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OMUNKY add Infant sizes to their lineup

by Andy on October 6, 2015

omunky infant sized cute animal t-shirts
If there was ever a brand that would benefit from infant sizes I think that OMUNKY are it, so I guess the only surprise is how long it’s taken for this to happen, and hopefully it will be successful enough to expand the range beyond the single design you see above. They also have toddler so now you can kit out your child in OMUNKY swag from birth until you kick them out of your house.



Hey! It’s been a while since I did a Threadless blog, I’m hoping to get back into it, and what better excuse than a Memorial Day sale there are some really epic staple Threadless reprintes in the sale, some of the cream of the crop!

There were lots of changes to the the Threadless site a while back and I’m trying to find my way round the site again, it does seem a lot less personal and there isn’t as much personality as there used to be. There used to be efforts to made to put an interesting background relevant to the tee and now it’s just all grey and standardised. Nevertheless, the tees are still epic so here are some of my top pics from Threadless today!

Sushi by Benjamin Ang is one of my top favourite tee designs from Threadless, I have no idea how I have managed to not purchase it after adoring it for so long! I’m over the moon too that they had decided to print it onto a purple tank! It makes it even better! They have this in a range of sizes and types (men, women, kids) for $14 so grab a nommy related tee bargain! :)


Tees like this are why I am devastated I haven’t been on Threadless for so long, I loved Big Hero 6 so much, by far one of the best kid’s movies that has been out in a long while. One of the highlights of the trailer is when Baymax is stroking Mochi, Baymax has a low battery and sounds drunk! So funny. There is a tee that covers this! I really LOVE Hairy Baby by Samantha Germaine Sim.


If I have blogged this tee once, I have blogged it a thousand times. When my mental filing cabinet things of Threadless, I instantly thing of Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering! Absolute classic, conversation starter, eye catcher. Every think a person could want in a tee. Poor availability for women, but fully in stock for men, tee bargain for $14! There are a selection of Big Hero 6 tees so it’s well worth dropping by for a rummage.


Sticking with the space theme, Threadless designers always seem to still manage to come up with brand new super funky space related designs. I know my husband would love Planet System by Bernhard Trunkle (epic name!).  I love tees where they are mostly black with a massive pop of colour right on the chest!


If you fancy something a bit more serious there is plenty of choice too, I normally lean more towards the cute end of the Threadless scale. Astronomical by Wayne Struwig and Andrew G Hobbs, has much more a ‘normal’ or ‘high street’ feel!


Back to space again because I was totally taken with all the gorgeous colours on the navy tee. You Are My Universe by ilovedoodle is a super romantic twist on the solar system by depicting them as pretty awesome balloons. I think this tee has quite a feminine feel to it so it might have been cool to see it on a more girly colour! I’d absolutely wear this though, and I’d go for the black scoop neck in girly fit! :)


Lastly but not leastly and mostly because it’s a mere $7.95, full availability for men and only 2xl for women, I proper love the monotone print on the blue tee with this design of a pretty angry Cruella DeVille, Puppy Love by Paul Tippett could be a great last minute bargain fling into Threadless basket!


Hope people enjoy having a rummage in the Threadless Memorial sale! I’ve had a nice little wander this morning :)






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Geeks and children of the 80’s with children of their own, we made some onesies and toddler tees for your nerdy family. We just launched our brand last month with our first line of everyday baby cosplay pieces. Each garment is printed vibrantly on all sides and is baby-soft. Come check us out at Bigger kid sizes coming next month.

Andy: Very cute, I’m sure these will do well.


Miscito t-shirts (for kids) [Submitted]

by Andy on December 16, 2013

Miscito is a brand with a powerful message. While we are dedicated to creating quality clothing, we are here to make more than just a fashion statement. We want Miscito kids to understand that our brand is about relevancy. It is about the world we live in. And it’s about how we are all inseparably connected, for better or for worse.

We begin our journey with 4 limited edition t-shirts. They are original, quirky and all feature distinct interpretations of our Miscito hero. They have been designed by unique artists who are committed to making kids stand out! Miscito products are designed exclusively for children and our fun designs will make kids the envy of their friends.

Our goal is to create a stylish brand that transcends time and trends. We believe that children’s clothing should be timeless. In this throwaway society it’s too easy to buy cheap and disposable outfits for a handful of uses; we want our brand to stick. We make our products from the finest materials so that they won’t wear out, and we do that for a reason. We want Miscito to last, we want parents to get the best value for their money and we want children to take satisfaction in owning a quality product. Miscito is quality with a message.

