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The Empire State by designer Mary-Anne Ramirez is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here:

Here’s what she has to say about the design:
“Get in a New York State of Mind with this shirt that pays homage the one and only Empire State.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel.

Andy: If they keep submitting cool designs, I’ll just keep posting them!


The Sunshine State by designer Caroline Staniski is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here:

Here’s what she has to say about the design:
“The Florida Orange is probably the most iconic image of the state as well as the state slogan, “The Sunshine State.” I wanted the t-shirt to be a symbol of Florida in a nutshell!”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel.

Andy: Well that is just lovely.

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Home Grown Collective is a Melbourne based creative team who love to celebrate those who break away from the norm and pursue their love for whatever they do. To celebrate the return of Home Grown Collective and to say thank you to all those who have supported us from the very beginning, we would like to give everyone 10% off all orders. Simply use the offer code: WELCOMEHOME10 at checkout.

Andy: Those are some really nice designs, it’s posts like this that make me happy I accept submissions because otherwise I wouldn’t have found out about this brand and a few of you wouldn’t either, which is pretty neat.


The Rollerblade State by designer Matt Whalley is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here:

Here’s what he has to say about the design:

“Florida – specifically South Florida where I live – is one big, very corny beach. This shirt is a toned-down (we’ve sorta matured) celebration of the neon 90s. It was all about the jazzy shapes, electric colors, rollerblading with your walkman on your hip & the toasty sun on your face when the rest of the U.S. was shoveling out their Subarus. Oh, and hair gel…boatloads of hair gel. Too corny for you? Move inland & tend to your goats, friend.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel.

Andy: The rollerblade state, eh? Well TIL!


The Oregonian by designer Von Glitschka is now available for limited pre-order. Get it here:

Here’s what he has to say about the design:
“It’s the essence of Oregon minus the hipster culture.”

Get 15% off using code: HIDEYOURARMS15

Interested in submitting a tshirt design? Join a community of designers representing our favorite places across America through apparel.

Andy: It’s a bit sad to see this sad one zero sales when it’s such a nice shirt. Hopefully it will see the light of day in one way or another.


Express your sense of humor and style with our collection of custom graphic tees designed by GeekingBad. We recently launched our t shirt shop despite everyone and their mother telling us we were going to fail. They said we’re stupid, that the market is over saturated. While it may be true there are a million and one t shirt shops, we got into the business of designing t shirts simply because we love to and have a blast doing it. Plus we are a little hard headed. We knew to succeed we would have to design t shirts that are awesome. Ones you can not wait to show off. All our t shirts are made in The USA. 100% sweatshop free using American Apparel brand shirts. From our experience they are the softest, most comfortable t shirts you’ll ever wear. We are a small team of designers and printers and love sharing our designs with the world. The most rewarding aspect of our business is seeing our customers wearing and raving about our shirts. We like to get to know our customers so if you have any questions, contact us. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you Andy for giving us a chance to promote our newly launched shop on your site. We really like what you’ve done with Hide Your Arms and would like to offer readers a complementary 5% discount off any t shirt in our shop using coupon code: HIDEYOURARMS during checkout.

Check out our collection of graphic tees at

Andy: Not particularly to my personal taste but I’m sure they’d look quite fun when they’re actually being worn instead of as mockups.


Extreme Terrestrial has landed!

by Andy on February 25, 2016

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the iconic scene from the movie E.T. where they ride across the sky on a bicycle (if not, where the hell have you been?! Google it!).

E.T. not only gave Elliot the ability to fly, but he also gave him some rad BMX skills to go along with it, and thankfully Tee Dunk were on hand to capture the beautiful moment.

Tee Dunk create original and playful tees packed full of pop culture references and geeky charm. Their t-shirts are printed on 100% Cotton Preshrunk Jersey Knit T-Shirts.

Tee Dunk launched in October 2015 and are constantly adding new designs to their collection, so keep checking back!

Plus you can enjoy 10% off with the discount code HIDEYOURARMS10 until June 30th 2016.

Andy: Good thing that I forgot to post this one quickly (it’s been sat in the queue for almost 2 weeks, sorry guys) because they’ve currently got a big sale going on!


INJOY – Choose Happy

by Andy on February 2, 2016

INJOY is a unique clothing brand created for those that radiate a positive lifestyle. We work to inspire passion, happiness and perseverance. We just released our first collection last year which features two v-necks and two tank tops with original, colorful designs. Our goal is to inspire people to live passionately and CHOOSE happiness by searching for those that do what they love (dancers, musicians, skaters, artists) and featuring them on our blog and social media. We hope that our message is spread through these role models.
Here’s our brand manifesto:
When you make that purchase, it’s more than just buying another shirt; you’re joining a movement. It’s a statement that you live INJOY. In everything you do, you keep a constant state of positivity that radiates and puts all doubt and fear aside. You find happiness in the simple things- a smile from a stranger, a family reunion, the sunrise… We want to remind people that there is always a silver lining, and most of the time it’s inside of you.

