, but thanks to the joys of the internet (uhhh duhhhh) you can actually get a lot of pretty good designs for relatively little money.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t a single label; rather, it seems a repository for a whole bunch of different labels. Some are big (Zoo York, Vans) and some are small. Similarly, there’s a lot of dross on the site – or rather, a lot of stuff that you can get elsewhere (I’m talking about band t-shirts here). But then there are also some absolutely stunning shirts that I’ve not seen many other places. Of course, everyone’s tastes are different, but there are seven that I whacked right into the basket in the vain hope that €144.48 + shipping would magically appear in my bank account (sadly, it didn’t). Of those, I’ve picked out a top four for you to take a gander at in case you have more money than me.

Above at the top is a shirt by Adam Hayes for 2K by Gingham, and I love the old-fashioned style text that’s on it. It’s the sort of thing you’d see on a 1950s poster for a speakeasy (I’m aware that’s historically impossible). For a smidgen under €14 it could be yours.

Another 2K by Gingham t-shirt, this is a mix of the geekiness of Threadless with the fashionable sort of tees you see people wearing in clubs. This one’s a little more at €16.95.

I wish I had €34.95 for this t-shirt – I really do. I love the typography on this, and the morose message that it gives off. It’s the sort of thing that people who live for Facebook will find amazingly cool from a distance, before realising what it says up close.

This is an elegant, springtime shirt from Sixpack France x Museum Studio, which is the costliest of the lot at €39.95 – but then again, it’s only been on the online store for six days. I like the colours and the gentle rose detail, and I think it’s the sort of thing which isn’t quite a brash statement t-shirt, but also isn’t your boring normal tee either.

Anyway, these is just the things I personally like. You really need to head on over yourself and take a look to find out.

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While their tees are always just $6 each, 6dollarshirts is offering a new daily deal called Tee Time, where each day a new design is released costing $6 and free U.S. shipping. Each new shirt is revealed nightly at 12 AM Eastern time and offered with free shipping for 24 hours, before it’s put into the site’s regular catalog. Check out some popular Tee Time releases:

nevermore raven model template Submit Your News!

silly nameless terror model template Submit Your News!

llap model template Submit Your News!

dont panic model template Submit Your News!

Andy: Have any of you guys ordered from 6DollarShirts before? I’d love to get some feedback about the quality of their tees because they are undercutting every tee site out there that I can think of. Maybe at $6 with free shipping I should dust off the HYA wallet and just pay for one to go to a blogger for review.

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thread thirst closing

Elliot from Thread Thirst got in touch to let me know he’s decided to call time on his brand and that he’s hoping to pursue writing in the future. To try and clear out inventory and put a few more coins into his traveling fund he’s reduced the price of all his shirt to £6.50 with reduced international shipping as well. You’ve only got until Sunday to take advantage of this offer though, as Elliot will be turning off the website then.


Oh yay a sale! $9.99 bargain beautiful tees, including newbie tees. Great super Threadless joy. I actually ordered my fella a tee at the weekend but luckily it was a $9 bargain tee anyways.

So here we go with some bargain new tees before they get snapped up! Firstly because I can see it appealing to Stateside patriotic rockers Superpower Ballad by Aled Lewis, Statue of Liberty rockin’ with a lighter! Rock on!

The next design looks very much like an illustration from a book, its very gentle in colours but beautiful to look at. I do wonder why tees on Threadless like Hooded by Diego Fernandez are printed in guy fit. I can’t think of any guys who would wear this, although I do have hoodie from Threadless and the design is called ‘Juliet’ and I’ve see a few pics of guys in it looking awesome.

I think this tee because it shows the insides of a body without being in anyway gross. I also think the blue, red and white print just look perfect with the Asphalt tee.  Jump! by Nino Benito is another tee which I think is more suitable for a girly but Ithink it’s super original and I’d welcome it into my Threadless collection.

There are not enough orange tees on Threadless, sadly I don’t own one, but they always look a nice bright, rich orange in the model pics, I don’t know why they’ve decided to make the kids version red instead. I just don’t think it works. The Original Copycat by Budi Satria Kwan is an adorable and clever design for all kitty lovers. I Can Haz Orange Tee? I also enjoy the  clone images they have done for this tee.