Miscito brand t-shirts come with a world-scope message that kids can bond with and that parents can be proud to support—malaria awareness. Most malaria deaths are among children and Miscito plans to donate a part of all its proceeds to a worthy non-profit organization involved in the worldwide fight against the disease.

Andy: Looks like these guys were meant to be opening yesterday but from the looks of their site they’re not quite ready. Hopefully somethng will be up soon though since it’s a pretty cool idea.


Superhero City has just launched on, specialising in officially licensed superhero t shirts and hoodies as well as other superhero merchandise.

You can dress up as a superhero in one of the cape costume t shirts, which are available for women and kids. Kids have the choice of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, while the ladies can choose to be either Wonder Woman, Batgirl or Supergirl. There are also cape socks for the ladies – again, there is a choice of Wonder Woman, Batman or Supergirl. If the guys want to get in on the cape action, there are some men’s Batman socks and a Superman backpack with detachable capes! It’s amazing how a cape can make you feel that little bit more awesome! But for when you want to tone it down a bit, you can take the cape off as they are all detachable.

The women’s tees are £22, kids tees £20 and socks are £12.99 with free delivery on all UK orders.

Andy: Detachable capes are a smart idea!


It’s pretty rare that I see something that takes a shirt and does something I’ve never seen with it, so these innovative designs from Foldie are really interesting. These kids-sized shirts fold in a manner that the design cuts down to become something new as you fold it into different shapes before ending up at the traditional square-ish shape that most of us use to stack our growing collections of tees. If I haven’t explained it well, just watch the video, that will do a better job than my rambling words.

Shirts are £12 or £17 and available now.

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bky kid – Play Mat T-shirt

by Mr Four Fingers on July 3, 2013

bky kids

This strange t-shirt product is created by bky kid and is literally a road/train map printed on the back of your t-shirt  for your kids to drive around on. Let’s hope your kid doesn’t have a tantrum with a  large dump truck.

This quirky play time dads tee can be bought from their online store for £14.89 (2xl £16.24).

bky_kids_4 bky_kids_2 bky_kids_3


For some reason I really dislike the addition of the ‘R’ to this design, it takes some thing away from it. It would have been neat if Johnny Cupcakes had offered this design at the original price rather than his current $35 for every tee model, especially since this is just a single white print on a black tee, but I suppose business is business and that’s just the way it goes for brands that at limited edition (and actually sell out of designs, unlike brands that launch with ‘limited to 10,000 pieces’ designs).

Available for men, women, and kids.


Who doesn’t enjoy a good parade?

The whole idea of eating a sandwich is like a parade to me- the float, the sandwich on a plate; the music, mmmm…. the sound you make after taking a delicious bite of a good sandwich; the joy of eating a sandwich! It’s a celebration!

As a dad, I knew when I started Deli Fresh Threads I wanted to have kids shirts. Summer, I thought, was the perfect time to release this shirt. The light blue makes for a great color that works well for boys or girls.

The shirt was designed by Lain Lee III.

Shirts are available in 2T, 4T, 6T and YS. It’s available now while supplies last at

I’ve gotten a few adults saying they’d wear it too- so you may see this go up to Big Kid (adult) sizes soon. Let me know if you are interested!

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Hands-on Dead Legacy Review

by DeeHYA on May 25, 2013

Well, we had some beautiful sunshine today what better day to flounce around in a totally cool tee and write a review! Last weekend I got a tee from epic company Dead Legacy! This company has a huge following, seriously huge like party of over 40,000 people on Facebook! Therefore it was an honour to do a blog for them on Hide Your Arms.

This company has branded itself as a menswear company but I love them, the quality is fabulous on this tee, when I took it out of the envelope it arrived in I was gagging to put it on. It just felt gorgeous in my hands.

I put it on for the first time today and the fit was nice, I’m a female UK size 12 with DD chest and the small gents tee was quite nice and hugged all my bestest lumpy bits.

The tee I got sent was ‘80s Kid‘, which comes in two colour combos, I got the white with the grey sleeves. I love it, can’t wait to wear it again, already planning things in my wardrobe that it would go well with. Plus I am an 80’s kid, although admittedly I don’t remember much of it!

They have a massive selection of tees too, mixture of retro, semi naked chicks, night shots, landscapes, animals. It’s well worth having a nose, at £32.99 you might think they are a tad steep in the price section, however you can’t argue with the quality. Also if you’re wanting to try them out maybe snatch a deal from their sale section.

