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Three new tees at Snorg

by Andy on January 2, 2014

Nice way to kick off the year at Snorg with some decent designs.


I like it, and I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this concept before, but that seems to be typical of Glennz releases.

Costiness=$15 (for now, price will rise) Buy it at Glennz


What was new at Snorg last week?

by Andy on November 18, 2013

I’m behind on posts (even by my standards) after having a photography job to do last week which took up a lot of my time (and was rather fun) so I’m going to attempt to catch up this week. Unfortunately this means that you will have missed out on the introductory price for last weeks’ Snorg Tees, but they’re still not badly priced at $19.95 each and there’s some fun tees in this bunch.


Superhero City has just launched on, specialising in officially licensed superhero t shirts and hoodies as well as other superhero merchandise.

You can dress up as a superhero in one of the cape costume t shirts, which are available for women and kids. Kids have the choice of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, while the ladies can choose to be either Wonder Woman, Batgirl or Supergirl. There are also cape socks for the ladies – again, there is a choice of Wonder Woman, Batman or Supergirl. If the guys want to get in on the cape action, there are some men’s Batman socks and a Superman backpack with detachable capes! It’s amazing how a cape can make you feel that little bit more awesome! But for when you want to tone it down a bit, you can take the cape off as they are all detachable.

The women’s tees are £22, kids tees £20 and socks are £12.99 with free delivery on all UK orders.

Andy: Detachable capes are a smart idea!


Fun new tee from Glennz, I’m not 100% sure if I’d actually want to wear it, but the image made me smile, which is a lot more than most ‘funny’ tees do. With it being brand new the photobomb t-shirt is $15 this week, but every other shirt in the catalogue is on sale down to $17.50 a shirt until Sunday, no coupon needed, the discount is already applied.


NES “Shotgun” t-shirt by Glennz

by Andy on November 1, 2013

Last year I dug out my old NES and played a bit of Duck Hunt with my mates, it was a lot harder than I remembered, and I’m still kind of amazed that Nintendo were able to produce a game like that which worked on any TV back in the 80s. I know that the NES Zapper was a bit of a gimmick, but it was still pretty cool, and I’m sure that if there had been an actual shotgun I’d have been all over it, especially since it would have meant you couldn’t miss those damn ducks.

Costiness=$15 (until a new shirt is released then it will go up) Buy it at Glennz


I can’t decide with TV show in-joke I prefer this week at BustedTees, rum ham or All my Circuits, I love both shows so it’s too hard to choose. I know it’s a Funny or Die thing, but it does seem to me that a ‘Team Miley’ shirt can be too easily taken out of it’s presumably ironic context and therefore just doesn’t fit with their usual offerings.

By using the link in this post you will automatically have a 20% off coupon code applied to your order, not too shabby!


Pretty good week for them, shirts $14 until Sunday at Tshirt Laundry.


Really solid week from Snorg. It’s a bit of a pity that they don’t sell crew neck sweatshirts because that zombie design would work well as a Christmas jumper, but at least you can get it on a hoodie. Shirts are $5 off until October 27th.


What’s new at Snorg this week?

by Andy on October 16, 2013

There’s nothing here that I personally would wear, but I certainly can’t complain about any of these new designs from Snorg. Shirts are $14.95 until the end of the week when they go up to $19.95.


I’m usually pretty on the ball when it comes to new shirts from Glennz but I missed out on posting these (though I recognise the Swiss Army Sword from somewhere, so maybe I have mentioned that before). Shirts are $21.95 a piece and available now. If you pick up $70 or more of items you’ll get free shipping too, neat!


What was new at BustedTees this week?

by Andy on October 13, 2013

Not bad at all!



What was new at Snorg this week?

by Andy on October 12, 2013

I’m a little late with this one, but you’ve still got a day to pick these shirts up for $14.95 instead of the regular $19.95 from next week onwards.



The canon of ideal human proportions in your tee. This amazing series based on Vitruvian Man of Leonardo da Vinci is available to buy at $14.95 from :

Andy: I’ve seen Vitruvian Man inspired designs before but never with this characters before, and so well executed too.


She Felt Geeky

by DeeHYA on October 4, 2013


And now for something completely different! This is a fab etsy shop run by a lady I know loosely via the North East burlesque scene. T-shirts are not what the shop is about and it’s aimed pretty much entirely at the gal side of the population.

She Felt Geeky mostly specialises in super cute geek, comic, gaming, movie fabric panties amongst other things include pasties (nipple tassels) and some cute random one off pieces.

I don’t own any pieces personally but it means a lot for me to support local companies and from the reviews from friends I’ve heard the quality is absolutely first rate.

One selection of pieces that stand out for me when you land in the Etsy store are the Harry Potter, Hogwarts House panties. Here are the amazing Hufflepuff and Slytherin ones. How over the moon would any lady Harry Potter fan be with these! They’d be an excellent stocking filler for Christmas, and they look like they’d be super soft to the touch!



Amongst other geek factions you can grab Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Tattoo Print, Halloween Print, Super Cute Floral ones to name but a view! Store owner Miss Buttons also posted an image of this fabric a few days ago so you can totally get your hands some some spooky panties if that’s your bag!

She is super talented and approachable so if you had any requests or ideas I’m sure she would be extremely accommodating! I have to add her pasties are absolutely delightful but I’d better not put boobies on HYA!

I think of of my favourite pieces which is also extremely seasonal are these super cute Halloween panties! Snap them up people, support handmade and UK businesses! :)


Etsy :

Facebook :

Instagram :


I suppose it was going to happen sooner or later.

Buy them at SelfMade Clothing if you want to have a picture of a girl the thinks sticking her tongue out is sexy on your chest.


You know what’s weird, I’ve never found a coke bottle with my name on it, and I’m a guy that is called Andrew and/or Andy, it’s a normal name, how have I not found that yet?

Costiness=£17 Buy it at Jim’ll Paint It


Usually I’m on top of my game when it comes to posting about new designs from shirt funnyman Glennz, but I can’t remember writing about the three above, so I thought I’d wrap them up in a single post so that we’re all caught up. I think that of the three the ‘Stunt Fish’ design is my favourite. They’re all $21.95 each and available now from Glennz, who is offering 25% off when you buy three or more shirt at the moment.


On the Internet today: a supercut mixtape of the most iconic t-shirts to grace the Silver screen. The edit includes some memorable faves — Vote For Pedro, Nigel’s Green Skeleton tank top from This Is Spinal Tap, the so-called Shark Cat design from Pineapple Express — but is carefully leavened with some curious artifacts of the slogan variety from the ’80s.

Think you can identify all of the movies? Be the first to do so and you’ll win a $100 gift card good for anything at Found Item Clothing! Details on how to enter right at Found Item’s blog, It Goes To 11. (A full list of every film will be posted after the winner is announced.)


Read more of Travis’ work at BuzzFeed and The Pet Collective.


Steven Seagull T-shirt [Submitted]

by Andy on July 29, 2013

Ever wonder what happened to 80’s action star Steven Seagal? He became a seagull…Hand screen printed with environmentally friendly ink on a super soft, thin fitted cotton/poly blend t-shirt.

Andy: It’s a bit crude, but it’s funny enough to be worth it.


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