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Piekuo ‘Bat’ – Review

by Ben_P on June 28, 2015

Recently I got the opportunity to review Pieukuo. I was pleasantly surprised when receiving the package. It was the little additions to the T-shirt that makes this new starter seem more like an established brand. They have customised tape for their packaging, lovely information card as well. It’s definitely a very professional set up they have going, the website, packaging and final product all make this brand into someone to definitely keep on your radar.


Going into the packaging, it was simple nothing too extravagant in terms of what it was actually delivered in a simple brown box. I can’t really fault anyone for not splashing out on over the top packaging because it’s one of those things that you end up tearing through and discarding anyway. I really thought the tape was a nice little touch as I’ve already mentioned as it definitely puts a personal touch onto a plain packaging.


On opening parcel I was greeted by a clear plastic bag protecting the garment and inside with it was a descriptive card. It’s these little things that all add up to creating a very professional and established look for such a young brand.


First off the design. I really like this design, it’s got a certain appeal that I can’t quite portray into words very eloquently, it reminds me of an old school 8-Bit video game enemy, It certainly appeals a lot to me at least! It’s again very nice that it isn’t a pop culture mashup thrown together that with a tenuous link – so it certainly gets a few little extra points on that side from me.

I do admit that one negative I had about the t-shirt to start with was that it seemed a tad too tight, the neck is very tight and I felt that across the chest felt slightly too tight for a medium shirt however I was pleasantly surprised because I was under the assumption this would be an uncomfortable shirt to wear for extended periods of time – it wasn’t. If you’re thinking of buying a shirt from these guys just be aware that the neck lines are tighter than average – which isn’t a negative aspect but I suppose I’m used to having a bit of wiggle room with my t-shirts and thats a personal preference. 


The feel of the shirt is nice, it’s soft and feels very durable. The print as well is 2 colour screen print that has so far shown absolutely no signs of cracking, it definitely feels like it will last a long time, the one down side of this print is that it feels slightly heavy on the shirt and to the touch isn’t the nicest of prints – but really its a welcome trade off to have this image stay fresh looking for longer. The price of the Bat is £15 which I feel for all of what they’ve put into the design and overall experience is a very reasonable price.

Just a note that this design comes both as a T-Shirt and as a Sweat. Just incase one bat isn’t enough why not get both!

Overall I’m really impressed with Piekuo – they’re a relatively new brand in the grand scheme of things and the whole product from start to finish just looks fantastic, the website is beautifully design and they’ve really got a fantastic functioning website in my eyes. The designs are varied and they’re certainly unique. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with anything from their site







The Illustrated Mind is an independent t-shirt line based in Brighton that seeks to showcase the best in up and coming illustration via the most fashionable means… We have been commissioning and releasing designs since 2011 and have worked with the likes of Jack Teagle, Tom Sewell, Jiro Bevis, Ed Cheverton, Jon Boam and Gordon Holden to name but a few. Our aim each season is to develop a cohesive collection of illustrated t-shirts styled around a loosely devised theme. So we seek out the best and most notorious artists to collaborate with and whose work has caught our eye and made us think they’re awesome, we hope you agree!

Ben : I’m quite liking what The Illustrated Mind have gone for here. The style reminds me of the widely copied David Shrigley. I’m definitely liking the style, but I’ve never been a huge fan of the large text, image, large text format. I liken the art style very much in the bracket of – badly drawn things done by good artists. You can clearly see the talent but I just love the fact it’s so rough around the edges, if they looked too neat and too clean I think this whole range would lose it’s appeal. I must admit though, I have no idea if the space sharman is a reference to anything – anyone care to enlighten me? Anyway – go check ‘em out!


OrganicSymmetryGirlsRacer Nightmare1 Nightmare2_zps31b5e680 GuiltySmurf1 EscapedConHoodie1 Eediots2_zps1e586ead DreamGobbler1

If you like your t-shirts bursting with colour and a little bit more than mental then be sure to check out Zero friends. This is an apparel / art brand run by two equally talented artists by the names of Alex Pardee and Dave Correia. I’m not sure how the designs are printed onto their t-shirts as most of the designs have a multitude of colours and subtle variances. From what I can tell all t-shirts American Apparel.

Mens T-shirts are available for $28, Ladies Tank tees for $25 and hoodie/Pullovers at the $50/$55 mark.