They also sell phone covers, caps and sweat tops! Over this weekend they have 25% off their sweat tops too. I particularly like this ‘Smoking Aces‘ one which you can get for £39.99 this weekend!

To conclude! Deffo swing by the Dead Legacy site, quality is epic, designs are so varied that you’re bound to find something to suit your style and also they have so many fans that they simply must be doing something right! :D

Facebook :

Twitter : @deadlegacy1

Instagram : @deadlegacy1



Ok so it’s not a t-shirt! It’s an odd thing to see on a t-shirt blog right? However despite the fact I wasn’t too enthused about the products based on seeing them on the ‘Not On The High Street‘ website, since I received my necklace from Button and Bean I simply haven’t had it off. It is something that I already know is going to be of immense sentimental value to me. You can also purchase all sorts of unique, one of a kind, special gifts from Not On The High Street.

I had a choice, and I opted for this necklace because it was sizeable enough that it would be able to get a good feel for the quality and also I wanted something that was going to be robust and I could wear it for long periods of time, and I’d be able to wear it for work.

There is a pretty cool selection of products, there is jewellery, cuff-links  keyrings, bookmarks, tree decorations that can all be personalised with fingerprints (or pawprints) of your loved ones.

After you order you get a little cast with which to create the finger print mould for your item. Me and my hubby took pics and broke it down into stages.

Basically you get some white goo and blue goo that you have to mix together, first need to separate it as below:

mouldweb3Mix them together until they are basically one even colour and then place them on to the card. You need to do it quite quickly as it starts to harden. Then firmly place your finger into the mix.


With the kit they sent us we had enough to do do four fingerprints altogether however, I mixed mine for too long and it began to set. So we ended up with three mounds of three different fingers of my husband.


After this we posted them in the SAE provide and I received the necklace within a fortnight.

The necklace is super sturdy and I love that it has a story about it and that I am able to talk about it and how much I love my husband. I am fully intending on getting two charms with my kids finger prints on to add to it. Because of the minimalist style of the jewellery it would be a nice gift for a relative who maybe doesn’t wear much jewellery but as I mentioned there are other options of things to can get for gifts. Looking at the site you might think it’s a tidge pricey but these are things that are made ‘just for you’!

My only tiny complaint is the type of chain they’ve used for the necklace keeps catching my hair in it, but it’s no problem to just fish it out.

To conclude I love my Button and Bean fingerprint necklace, I know that it one item I will treasure, love and wear forever and not because it’s worth a lot of money but because it has deep significant meaning for me.

They also have a 10% code on their FB page, the code is XFBD01


Copy And Paste Shirts For Twins

by Travis on March 4, 2013

I’m not the breeding type, mind you, but if I did have twins, they would be required to wear these shirts every day.


Via: This Is Why I’m Broke

Read more of Travis’ writing at BuzzFeed.



Ooh Threadless your website still freaks me out, I much preferred it before all of the changes, I simply do not like change! Some pretty cool newbie and reprinted tees on the site though, I’m also particularly loving their Toy Story Collection.

Speaking of Toy Story one of my fave parts of the move is the bits involving the aliens.  Teealiens by Sinan Ozdemir is very simple but sums up the move really well in one tee, I reckon about 90% of people will get the movie from this. Absolutely delighted they are doing this in baby and toddler sizes, not sure why they’ve missed out kids though.

Another green tee for you in this blogette! Mixing together Disney’s Beauty and the Beast and Doctor Who, I think I just had a Threadless-gasm! There is nothing I don’t like about this tee, it’s super original and Adventure Awaits by Karen Hallion is sure to be one of those tees that is reprinted again and again.


On now for something a bit darker in colour, I Met A Robot by Danny Burgess looks expensive, I think it is because of the combo of Brown with a Goldy colour print. Sadly this hasn’t been reprinted for girls, looks pretty cool on the hoody too.


Feel like it’s cheating blogging this tee, it’s an oldie but a goodie though. I really want it, my Xbox avatar has it for cryin’ out loud! Mister Mittens’ Big Adventure by Joe Van Wetering is a Threadless fave, it’s an explosion of colour and kitty with hex vision joy. There is nothing not to love about this tee


Charity Tee Alert! Invasion by Jose Pablo Ingles Casao is a lovely monotone City Scape with Space Invaders all over it. 25% of sales from each of these tees go to support The Leapyear Project. I’m somewhat confused about what the charity does from the site but I think it’s helping people achieve their aims.


