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Two new designs which are well executed and solid concepts at Glennz, both funny, but is this something that I would want to wear? Probably not, I just don’t think they’re that wearable.


“Reckless” Crop Top by Cotton Gems

by Andy on June 10, 2014

New T-shirt by this week “RECKLESS” crop top design is yours to buy for $12.99 plus free shipping.

Andy: For the sake of humanity I won’t be wearing this, but thanks for the submission!


I am usually not a fan of political shirts, all too often they’re substance over style which is fine (yuck, people and their beliefs!), but Hide Your Arms is more about wearing things because they look good, and if they have a message, again, that’s fine. All Riot dropped me an e-mail to mention their political shirts, something which filled me with dread when I clicked on the link to their site.

Thankfully, they have that most unusual of concept, style AND substance, perfect for people that want to look good whilst making a statement, and also for people that want to look good whilst pretending to care about something.

Designs run the gamut from specific causes such as Palestine, US drone strikes, and surveillance culture to things which aren’t quite as polarising like Soviet propaganda.

Interestingly, they’re a London-based company but their prices defaulted to dollars when I visited the site, I guess this kind of makes sense since a lot of their designs are global issues so you don’t want to make things too obviously British (though they do have quite a few UK related designs).

Tees are around £18 which is reasonable for their sweatshop-free goods, and there’s even free shipping internationally which is impressive. I’ll definitely be keep tabs on these guys.


“Ghost Tourists” by Glennz

by Andy on June 9, 2014

I haven’t mentioned the last few releases from Glennz, not because there was anything wrong with them, far from it, I simply forgot.

I like this new design riffing on the Ghostbuster logo, it’s his signature kind of joke and whilst i sometimes have concerns that his designs don’t work that well in terms of wearability this isn’t one of those cases.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz


How was the Godzilla movie? I was quite interested in seeing it but never got around to heading to the cinema, as if often the way with me. Pretty decent bunch of tees at Snorg this week, the Game of Thrones wedding planner shirt is pretty funny.


We always had been fascinated by how cultures express themselves thru art. Australian natives or indigenous mastered many types of painting or art forms that pre date European Colonization. We choose to choose to do Dot Painting as our new t-shirt design because it is still use as a form of expression thru art.

Australian Aboriginal Art (Dot Painting):
This type of Aboriginal art is known as “Papunya Tula” or “dot painting” in this we find the vision of the natives about nature, religious beliefs, traditions and the world dreams being translated in materials like wood, caves, ceremonial clothes , Shells, Human body and others. Many of these paintings are very old; some were made before the last ice age. Currently this type of art is highly valued for its beauty and complexity. This type of art exhibits around several museums worldwide including the Museum of Australian Aboriginal art “La grange” (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) or the “Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection” the University of Virginia in the United States.

Use coupon: HIDE20%OFF at check out and get 20% discount on this new t-shirt design by 2 Flags Clothing.

Andy: Very nice, great submission!


Superhero City has some new 2000AD Judge Dredd comic book t-shirts which will appeal to fans of the Judge Dredd comic books and films alike. Judge Dredd is a cop in a violent city in the future where the judge’s act as judge, jury and executioner, the character can be described as the Dirty Harry of the future. The t shirts feature some fantastic artwork from the comic book and the prints are super soft to the touch. Through the distressed printing techniques used, a vintage look is achieved.

All t-shirts are officially licensed.

Superhero City specialise in officially licensed comic book t shirts and hoodies as well as other comic book merchandise.

The men’s Judge Dredd tees are all £16.99 with free delivery on all UK orders, available at

Andy: I like these, the vintage look really helps them and I think gives them a look that means that they can be worn by ‘proper’ fans of Judge Dredd and casual nerds like me that just want to wear a cool looking shirt without necessarily knowing much about the source material.


Lemniscate Apparel is having a spring sale from now until the end of May. Pick up that shirt you’ve had your eye on with discount code “hideyour10” (all one word, all lowercase) and receive 10% off your entire purchase. The promotion ends May 31, 2014 at 11:59PM (PST) Lemniscate Apparel is an indie clothing brand that focuses on typography, vintage advertising, and old school messaging. Lemniscate Apparel, fun to say, fun to wear.

Andy: What an unusual name, thanks for the submission!


Nothing is setting the world on fire here, but it’s not a bad week from Snorg. The Ghostbusters design does seem like an odd choice from them, it doesn’t nothing with the source material and is really simple, I’d like to think they were above that kind of design.


Threaded Canvas is an art subscription box that delivers quality art tees and pieces to your door monthly. Each month the team at Threaded Canvas searches the internet for the best of the best artists and we feature them in our monthly box. We only pick 6 – 7 designs each month so only the most elite artists out there will make it into the box.

Threaded Canvas was founded on the idea of celebrating creativity and all the artists that make that the high quality designs we select each month. Each box includes 3 high quality art tees, 1 frame worthy art print, and 3 artist designed collectibles all valued over $100.00 but we offer it to the Threaded Canvas community for only $20.00 a month.

Come support local and global indie artists and sign up for your own Threaded Canvas box.

Andy: Seems like a really good deal to me!


OrganicSymmetryGirlsRacer Nightmare1 Nightmare2_zps31b5e680 GuiltySmurf1 EscapedConHoodie1 Eediots2_zps1e586ead DreamGobbler1

If you like your t-shirts bursting with colour and a little bit more than mental then be sure to check out Zero friends. This is an apparel / art brand run by two equally talented artists by the names of Alex Pardee and Dave Correia. I’m not sure how the designs are printed onto their t-shirts as most of the designs have a multitude of colours and subtle variances. From what I can tell all t-shirts American Apparel.

