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>Is a bikini-print onesie appropriate for an 18-month old toddler? Oh, the horror. Won’t someone, anyone, think of the children? [Huff Post]

''It was an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie, yellow red polka-dot bikini...''

>One of three tees created for a German PSA to recruit would-be plumbers to the trade. The copy translates thusly: “More attractive than you think.” [Buzzfeed]

Pipe dreams are made of these

>Justin Bieber is a total pussy. [Shopgoodie via Buzzfeed]


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chop shop political civilicious t-shirts

It’s pretty rare that I see t-shirts which have political inspiration and my first thought is “hey, those look cool” so this latest collection from Chop Shop, called ‘Civilicious’ is most welcome. I suppose they aren’t all that ‘political’ in that they aren’t trying to make a statement about a certain issue which is what we’d generally regard as being a traditional ‘political’ tee, but it will let people know what side you’re on.


Another week, another batch of troubled tees…

>For better or worse (and I’m not judging), Rhianna’s wardrobe choices have been trending edgy, even graphic, of late. This particular design — and the print placement — apes an iconic tat made famous by Tupac. [Media Takeout]

Good Girl Gone Bad

>It’s seemingly impossible to empathize with a now-convicted child molester, but this curious design was spotted last week at the trial for disgraced football coach, Jerry Sandusky. [Deadspin]

Insert Pithy Caption Here

>This isn’t a real tee as yet, but given the awesome power of the Internet to monetize even the most tired of memes, it likely will be. [Buzzfeed]

Mamma Mia!

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Another month, another batch of problem tees making waves…

>Japanese fireballer Yu Darvish has emerged as a fan favorite for the Texas Rangers this season and one would-be t-shirt entrepreneur saw an opportunity to leverage his rising profile. Yu’s representatives, as you might imagine, were none too pleased initially, but have since come around now that they’ve negotiated a cut. Image and identity are such fickle mistre$$es… [Deadspin]

Yu talking to me?

>American Airlines rebuked a female passenger last month for her pro-choice slogan tee, only to hastily apologize in the wake of an angry social media backlash. [RH Reality Check]

Something special in the air.

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land of the greed t-shirt

Not really sure how I feel about this design, I like the look of it and think the concept is cool, but at the same time I’ve gone a bit off political designs that are making a point rather than just being silly, so on a personal level it’s not for me.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy it at Branded Baron as a regular tee or a v-neck


Welcome to Notorietees, a new column here at Hide Your Arms that will chronicle “problem” shirts that fall a bit further afield from the general programming you’ve grown accustomed to. Tees in the news, tees making waves, tees raising hackles, tees giving pause, tees with an edge — all are fodder for discussion (and snarky commentary).

>Our first controversy conteeversy (groan…) wrestles with the sticky nature of identity and authenticity. NYC & Company, “the official marketing, tourism and partnership organization for the City of New York,” has partnered with Aéropostale on a product range that celebrates city agencies such as the NYPD (sample embedded below).

Home is where the art is.

The program’s goal are moderately laudable; a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the T-shirt collection “will benefit the New York City Police Foundation and the FDNY Foundation,” but as critics have noted there’s one glaring problem: the tees are manufactured and screened in, gasp, Central America. Embarrassing… [DNA Info]

>Embedded below is a bootlegged design of noted curmudgeon Jim Leyland puffing on a cancer stick. Leyland, the manager of the Detroit Tigers (American hardball), has been reported to sneak a cig in the dugout between innings, much to the dismay of Major League Baseball and its image conscious handlers. [Detroit News]

Drag Bunt

>UK-retailer Topman posted a pair of dodgy slogans last month only to later remove them in the wake of a wicked (if predictable) backlash. [Jezebel]


>Glimpsed on a television broadcast earlier this month at a Toronto Blue Jays game: a pair of enthusiastic fans and their randy puns that riff on baseball verbiage (and proposition the team’s studly catcher, J.P. Arencibia). [Deadspin]

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vomitt romney t-shirt

I don’t know how to feel about Mitt Romney, he looks like he should be President, which means people will probably vote for him, and yet everything he says and does makes me feel as if his Presidency would be a complete catastrophe and I’m amazed that he has the balls to call Obama privileged and elitist.