Lastly, ha! I got to type Threadless into Threadless. I got sent one of these awesome quality tees. I can’t get over how much I love it, I love having ‘Threadless’ emblazoned on my wabs! It’s amazing and all Threadless fans need one. Word. This is Threadless Tee by Threadless! OOoooh loads of Threadless in that paragraph.



Threadless Spiderman Collection (12/02/2013)

by DeeHYA on February 12, 2013



Well my husband’s Threadless wishlist has just increased by an actual tonne. He absolutely adores Mr Spiderman and these tees are possibly the best results of a design challenge that I have ever seen. Even if you’re not a massive comic fan you can’t help by love at least one of these.

First tee on my Spidey blog is Rock! Paper! Scissors! Web? by Robert Thomas Campbell looks like the front of a retro comic with Spidey totally kicking bottom at Rock Paper Scissors. Absolutely nothing I don’t like about this tee even though there isn’t much colour to it it works perfectly.



If a bit of colour is what you’re after Entanglement Theory by Dean Kotz has an explosion of colour with Spidey foiling some of his biggest enemies. I am particularly enjoying Venom in this. I don’t think Asphalt was the best choice of colour of tee, the Navy kids one looks good though.


It’s really hard to choose a favourite but this one would be in my top 3 favourites. Spider Fighter 8-bit by Tom Burns is an amazing tee with a beat ‘em up feel featuring some of Spideys biggest enemies. It’s nice to see some new designers names! Amazing how one specific topic can bring so much talent out of the woodwork.


Sometimes basic is best. Why beat about the bush when it comes to purchasing a Spiderman tee! Spider Web by Alex Solis is your run of the mill, standard Spidey tee. I don’t see any originality but maybe if you were choosing a tee for a friend average is best.



I like the colour red as much as the next dude however I think Spider-Man Wins by Daniel Castell Muiz has probably over done it slightly, it’s quite hard to work out what goes wear however as the name of the tee is Spider-Man Wins and you can make out that the man himself is standing on a pile of busted villains, this is deffo a tee of win!


This last one in my blog is my fella’s faves, I may be manipulated to use my few Threadbucks! Inertia by Alan Bao shows a moonlit battle between Spiderman and Venom. I really like it too, it’s powerful and everything about it works for me!


I have got really excited about these tees, I hope to see more Superhero shenanigans in the future! Thank you Threadless!



Sleepy Dan : In And Out Of Sleep

by Sleepy Dan on January 16, 2013

Been a while since I shared a Behind The Design posting! So I’m excited to share this collaboration design I did with Dustin Cavazos for his In And Out Of Sleep album release party just before Christmas at Trees Dallas.

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

I love working with typography so this layout started as a pencil sketch, then I played a little in Photoshop to get the details clean and contrasted. Then I vectored the layers and added some smaller shadow details…

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

I wanted to keep this design as a single color print, so instead of using a solid color background for the type, I created a thin line underlay to create more detail depth to the type. With this level of detail, you need to use an amazing printer like Printed Threads!

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

Petey and the team helped print the details perfectly. The team also loves to create silly videos for the product they love to print… Check It Out!

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

Petey printed this design with a single color discharge gray, so the print is super soft and you can barely feel the print…

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

The tonal black print is nice…

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

I only printed 52 designs so when they are sold out they are gone forever!

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

All the shirts have custom sewn labels from the Sleepy Dan studio.

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

All the shirts were printed at the back neck with a collaboration design.

Sleepy Dan In And Out Of Sleep Dustin Cavazos Printed Threads Screen Print Process Behind The Design

Fans at the event loved them and I love working on collab designs! Keep in touch if you have a favorite collaboration shirt you wanna share…



Cool kids t-shirts by Antonio Ladrillo

by Andy on November 27, 2012

Post image for Cool kids t-shirts by Antonio Ladrillo

You may remember me mentioning the lo-fi zombie tees by Antonio Ladrillo earlier this year, well he’s back and this time he’s gone a bit friendlier with a couple of t-shirts designed for kids. They’re available in sizes for kids that are 2/4/6 years old and available now on his site.


laFraise Review –

by DeeHYA on November 25, 2012

I have had this tee for flippin’ ages! I’ve had these pics too by I just don’t like them and I was hoping I’d have time to re-shoot but I simply haven’t. Anyhoo, these tee is from French company ‘laFraise‘. I got to choose a tee and I chose this one mostly because of the fact it is ZOMBIE DOLPHINS! but also because I liked the green and yellow colour combo on the black tee.

This company has a ‘Threadless‘ sort of feel because it’s all community based, there are designs contests and there are releases of fresh designs weekly.