Spread the message, choose happy.


discount code for 30% off: HIDEYOURARMS

Andy: Pretty cool, thanks for the submission and the coupon code!


CLICKGEARCLOTHINGltd is a brand is about photographers. I have been a photographer for over a decade and just wanted something a little bit different out of my “photographer” tees. I couldn’t really find anything that fit my style or who I am as a photographer and a person so I decided to make just one shirt for me. Almost a year later I am head deep in doing something that I feel really good about and love. The week we launched I posted here and thanks to Andy, in less than a paragraph my mind was blown. Thanks dude.

Here is a coupon code: “HYA” for 20% off through 12/31/15

Andy: Great to see these guys come back with much improved presentation after their last submission, I can really get more of a feel for what they’re about now.


New Jersey bred, San Diego based Sick & Sorry Apparel has an ecclectic collection from, black and white erotica to neon typography. We’re spreading some kind of message… not sure what.

Use coupon codeHIDESICK‘ for 20% off.

-SNS Apparel

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


How Humans Connect: Ask me… Tell me…

by Andy on October 30, 2015

With phrases like, “Tell me… what makes you smile. :)” and “Ask me… how I quit smoking,” How Humans Connect is on a mission to figure out how we as a society can have more meaningful interactions during our day. Whether it’s with strangers, acquaintances, friend or family – finding the right words to say can be difficult. So why not broadcast what you want to talk about on a shirt?

If you have a subject you love talking about or a cause you’d like to promote with How Humans Connect, send on your ideas on over to I would love to hear them and feature them on the site!

Use the code “hideyourarms” in order to receive 2$ off any shirt. Coupon ends November 1st, 2015.

Andy: I guess I probably should have posted this a few days ago, but you’ve still got a couple of days to make that saving.

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Seasons come, seasons go. But hey! That doesn’t mean you can’t wear the Altru Apparel summer line of “Chill” shirts expressing a “Good Vibes” attitude. These shirts are “So Rad” and giving a 40% off code for the summer line should help keep the summer spirit alive!

40% off code: (SUMMERLOVING)

Code is good for everything in the “Summer” Collection category until November 1st.

Andy: These guys make some seriously high quality shirts, they sent one in a few years ago and I still have it in regular rotation with now change to the size or colour, highly recommended, especially with that kind of discount.


New Sotare Monster Shirts

by Andy on October 20, 2015

Recently I have released two new shirts with Sotare. I’m really excited and proud with how each shirt has come out!

In September, we dropped a new version of the “Zombie Joey” shirt. That’s right, he’s back… from the dead… and more colorful than ever. Zombie Joey rises up from the grave to feed on the brains of the living. He’s after you! Once you’ve been infected with the virus, there’s no going back.

It’s easy to become a zombie in today’s society. Staring mindlessly at our phones. Disconnected from reality. Going through the motions of a mundane, brain-numbing routine. We need to break free and come back to life.

This time, the design is screen printed using the split-fountain technique creating a vibrant effect of colors fading from blue to pink. Due to the screen printing process each zombie shirt will have a different fade and each one will be unique.

This October we released a brand new monster design. His name is “Akumu”, Japanese for “nightmare”. How can such a cute little monster be a nightmare? Beneath the welcoming exterior lies a shadow monster- strong, dark, and deadly. “Akumu” reminds us that the world is not always as it seems… and looks can be deceiving.

Both shirts are printed on black, soft, sweatshop free, ringspun American Apparel shirts and adorned with Sotare hem tags.

Use the code HYA2015 for 15% off your purchase!

Leaping forward,
Adrian Black

Andy: Thanks a lot for the coupon code!


For those of us that don’t want figure out a costume for Halloween this year, but instead would prefer the simplicity of a t-shirt. Kurt Marks of Crypticus Apparel who recently joined Babbletees has produced some really fun designs that should help you avoid being shamed for not wearing a costume at parties this year.

Use coupon codehideyourarms‘ for 50% off your entire order!

Andy: 50% off? Damn!


DANYEYI® Collection

by Andy on October 5, 2015

DANYEYI® is an independent clothing label set out to create a unique and distinctive t-shirt collection aimed towards a concept of wearable art.

The collection is a direct collaboration with some of the best digital and traditional artists from around the world and we give each artist the credit they deserve along with a paragraph about their artistic style on the t-shirt page.

We are constantly on the look out for new artists for the collection and our aim is to release new designs on a monthly basis.

All DANYEYI® designs are printed on both a deep v or crew neck style and our t-shirts are 100% certified organic jersey cotton – all hand made to order in the UK by a select team of like minded creative individuals.

We ship worldwide and if you live in the UK then shipping is totally FREE!