Visit online store.


I remember back in the day when Out of Print were a new and small company with a great concept, and now they are massive, definitely one of the success stories of the indie t-shirt world. I’m not sure if this shirt is a recent release of theirs, but it certainly is timely, except it can be worn all year round so I don’t need to apologise for mentioning it at midnight on Halloween since it won’t arrive until

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Out of Print Clothing Mens / Womens


She Felt Geeky

by DeeHYA on October 4, 2013


And now for something completely different! This is a fab etsy shop run by a lady I know loosely via the North East burlesque scene. T-shirts are not what the shop is about and it’s aimed pretty much entirely at the gal side of the population.

She Felt Geeky mostly specialises in super cute geek, comic, gaming, movie fabric panties amongst other things include pasties (nipple tassels) and some cute random one off pieces.

I don’t own any pieces personally but it means a lot for me to support local companies and from the reviews from friends I’ve heard the quality is absolutely first rate.

One selection of pieces that stand out for me when you land in the Etsy store are the Harry Potter, Hogwarts House panties. Here are the amazing Hufflepuff and Slytherin ones. How over the moon would any lady Harry Potter fan be with these! They’d be an excellent stocking filler for Christmas, and they look like they’d be super soft to the touch!



Amongst other geek factions you can grab Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Tattoo Print, Halloween Print, Super Cute Floral ones to name but a view! Store owner Miss Buttons also posted an image of this fabric a few days ago so you can totally get your hands some some spooky panties if that’s your bag!

She is super talented and approachable so if you had any requests or ideas I’m sure she would be extremely accommodating! I have to add her pasties are absolutely delightful but I’d better not put boobies on HYA!

I think of of my favourite pieces which is also extremely seasonal are these super cute Halloween panties! Snap them up people, support handmade and UK businesses! :)


Etsy :

Facebook :

Instagram :


Crook & Dagger (Dr Popcorn Apparel rebrand)

by Mr Four Fingers on August 8, 2013

Crook & Dagger

Ah, it’s always great to see brands going from  strength to strength and never settling but always burgeoning forward. Though this time the brand has moved forward, with a new name and a whole lot more punch. Back February at the Margin Trade Show we (Andy and Logan ) had the pleasure of meeting the guys behind Dr Popcorn Apparel but since then they have decided to change the name of their brand to Crook & Dagger as they felt their previous name was rather misleading and didn’t suit their ideals.

This was the right move. Now the gritty nature of their brand has a name that suits it. I was also pleased to see some bloody good photography, great looking models and shit hot lifestyle imagery which gives any brand, let alone a small independent  brand, a lot more kudos. They have also added some new designs, vests, tanks, sweaters (coming soon) and accessories like beanies and even a hoody for you little mutt.

CND16-2-2 E B CND188-2 CND13-2 I  burgundy_beanie-2-2 sid-2

As far as I can tell every tee is £25 with free postage in the UK so if you are into gritty illustrations with the occasional smattering of dark humour then head over to Crook & Dagger and have a gander. Make sure to enter HYABOMB at checkout to receive a 10% discount.


83MM Becomes Dead Reel

by Ben_P on May 27, 2013


A few months ago I reviewed 83MM who are awesome. They’ve recently changed their name from 83MM to Dead Reel, which to me is a nicer name! So good choice guys!

Sheffield-based independent movie t-shirt line, 83mm Apparel has re-launched as Dead Reel to prepare the brand for international exposure following a successful first nine months in business. As part of the brand revamp, founder Jon Hides, who hand draws the t-shirt designs, has unveiled a slick new identity featuring a re-designed logo, website and photo gallery. Dead Reel launched as 83mm Apparel in September 2012 after graphic designer and artist, Jon couldn’t find a t-shirt line that catered for his love of classic movies. The nine-strong collection features designs based on iconic movie moments that only the true film fans would recognise, including scenes from The Shining, Batman and The Evil Dead.

They recently unveiled under their new guise at MGM’s Comic Convention, which is pretty sweet. They through some pictures up as well from the event on their Facebook page

941152_375167559260196_141060564_nDARK-KNIGHT DISTURBED-OUR-SLEEP


Another week, another batch of tees trending on the Internet. The good, the bad, the ugly…

>The first of “16 people who don’t realize they’re being douchebags”.



