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Feminist Apparel – Blog and Review

by DeeHYA on March 2, 2015

Last year I decided to treat myself to a tee from amazing website Feminist Apparel whose designs are designed to raise awareness and create a stir about a range of feminist issues.

Some of the designs are designed with an element of shock value to get the message across. Last year there were some pretty viral videos of little girls dropping the f-bomb in the name of feminism reeling off some quite scary statistics about equal pay, domestic violence and sexual violence.

I particularly like this ‘Feminist as Fuck’ tee!


As a survivor of sexual violence I find the poor conviction rate of rapists and the way in which victims are treated by the police, men and at times other women absolutely shocking. There should be a huge amount of education men and boys that a ‘No’ means no! I chose this ‘Don’t (get) Rape(d)’ tanks for myself, it’s eye-catching and gets the message over without being over complicated.


I generally prefer a tank as I normally wear a long sleeved tee underneath to cover my bulky arms. The quality of this is spot on, and the print was good but to be honest I think with this design on the grey it might look quite cool if it faded a little.

I love that Feminist Apparel use an element of humour to get across their message, I think this is an important point of making their tees individual and memorable. I did a bit of a snarf when I saw this ‘Baby Got Books’ one :)


The tees are $29.95 but I have to say I still get discount codes regularly, infact if you sign up to their newsletter now you can get 15% off. Shipping to the UK was ok too, it was about $12 which I think is reasonable.

Any feminist issue that you have encountered or have beef with you will be able to find a tee to convey this. It’s not just all for the ladies either, there are guys and kids t-shirts too!



*Our PN PUTIN T SHIRT is interesting in the light of a recent BBC newscast earlier this week:

Our focus is direct ONLINE SALES via our website, marketing our brand into UK/US (East and West Coast)/JAPAN and CHINA. We are intending to wholesale through some selected retailers in the UK and Internationally.

PUBLIC NUISANCE creates iconic, classic and timeless designs and operate on the LESS IS MORE principle. We are launching with 6 designs on a unisex T shirt, using black and white high quality t shirts and our target market is Males/Females aged 18-34.

PUBLIC NUISANCE is a hybrid between A Streetwear T shirt and Art. All T shirts designs come in a limited print run too.

PUBLIC NUISANCE draws on street culture, music, politics, classic iconic 20th/21st century imagery and art as its main influencers for our messages and designs.


Andy: Ahhhh, nothing bad ever happened making fun of Putin. Oh, and I know it says August in one of the photos but if you go to their site it does say September.


I am usually not a fan of political shirts, all too often they’re substance over style which is fine (yuck, people and their beliefs!), but Hide Your Arms is more about wearing things because they look good, and if they have a message, again, that’s fine. All Riot dropped me an e-mail to mention their political shirts, something which filled me with dread when I clicked on the link to their site.

Thankfully, they have that most unusual of concept, style AND substance, perfect for people that want to look good whilst making a statement, and also for people that want to look good whilst pretending to care about something.

Designs run the gamut from specific causes such as Palestine, US drone strikes, and surveillance culture to things which aren’t quite as polarising like Soviet propaganda.

Interestingly, they’re a London-based company but their prices defaulted to dollars when I visited the site, I guess this kind of makes sense since a lot of their designs are global issues so you don’t want to make things too obviously British (though they do have quite a few UK related designs).

Tees are around £18 which is reasonable for their sweatshop-free goods, and there’s even free shipping internationally which is impressive. I’ll definitely be keep tabs on these guys.


One of the surprising things about this shirt is that it could easily be worn by people with opposing viewpoints on the use of drones and still work for them, very sneaky Headline Shirts, very sneaky.

Get it for $14 this week.


Victory Brand

by Mr Four Fingers on January 21, 2014

victory brand

55_05-5cm  24714-e130fdc6bc0a47ad9b9969cf2f21ba5724714-61d10390685345e3a9d69e4214cc996a tumblr_lvsgmeU2at1r01lj1o1_400 tumblr_lyxsnlIbUa1r01lj1o1_400 victory brand

I discovered (well it existed already) Victory Brand whilst checking out the stalls in Brick Lane (London) as we were scouting out how people were setting up, the look and feel. What I was not expecting was to find a stall with a t-shirt of two girls pissing while standing up. Shocked. I also liked it in a totally non ‘I love golden showers’ kinda way. Victory Brand’s stall was hands down the best one. Simple and impactful with massive prints hanging up.

The lady, yes the lady, behind Victory Brand is Victoria Sin who has a portfolio bursting at the seams with cocks and vaginas. It comes as a surprise then when you see a huge pug design on a tee/sweater, so bold and ‘normal’ you feel like maybe you missed a hidden penis. FYI her blog is NSFW.

Victory Brand smacks of edgy high-fashion with polished photography, sharp looking models and a strong voice. Her designs will no doubt polarize opinion and I for one think she is pretty damn talented, ambitious and die-hard energetic (tees are hand printed during week and sold on weekends).

