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Isn’t it weird that there aren’t more Buffy t-shirts considering how massively popular the show was? I guess it isn’t really on TV much anymore so perhaps the younger generation don’t see it much and so t-shirt designers don’t want to spend time on something out of the public consciousness.

All three shirts are $14 at Tshirt Laundry this week before going up next week.

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I haven’t seen Pacific Rim, but I do love that Hokusai-inspired design new in at BustedTees this week. Then again, I say that about every Hokusai-inspired design that I see. Shirts are $20 a piece and available now.


I’m not sure I’d send my kids there — that is, if I had offspring — but here’s what one designer, Andrew Gimeztco, imagines the logo might look like.



New at Threadless for $24.50.

Read more of Travis’ work at BuzzFeed, The Pet Collective, and It Goes To 11.


It’s just a pre-order at the moment, so I guess you could say that when it’s released that this “hoodie just got real!”

I’m sorry for forcing that on everyone, I just wanted to make a reference to a movie since that seems to be all you need to do these days to be popular on the internet.

Costiness=£35 Pre-order at Dark Bunny Tees


Pretty good week from Snorg

by Andy on June 25, 2013

I wasn’t too impressed last week with the offerings from funny t-shirt company Snorg, but this week things are looking much brighter, huzzah!

Shirt $14.95 this week as usual, raising to $19.95 next week.


Blade Runner Spinner t-shirt from Super7

by Andy on June 12, 2013

Long time readers will be aware that I’m a big fan of Blade Runner, though I probably haven’t watched it for a couple of years, so I was really happy to see this minimal Spinner t-shirt on sale at Super7. Here’s their blurb for it:

From the not-so-distant future of 2019 comes one of the most iconic vehicles in film history: the flying SPINNER car!

Inspired by the concepts of Syd Mead as realized in the seminal science fiction classic BLADE RUNNER, the SPINNER DESIGNER T-SHIRT has been uniquely rendered with the blue of the car and the blue of the shirt merging together to create one stylish design. Whether you are on the ground ordering noodles on soaring past monolithic billboards in the sky, the SPINNER shirt is sure to turn heads (and tortoises).

Available in Human sizes small thru 2XL.
(Nexus-6 sizes have been retired.)

$30 each
Available NOW!


Even though I’m not a massive fan of either Star Wars or Star Trek I did feel a certain sense of anger when I first saw this design, funny how attached you can become to things in pop culture.

Costiness=$10 (for now, it’ll be up to $14.99 soon) Buy it at TB


It’s been quite freeing not to have to worry about writing the daily post Monday-Friday, I felt quite a lot of pressure to get those posts up by 12 every day even though not that many people were reading them, but I do still like to check in on the daily/weekly sites every so often.

Big and tall tee site Fresh Brewed Tee have these two designs from Jon Rohde (AKA Buzatron) up this week for the more sizeable in the HYA audience. It looks like this is available as a two-pack for $30 with no option t pick them up separately. The shirts are available until June 15th.


Good on them for going down the legitimate route with these Star Wars designs and actually getting permission from LucasFilm to sell these designs. I’m not too hot on the Saber & Vader design that is influenced by 80s skater style, but I wasn’t a skater in the 80s so I’m okay with that. The Tauntaun meat cuts tee is a bit of fun, I’d quite like that as a poster. I do wish that Super7 had larger product images though, it would be nice to be able to see a bit more detail.

Check out the Star Wars collection at Super7

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I’m more excited about this t-shirt from BustedTees than I am about Random Access Memories.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at BustedTees

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Answer: of course it does!

Highlights here in this sprawling, 21-minute (!!!) odyssey include a gaming-as-addiction montage (:38 seconds), a Pong tutorial from Jeff Bridges and Harry Dean Stanton (2:03), a three-piece tribute to Michael J. Fox (8:57), and a montage of digital dance offs (10:29)!

See a full list of the films as sequenced at YouTube.

Edited by Travis Greenwood (disclosure: that’s me!) and Brett Roberts for Slacktory.

Read more of Travis’ work at The Pet Collective and From Hop To Pop.

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83MM Becomes Dead Reel

by Ben_P on May 27, 2013


A few months ago I reviewed 83MM who are awesome. They’ve recently changed their name from 83MM to Dead Reel, which to me is a nicer name! So good choice guys!