The website is easy to navigate, it is colourful, attractive and enjoyable to use. You can flick through the designs by gender and size so you don’t need to get seduced by tees that you can’t buy because of lack of availability. Although I have to say there are tonnes more designs on the site now than there were when I received this tee so it probably bodes well for them than I have delayed the blog. Massive selection now, one thing I will say though is that their website would benefit from a search mode so you can find ones that are relevant to your interests.

I like some of the kids tees too there are some designs I would sure put on my two little minions. I like this Green Monster design which is available in ‘hoodie‘! Simple but awesome!  

Quality of the tee is amazing, the print is second to none, there is absolutely nothing I have negative to say about this tee, I have washed it 3 times and it is the same condition as it was when the postie popped it through my letterbox.

I would recommend the bright and kooky style of  laFraise! The collection of designs is so varied that I am sure there is something for everyone whether you’re talking ladies, fellas or kiddies!


Loads of new designs in at teeandtoast

by Andy on November 9, 2012

Post image for Loads of new designs in at teeandtoast

Teeandtoast are one of those brands that have a style all of their own and I love it, when Claire designs something it’s always fun and makes me smile, there’s an awful lot of charm in her brand. I’m fairly sure that her designs aren’t aimed at 28 year old guys (aka me) but I do like them, and this latest release of designs is no exception.

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Sorry it’s a bit late again! My Ma was staying over and I was scared she was going to ask me about how computers work again if I blogged when she was here! However here are our Threadless additions from last week!

Monday Monday Monday! Hate ‘em, dreading tomorrow already. Newbie tee for last week Ready for Battle by Dan Elijah G. Fajardo, I do like the colours but I don’t enjoy when a design is made to look like a skull, it’s been done before. Come on people.

Ah Monday’s reprint, I’d say this is probably the weakest link of the week and I am glad they got it out of the way Love the Bomb by Alvaro Arteaga Sabaini, it’s on an Asphalt tee, literally all I like about it.

Not a massive fan of Pandas but I know some peeps go absolutely Gaga for them, I also don’t own any green Threadless tees but I am feeling the joy of Bank Robbery Bear by Aled Lewis. This is a tee for cute points and giggle points!

Ah so this tee has been reprinted again. I have told the tale many a time of how I ordered this and got sent the Zombie Audrey Hepburn instead by mistake. Zombies in Wonderland by Alice X Zhang & Donald Lim is a gorgeous and detailed design that gets reprinted so often I fear I bore you with it!

New on Wednesday was a silver tee with a Steampunk feel, plenty of people feeling the Steampunk vibe at the moment, I am yet to feel the pull. By Appointment Only by Travis Pitts is interesting but I’m not sure I’d class it as well designed. Not one I’d wear myself.

Next tee, Wednesday reprint, is a bit of a boregasm, maybe why they have sneaked it in in the middle of the week. Elephant by Florent Bodart is a tribal elephants trunk pattern. Again it’s quite a weak design and I think it would benefit from being a charity tee. I’m also not too sure if it works as a V-Neck.

I like a tee that is quite literal and basically gives it to you straight. Greetings from Outer Space by Eric Zelinksi is a very likeable tee, I could absolutely see this on me and my boyfriend and I am gutted this isn’t available in kids fit.

There are quite a few tees like this reprint floating around so I’m guessing the concept of an ipod being a young whippasnapper is something peeps like emblazoned on their chest region. Grandpa Cassette by Zack Finfrock is green and funky and if I was scoring it I’d give it an 8/10! Loving the model shot!

Brand spanking new forFriday and most probably my fave of the week Cleaning Up by Alex Solis, powerful colour combo of Red and Yellow and also hilarious concept. Sure this will be snapped up swift and reprinted often!

Reprinted on Friday I have to say pretty drab in comparison to poop scooping clown, We Are Made of Carbon by Matthew J Elliot will grab the attention of eco warrior types though, almost surprised that this isn’t a charity tee. Not an explosive final tee for the week unfortunately.

Also have to share this image of my little boy wearing ‘Breaaad!’ by Philip Tseng. He is all shades of cute in it even though it’s a tidge too big.








titanic t-shirts

Very cute Titanic tees from Belfast’s own Tee and Toast (in case you are unaware, the Titanic was built in Belfast). Available in child sizes for £14, or £20 for adults. Side note, I’m pretty sure that the mustache the little girl is holding up in top picture came from the Renegade Craft Fair in London last October, you’ve done well to hold onto it for this long Claire!


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