Costiness=$19 Buy it at Print Liberation


Barber Shop Window: cool wrestling t-shirts?

by Chris_S on April 19, 2012

barber shop window t-shirts

I don’t want to alarm you or anything, but the three words “cool wrestling t-shirts” can in fact be used in the same sentence without the world exploding. Seriously, it’s not a contradiction in terms. Admittedly, professional wrestling hasn’t been cool since about 1997, but that almost doesn’t matter. I haven’t watched wrestling since I was 16 – these things called girls got in the way – but I can still appreciate the smart, snarky designs which are a mile away from the stuff the WWE (apparently the WWF had to change their name after the World Wildlife Fund sued them) produce.

Barber Shop Window has a simple motto: “to create shirts that wrestling fans enjoy, would want to own, and wouldn’t be embarassed to wear to the bar.” I’d argue they go further. These things can be worn by non- or lapsed wrestling fans like me.

They take an increasingly standard model of selling. Shirts are available for a limited time period and on a short print run, before being taken off-sale. Any leftovers (usually in odd sizes) can be picked up for about $25 (first-run shirts usually run $20). The shirt stock’s good, the printing lasts and is clear. I’m currently wearing the ‘Monsoon-Heenan 2012′ shirt pictured above; it combines my favourite commentary team from my formative years with my love of American politics (fuelled by The West Wing). I wish I had the Fuji Vice t-shirt, based on this…unique vignette from the 1980s. If you’re nerdy like me, the chances are you’ll find something here for you.


jfk photo t-shirt

Altru Apparel make some really nice shirts, the sample I have is one of my most worn tees because the tee and the print are just gorgeous. It’s one of those perfect prints that you can barely tell is there even though it’s pretty big. It’s good for me to know that Altru make good shirts, because I know I can rest easy when it comes to recommending them, the whole judgement comes down to whether you like the design and there’s no worry that the tee will look terrible after a couple of washes.

When they let me know that they had some political tees I wasn’t sure if I was going to be happy with what I saw, shirts with a political message tend to be polarising, and that’s usually their aim, but taking the retro angle as they have done here makes for a rather less controversial subject and some pretty neat tees.


Where’s Your Birth Certificate?

by Umang on March 27, 2012


Some of you t-shirt junkies have probably already heard about this t-shirt but for those that have not, this one is ploitically whimsical. As you know, some folks within the Republican Party suggested that President Obama was not a natural born citizen of the United States, hence not being allowed to serve as the President of the United States. After toying around with them, he eventually shared his birth certificate with the world and now it’s reflected on a t-shirt for you to share.

Who would have guessed that President Obama would join the t-shirt game? His clout managed to solicit the help of various celebrities and fashion designers. Okay he doesn’t sell t-shirts but if you make a “donation” you can score a t-shirt of your choice, off his website, Obama for America. There is a bit of cotroversy about the act of selling or calling it a donation but at least they are made in the USA. Something tells me that Michelle Obama had a hand in the selection of designers, especially since some of the designers, designed some clothes for her like Prabal Gurung.

With an all start cast, unfortunately this design has digressed from the high design of Shepard Fairey. Ironically Shepard is nowhere to be found on the site and replaced by folks like Beyoncé & Tina Knowles!? President Obama’s 2008 campaign was about cool. This t-shirt is old school (in a bad way) politics. Boring and cheap but gets a C+ for content. With all the resources for cutting edge design, maybe Michelle should have browsed HYA?

Made In The USA T-Shirt (literally)– Monetary Damage Donation $30.00 USD


8 bit presidents t-shirt

You’re not going to be able to wear this shirt on President’s day this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pick it up in time for next years celebrations. I suppose that in theory you could wear it at other times of the year, and possibly even if you’re not American, but only if you can handle the stares and judging looks of people seeing you wearing a shirt with US Presidents on it on a day that isn’t the 3rd Monday in February.