>Frat bros trigger campus debate with insensitive slogan tees (but the one below is likely P’Shopped).



>Perspective fail.



>Perspective WIN!


[Imgur] [click to continue…]


Wow first post of the New Year! (Sorry it has taken forever) Hope everyone’s year so far has been fantastic. I’d like to start off by saying a big thank you to the 83MM guys who have been unbelievably patient with my review. I’ve been very swamped with a new job and training and in general the whole holiday seasons. Enough of that and onto the review of an awesome T-Shirt!

Just a bit about 83MM, the name comes from the birthday of the designer coupled with the MM that is used for measuring film reels. These guys are trying to capture some of the most iconic scenes and characters in film history, from Batman to The Evil Dead. Luckily I received the latter which is a favourite film of mine! For all you film aficionados out there I need not say more about The Evil Dead and it’s cult status, it’s an all around hilarious and awesome film. Some of you lesser film buffs may recognise it as an upcoming film which is a remake of the 1981 original. Which you MUST watch, I cannot stress that enough. Ultimate B-Movie Cheese!



When I received the tee from 83MM I was blown away by how awesome their packaging and in general just the little things they’ve done for the whole experience of receiving it. For starters it came in a custom VHS box with information about the brand on there, and with it’s own rating which I thought was an awesome touch. This especially was a cool touch because The Evil Dead was first released on VHS so it really did fit in with the general tone of the product. Inside the VHS box was a lovely tissue wrapped tee. One of the first things I noticed about the tee was it’s fantastic tag that came with it that was shaped in the style of a VHS tape. Unfortunately I totally forgot to take a photo of it (Thankfully they sent me a photo of it to show you guys) but needles to say I was impressed, it’s the little things that really make up my personal experience of tee’s.



Onto the actual tee itself, it’s an 8 colour. Yes you read that right 8 colour! Print of one of the characters from The Evil Dead, I shan’t say who as I wouldn’t want to ruin it for anyone who may go and watch it now! Needless to say the quality of this is fantastic and the colours are vibrant, when asked why they didn’t use CMYK printing for a cheaper cost they couldn’t bring themselves to sacrifice the quality of the design, this alongside the fact they’ve used climate neutral tee from Continental Clothing shows they really had quality at the heart of their design.



The print shows mostly no visible signs of cracking and having been washed a fair few times already does appear to be very durable. There is only very slight cracks on the thin prints of the hair but that is to be expected of such a small area. The tee itself is very nice on the skin, nothing really to fault it and is a lot nicer than most generic tees, perhaps in the future they could use a bamboo tee for the ultimate in comfort but I don’t think it is really necessary. The use of the 8 screens really does make the design pop, and you start to appreciate the detail of the design as well. I’m very glad they chose to use 8 screens because at the price of £30.00 you really feel like you get your moneys worth, but in all fairness to them £30 is not that expensive compared to some tees you can get out there. This tee is also at a limited run of 200, which is also noted at the bottom of the tee itself in the form of a tag. I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for tags and it blends in nicely with the tee.



If The Evil Dead isn’t your cup of team they have tees from the films Seven, Batman, Drive, Total Recall, The Shining and Dawn Of The Dead. I take my hat off to 83MM and wish them all the best in the world with their designs, as a fan of films I can really appreciate the thought and effort that’s been put into bringing some of cinemas greatest moments to a fashionable tee for both men and women. The guys over at 83MM have also informed me that they have two new designs in the pipeline one from Silence of the Lambs and the other from The Thing. Colour me intrigued!

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hp lovecraft t-shirt

I’m not 100% sure what ‘it’ is, but whatever ‘it’ is, The Affair always bring ‘it’ when they release a new tee. Yet another design of theirs that I would be happy to see in my wardrobe.

Costiness=£26.90 (according to their newsletter, but it says £29.90 on the prduct page) Buy it at The Affair.


8-Bit Zombie Restock + New Lunchbox

by Ben_P on October 20, 2012

Post image for 8-Bit Zombie Restock + New Lunchbox

Alright guys, everything is available. The lunchboxes are here! There are also new shades and re-stocked old shades. Beetlejuice and Loners & Rebels have been re-stocked! And Loners & Rebels is now available as a sleeveless hoodie! Oh and the Bounty Hunter hats are now is stock as well! GET 8-BIT!!!!