Tees are £30 a pop. Wear one if you dare



Hide Your Arms isn’t a place for politics, it’s a place for showing you guys cool clothes. That said, if there were less guns in the US, and it was harder to buy them, there would be less gun deaths (and probably less homicides too), it’s as simple as that. The cool thing about this design is that it is actually pretty wearable, it makes a statement and does it in a way that doesn’t have to compromise your style, like most political shirts do.

Crew necks, tees, and tank tops are available in the Akomplice store now.


Citizen Sheep got in touch a while back and whilst I was looking around their site I thought that the tee above looking pretty cool, even if I didn’t really buy into their blurb:

Citizen Sheep Clothing™ False Flag Tee is a testament to those who dare try and manipulate, and mislead us that we are aware of there agenda, and that we will not be pushed into a silent corner.

Still, a cool tee is a cool tee, but just as I was prepped to post it the Boston Bombing tragedy occurred and then the subsequent manhunt with the term ‘false flag’ being thrown around by conspiracy theorists and I didn’t want HYA to have any kind of association with the nonsense so I shelved the post… and forgot about it. I guess that’s the problem with producing controversial t-shirts like this, they do create a reaction and that isn’t always a positive thing.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at Citizen Sheep


Another week, another batch of tees trending on the Internet. The good, the bad, the ugly…

>The first of “16 people who don’t realize they’re being douchebags”.



>Frat bros trigger campus debate with insensitive slogan tees (but the one below is likely P’Shopped).



>Perspective fail.



>Perspective WIN!


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Pepe Jones Born Out of Failed Ideas

by Umang on December 15, 2012

When Pepe Jones reached out to HYA, I was pretty excited to do a review for them. I see a lot of t-shirts and can become jaded by repetition and lack of thoughtfulness, something that Pepe Jones does not fall into. The irony is that Pepe Jones states,  “Pepe Jones is the new modern/vintage t-shirt brand that was born out of the failed ideas and dreams of the notoriously elusive.” Making a mission statement like that could be a set up for failure. I found the contrary and feel that these guys are on to something interesting and thoughtful. I have written about the lack of creativeness in politically charged t-shirts that flooded the market during this past US Presidential election. Politicians are using social media to get some fresh voters, why not tap into timeless designs like Pepe Jones?  Lincoln & Johnson won their election 148 years ago but this shirt is sure to get some looks from envious hipsters and political buffs. I assume the “failure” of the Lincoln & Johnson win, was that Lincoln was eventually assassinated by John Wilkes Booth 158 days later.

Enough history, lets get back to the actual t-shirt. The t-shirts are super soft and appear to be ring spun cotton. Pepe Jones, sourced some quality t-shirts so don’t worry that you will get a Hanes Beefy-T. The print quality is crisp. I also received a hand written note, sticker and a business card. The funny thing is that Pepe Jone’s image reminded me of one of my teachers from High School, named Mr. Fine, not that it should matter to you.

Get some Pepe Jones folks and to smooth the deal over, they have offered HYA readers a 20% discount. Use the code HideYourPepe20 at check out.

Lincoln – Johnson 1864 Presidential Campaign Shirt – Monetary Damage with the 20% discount $16.00

In 1864 this t-shirt would have cost you $0.91 but you are getting a great deal at $16.00 a pop.


Post image for Pepe Jones gives HYA readers 20% off with our exclusive coupon code

I was pretty happy when Pepe Jones submitted a post last week, I like their style and it made me glad I have the submission system since I wouldn’t have heard about them otherwise. They also seem to be pretty nice folks too, offering HYA readers 20% off anything in their Etsy shop with the coupon code: HideYourJones20

They didn’t mention any expiration date so I’m going to assume that this is a long term code, but if you like something you’d probably be better off picking it up sooner rather than later. Be on the lookout for a hands-on review from Umang of Pepe Jones’ shirts in the coming weeks too.

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Post image for Tshirt Laundry launched 3 election shirts yesterday, vote Quimby!

That I’m posting these shirts today makes it just that little bit more clear that buying a shirt with ‘2012’ written on it is a bad idea, the shirt dates itself and ends up being something you don’t want to wear in public. However, the ‘Vote Quimby’ shirt at Tshirt Laundry can be worn at any time and since it’s a solid reference it’s always going to be fun, even when it’s not an election year. The election shirts are $12 today, rising after that.


Post image for Five new shirts from Goodie Two Sleeves, including two election tees I LIKE!

I’ve been spending the past couple of months talking about how much I dislike election shirts since they date themselves so easily and will end up being unworn next year except for if you’re cleaning your gutters and just need some material between your body and wet leaves. Despite this, I actually like these two Bowie-inspired Obama and Romney designs that are part of the latest release from Goodie Two Sleeves. I suppose that since they don’t have a date on them you could wait until next week to see who will be President for the next four years and then you’ll know whether it’s a waste of time to buy the shirt or not.


Post image for “Mitt Romney Hates Puppies” T-shirt from Urban Outfitters

You know what I find most interesting about this shirt? It comes from Urban Outfitters, a company whose CEO and co-founder Richard Hayne is an ardent Republican. I know that business is business, but you’d have thought that having shirts that are against ‘your guy’ would be a bit of a no-no for him.