My fave of the newbie tees this week, it has very whimsical feel to it and this is the sort of tee I would purchase for myself and my boyfriend would hate. The Night Sky Maker by Andres Colimedaglia is a Threadless tee that is deffo worth a look!








Yay!  It’s a good day for me I got engaged and now I get to inform you of some newbie Threadless tees and some final clearance items at mega low prices, what more could a girl want! Streetteam points make an excellent engagement gift you know ;) Anyway on to the Tasty Tee goodness!

I bet my fella is going to love this first tee Time Travel by Robniel Manalo, super original and eye-catching (yet monotone) tee, your eyes just search around the whole design looking for more!


Pulp Fixie by Dina Prasetyawan doesn’t really tickle my pickle, I don’t like the design, I don’t like the style and I don’t think it works on the creme tee. Sure it will appeal to some folks though and that’s why I am blogging it.

The colour of this tee is what I like, I think this tee would be my mostly likely purchase from the newbie tees this week at Threadless. Do Of The Dead by Jorge Garza, you have loads of stuff going on this tee skulls, snakes, day of the dead, and with those shades of blues it just works so well.

Last of the newbie tees this week, the levitation sensation Levitation Cat by Louis Roskosch is a very comedic and awesome addition to the Threadless family. I especially love how the model is totally ‘bringing it’ in this shot. Everyone about this tee just works, super desirable, see this one being reprinted a good few times.

There are also some $9 tees!  not some $12.50, flat rate of $9 in the clearance section. I adore this tee,Origin by Philip Haragos is a great compilation of different superhero origin stories. Great to see a mega cool geek t-shirt available fully in girly sizes too!

One for the girls Blooming by T.J.Zhang, this is so adorable I have no idea why it isn’t sold out. Lovely soft colours and a really cute subject! Just sweetness in a tee.












Unsurprisingly sale is still on a Threadless, getting a bit bored of it now to be honest, think you all are too as you ain’t been buy much (through my ramblings anyway).

Anyway, reprintyness! First tee catching my beady eye is Hitchin’ a Ride by Jay Fleck, sneaky little Sasquatch hopping on the wing of a plane. Really love the summer colours on this despite the fact it is a largely a wintery t-shirt.

One for the music fans next, simple mix of black and white and actually quite a simple design too, not one that I would get for myself but it’s so generic it would be a pretty cool gift for someone. The Official Guide to Music by Kris Howard is work a sneaky peek.

Wake up Harry Potter fans! This one is for you guys. I actually adore this t-shirt, considerably more than the ‘House Brawl’ tee even though it isn’t particularly exciting. Tee Which Shall Not Be Named by John Tibbott shows lots of iconic Harry Potter motifs. Girly’s also have the added bonus that it is available in Creme and Black however guys get the bonus that for them this tee is currently available for the bargain price of $12.50. Whoop!

Last for the reprints because there are not so many, BEarth by Steve Lefcourt is a bit hippy for me, showing the earth in a water droplet however the popping of the green against the black makes this tee interesting enough for me to blog.

Gonna blog a couple of those bargain $9.50 tees again! Oooh la la! It’s red, it’s an awesome combo of cute and sinister it’s Satan’s Little Helper by Olly Moss and Ross Zietz. Possibly the sweetest little three headed dog you will ever see!

Ok so I know it’s not Halloween, I also know this tee isn’t quite as funky as the Watermelon one but Halloween Slice of Life by Aaron Jay is lovely orangey goodness! A creepy tee you can enjoy all year round not just for Halloween!










First blog of 2012 and Threadless are still going on about their bloomin’ sale. It’s been constant reductions since Halloween, what are they doing, I just want some normality back.

Just got around six new tees at Threadless this week so I am going to blog some of the new ones and a couple of the clearance like I have done for the last few blogs I have written.

First tee this week is one for the girls, Flower Lover by Amayan Quiroz, its a beautiful feminine fairy nymph type creature amongst some lovely flowers. This is deffo a marmite design, one you love or hate.

Although it’s quite morbid, I very much enjoy Terror Vincit Omina by Matheus Lopes Castro. Based on the picture of the design and the picture of the tee it’s quite hard to say what colour the tee is. It looks quite pinky hard to say whether it’s the tee or the way it’s been lit. I do like the tee though.

I genuinely hope the Tinman from the Wizard of Oz met his fate this way, Recycled Tin by Alex Solis shows the poor fella in a Recycling Bin. Hope he was an organ donor, don’t want to waste that heart and all.