8-Bit Zombie has restocked and added a new lunchbox to the kids club. Which looks pretty swish. My personal favourite has got to be the pixel sunglasses though. If you want the lunchbox I’d advise getting in quick, last time round they sold out fast.






Tidy Shirts: Skeletor x Misfits

by billpyle on October 19, 2012

I’m not the biggest fan of mash up shirts as I feel it has been done to death to the point where the mash ups don’t make any sense, but I thought this limited edition Skeletor x Misfits design by Tidy Ink was clever. I wish they had actual shots of the printed shirt as I’m pretty picky about bright colored shirts and prints, but seeing as its a pre-order item, its understandable to only have a mock up. Pre-orders will be printed and shipped on October 25th, and it costs £12.50.


Post image for Hands-on Review of “Don’t Be Afraid”, a horror-themed t-shirt brand from Singapore

I was rather afraid (see what I did there!) of reviewing Don’t Be Afraid’s clothing. It’s certainly an acquired taste and not something we usually feature here on HYA. That’s not to say that it is not good or anything like that, I just found it a bit of a daunting task because of the clash of cultures and taste. However, much like a cheesy B-Movie I’ve grown quite fond of this design by DBA, I feel like I’ve entered into a secret group meeting of Asian horror lovers but don’t quite know where to sit.

What I can tell you though is that this design is based upon the ghost known as Pontianak, one of the most famous and scariest ghosts among the Asian folklore. It’s a bit of an odd one, some of you may love it and some of you may hate it when looking into the history and ideologies of this ghost. I shan’t stray too far into it in case you’re a bit squeamish or uninterested but you can read the information on it in the pictures or in the links provided.

The design isn’t going to win any awards, it’s nice and simple and means ‘I see Ghost‘, it’s similar in style to the I Love NY t-shirts and so forth. It’s nice that they’ve incorporated the image of the ghost into it instead of just a (foreign) text. The choice of ink is plastisol, which is pretty standard in the t-shirt world, just about every store you walk into sells shirts printed with plastisol. Apparently this ink is used when fabric flexes a lot, so it’s suitable for running and in general exercise garments which means it should be pretty long-lasting on a regular t-shirt. I’ve tried stretching the design and it doesn’t show any of the t-shirt beneath it, I have had my concerns about whether the print might crack because of this, but have been assured by Dont Be Afraid that it can take well over a hundred washes without cracking, so my concern might just be due to never having a t-shirt with this form of ink on it before. Even if it did though it wouldn’t matter as the design is cracked anyway.

The addition of an inside and outside print on the neck adds to the professionalism, combined with the sleeve tag and lovely choice of thread colour on the stitching it looks really nice. I’m a sucker for a nice black and white combo and it oddly stood out to me so much, just a nice simple change like that really made me like this t-shirt a lot more than I thought I would. If you’re going to be purchasing a t-shirt from Don’t Be Afraid, which some of you may, definitely check the sizing on it. This t-shirt is a large but the arms feel slightly tight under the armpit, now this could be due to the standard sizing in Singapore but to me it just feels slightly too tight for a large tee. Don’t let it put you off though, if you’re into horror films and more specifically Asian horror films, which is a huge market, you might just find yourself something you will enjoy here.


Post image for Seventh.Ink’s Haunted Collection III available now!

Far too often people release their Halloween designs too late, but Seventh.Ink have given you plenty of time to get your order in and get a tee or two in time for the scariest night of the year. Well, they actually released this range back on September 20th, but there’s still plenty of time to get your shirt since it’s not even October yet.

I don’t think I’m alone in my belief that the box set ($125) is the standout piece here. It’s really cool to try and make this annual ‘Haunted Collection’ release something special and I think that the box sets achieve that. Cool designs as well, not the kind of thing that I’d usually wear, but then I don’t go near horror-themed shirts all that often, and I don’t think we could ever expect a Halloween release to be sunshine and rainbows. Tees are priced at $25 a piece, and hoodies are $50.


Akumu Ink now available at moreTvicar

by Andy on September 7, 2012

Post image for Akumu Ink now available at moreTvicar

I’m a big fan of Akumu Ink, so it’s really cool to see them getting stocked by moreTvicar in the UK for us Brits that don’t want to wait a couple of weeks for a shirt and then possibly get stung by customs fees. As you’d imagine they haven’t got the whole range, and there’s a bit of a premium on buying them direct from Akumu Ink (£24.99 for a shirt) but if you want that shirt in a couple of days instead of a couple of weeks then it’s a small price to pay for a great horror tee.


