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Toy artist Paul Shih just launched two new clothing lines on Threadless. “Hollow Threat” is driven by the energy of heavy metal, punk and rock music, a collection of artwork based on Paul’s designer toys.

“Authentic Counterfeit” is inspired from the materialistic world we live in today. The designs are reminiscent of brands and icons trapped in our brains.

Andy: The “Hollow Threat” series has caught my attention more here, I really like that style and there’s some clever ideas in the designs.


Bergies Sock Review!

by Ben_P on April 1, 2015

‘At Bergies™ we are determined to bring you the most awesome options from across the globe in socks, slippers and other really cool stuff. From socks with cats (we LOVE cats), to items for those with sensitive feet, to the Worlds Softest slippers – we’ve got something for everyone!’

So I’ve recently had the pleasure of reviewing a whole treasure trove of socks that were delivered by Bergies who class themselves as some what of a Sockurator. A self proclaimed, might I add amazing, title that is hard to deny. They quite literally may be the holy grail of socks. They stock a whopping 21 different branded socks. If I’m quite honest I didn’t even think there would be that many brands out there! They also have a few products of their own creation geared mainly towards keeping little ones feet nice and snug. IMG_1657


Now I’m somewhat of a fussy sock buyer, so not all of the socks that I received were quite to my liking. You’ll more likely find me bare foot than wearing socks, however that’s not to say that any of these socks are bad, but not quite to my fussy foot requirements as you will read. The one great thing about socks I find though is the fact you can pretty much get away with wearing what ever the hell you like, and it leaves a great deal of creativity for sock manufacturers. Most people don’t really care what they put on their feet so you can be as outlandish as you like, which is awesome. Bergies really have a wide curated selection of socks to satisfy any persons sock desires.


Burger Socks

I love the design of this one, it’s simplistic and comical at the same time. It definitely however is a design that’s well suited for socks, if it was anything else but socks I really don’t think I’d wear it. I most certainly wouldn’t go around wearing a burger t-shirt that’s for sure! The socks themselves are comfortable enough, not the most comfortable out of all of them. They feel slightly restricting on my feet. I’m a size 10 UK which is roughly 10.5 in US so I fit nicely in the middle of the one size range for these socks, I however would chalk this down to personal preference as I’m not a huge fan of a tighter fit for socks, which these definitely fall into the category of ever so slightly. Perhaps having various sizes of socks would improve this as trying to create a one size fits all sock for sizes 7-13 is probably a difficult feat! All of this said once I get over the initial tightness of the sock I can comfortably wear these for a day with no problems.


Gangsta Socks

I was surprised to find that these were my favourite socks. I don’t know whether it’s the hipster-esque irony of wearing something that says gangsta on my feet hilarious or just the fact that these socks are probably the most comfortable out of all of the socks I received. The design is simple, it literally just says gangsta down the side of the sock. I can’t really say it’s the most amazing design out there but it makes me chuckle and I have a good laugh wearing them. Surprisingly as well, they’re fantastic for running, it must be to do with the cushioned soles to the them but I’ve worn them a few times while running now and they’re probably my go to sock for that activity now. Again it’s a 1 size fits all sock design and this time round it fits me perfectly and doesn’t feel a restrictive as the Burger Socks. I’d definitely be happy with purchasing these ones myself.


Disrupted Stripe

The design of this sock would surely be welcome in any persons wardrobe, probably the most ‘normal’ sock out of the bunch that would be unlikely to get you any odd stares, unlike perhaps burgers on your feet! If you’re looking for a nice well designed sock this one is probably for you. I was expecting it to be quite uncomfortable to be honest, it looked like it was very small for my feet. I was pleasantly surprised that it just about fit quite well, it’s slightly snug but when I was walking around and doing my general day to day things it didn’t feel uncomfortable. However when I think about the sock on my foot it is just a tad too tight. I have to pull out the end of the sock ever so slightly making the heel not match up quite perfectly, however I can’t really fault them for this. As you can imagine I’m a bit of a fussy sock wearer so take my criticisms with a pinch of salt, I could wear this sock for the day and get on perfectly well with it but I think I could do with it for my own personal preference to be slightly larger.


Mohawk (Mr T!)

I’ll start off by saying. I love this design, it’s awesome. I mean what isn’t to like? For a design it is my favourite because it’s just hilarious however, as a sock it’s not so good. The sock doesn’t really have any shape to it, they came flat, most socks will change direction at the heel. These lie perfectly flat ton the ground, the actual formation of the sock is very uncomfortable and just seems like two pieces of fabric that have been sewn round the edges so your toes uncomfortably hit seam right at the end of the sock opposed to being on top of your toes. The design as well suffers from the construction of the sock, because it is a one size fits all the image distorts and has bad ‘grinning’ when actually worn, which makes the actual design on the sock a tad to make out. I really wish I could have given these socks a better review but to me they’re more of a jokey gimmick sock to give someone than an actual functioning one. I think you could maybe get away with wearing this sock as more of an in-house slipper alternative but for day-to-day wear I found it rather annoying unfortunately.


