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busy bee t-shirt

I would be lying if I said that the shirts at Purpleberry Blue were of my typical style, but that’s okay, partly because I don’t have to like everything, and partly because they only sell shirts for women and children. 10% of every shirt sold on Purpleberry Blue goes to help Crohn’s disease research, and that’s not just some charity that they’re picked out of the air, it means something. Will, the guy that started PB, suffered from Crohn’s disease from the age of 12 to 19, I don’t know how old he is now but I get the feeling that he is one of the fortunate one’s who have been able to get over the disease, and because he feels lucky to have his health back he wants to help others. I respect that a lot and wish him the best of luck.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Purpleberry Blue

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So I contacted an awesome tee company and Etsy and suggested doing a Hide Your Arms blog for them, I was attracted to them because of their awesome Star Wars designs and general feel of their Etsy store. Quite a lot of their tees have a bit of a Banksy feel which I know is something that people will love or hate. They don’t just do Star Wars tees either they also have a pretty awesome Owl design, a Panda, Alien attack, Zombie Mickey Mouse but generally they are all about the Star Wars.

Like I said I was there for the Star Wars designs, my personal favourite of the designs is the one I am wearing above which is called Vader’s First Crew which shows Darth with all his Stormtroopers in Sailor Outfits. It’s printed on a lovely super high quality American Apparel tee and this particular design is printed on Creme, which i think totally works because of the design.

They have an awesome AT-AT Pet one which is available in all sorts of colours, a Darth on a bike which they also prints onto a super sexy tank. I am also enjoying the genius (both the title and design) of the Smarttrooper tee!

They have a mixtures of sizes, colours and styles so if I haven’t linked you up to the one you want you should browse the store further, I think it’s well worth it. Also the fella in charge seems so nice I’m sure if you couldn’t see what you wanted he would help you out. They also do Kids and Baby sizes too, and I know how hard it can be to get awesome, original geek clothes for little ones.

I love my tees fit, colour and it washes spectacularly. If I have any spare pennies I plan to invest in their Darth Vader is Riding It tank because it looks super sexy. I highly recommend Engram Clothing and think you should all fave them on Etsy and buy their gear!






New at Threadless this Week (26/03/2012)

by DeeHYA on March 26, 2012

Not too many newbie tees this week, Threadless are probably recovering from the epic sale action last week! Hope you all managed to bag yourself some wonderful bargains from the sale.

First tee I am going to blog is this lovely combo of navy and gold with quite a peaceful vision of a cityscape at night, this isn’t the type of tee that I would buy for myself but I really love the colour combo of The Hanging City by Tang Yau Hoong, its one of the newbie tees which is definitely worth a look.

I’m not a fan of skull tees on Threadless, I have blogged this many a time before! I just think going on to Threadless and doing a design that looks like a zillion on the high street is quite lazy. As I am also a fan of colour DOOMBOX by Brian Walline must of got plenty of votes from some folks!

Another monotone tee this week! I am all down for a bit of sci fi in tees but I think the little fella in this tee design looks a little bit phallic. Cosmic Wormhole by Jorge Lopez is a design that makes me smile but I am not entirely sure why!

The  following design is the one I love this most this week, only being made in girly fit and kids, it’s sad that it’s only in pink for the kids because I think it looks so much better than the baby blue. The Red Deer by Dan Elijah Fajardo is a stunningly adorable design, looks like a gorgeous illustration from a child’s book.

Lastly for this blog, I find the idea of a monocle wearing, tea drinking Mr T highly amusing and this concept has been squeezed onto this Threadless tee design. This design simply called Gentleman T by Sean Anton is appropriate for the A-Team Fan in your life!














As usual, this post comes with the usual explanation that I don’t spend that much time with kids (more now than before, admittedly), so I could be off base when I talk about clothing for kids. That said, when I look at the designs for ShirtsThatGo all I can think is that when I was that age I’d have really liked this shirts because some of them have trucks on them and trucks were/are awesome. I presume that’s still the case for young boys now (I think we’re hard-wired to believe that tractors are cool), so I think ShirtsThatGo may well have a fine future ahead of them.


Pip Squeak: Apparel for kids

by Andy on January 17, 2012

pip squeak cothing

We all know that when it comes to kids clothing I know little, but as with most art I know what I like and that’s probably enough to get by. Pip Squeak is a new brand that will be creating t-shirts for kids (they don’t carry adult sizes), at the moment they only have the above logo shirt in store (also available printed on red), but it’s a cool logo so hopefully that bodes well for the future and I look forward to seeing what they come out with next. This shirt is $15, parent of HYA, is that a decent price point for a child’s t-shirt, or is it too much considering that there is a limited life cycle for children’s clothing?


all my friends are dead dinosaur t-shirt

If you are a regular visitor to the hipster’s best friend, Urban Outfitters, then you may well have seen a book by Avery Monsen and Jory John called “All my friends are dead.” One of the authors got in touch to let my know that they had taken one of their illustrations and put it on a heather grey t-shirt, and mighty nice it looks too.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at (also available in kid’s sizes)

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Both really nice designs from the ever-consistent laFraise. They’ve also expanded their selection of hoodies this week (via the ‘unlimited’ program), adding designs for both adults and kids.