8-Bit Zombie Summer Release

by Ben_P on August 20, 2012

Post image for 8-Bit Zombie Summer Release

Here in the UK you’d be hard pushed to believe that it is the summer, but the release of 8-Bit Zombie’s new line is enough to bring the sun, at least in the tasty form of a tee or hat. What perfect time also to purchase a new hat, at least for countries getting any form of sun. Everyone at HYA probably already knows my love for 8BZ and if you don’t perhaps you should check out my review of some of his merchandise, I positively love this brand because of the passion that goes into his designs and his continued dedication to his fans. It is surprising that he even has any resemblance of a life because of his constant updating on Facebook and his blog and the sheer amount of work that he ploughs into creating his brand. I truly mean it when I say I love this brand because right at the core is just the essence of the 80’s which is perfectly captured through the superb quality garments he creates.

I could probably keep on writing for a long time about this brand but in all honesty looking at his summer line will say more than words ever could. Definitely make sure to check out the 8-Bit Zombie Kids Club bundle which is the front runner of this release and helps even further to bring the 80’s back from the dead.

Sadly this sold out incredibly fast, but will be updated when possible. He posted a lengthy post about his struggle to get plastic lunchbox’s

My personal favourite, I wish it was available as a tee.

For all you Goonies fans out there. I can’t say I’ve actually watched it and now if I did watch it now I think it would be somewhat lost on me, as I assume a lot of the praise about it is due to the nostalgia of having watched it when a kid.

Just a fantastic example of the quality that I have come to expect of 8BZ.

I don’t really need to say anything about this one – MEGA MAN!

Definitely check out the new line, there will be something you will all like there I am sure. This is a brand that I certainly can imagine will be around for years to come and will just grow and grow until it’s an unstoppable (8-bit) zombie apocalypse. Just surrender now and give in.


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The Ghoststar Original

by Ben_P on July 15, 2012

Post image for The Ghoststar Original

I think this has been a little while in the backlogs of HYA I’ve now gotten around to checking out Ghoststar, I must admit I’m impressed and a bit shocked that I’ve not heard of them before, they seem absolutely professional and their designs are something I’d expect to see in more alternative shops (at least here in England).

As they say while not elegant the craftsmanship is there, these designs have clearly been well though out and look impressively executed. While I’m not a huge fan of designs where there is a lot going on I can still appreciate the effort and time that has gone into creating these. There is certainly at least 4 tees I would be willing to slap my hard cash down for.

I particularly like the fact that they also sell Polo shirts but taken back that they don’t do vest tops or have alternative colours to black. I think the styles of the designs would suit a vest top. The prices range from $20 to $50, the polos being the more expensive due to the embroidery, it’s a shame they haven’t put a close up image of the embroidery because it’d be interesting to see the quality of it, however judging by the patches they also sell the quality does seem very good.


They also sell a pair of force frequency gloves (not that I really know what force frequency means!) and the awesome vampire stake which would be kick-ass to own. I’m a bit curious as to why a brand called ghoststar is also selling vampire stakes, but you know they’re still cool! I’m also not quite sure how they are genuine… have they been used?! I’d like to think they have. Yeah, in fact I’m sure they have!


thread or dead t-shirts

Pretty cool to see a t-shirt-based Kickstarter project that’s well thought out and already well backed since they often leave something to be desired on both counts. Thread or Dead have taken pop culture references from their childhood and given them a zombified twist, which I can easily see being a popular concept, and judging by the amount of pledges that they’ve already got I’m not alone. There’s still a month to go so it will be interesting to see if they make it but I get the feeling they will.

I am curious how a UK-based company/person has a project up on Kickstarter though, I was under the impression that the site required a US bank account?


death dealer skull t-shirt by miasma

I guess that with a name like ‘death dealer’ it would be silly to expect to see unicorns and rainbows on this tee, but it’s actually not as hardcore as I was expecting, and I mean that in a pleasant way, because it means I’d actually like to wear it, really nicely done artwork on this tee from new British brand Miasma.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Miasma


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