Great Waves

Great Waves Smaller Sock

When trying out these socks it took me a little while to get used to them, annoyingly you can’t really just pull the socks on you have to work them slowly up the foot which was quite infuriating. I found that one of the socks in particular had a point where you pulled the sock up to and it got caught on your heel, there were a couple of threads going across the heel line (presumably to keep the heel shape) that just felt like it would tear a hole in the sock. Perhaps this is a slight manufacturing fault on this particular sock because the other one wasn’t as irritating to pull on – although it still was a bit problematic. Once I had the sock on it was very comfortable and felt lovely on my foot, they weren’t overly tight which was a bonus for me. The design is nice, I can’t really give them much credit for it because it obviously isn’t an original design – however if you fancy a bit of wearable art for your feet it is very cool. I was a bit confused on their website initially as they had two of the same design. I spoke to the guys over at Bergies and the manufacturer actually charges a slightly higher price for the bigger sock due to the extra fabric used. It’s also got a slight different composition, but it’s very marginal so I’m not sure whether that would contribute to the price change. Luckily it isn’t too steep it’s about $3 difference but it may be a bit off putting for some. Personally I think it is a bit daft to have different sizes of socks being priced differently for the exact same design, but I’m not holding that against Bergies but more at the manufacturer.


Shark Attack

These are probably tied for my favourite alongside the gangsta socks. They’re a fantastic all round sock, comfortable, ease to put on, awesome design that I really like and I really don’t have any problems with them at all. I’ve worn them the most out of all of the socks and they’re just a perfect fit for me! I’m honestly at words as to what to say really regarding them because I can’t think of anything negative to say.

Overall I really like what Bergies are doing, I must admit though I’m a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to socks and usually just buy what ever is on offer, but these are a really nice collection to my socks now and it is fun to wear socks with awesome designs on! If you’re in the market for some new socks definitely check them out. 




Feminist Apparel – Blog and Review

by DeeHYA on March 2, 2015

Last year I decided to treat myself to a tee from amazing website Feminist Apparel whose designs are designed to raise awareness and create a stir about a range of feminist issues.

Some of the designs are designed with an element of shock value to get the message across. Last year there were some pretty viral videos of little girls dropping the f-bomb in the name of feminism reeling off some quite scary statistics about equal pay, domestic violence and sexual violence.

I particularly like this ‘Feminist as Fuck’ tee!


As a survivor of sexual violence I find the poor conviction rate of rapists and the way in which victims are treated by the police, men and at times other women absolutely shocking. There should be a huge amount of education men and boys that a ‘No’ means no! I chose this ‘Don’t (get) Rape(d)’ tanks for myself, it’s eye-catching and gets the message over without being over complicated.


I generally prefer a tank as I normally wear a long sleeved tee underneath to cover my bulky arms. The quality of this is spot on, and the print was good but to be honest I think with this design on the grey it might look quite cool if it faded a little.

I love that Feminist Apparel use an element of humour to get across their message, I think this is an important point of making their tees individual and memorable. I did a bit of a snarf when I saw this ‘Baby Got Books’ one :)


The tees are $29.95 but I have to say I still get discount codes regularly, infact if you sign up to their newsletter now you can get 15% off. Shipping to the UK was ok too, it was about $12 which I think is reasonable.

Any feminist issue that you have encountered or have beef with you will be able to find a tee to convey this. It’s not just all for the ladies either, there are guys and kids t-shirts too!


After teaming up with a new artist, Meaghan Fox, we’re ready to reveal the first new design: Star Trek and Monty Python mash-up. The USS Silly Walks.

Andy: I know it’s a pointless endeavour to try and work out why a mashup is a mashup, but wouldn’t the “USS something” be a space ship, and Willy Walks were a Ministry, so the two things don’t really go together? Or perhaps there’s something more to this that I’m missing.

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3 new tees at Snorg this week

by Andy on September 18, 2014

$14 this week at snorgtees.


6 new tees at BustedTees this week

by Andy on July 4, 2014

I don’t even play Minecraft but that Porkcraft tee is still prety funny. Quite a good week at BustedTees.


New Glasgow-themed t-shirts

by Andy on July 4, 2014

As the Commonwealth Games start in Glasgow, here are two tees giving tribute to the Real Glasgow Games.

Andy: This has the potential to be quite funny, but unfortunately I have no idea what it says on the ‘Kerby’ shirt, and I’ve been on the site and I have no better clue. If I can’t see the artwork I’m not going to buy it, am I? It would be nice to see a couple more designs in the shop too, two shirts doesn’t give enough choice and is likely to reduce sales conversions when people visit the site.