Daily Tees & News for December 1st

by Andy on December 1, 2011

teefury reported attack page

Welcome to December. Naturally a lot of brands will be focusing on making sales during the run up to Christmas, and I suspect we’ll see a lot of coupon codes and discounts revolving around that, so the news portion of these roundups will likely grow. These roundups do take quite a lot of time, so if you like it, share it please!

When I try to visit TeeFury Firefox comes up with this. Now, I am 100% confident that Teefury has not been an elaborate phishing scam from the beginning, but after checking out their Facebook page it seems a lot of people have also had this message come up, so I feel that their site may have been compromised in some way. This happened to HYA once and it was hell getting it fixed as someone that doesn’t have much technical expertise, hopefully they will have it sorted soon and it doesn’t cause too many headaches, but I recommend anyone who has visited in the past few days to run a virus scan. There has been no response that I can see from Teefury as of yet.

Quite a clever shirt from Qwertee today, showing fictional books based on movies such as Ghostbusters and Back To The Future.

There’s a lot of excitement over at RIPT for this Star Wars x Transformers mashup.
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“Severed” Lego t-shirt at Glennz

by Andy on September 29, 2011

severed lego arm

I like the way that this new design from Glennz is just an ever so slight tweak on something normal. Something else I like is that Lego hasn’t really changed since it was introduced. Lego that I had when I was a kid can be pushed together with pieces that my girlfriend’s niece got last week, and that’s something that I feel is refreshingly unusual in the world of toys now.

Costiness=$14.95 (as part of the save wave) Buy it at Glennz


castlevania t-shirt

I can’t say I was much of a fan of the Castlevania series of games, I think I may have played one on the NES and never really got into it so I didn’t bother with the rest of the series, which was probably my loss in hindsight.

From $10 today at RIPT.


donkey kong t-shirt

Very cool design from RIPT today, it’s surprising that Donkey Kong isn’t featured in more t-shirts considering that he is one of the classic video game characters, and has a name that I think would be just as well-known as Mario and Sonic.

T-shirt from $10, more for a hoodie, onesie, or kids sizes.


muppets E.T. t-shirt

One of the few things I remember about a childhood holiday my family had in Florida was that the E.T. ride at Universal Studios was so amazing that as soon as we got off it we went straight back on. I’m sure that if we went back it wouldn’t nearly be as magical (presuming it is still running). Ahhh, childhood.

From $10 today at RIPT.


Gabrial Saynte is a boys (2-12yrs) clothing label from Sydney Australia that aims at combining our love affair of modern culture with what it means to be a dedicated fan.

The “Stealing Hearts Was Our Pastime” series aims at taking your child’s ordinary closet staples and renovating them with a distinct attitude matched only by their imagination.

Andy: I can’t be the only person struggling to reconcile the ‘vision’ and style of this company with their shirts being made for kids, can I? Although I guess it isn’t the kids that are buying the shirts, it’s adults buying the tees for their children, and if you’re an adult why wouldn’t you buy your child a cool t-shirt that you wouldn’t mind wearing yourself.

This post was submitted by Gabrial Cameron.


alphabet kids organic t-shirt

Cute shirt, I think I’d prefer the print placement to be raised up ever so slightly, but with a print that is going to take up so much of the front by necessity it is always going to be quite hard to place.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Llarma Farm


Milk & Cereal: Cute tees for kids

by Andy on July 22, 2011

milk & cereal t-shirts for children

I am not an expert when it comes to children, it’s entirely possible that something I think is a good t-shirt for kids is entirely inappropriate, but I think I’m fairly safe with these tees.

Milk & Cereal.


3 new designs for Spring at Teetsy

by Andy on May 21, 2011

new teetsy t-shirts

My man Scott over at Teetsy is going to be dropping 14 new shirts in his Spring collection, and this first release is for the first 3, which obviously includes one design that is available in kid-friendly sizes. Personal favourite of the three is the shirt on the left because it reminds me of how tasty diner food was in America, if I’d stayed in the country any longer I’d have a show in TV now called “the guy that’s so fat he can’t get out of bed, yet for some reason keep bringing him food so he’ll never lose weight.”

Oh, and you can get 20% off your order for the rest of the month by using the coupon code springsprung at the checkout.


RIPT start offering hoodies, yeah!

by Andy on November 8, 2010

ript hoodies

Personally, I don’t feel that today’s RIPT design doesn’t really suit a hoodie, but I am all for them providing the daily releases on more than ‘just’ t-shirts. As you have probalby gathered from the image they’ll be printing the design onto the back of an American Apparel zip-up hoodie (since a front print would effect the design), for $38.

As we all know, I don’t pay much attention to the daily sites because 24-hour sales are hard for me to cover effectively, so my knowledge of RIPT is actually fairly limited, but from what I can tell the addition of hoodies (as well as kids sizes and onesies) isn’t the only thing happening there this week. They’ve just launched a redesign of the site (described by commenters as what would happen if DBH and TeeFury made sweet, sweet love), switched all their screenprinting over to Mammoth Print Shop (except for the kids stuff, which is DTG printed), and a couple of weeks ago they had their 500th design on the site, which is a pretty incredible feat in an era when 24-hour tee sites seem to not last much more than 24 hours. Now they they’re selling hoodies I might have to keep more of an eye on them!


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