I <3 a Star Wars linked tee! Just received an awesome Threadless tee with pop art Leia on a couple of days ago, it’s a beauty. However today I am blogging Mug Life by Dave Watson shows ways different types of folks hold a cuppa! Quite British I reckon.

Apparently they have added new items to the clearance section. I am presuming they are mixed in. Again going to blog a blokes, a ladies and a kiddies one. I adore the richness of the colours in The Keyhole Nebula by AJ Dimarucot makes it an amazingly desirable t-shirt.

One for the girls! Squinjas by Anna-Marie Jung brings the perfect mixture of Squirrels and Ninjas! Only widely available in boat neck in girly fit, I own a couple of these however and I find them preferable for showing off my tattoos.

What do we have for the mini folk then? I really enjoy t-shirts about the sea (luckily there are a several to see on Threadless normally) the idea of a Blowfish blowing bubbles is a perfect concept for a kids tee, so Blowfish by Andy Gonsalves is perfect for babies!











A little few reprints and still some $9.50 tees remaining for you to snatch up. I will be a sneaky half reprint half sale blog like I did on Monday.

Firstly a girly fit only tee! Gorgeous Let Go by Lim Heng Swee, features a lovely sky scape and a girl with a kite. It looks very much like a drawing from a children’s book. I personally think it works a lot better on the Lake coloured regular fit than the Teal scoop neck. Teal looks more like sea than sky to me.

I am quite partial to a play on words tee, Boom Box by Alex Solis is a pretty nifty design, this one is only available for guys (and kids). So I am levelling up. This cute little bomb with his gigantic ghetto blaster really makes me smile.

I don’t own a Threadless Yellow tee but this design makes me wish I did! Foxes are super cute animals, wish I could get a tame one, I love Foxy Hip Hop by Alejandro Giraldo Arango, is so unusual, will deffo make you stand out in a crowd.

Lastly from this selection of reprints, one that’s been reprinted several times, probably because it’s super cute and has food with a face. I Was Here by Dina Prasetyawan is clever and adorable and I understand why it’s so desired.

Now for the sale tees! Like last time I am gonna do a guys one, gals one and a kiddies one so I don’t bore y’all too much. For guys, it’s a bummer it is sold out in a size Small but this t-shirt is absolutely breath taking, have to admit I don’t think I know many guys who would wear this but it appeals to me : The General by Tom Buch.


Edvard Munch is one of my favourite artists, I quite like this cheeky modern take on one of this most famous paintings ‘The Scream’. The Scr-Emo by Jesse McCormack is hilarious and I can think of plenty of people to buy it for who wouldn’t appreciate it one bit.

My boyfriend has a thing about stars and it’s kind rubbed off onto me! I’d quite like to get Family by Ryan Lin for to kiddies, I’d love to get one for myself too so we all match. I’m a softie like that.













Oooh still $10 tees, a couple I really like too, some very unusual designs and some cult themed favourites for you!

First tee I’m going to blog is very simple and beautiful, the colours compliment each other so well, red, green and white against the asphalt tee is very effective and also kinda festive too. Sound of the Dark by Joao Fonte would be a fab tee for all sorts of music and nature fans.

Cosmic Safari by Dan Elijah Fajrdo is simply an epic and stunning tee, there is nothing about this tee that I dislike. I adore that is purple, as it’s my favourite colour.

If you like a richer colour but a more discreet design (Cat)erpillar by Lim Heng Swee might be your cup of tee. This super cute sleepy cat motif isn’t over powering but when you get up close you can appreciate how adorable it is.

I like designs that give a lot of chest and belly coverage are better value for money in my little head. so How Bigfoot Staves Off Boredom by Diarmuid Cathain is a billy bargain from my point of view.  It’s a very sweet design of Bigfoot in the woods, well worth checking out.

I cannot begin to get across my disgust that this is only being reprinted in guy fit, it is sexist and scandalous and I want this tee so bad. Bat & Rob by Dina Prasetyawan is a perfect crossover of nature and geekdom and I want it all over my chest!

Maroon-gasm! Love this colour of tee, I got one for my friend’s Christmas pressie. The design of this tee is a design a smidge gruesome and powerful, features the Tinman who has obviously bludgeoned someone to death, excellent design, Heart Seeker by Ben Chen.








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