Two new designs which are well executed and solid concepts at Glennz, both funny, but is this something that I would want to wear? Probably not, I just don’t think they’re that wearable.


I was walking down the street in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago when I went past a shop that had a Goodie Two Sleeves sign above a shop door amongst the other brands they stocked, and it made me feel pretty good that there is a brand like G2S that engages with blogs like HYA whilst still clearly having a very large wholesale operation going, they seem to be able to float between the independent and the corporate without alienating either group and that’s really nice to see.


Hello All:

My friend Lizzie and I recently started a new athletic clothing company, Running Sucks. We sell unenthusiastic athletic tees and tanks for the cynical side of the gym. We’re new at this and would love any feedback, comments, ideas! Our site is, or @runningsucksco on Twitter. For the month of May orders are 15% off with discount code spring2014 (expiring June 1 at 12am EST).


Andy: The designs are a little bit simple for my taste, but they did make me smile and their whole approach to the site is pretty funny.


Sexual Predator Tee (Pinup Predator)

by Andy on April 28, 2014

My latest and greatest Threadless design! Its here:,guys/

Andy: I almost titled this post “Tm Burns: Sexual Predator” but thought better of it in case it started ranking well in search results for his name.


I really like the design style of that unicorn tee, but I don’t think that I’d be able to get away with wearing it. Interesting to see that they released the sea panda shirt in the same week when it’s largely the same concept as the unicorn shirt. I’m not a Pokemon player so I don’t really understand the green shirt, but considering how popular that franchise is I would assume that it will go down as a solid seller for them.

Snorg Tees


Anachrosaur t-shirt collection

by Andy on February 18, 2014

Inspired by a throwaway quote on a dinosaur blog about the Stegosaurus being the Swiss Army Knife of the dino world, this new collection of tee designs takes that idea and runs with it. Each design features the silhouette of a particular dino mashed up with a piece of tech appropriate to the dino’s personality or physicality.

Andy: Pretty cool idea, thanks for the submission.


What was new at Snorg last week?

by Andy on February 17, 2014

By the time you get that Flappy Bird shirt no one will give a damn about the game. The fry and taco shirt is very cute though.

Snorg Tees


Three new tees at Tshirt Laundry this week

by Andy on February 13, 2014

Can anyone explain to me why the horse pill shirt is funny? I don’t get it, Googling suggests it is something to do with drugs, but even so, it doesn’t seem to have had a lot of chatter recently so I don’t know why they’d pick now to release this design?

Tshirt Laundry


Solid week from BustedTees, I can see lots of people liking these designs, though I’d be surprised if the poker dogs tee is around for long because even with BustedTees being a legit business I can’t imagine they got an agreement from all the licensees to have those dogs on one shirt, though it would be neat if they did.


I don’t understand the mattress inspector reference at Snorg, but I still quite like it.


We are Foxdown Tees, founded by independent illustrator and designer Ronan Lynam and we invite you all to check out our new store. We even have a cool background image like Andy does!

Our passions has always been drawing and design, and we felt that (big surprise) shirts are a great way to share our humor, wit and style. We take inspiration from some of the best independent shirt illustrators (Glennz, Aled Lewis, etc) and wish to share with the world even more snarky designs.

Foxdown Tees loves HYA, and think that Andy does a great job at curating the site with quality content. We hope that HYA and the community enjoy our tees, and we look forward to sharing more with you all in the future!

Andy: In some ways, it’s almost annoying that they submitted this tee because it’s the kind of design that could turn people off from the brand, when they have other stuff on the site that is a lot more enjoyable, I’m actually really impressed with the rest of the catalogue and hope to see more of these guys.


I love this, and I’m surprised that no one thought of it before. Available today at Shirt.Woot for $12 today, and then more later.

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One day at my friends house – he told me he had a funny idea for a shirt and shared the idea of Javasaurus, a big T-Rex that had trouble trying to drink coffee. Once he told me – I literally LOL’d – which I rarely do and I rarely use that abbreviation. I thought about it for a while – and drew a picture a couple hours later – which started at the basis for this design.

After a weekend of brainstorming some more ideas of dinosaurs struggling in a human dominant world – we decided we’d start with Javasaurus and see if anybody would be interested.

We launched a campaign on Teespring, because I’m broke right now and can’t afford to get t-shirts printed up in the real world. It’s going for $20 right now – which most of the profits will go back into making more shirts about the other dinosaurs who struggle on a day to day basis – if it’s a hit.

Not expecting anything crazy to happen here – would just love to spread some post holiday cheer around the world. If you end up not purchasing one – hopefully you got a kick out of the idea and it brightens your day just a little bit.

Andy: It’s a pity that there wasn’t more time spent on the text underneath the drawing on this design, it looks like a bit of an afterthought and the design suffers as a whole because of it. Maybe it’s just the mockup and it’ll look fine in print.


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