Sheffield-based independent movie t-shirt line, 83mm Apparel has re-launched as Dead Reel to prepare the brand for international exposure following a successful first nine months in business. As part of the brand revamp, founder Jon Hides, who hand draws the t-shirt designs, has unveiled a slick new identity featuring a re-designed logo, website and photo gallery. Dead Reel launched as 83mm Apparel in September 2012 after graphic designer and artist, Jon couldn’t find a t-shirt line that catered for his love of classic movies. The nine-strong collection features designs based on iconic movie moments that only the true film fans would recognise, including scenes from The Shining, Batman and The Evil Dead.

They recently unveiled under their new guise at MGM’s Comic Convention, which is pretty sweet. They through some pictures up as well from the event on their Facebook page

941152_375167559260196_141060564_nDARK-KNIGHT DISTURBED-OUR-SLEEP


It’s funny, I’ve made it pretty clear that I really dislike cereal box designs, but I rather like comic book cover designs even though they share a lot of the same elements, especially when they’re based on an actual comic book. It’s probably because the artwork made for a cover is meant to have an immediate impact and tell the story without needing any explanation, so it works well for a shirt. I like the way that 80sTees have captioned this picture as well, “Meet Chad. He is 5′ 7″ tall and weighs 182 pounds. He is wearing size Large.” It seems a little silly but that’s actually great information for people trying to make a best guess on how a shirt is going to fit them, it would be great to see more people giving this kind of info with their product photos.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at 80sTees


Not a bad week at Tshirt Laundry, but I do wonder who is going to buy them. Releasing a Star Trek design now makes perfect sense, but are people really that bothered about the use of lens flares? Similarly, the ‘Installation Wizard’ joke is a bit of fun, but who is going to buy it, have they produced a design that is just aimed at sysadmins?


As ever with these competitions from there are quite a lot of winners, so if you like X-MEN then chances are you’ll see something you like above. The Grand Prize winner is ‘United’ the circular crest design at the top of the mockups, and that sends designer Antony Rozwadowski on a trip to Comic-Con in San Diego which is a pretty special prize. It’s interesting looking at all the designs because it shows the restrictions that an official competition bring, as someone that has never read the original comics and has all of his knowledge from the movies the characters sometimes look a bit off to what I’d expect, of course Wolverine doesn’t look like Hugh Jackman, because using Hugh Jackman’s likeness would be another license to deal with. It doesn’t ruin any of the designs, it’s just an interesting insight into the world of licensing in the tee world, one that a lot of tee a day sites probably don’t give a damn about.

Each tee is available now for $25 and you can find the collection here.


Soooo, Jurassic Park was released in 1993, TWENTY YEARS AGO, anyone else feel old right now?

It’s good to hear from Santa Carla Boardwalk because I do like their concept of ‘in-world’ movie t-shirts, I know there are other people that do it but I am a bit of a sucker for this style when it comes to po culture tees. They’ve also updated their website with a fresh new look that I like, mostly because they appear to be using the same theme for their website that I am with the HYA shop, great minds think alike!

Costiness=£16 Buy it at Santa Carla Boardwalk


It’s nice to see WearViral growing with designs that wouldn’t be too out of place on the daily sites like TeeFury and RIPT except that they have their own style, and if I’m not mistaken they are also all original designs that haven’t done the rounds before finding a home. For the first week of sale (aka, until this Sunday) shirts are $15.99 rising to $19.95 after that, and throughout hte month of May you can get 20% off your order with the coupon code APEMAY.

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Solid week of new designs from Tshirt Laundry, I’m not sure if I’d wear either of the pop culture designs but I can certainly see their appeal to others.


The Game of Thrones tee made me laugh, but I wouldn’t want to wear it as a tee, it’s a one-trick pony, people laugh the first time they see it and then never again. I’ve got no idea what’s going on with the dog shirt, anyone?

Tshirt Laundry


One of the main things that I have against all the mashups I see at the daily sites is that the two pieces of subject matter don’t need to be in the same design. Honestly, I can’t think of a reason why The Dude has been transplanted into the world of Scott Pilgrim but I still think this is cool, which makes me a total hypocrite but I’m okay with that.

Costiness=£16.88 Buy it at RB


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