Pick up this shirt for $23 at Chop Shop.


T-shirt News for January 31st

by Andy on January 31, 2012

cookie monster t-shirt

Again with the Muppets at TeeFury!

Not for me at Shirt.Woot today, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Not sure if I’d wear this shirt just because it’s on white, but I certainly to like this Walking Dead design at RIPT.
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New ‘Revolutionary’ shirts at Magik City

by Andy on October 24, 2011

zapatista t-shirt Mao Tse-Tung, Fidel Castro, the Paris Riots, and Zapatista, seems about right for a range of political shirts. I like the style of this range, it’s awfully wearable.

They’re all £14.99 at Magik City now.


barack obama zombie t-shirt

BeastWreck Shirts & Stuff is now taking preorders for a final printing of the ZOMBAMA design in men’s and women’s styles for $18

Hope? Change? President Obama, are you feeling okay?
This undead president is only interested in eating the flesh of the people! Attach whatever political statement you’d like to this design. All I’m trying to say is that I have fun with ridiculous parodies of self-important “street artists”. That’s all.

4-color design soft discharge screenprinted (no thick plastisol) on black Gildan Softstyle 4.5 oz 100% ringspun cotton, 1-color BeastWreck logo printed on back.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!

This post was submitted by Jared Moraitis.



If you’re the kind of person that enjoys pissing off people that like the Tea Party then head over to Progresswear and grab a few cheap tees. No word on how long prices will be like this, but with them being “last chance” I can’t imagine it being very long.


we hate mondays too t-shirt

Get the feeling that I may have posted this before, or perhaps I’ve just intended to post it so many times that I have tricked myself into believing I have posted it.

Anyone else absolutely fascinated by North Korea? I will read just about anything I see about that country. It’s such an alien existence there compared to what we experience in Britain, it’s quite hard to wrap my head around how NK can continue from day to day with an entire country blindly following a little old man (though I hear that people are starting to turn, slowly).

Costiness=SGD$32 Buy it at Less Than Positive

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JFK t-shirt

This shirt of course references JFKs “ask not what your country can do…” speech. I don’t want to get into the politics of it and think about how the idea JFK implanted in the American public subconscious might be applied to the state of the country today, but I can certainly appreciate that it is an awfully wearable t-shirt, especially when you’re stood next to a patriotic donkey on a merry-go-round.

Costiness=$16 Buy it at Wear Liberally


obama got osama t-shirt

I feel the need to preface this post by saying that I’m British, and whilst the 7/7 bombings clearly had an effect upon Britain, it was a lot smaller than the 9/11 attacks, in terms of death, destruction, and the effect upon the national pysche, so it’s possible that I’m just missing the point, but…

Who buys a shirt like this? What kind of day is it when you wake up and look in your wardrobe and think “yes, today is the day that I put on a shirt with a handy rhyme on it that reminds everyone that Barack Obama killed Osama Bin Laden (not literally, but he gave the order and he is the Commander in Chief).” Are you wearing this to a BBQ? Bowling night? Taking your kids to the park?

Beyond that, the title of has the title “The Official Obama Got Osama T-Shirt “Justice Has Been Done”. I take issue with the word ‘official’ here, yes, it is officially a t-shirt, but I get the feeling that is just about as offical as this t-shirt gets.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at ObamaGotOsama


Check out this new tee that takes on the classic movie “Juice” with Obama as Tupac Shakur. Hillary, Bill, and George used to have the “Juice” but now that he’s taken out Osama Bin Laden, the “Juice” now belongs to Obama.
Save 10% on this tee as well as others with the discount code: OMC10
Buy this EPIC tee before it sells out at Off My Chest Tees

[Andy: Literally never heard of this movie in my life, and I don’t particularly like this tee, but I thought I’d throw them a bone since they took the time to write a submission.]

This post was submitted by Shequeta Smith.

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