As a small thanks we are offering a 15% discount on our ‘collection’ t-shirts to all fans. You can apply the discount by entering discount code HIDEYOURARMS15 on checkout at

All of our collections t-shirts are priced at £19.95 and you can check out our full range at *don’t forget to use the discount code above!

Andy: These are cool, really likeable and wearable style. I wouldn’t mind seeing some non-white tees but that’s just my personal style.


Inka Inka – The Fixie Review

by Ben_P on September 20, 2015

I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a relatively knew brand called Inka Inka.

We have always loved unusual and wacky illustrated T shirts, so we thought… why not make our own? We spent a year travelling (partially in South America, hence the name!), gathering our design and brand ideas

It’s definitely evident that they have put a lot of passion into their brand with original artwork and complete new creative thought. Like I always say, it’s nice to see people doing something other than pop culture mash-ups.

I was lucky enough to receive ‘The Fixie’ which comes with his own background information and story that they write personally to send to you with your oder – which is a lovely personal touch to a product. Something that stands out when looking at indie brands versus established big brands.


Bernard tried his best not to panic but the thought of losing his pearl to Vicious Vic & the Mad Mice Gang was really quite disturbing!

You’ll have to purchase your own one to read the extended story. Along with the tee I received a slew of cards that they have manufactured (just a little taste of things to come from Inka Inka) which were surprisingly funny, random and well produced! I’d definitely rather buy these over Hallmark cards.


The design of this tee isn’t going to be to everyones tastes – and it doesn’t need to be. It’s got that fantastic blend of complete randomness but with perfect execution that somewhat reminds me of something I would expect in a Roald Dahl book. It’s further brought to life by the fantastic screen printing that has been done by hand. They’ve managed to fantastically deal with the problem most new brands encounter when they want to get their name out there. They’ve done this by subtly incorporating it into the design and not going for the in your face brand name print that a lot of people will do.

The quality of the tee isn’t perhaps the best that it could be – it’s definitely an area in which Inka Inka could improve. It feels a little bit stiff and slightly coarse on the skin however after sometime I do feel it will soften with enough washes. It isn’t something that necessarily detracts from wearing the tee but it does take a little while for you to forget about its feel. This is absolutely nothing that would detract me from purchasing the tee however – it is just an area in which they could potentially improve upon.

Overall I really like what Inka Inka have to offer and urge you all to check it out, and use the coupon code HYA to receive 15% off your order. Theres a lot on offer and something that would intrigue most people. Go and check them out!


Seventh.Ink just released a new design called “Skullduggery” that glows! The design is available on shirts and hoodies, both of which have custom tags and are printed with water based inks just like all Seventh.Ink shirts.

Seventh.Ink is also offering a 30% Off Sale through Labor Day with the code “BACKTOSCHOOL” through the site at The sale applies to ALL orders, so don’t miss out on this great opportunity to get some great gear and art at a solid price.

Andy: Be sure to click on the images of the Skullduggery design because they’re animated (but when the images get automatically reduced in size for the blog the animation gets broken).


Hello! We are a new pet-themed T-shirt company from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I currently have a house full of T-shirts and I would rather YOU have them. So, here is a coupon code for 10% off.


We are a two-person company. We designed our shirts with pet-lovers in mind, particularly those who work and volunteer to improve their lives; vets, techs, groomers, shelter & rescue employees and volunteers. If you know of any organizations of businesses that would resonate with these shirts, please forward them our info. We have established wholesale and consignment deals with rescue shelters and a couple local pet stores.

Andy: Not my style, but I can see how these would appeal to people who are crazy about their pets (which seems to be every pet owner). My usual complaint applies though, it would be nice to see the real shirts instead of mockups.


Zombie Joey Emerges

by Andy on August 29, 2015

His brains ooze out… You can see his bones and guts…He’s not dead… He is undead! The zombie emerges… from the grave and to your closet on this soft, comfortable, jet black tee shirt.

Sotare’s latest offering, “Zombie Joey”, is a reminder to all of us not to be another faceless drone, a zombie of society’s mundane routine. Instead we need to stand up for what is right and actively engage in making this world a better place.

“Zombie Joey” is printed on a black, ring spun, cotton American Apparel shirt using soft off-white ink. HideYourArms readers, use the coupon codeHYA15” for 15% off your purchase.

For a limited time, Zombie Joey has been bundled with three other shirts and a belt for our End of Summer Sale. You can grab this pack for $65. More exciting things to come next month!

Leaping forward,

Andy: Cool design, thanks for the submission!


Uniform’s Summer Coupon code

by Andy on July 30, 2015

Uniform Public Summer 2nd drop’s been out for a couple weeks and they have a discount coupon available till the end of July, 15% OFF on everything. The code is UNFRMSMR15 and will be applied at checkout.

Andy: Thanks for the code!


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