Mens T-shirts are available for $28, Ladies Tank tees for $25 and hoodie/Pullovers at the $50/$55 mark.

Visit online store.


I was walking down the street in Liverpool a couple of weeks ago when I went past a shop that had a Goodie Two Sleeves sign above a shop door amongst the other brands they stocked, and it made me feel pretty good that there is a brand like G2S that engages with blogs like HYA whilst still clearly having a very large wholesale operation going, they seem to be able to float between the independent and the corporate without alienating either group and that’s really nice to see.


These are last week’s new releases from BustedTees, but they’re still new to me so they’re probably new to other people too. Hmmmmm, I wonder why they have so many shirts with Godzilla on them? Oh, and great facial expression on the face of the guy in the Staypuft shirt, though to be fair to him it looks like he was staring towards the sun.


One of the surprising things about this shirt is that it could easily be worn by people with opposing viewpoints on the use of drones and still work for them, very sneaky Headline Shirts, very sneaky.

Get it for $14 this week.


Hello All:

My friend Lizzie and I recently started a new athletic clothing company, Running Sucks. We sell unenthusiastic athletic tees and tanks for the cynical side of the gym. We’re new at this and would love any feedback, comments, ideas! Our site is, or @runningsucksco on Twitter. For the month of May orders are 15% off with discount code spring2014 (expiring June 1 at 12am EST).


Andy: The designs are a little bit simple for my taste, but they did make me smile and their whole approach to the site is pretty funny.


Sexual Predator Tee (Pinup Predator)

by Andy on April 28, 2014

My latest and greatest Threadless design! Its here:,guys/

Andy: I almost titled this post “Tm Burns: Sexual Predator” but thought better of it in case it started ranking well in search results for his name.


4 wide web

I love getting the opportunity to review fab small companies and it’s even better when it’s for an awesome local company! The lady who runs it is genuinely lovely and even makes an awesome charity tee too.

Firstly the tees centre around the company name ‘Brave & the Bold’! All the tees feature this memorable and catchy slogan and I like that this all flows within the brand. It makes the line noticeable, I also quite like sometimes wearing tees similar to my partner but not quite the same and I think this is a cute way round it.

As with lots of companies there are a few less girly fit tees than man fit ones. Although I don’t feel that’s an issue so much anymore, on the high street there are a lot more loose fit tees for girls, probably because we wear so many leggings now. I know I feel better when I have my bottom covered up. The girly fit tees I got to test out were ladies ‘Brave Logo T-shirt‘ and ‘Fearless T-shirt‘. I liked them both, they were extremely comfortable, and both washed extremely well. I’d say they are a standard fit, I’m a bit chested UK12 and a Medium was fine for me. I personal favourite was the ‘Fearless’ on, I particularly liked the grey tee and I think it just felt a bit more sporty. The print looks extremely light on the bottom image but I think it is mostly because it was such a bright day when I shot in them!



The gentlemen’s t-shirts that my husband shot in were ‘Brave Wings T-shirt‘ and the ‘Arrows T-shirt‘. My husband normally wears a large because he’s got a bit of a belly and I think these were also a standard fit. The feel of them were thick, but not too thick, and just super soft. I’ve only washed the red ‘Wings‘ one but the print is perfect and it actually feels even softer after a wash. I can already tell that the Wings one is going to be one of husband’s new favourite tees!


The charity tee is called the ‘Ross‘ t-shirt, this tee is in memory of a strong, brave, young man who was diagnosed with terminal cancer at the far too young age of 32. 20% of the sales from this t-shirt go to Cancer Research UK. I’m sure pretty much most of those reading this blog will have been affected by cancer at some point so this is the chance to get lovely tee and support an excellent cause. I think this khaki colour really works well to set the ‘Ross‘ see apart from all the rest.


Finally, because I really love the summery colours, and it brings about the illusion of an early summer, I really love the Limited Edition Bahama T-shirt! It’s basically a beach in a t-shirt, I think this would look super cute just with some denim shorts!


I love companies like this with original ideas and not scared to try out ideas like the Bahama tee! Highly recommend dropping this company a ‘like’ or a ‘follow’! Give them a chance! WEAR BRAVE! :D (even have a rummage in their sale!)

Website :

Facebook :

Twitter :

Instagram :


I’ve got a new Star Wars design up at (the relatively) new site – – a bargain $10 tee all week…

Han Solo is the best right? We all know this…so when some whippersnapper farm boy comes along shooting Tie Fighters he needs putting in his place. Damn straight.

Andy: Thanks for the submission.


I really like the design style of that unicorn tee, but I don’t think that I’d be able to get away with wearing it. Interesting to see that they released the sea panda shirt in the same week when it’s largely the same concept as the unicorn shirt. I’m not a Pokemon player so I don’t really understand the green shirt, but considering how popular that franchise is I would assume that it will go down as a solid seller for them.

Snorg Tees


Anachrosaur t-shirt collection

by Andy on February 18, 2014

Inspired by a throwaway quote on a dinosaur blog about the Stegosaurus being the Swiss Army Knife of the dino world, this new collection of tee designs takes that idea and runs with it. Each design features the silhouette of a particular dino mashed up with a piece of tech appropriate to the dino’s personality or physicality.

Andy: Pretty cool idea, thanks for the submission.


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