I suppose that I should have as much disdain for this shirt as all the other election shirts out there which will look dated next year (presuming we’ve all forgotten about Mittens by then), but it’s ridiculousness made me smile.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at UO


Fancy Politics

by Umang on October 18, 2012

The California based, Fancy Politics takes politically inspired t-shirts to a “fancy” level. These are not your run of the mill, campaign endorsing t-shirts. They have a sense of non-partisanship and allow folks to have some fun. I couldn’t resist to feature the “Rascal” t-shirt. It’s a little bit of President Clinton fun and tasteful that they left a cigar out of the picture.

Rascal T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $20.00


Pixilatedness at Pixelivery

by Umang on October 16, 2012

pixilatedI stumbled upon Pixelivery by chance and thought it would be a good idea to share their products with some of you folks that reside in the US since we are in the midst of election season. There are a lot of t-shirt companies, capitalizing on US presidential election fever but they tend to be focused on candidate names. You might as well wash your car with those t-shirts come Tuesday, November 6, 2012 (Election Day). A kind reminder to get out and VOTE!

Why not rock your state or the US on a t-shirt? You wouldn’t have to tuck that candidate t-shirt at the back of the drawer when the elections are over and could wear it whenever you wanted to. In the end we are supposed to be United regardless on being painted red, blue or undecided and these shirts share your sense of pride without looking ridiculous.

Pixelivery has all 50 US states and the US in pixilated maps on a t-shirt. Of course, if you live in Colorado or Wyoming, your state will almost look like a rectangle which may not be that much fun. I almost envy those states with amorphic shapes.

Massachusetts T-Shirt– Monetary Damage $20.00

That’s pretty fair for a deflated economy.



Post image for Gordon Holden is a little weird; we’re “magical”

We got an email from Gordon Holden recently. His site is pretty interesting (and, well, confusing), but from what I can gather he is an artist who also likes to design tees every so often.

Anyway, back to the email. It was short and sweet. “i like what you do. it is magical.”

After that, there was no way we weren’t going to check out his site. What we saw was interesting, and very well designed (though maybe beyond the price range of most people).

The tees look great. They’re a little strange, but this is a guy who sent us a two sentence email and called us magical, so you get what you ask for.

The problem is that this is art, really, and art ain’t cheap. You’re looking at $62-$66 for a single t-shirt, which is far from cheap. In fact, everything that I’m wearing right now (bar my shoes) didn’t cost that much. But if you’re interested in these designs, and have a little chunk of change spare, then there’s no reason not to buy one of these as a statement piece.

Just wash it very, very carefully.

(Costliness = $62-$66)


Post image for Zombie Apocalypse? No, it’s just election season. [Submitted]

Zombies are not the only heartless, soulless beings around. When we set out to design shirts for the political season, we first thought of One LessTM Democrat and One Less Republican tees. But really, we’re sick of them all. Our brand message is “Don’t let the bastards get you down!” and is based on taking out life’s nemeses, one shirt at a time. With that in mind, we soon realized it’s all politicians and their BS political banter that’s really the issue. That’s how the idea of “One Less Politician, The True Walking Dead”, came about. With our undead elephant and donkey representing both major parties, this is a tee that everyone can get behind, regardless of political beliefs. We also designed our “One Less Politician, One Stronger Nation” shirt because we think that if our representatives were more about public service and less about being politicians, we would have a stronger nation. Our tees are printed on 100% combed, ring-spun cotton JS Apparel tees and are super soft.

Andy: I was thinking to myself, ‘oh, this submission will be a bit of fun’… oh, well, at least this post won’t cause any controversy.

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Post image for Hate America? Vote Obama T Shirt [Submitted]

Hate America? Vote Obama.. A Anti-Obama Campaign T Shirt

Andy: I’m only posting this because it disgusts me and it’s really dumb, but the really stupid thing is that some people will probably buy it. I watch a lot of the news, and it saddens me to see just how far to the right the Republicans have gone, they’re pandering to the very loud minority and I wonder if they realise what they look like to the outside world with the way they go about politics. That said, I am slightly biased, because I believe Barack Obama wants the US to be a better place and to improve it, whereas I do not believe anything that Mitt Romney says (Politifact judging of fact vs fiction in statements by RM & BO and you’ll see what I mean).


Post image for Miley Cyrus helps Rock the Vote in a confusing t-shirt

I think it’s pretty cool to see Miley Cyrus getting involved with the ‘Rock the Vote’ campaign, even if the majority of her fans probably won’t be able to vote until the next election cycle, however, I am a bit confused by her t-shirt. I know what it means, that they’re never going to back down from those known as ‘they’, but it doesn’t read particularly well, does it? Maybe if there wasn’t a strike-through on ‘back down’ and it had ‘never, never, never’ scrawled across the main text it would have worked a bit better?

Anyway, my quibbles aside, if she gets more young people interested in politics that can only be a good thing as far as I see it, and not just becuase young folks probably won’t vote for Mittens.


Another week, another batch of tees in the news…

>Cause célèbre. [Buzzfeed]

>Apostrophe fail. [Buzzfeed]

>Cracking the code of cool. [Kneadle via Laughing Squid]

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